Midnight Whispers
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What if Justin found out about all those hidden moments which shows how Brian actually feels about him?

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Published: February 06, 2013 Updated: February 06, 2013
Story Notes:

A/N: A while back, I read Pieces of the Puzzle by Violette7. This inspired a dream where I was showing Justin a video clip of all various moments in the first two season which Brian shows how much he cares about Justin.

As I strongly believe that Justin would have stayed with Brian and not run off with Ethan had he known, I decided to write it.

There are other moments, but I decided to pick just a few (i.e. the ones I could remember without having to re-watch the entire two seasons again).

This is my second QAF story and the second time I have written in a couple of years, so please be nice. I live for criticism, but only when it's constructive. Else how am I going to know how to improve? Also, it hasn't been beta-ed, so any glaringly obvious mistakes are mine and mine alone.

I know the ending kinda sucks, but I wasn't really sure how to end it, so I do apologise in advance for that and any other bits that aren't all that good.

And I don't own QAF. If I did, things would have been a lot different.

One last thing; I am English, so I again apologise if the odd English word gets included. And everything not taken directly from QAF is written how I speak/think, which explains the lack of proper characterisation and disjointed use of tenses. My mind is a disorganised mess. Maybe one day I'll re-write this, taking more than half an hour, and get everything to flow better.

Here goes nothing. Enjoy. :)

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