Midnight Whispers
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OK, This is a Glee/Queer as Folk crossover Song Fic! More strangeness from my warped brain! Unless you have been living in a cave, or are a rabid Glee hater (umm, what’s wrong with you?) You probably heard the following song sung by Rachel on her Prom night (second season). But what if…?

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Published: July 08, 2011 Updated: July 08, 2011
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Disclaimers: I do not own Queer as Folk, Glee, or the following Song. All shows belong to their owners as does the song to its artist No money or royalties were made/wanted/expected from the following production. A further acknowledgement to the song and artist is in the story. The following story is a song fic fanfic and should be treated as such. Thank you.

Rated PG 13 for QAF related language

1. Chapter 1 by Bryton4ever71 [Reviews - 0] (6111 words)