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This is something new I've been wanting to try. The plot itself is pretty simple; Justin giving head for the first time. Please, tell me what you think of the writing style!

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Published: November 02, 2012 Updated: November 02, 2012
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I’ve been trying to find my own fic writing style and thought I’d give this idea a go. As I’ve said before I’m all for dialogue and I like to plan my fics as scenes before I put them in writing; I’m plotting all the details what I want the readers to see, you know. I’m not into heavy chapters full of angsting and mulling over. So I thought, why the fuck not write this fic as they write the actual scenes for movies and TV shows, like a transcript. It might feel a bit odd at first to read but I’d love to know how you like it! The plot itself is pretty simple, Justin giving head for the first time.



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