Midnight Whispers
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When Brian and Justin meet the atmosphere changes.

Rated: NC-18
Categories: QAF-U.S. FICTION, Alternate Universe, Brian/Justin, Humor, Jealousy, Out of Character Characters: Brian, Justin, Other Canon Characters
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Series: Come Fly with B
Chapters: 5 Completed: Yes
Word count: 6119 Read: 9949
Published: December 07, 2013 Updated: December 15, 2013
Story Notes:

This is an AU as Brian and Justin meet in a very different way.  It's five chapters long and is part of the ‘Come Fly with B' series.  It is NOT, a continuation of ‘Flight plan B'.  However, there will be similar themes and a running joke.  I should say it's necessary to read "Flight Plan B' to understand this one, but it's not. :))

Warning: Some facts may accidently appear in this fic. 

Kudos to any anyone who may have uttered any of these words.

No Copyright infringement intended 

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WARNING: There is a real lame running joke in this chapter.  It is the only joke you might not understand if you haven't read ‘Flight Plan B".

4. Chapter 4 by Flossee [Reviews - 8] (1493 words)

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