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Loose adaption of the movie - Justin and Brian are living separate lives in different cities, raising one twin alone; what happens when their two daughters meet unexpectedly as pre-teens?  **STORY IS NOW COMPLETE!**

Rated: NC-18
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Published: May 24, 2011 Updated: February 20, 2014
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1. Divergent Lives by Predec2 [Reviews - 36] (2285 words)

2. Camping Conspiracy by Predec2 [Reviews - 9] (5867 words)

The girls are about to meet each other at camp, and it is revealed why the boys broke up.  Also, a certain grandmother conspires to try and help bring them back together....

3. Camp Orientation by Predec2 [Reviews - 13] (7773 words)

The girls arrive at camp with their fathers (sorry, though - no meeting with the boys yet!), as Brian and Justin continue to dwell on what might or could have been...

4. An Astonishing Discovery by Predec2 [Reviews - 12] (9203 words)

The girls get settled into camp before they discover the incredible truth about each other...



5. Twin Conspiracy by Predec2 [Reviews - 8] (10071 words)

The girls get to know each other and begin formulating a plan to bring their fathers back together.



6. It is Too Late? by Predec2 [Reviews - 8] (13753 words)

The girls continue their preparation to reunite their fathers, but does another man threaten to ruin their goal?  NOTE:  Secondary character death mentioned (not related directly to B/J...)



7. Some Plans Started, Some Hopes Dashed by Predec2 [Reviews - 22] (7726 words)

Justin and Alex discuss their future together; the Grandmas band together to prepare for Kaylee's arrival in town. More turmoil at camp ensues and the girls draw closer together.

8. Expulsion Can be a GOOD Thing! by Predec2 [Reviews - 11] (8068 words)

The twins move closer to being reunited with their other fathers.

9. The Other Father and Sizing up the Enemy by Predec2 [Reviews - 12] (12617 words)

The girls prepare to leave camp; Katie finally gets to see her other father again as well as the 'enemy.'

10. Battle Plans and Whispers of Doubt by Predec2 [Reviews - 19] (9759 words)

Kaylee is reunited with Brian; Katie continues to get to know Justin better.  The girls find out that impersonating each other may not be as easy as they think.:)

11. Yes, You Are My Father by Predec2 [Reviews - 16] (17726 words)

Back home with their other father, the twins realize it's not so easy to impersonate each other.  Justin contemplates whether to accept Alex's marriage proposal while Brian thinks about what might have been.

12. I Know Who You Are by Predec2 [Reviews - 24] (14034 words)

Kaylee is reunited with her Grandma Debbie and gets some shopping tips from Emmett; Alex and Katie have a showdown, but who wins in the end?  One father finally connects all the dots together and comes to an inevitable and astounding conclusion.



13. An Undeniable Hunger by Predec2 [Reviews - 16] (14196 words)

Brian finally discovers the truth about Kaylee and Katie; what will happen when he makes plans to return Kaylee to Chicago?


14. Tightening the Emotional Screws by Predec2 [Reviews - 9] (12233 words)

Justin and Brian meet face-to-face for the first time since the separation. But will Brian be able to convince his ex-lover that they still belong together?

15. Back To Where It All Started by Predec2 [Reviews - 8] (9526 words)

Justin contemplates his decision to return to the Pitts as the memories begin to emerge; will it turn out to be a big mistake?

16. Preparing for Dinner by Predec2 [Reviews - 8] (14016 words)

Justin confronts his mother over her duplicity; the girls begin to hatch a plot to force their fathers to deal with their past and to admit their feelings for each other.

17. A Not So Fond Walk Down the Primrose Path by Predec2 [Reviews - 11] (7970 words)

Justin arrives at Britin and has to confront his memories; the girls enlist help in their dinner scheme.  

18. Breaking Point by Predec2 [Reviews - 11] (13059 words)

The girls' scheme takes flight, but will it have the result they hope for?  Brian gives Justin a choice to make.  *Finally some physical contact, but angst alert here!*

19. What Super Power Do I Use Now? by Predec2 [Reviews - 17] (9905 words)

The girls discover their latest scheme backfired; Brian and Justin continue to struggle with their emotions.

20. Forging the Bond of Forgiveness by Predec2 [Reviews - 19] (7731 words)

Brian has a heart-to-heart talk with his daughters before Michael's visit; Justin comes into contact with some friends from the past.



