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Brian is a nineteen-year-old, rebellious young man who runs afoul of the law and is sent to live with an aunt and uncle he doesn't even know in a last-ditch effort to straighten out his life.  Will his experience there - and who he meets along the way - change his life for better or for worse?  Teenage Brian/Justin AU story. *THIS STORY IS NOW COMPLETE*

Rated: NC-18
Categories: FEATURED STORY, QAF-U.S. FICTION, Alternate Universe, Angst, Brian/Justin, Drama, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Jealousy, Romance Characters: Craig Taylor, Jennifer Taylor, Justin, Original Character(s), Vic
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Published: February 11, 2012 Updated: April 10, 2016
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In this story, Brian is nineteen and Justin is seventeen and has an older brother rather than Molly.  His parents are actually still married in this story and are fairly supportive of both him and his older brother.


1. Exchanging One Imprisonment For Another by Predec2 [Reviews - 29] (1763 words)

Just a little taste of the new story I will be writing.  Hope you like it!  In this chapter, Brian is forced to accept the lesser of two evils...

2. A Whole New World - But Something's Familiar... by Predec2 [Reviews - 16] (8813 words)

Brian arrives in Kentucky and feels like an alien from outer space.

3. Udderly Out of His League by Predec2 [Reviews - 14] (13726 words)

Brian finds out that life on the farm is not a romp in the hay...at least not yet!

4. Shoes....Or Pottery Barn?? by Predec2 [Reviews - 20] (13025 words)

During dinner, Brian gets to know the Taylor boys a little better...the only question is, which one will he 'sample' first?

5. Sparring Match by Predec2 [Reviews - 13] (7107 words)

Jared delights in providing details to his brother about his encounter in the barn; Brian continues to have trouble adjusting to 'life on the farm.'

6. In Too Deep by Predec2 [Reviews - 17] (7781 words)

Brian and Justin have a close encounter of the watery kind; Brian discovers the lie that Jared told his brother. 

7. The Sting of Rejection by Predec2 [Reviews - 11] (5619 words)

Brian vows to confront Jared regarding his lie; Justin ponders the difference between attraction and pride.

P.S.  I was going to wait until I had more of this chapter written, but it's WAY too quiet over here - ha!  So I decided to break this down into two parts and post the first one now.  I'm working on the next part and should have that posted very shortly. 


8. Kiss in the Moonlight by Predec2 [Reviews - 20] (12780 words)

Brian confronts Jared regarding his lies; later, he experiences a much more pleasant encounter with a different Taylor brother.  Will Justin give in completely to his feelings?

9. I Can Replace You... Can't I? by Predec2 [Reviews - 9] (5433 words)

Justin and Brian indulge in some daydreaming about their kiss on the porch; Jennifer gets fed up with Craig's partiality regarding their two sons.

10. Painful Memories by Predec2 [Reviews - 20] (7824 words)

Brian and his Aunt Sarah conspire to avoid a blowup on their uncle's part when Brian finds something unexpected behind the barn; Brian's latest chore finds him running 'afowl' of his adversaries...


11. Heart to Heart by Predec2 [Reviews - 17] (10707 words)

Brian finds some unique methods to get his neighbor's attention; the two boys have a heart-to-heart talk as Brian realizes the pressures that Justin is feeling

12. The Ebb and Flow of Life by Predec2 [Reviews - 18] (8837 words)

Justin has a heart-to-heart talk with Vic and finds out an old friend is coming back to town; Brian winds up in a life-or-death situation as he finds an unusual way to bond with his uncle.

13. Shine On, Shine On Harvest Moon.... by Predec2 [Reviews - 18] (12423 words)

Brian discovers the joy of moonshine with his 'sunshine.'  Justin has another confrontation with his father before the town social.  Jared develops a plan to break the two potential lovers apart with some unsuspecting help.

14. Emmett's Arrival by Predec2 [Reviews - 17] (6484 words)

Brian wakes up the morning of his 'cow-tipping' adventure a little 'tipsy' himself;  still stinging over Brian's rejection of him, Jared uses Emmett's arrival to hatch a plot to break up Brian and Justin's budding relationship.

15. Town Social by Predec2 [Reviews - 15] (13310 words)

Brian and Justin arrive at the town social and manage to spend some time together; but will a jealous brother come between them?

16. Who's the Jackass Now? by Predec2 [Reviews - 8] (8491 words)

Jared's plan to break up the budding lovers goes awry when Brian discovers his latest plot; Sarah goes to bat for her nephew as she has a heart-to-heart talk with Justin.

