Midnight Whispers
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QAF/Glee Crossover. Emmett's second cousin Kurt and his boyfriend have come to visit for their spring break. Away from the quiet disapproval of Ohio they make their first visit to Babylon where Kurt discovers an affinity with Brian. Not to mention a mutual admiration of both of their "Significant Others"

Rated: R
Categories: QAF-U.S. FICTION, GLEE, Brian/Justin, Cross Over, Romance Characters: Blaine, Justin, Kurt
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Published: February 18, 2012 Updated: February 18, 2012
Story Notes:

This is a one-shot introduction to my larger QAF/Glee crossover. Set between 206/207 in QAF and slight future fic for Glee.


I have stepped into the abyss. Not sure whether to thank or hate the random tumblr reblog that led me to Queer as Folk from Klaine but damn. For some reason the physical similarities and personalities between Emmett and Kurt struck me and now Em is Kurt's second cousin – at least in my world.

This is a one shot that the bunnies handed me that will be incorporated into the larger fic I am working on. Wanted to kinda tease and see what the reaction would be. The larger is in process, but will NOT be posted until I am well on the way to complete if not totally written. I am NOT gonna leave this one unattended and hanging. Some well placed begging might keep the bunnies rolling though LOL.

Let me know what you think … Our boys are well on their way at this point to some serious OOC. If you haven't seen QAF just do a youtube search for Brian and Justin to get the required images in your head.

As always, don't own these boys/men or the worlds they reside in. Other people have that honor. BUT I am bringing them out to play.




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