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This is a story in the "Brothers & Sisters" fandom.  It is the story of what happens to Kevin and Scotty before and after the infidelity incident, all arising from the tragic conclusion of Series 4.  

It is a Work in Progress, and it will not be short.  As anyone who knows my work can tell you - I don't do pithy!  :)

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Published: June 08, 2011 Updated: September 02, 2015

1. Chapter 1 by cynical21 [Reviews - 6] (3606 words)

Disclaimer:  "Brothers & Sisters" and all its wonderful characters are the intellectual property of ABC Television and the original writers/creators.  No copyright infringement is intended.

2. Echoes by cynical21 [Reviews - 2] (4330 words)

I should point out - to any unsuspecting readers - that I don't use a Beta, thus all errors are mine and mine alone.  But, in my own defense, one of my college instructors - who was very influential in helping me develop my own literary (sorry, I know it's pretentious!) style provided the pointer that I consider the most important I ever learned.  A good writer knows the rules; a great writer knows when to break them.

Absolutely NOT calling myself a 'great' writer - but it's always good to be able to justify not doing what the rules say you should  :)


3. Empty Dreams by cynical21 [Reviews - 2] (7550 words)

OK, as usual, I don't do pithy, so the chapters are expanding as we speak.  We are still exploring the past in this one, as a justification for what comes next, but the AU part of this AU should really kick off next chapter.

Also, for anyone who doesn't know my work, you should keep in mind that I don't use a beta, so all mistakes are my very own.

Thanks for reading.


4. Chapter 4 by cynical21 [Reviews - 1] (6949 words)

Sorry for the long delay.  Health issues - too boring to go into.

Meanwhile, let me just say, up front, that there is - as far as I know - no such place as Piper's Canyon, California, and no college there either.  I did my best to make sure of this.  The place is completely fictional, existing only in my twisted mind.  I always find it's better to create a setting than try to adope one sight-unseen.

As always, no beta; ergo, all mistakes are mine.  Also all recognizable characters from the B&S world are the property of their creators.  I only own the ones original to this story.

Hope you enjoy.


5. Chapter 5 by cynical21 [Reviews - 0] (10005 words)

I think I am finally getting the knack - or maybe just establishing the correct rhythm - to work in two different fandoms at the same time.  Telling a story in one grants a bit of respite and a chance to clear the mind in the other.  I never expected to be able to do it seamlessly, but it does seem to be working.

I am very grateful.

So here we go with the next chapter in the saga of Kevin and Scotty.  I thank everyone who has expressed interest and followed along.  Like my QaF story, this is like a fix for me, reanimating characters that ABC decided to discard - and am I the only person who cannot BELIEVE that they replaced the lovely complexity of B&S with that dreadful soap about pilots and stewardesses and their sex lives.


Anyway, as always, no beta, so all mistakes are proudly acknowledged and claimed by yours truly.


6. Chapter 6 by cynical21 [Reviews - 1] (9104 words)

As with every story I've ever written, I get more verbose as I go along.  But this one, for some reason, flows more easily than most.  I'd use the cliche to explain that it almost writes itself, but that sounds silly.

At any rate, this chapter makes a slight move to begin to advance the story, although it's still largely a case of setting the stage.

In case anyone has forgotten, I don't use a beta, so all mistakes, gaffes, goofs, etc. are my very own.

Hope it doesn't disappoint


7. Chapter 7 by cynical21 [Reviews - 0] (10334 words)

OK - it took a bit longer this time around.  Christmas - even when the kids are all grown and gone - demands a lot of attention, so the writing had to wait for a time.

But here's the next segment, and I hope it doesn't disappoint and furthers the story in a logical and emotional manner.


8. Chapter 8 by cynical21 [Reviews - 4] (12737 words)

A bit slower going this time.  It's not the story; it's me.  Don't know where all my energy and enthusiasm have gone, but everything seems to have come to a shuddering stop and, very reluctantly, started to move again.

Anyway, here's the next chapter, and - in typical fashion for me - they're growing progressively longer.  Believe me, it would be SOOOO much easier if I wasn't always thinking of dozens of new things that I want to say.

Hope it doesn't disappoint.


9. Keeping Vows by cynical21 [Reviews - 2] (11743 words)

It has been a very long time - I know - and I do apologize.  Life sometimes just gets in the way.

Nevertheless, here we go again.  As always, unbetaed, so all mistakes are my very own. 

Sincerely hope it was worth the wait.


10. One Too Many Mornings by cynical21 [Reviews - 2] (10887 words)

I know - it's been a while.  If anybody's still watching, here's the next edition - and thanks for waiting.

11. Songs of Summers Past by cynical21 [Reviews - 1] (10061 words)

12. Layers of Lifetimes by cynical21 [Reviews - 2] (7937 words)

Sorry this has taken so long.  It's just that sometimes, the muse falls silent.  Fortunately (for me) she always speaks again; only sometimes it's later rather than sooner.  Anyway, thanks to all who have continued to read, and I hope it doesn't disappoint.

13. Ruins by cynical21 [Reviews - 1] (9396 words)

Yes, I know it's dark and depressing, and you hate cliffhangers. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Not yet, but maybe soon.