Midnight Whispers
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Series of one-shots that ensure Justin doesn't end up with Ethan.

New chapters will be added, but I can't promise how often it'll happen. Any requests are welcome.

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Published: February 06, 2013 Updated: September 20, 2013
Story Notes:

This came about from me yelling at Justin to get his ass back into Babylon after leaving with Ethan (how I hate him) at the end of 2.20.

All chapters will start canon, then turn AU.

Disclaimer: I don't own QaF (as much as I'd like to). No infringement intended.

1. Chapter 1 by zsadistwhore [Reviews - 10] (254 words)

2. Chapter 2 by zsadistwhore [Reviews - 10] (574 words)

This has not been checked at all, as my internet is being ridiculously slow and I wanted to post it before I lose it all together (and if I wait until tomorrow, there's a good chance I'll lose my nerve and post it), so all mistakes are mine. I've literally just written this in 30 mins, late at night, and as I hadn't planned it properly, I had about 6 different ideas where it could go, so if it doesn't feel like it flows properly, that's the reason. I will get this beta, so it makes more sense and is actually in character (something which I suck at), but I just wanted to get this posted before I chicken out (I've been putting off writing this for months now), so that's why it's not currently beta-d. I can feel myself rambling on now (it's late and I really should be asleep as I have work tomorrow), so I just want to remind you I'm English, so I apologise for any spelling errors and Britishisms. And enjoy and let me know what you think (good, bad, and inbetween).

3. Chapter 3 by zsadistwhore [Reviews - 8] (603 words)

So this is version one of post drunken rambling-Brian doesn't remember what he said.

Version two (where he does remember) should hopefully be up soon, once I've written it. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. So far, I've got Brian waking up, vaguely remembering what he said, hoping it was merely a dream, before seeing Justin grinning at him.

4. Chapter 4 by zsadistwhore [Reviews - 13] (341 words)

Look! A new chapter. I'm about as surprised as you are. This is an alternative continutation of chapter 2. Not beta-d, all mistakes are mine etc etc.

5. Chapter 5 by zsadistwhore [Reviews - 2] (165 words)

I'm not sure of the exact timeline of when we see Brian visiting Justin, but for the purpose of this, I'm placing it around midway of Justin's stay in hospital.