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What happens when the life you know is all a lie?

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Published: November 14, 2012 Updated: May 24, 2014
Story Notes:

Disclaimer: All recognizable character, events, etc... are the sole property of their respective owners. No copyright infringement is intended. This fic is loosely based on my real life experiences. In the upcoming chapters there is going to be subjects matter described in graphic detail that might make some readers uncomfortable. These subjects include drug addiction, molestation, and extreme bullying. If you find any of these subjects offensive please don't read....you have been warned.

1. Life Interrupted by JAZZEPOET [Reviews - 14] (1194 words)

Justin gets his first taste of life as a ward of the state. 

2. ALATEEN PART 1 by JAZZEPOET [Reviews - 6] (1137 words)

Finally after a family crisis and the end of military duty at least for a while, I've had the chance to get some writing done and update this story. I have continued to support others in my small hiatus (did I spell that right?) but now I'm back and I hope you enjoy ;)

3. ALATEEN PART 2 by JAZZEPOET [Reviews - 8] (1106 words)

4. A moment of Truth by JAZZEPOET [Reviews - 7] (1358 words)

A little backstory on our beautiful brunet.

5. A Father's Hate by JAZZEPOET [Reviews - 10] (1257 words)

Justin visits Craig in jail.

6. Guess Who's Coming To Breakfast by JAZZEPOET [Reviews - 4] (1673 words)

This chapter is dedicated to Predec2 without whom this chapter would not be possible, and to Flossee who has been ever so patient with my restricted posting schedule :)

7. The Things We Do For Love by JAZZEPOET [Reviews - 7] (1821 words)

Hello MW family. I know it's been awhile since I've updated but RL has been crazy as of late so I sincerely apologize for the delay. I want to dedicate this chapter to my actual Grandma Annie who has just very recently passed away...I love you Granny!!! and to Flossee and Predec2 for giving me the confidence to continue writing this story. I also want to say thank you to those of you who chose to give my fic a chance and have taken the time to review. Your comments and feedback mean so much to me and keep me motivated to become a better writer. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart~JP

8. Weekend Bromance by JAZZEPOET [Reviews - 7] (1509 words)

Brian and Justin start to get closer after their little walk in the park, while Grandma Annie make Brian take responsibility for his actions.

9. Cinderfella by JAZZEPOET [Reviews - 6] (1329 words)
Justin contemplates asking Brian to the prom.

P.S. I will be the first to admit that this is probably not the best chapter, so please bare with me as i transition back into the world of writing :)

10. Chapter 10 by JAZZEPOET [Reviews - 3] (82 words)
Please Read...

11. Bittersweet by JAZZEPOET [Reviews - 2] (1659 words)
repost of lost chapter due to the recent server crash...

12. Tough Conversations and Harsh Reality by JAZZEPOET [Reviews - 4] (1748 words)
Justin gets quite a shock when he receives an unexpected group of visitors.