17. Shifting Dynamics by Predec2 [Reviews - 13] (15607 words)

Craig comes to a surprising decision regarding his sons; Brian ponders how to make amends with Justin.  Will he be successful or not?

18. Love...And Death by Predec2 [Reviews - 10] (9023 words)

Brian and Justin become lovers in every sense of the word.  Dale's death is finally explained.

19. Envy Is A Four-Letter Word by Predec2 [Reviews - 12] (9341 words)

Justin prepares for his next big race.  Will Brian be there as well?  Jared finds an ally with a friend, who he may not know as well as he thinks.  Will and Sarah come to an understanding regarding Dale's death. 

20. Head Over Heels by Predec2 [Reviews - 11] (5671 words)

Justin prepares to run his latest race as Brian watches from the sidelines, both unaware of danger simmering under the surface...

21. Who's the Real Man? by Predec2 [Reviews - 8] (10908 words)

Justin is rushed to the hospital for medical attention with his parents and Brian by his side.  Loyalties shift as revelations are made.

22. A Little TLC, A Lot of Sinister by Predec2 [Reviews - 6] (10300 words)

Brian aids Justin in his recovery, while his uncle begins to consider the unthinkable regarding his son's death.

23. The Painful Truth by Predec2 [Reviews - 13] (8190 words)

Brian and Craig have a somewhat terse conversation about Justin; Brian comes to some startling realizations about his life and his priorities.

24. Unexpected Ally by Predec2 [Reviews - 16] (9106 words)

Justin and his parents encounter an unexpected visitor at the farmhouse; will it lead to finding out what really happened to him - and to Dale as well? 

25. Horror and Revelation by Predec2 [Reviews - 12] (5313 words)

Jared goes undercover to try and discover the truth behind Justin's injuries, learning some shocking discoveries along the way.

26. Comfort by Predec2 [Reviews - 10] (7763 words)

Will and Sarah finally learn the truth about their son's death.

27. Who's the Real Man? by Predec2 [Reviews - 14] (13119 words)

Reeling from Doug Kesterson's revelations regarding Dale's death - and concerned for his own safety - Justin seeks comfort from Brian.  In the meantime, the Walkers receive a surprise visit from someone. 

28. The Many Definitions of Love by Predec2 [Reviews - 11] (7919 words)

In the aftermath of his parents' departure, Brian seeks comfort from those who love him. The sheriff and prosecutor offer a deal to the doc's son in exchange for information; will it be accepted? 

29. The Most Valuable Thing of All by Predec2 [Reviews - 17] (8327 words)

Brian finds out more about his uncle's estate when his attorney pays him a visit.  How will it change his future? Doug realizes the full severity of what he has done. 

30. Thrill and Rush by Predec2 [Reviews - 12] (10420 words)

Brian finds something else exciting besides a certain blond.  An unexpected visitor surprises Brian and Justin.

31. Shot in the Dark by Predec2 [Reviews - 15] (11092 words)

Billy arrives to provide an update regarding Dale's death and Justin's injuries; will Jared and Justin reconcile or remain apart? I'm going to apologize beforehand for the cliffhanger, but I promise to explain it right away in the next chapter.;) 

32. A Father's Love by Predec2 [Reviews - 15] (6451 words)

33. Brian's Secret Revealed by Predec2 [Reviews - 13] (5211 words)

Brian's Aunt and Uncle discover his new hobby, bringing strong emotions to the surface. What will their reactions be? 

34. Apples and Butterflies by Predec2 [Reviews - 15] (7879 words)

Will does something he hasn't done in a long time.  Justin discovers to his dismay that he may not be ready for his next race after the accident.

35. Love Wins by Predec2 [Reviews - 10] (6262 words)

Brian uses his love for Justin to boost his confidence and quell his fears.  Jared and Justin work on restoring their brotherly bond. 

36. Love Hurts by Predec2 [Reviews - 12] (6428 words)

Justin gets some exciting news, which threatens to permanently split the lovers apart.   

37. Riding and Ropin' by Predec2 [Reviews - 7] (11779 words)

Vic explains his plan to Will and Sarah, while Brian's time with Justin begins to wane as Autumn looms.  Can anything be done to keep the lovers from having to say goodbye? 

38. Sweet Sorrow by Predec2 [Reviews - 1] (11977 words)

The day both boys had been dreading finally comes.



*Reposting Lost Chapter From When System Went Down (Changed Title Chapter)*

39. A New Life Begins by Predec2 [Reviews - 5] (11571 words)

Justin heads for Vanderbilt, leaving Brian behind.  Is it permanent, however? 

40. College Life by Predec2 [Reviews - 15] (13888 words)

Conclusion. Justin discovers who his new roommate is as he and Brian begin a new life together.