21. Footprints on the Heart by Predec2 [Reviews - 10] (16969 words)

Brian comes to a better understanding of his previous actions thanks to Michael.  Justin encounters several old friends on his journey toward possible reconciliation.  A shocking twist will change everything.

22. Kaylee's Accident by Predec2 [Reviews - 14] (5773 words)

Kaylee's accident causes both men to reassess their priorities; Justin rushes to the hospital with an unexpected companion by his side.

23. For Our Daughter by Predec2 [Reviews - 19] (10272 words)

Justin and Gus arrive at the hospital as Kaylee's condition is assessed; Justin discovers a secret that Brian unexpectedly reveals to him.

24. The Mark of a Real Man by Predec2 [Reviews - 20] (8141 words)

Kaylee continues to recover from her injuries while Justin overhears Brian's innermost thoughts; Gus and Katie conspire to help bring the fathers closer together.  Someone thought long gone reappears.

25. Where Do I Belong? by Predec2 [Reviews - 16] (13443 words)

Alex arrives at Britin to take back what is his; as Kaylee begins to recuperate, her two fathers continue to sort through their own feelings for each other.


26. The Talk by Predec2 [Reviews - 18] (14914 words)

The two fathers have a chance to talk about their past; will they be able to resolve their differences and construct a future together, or will they finally part ways for good? 

27. Man on a Mission by Predec2 [Reviews - 17] (8338 words)

The girls finally get their wish - at least partly.  Will Brian get HIS wish, too, before the night is over? 

28. Unquenchable Fire by Predec2 [Reviews - 7] (7847 words)

The two fathers finally find some private time together and discover their passion flaring anew. *Smut Alert*

29. Firmly Grasping Onto the Future by Predec2 [Reviews - 14] (7717 words)

Justin returns to Chicago to wrap up loose ends, finding himself forced to confront his past before he can move onto his future with Brian.

30. Beginning Anew by Predec2 [Reviews - 14] (8904 words)

Justin returns home to Britin; the girls and Brian prepare for his arrival. 

31. A Little More Kissing, a Little More Scheming... by Predec2 [Reviews - 12] (5435 words)

Justin and Kaylee get more accustomed to their new surroundings; the girls decide that they need to give their fathers a little 'push' in the right direction...

32. Mother, May I? by Predec2 [Reviews - 15] (7903 words)

Daphne arrives to check on Kaylee as her daughters start to put some plans into action; the boys find out that's it hard to practice self-control.;)

33. When the Parents Are Away, the Mice Will Play by Predec2 [Reviews - 16] (13955 words)

The girls put their latest plan into motion; will it help bring the boys back together or backfire on them? 

34. First Date by Predec2 [Reviews - 15] (11016 words)


The girls have some confessing to do before their fathers embark on their first, 'real' date.  What does Brian have in store for his partner? A surprise offer results. 

35. Family Plans by Predec2 [Reviews - 5] (10062 words)

Justin and Brian continue to work on deepening their relationship; Justin hatches a plan to show Brian just how much he loves him, with the girls' help.

36. Chapter 36 by Predec2 [Reviews - 0] (8666 words)

Adding chapters that were lost due to our hacking incident.  Will probably post one chapter a day until the finale so I don't clog up the 'most recent' page.  Sigh...and such beautiful reviews they were.;)  But I'm happy to have the site back up.:)  I'm sorry your comments were lost, but I did appreciate them greatly.


In this chapter:  Justin informs Kaylee, Jennifer, and Gus of his plans. Will it go the way he hopes it will, however?

37. The Knight On the Not-So-White Steed by Predec2 [Reviews - 0] (5238 words)

In this chapter:  Justin's surprise for his partner risks being ruined by an unexpected turn of events. Will Kaylee wind up saving the day for both her fathers?

Repost of chapter lost due to recent temporary shutdown of the site. Will post one each day until complete.

38. Forever and a Day by Predec2 [Reviews - 2] (9645 words)

In this chapter:  Brian finds out there is more to the girls' birthday than he thinks. What will his answer be?

Repost of lost chapter from before site interference.

39. The Sound of Happiness: Story Conclusion by Predec2 [Reviews - 21] (6973 words)

In this chapter: It's four months later, and the boys are celebrating their first Christmas together again as a family. What surprises will they discover? Story conclusion!