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Sequel to "The Wedding Present."  Brian continues to explore his evolving relationship with his biological father and grandparents as Fin O'Connor prepares his run for governor with his own partner by his side.  *THIS STORY IS NOW COMPLETE*


Rated: NC-18
Categories: QAF-U.S. FICTION, FEATURED STORY, Angst, Brian/Justin, Drama, Real Life Issues, Romance, Violence Characters: Ben, Brian, Carl, Debbie, Emmett, Gus, Hunter, Jennifer Taylor, Justin, Michael, Original Character(s), Ted
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Series: Fin and Tony Universe
Chapters: 60 Completed: Yes
Word count: 537383 Read: 631046
Published: March 19, 2011 Updated: August 11, 2016
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1. Beginnings by Predec2 [Reviews - 35] (5186 words)

2. Two Paths Begin Their Journey by Predec2 [Reviews - 14] (4502 words)

Fin and Tony prepare for the governor's campaign; meanwhile, Brian and Justin embark on their two-week honeymoon to Ireland.

3. Honeymoon In Ireland by Predec2 [Reviews - 17] (5694 words)

Hope you'll indulge me for this chapter - doesn't really advance the plot too much - it's mainly a mixture of sappiness and PWP - ha!  I promise to get into more of the meat of the story soon, but hey, they ARE on their honemoon - LOL!

4. You Know Me Too Well! by Predec2 [Reviews - 16] (4595 words)

5. For My Prince by Predec2 [Reviews - 9] (9840 words)

I confess - this chapter is definitely a PWP - pure fluff/romance.  I think the next chapter will wrap up the honeymoon phase and begin to bring the boys back home and into the drama that's about to unfold.  Thanks to those of you who are still reading this - I am very appreciative. 

6. Baskets, Baskets and More Baskets! by Predec2 [Reviews - 7] (4283 words)

7. Last Day In Paradise by Predec2 [Reviews - 13] (6656 words)

8. New and Old Family Entanglements by Predec2 [Reviews - 14] (5421 words)

The boys are back!  Let the drama begin!:)

9. New Allies, Old Enemies by Predec2 [Reviews - 12] (8153 words)

10. Will He or Won't He? by Predec2 [Reviews - 13] (7644 words)

BTW - You're not imaging things; I changed the banner - LOL!  Hope you enjoy this latest installment as Brian ponders a decision that will have even longer-ranging consequences than even he knows....

11. Brian's Decision by Predec2 [Reviews - 11] (6716 words)

Brian decides whether to work with his father and Justin 'pays' for his secrecy (wink, wink...)

12. The Game Begins by Predec2 [Reviews - 10] (8773 words)

Brian makes his decision; allies are not what they seem and new enemies emerge.

13. Taking Chances by Predec2 [Reviews - 12] (6699 words)

Foes emerge to join forces while Brian prepares to spearhead his father's campaign.

14. Shifting Emotions by Predec2 [Reviews - 12] (14105 words)

Brian finds out he's got quite a challenge on his hands; Justin and his mom meet for the first time since the honeymoon.  Justin and Tony both receive an unusual request.

15. On The Road by Predec2 [Reviews - 12] (10510 words)

Brian prepares to take his father's campaign on the road; a shocking surprise awaits Debbie at the diner. 

16. Confrontations and Revelations by Predec2 [Reviews - 13] (10056 words)

Fin and Brian prepare for their first town meeting; what will they encounter there?

17. Courage and Convictions by Predec2 [Reviews - 5] (9226 words)

Fin arrives at his first town meeting and prepares to give his first speech; how will the crowd react?

18. A Partner's Love by Predec2 [Reviews - 9] (9254 words)

Fin wraps up his first day of town hall meetings; the men try out more features of their new 'toy' (wink, wink...).

19. Old Grudges, New Concerns by Predec2 [Reviews - 13] (8641 words)

Justin and Tony continue to be concerned about their partners' safety; old enemies harboring grudges are recruited from the other camp. 

20. Revelation and Deceit by Predec2 [Reviews - 11] (12773 words)

Two men thought long forgotten appear suddenly in support of the other candidate; Brian discovers a shocking secret from long ago regarding Justin.  Will it tear the four men apart or unite them in resolve?

This chapter is for you, Lee.:)

21. Reversal of Fortune by Predec2 [Reviews - 10] (12618 words)

Brian and his father scramble to counteract Telson's and Thomas's ugly accusations; an enemy must alter his plans to fulfill his goals.

22. Resolving One Problem - But Creating Another? by Predec2 [Reviews - 4] (10080 words)

Fin and Brian fire back with some salvos of their own at the press conference; but what will it ultimately bring?

23. Fallout by Predec2 [Reviews - 3] (8021 words)

Fin's side waits to find out the consequences of their rebuttal to Turner's allegations.  Brian and Justin reconnect with Sean and Kathy. 


24. Rage Unleashed by Predec2 [Reviews - 8] (11617 words)

Fin and Brian find out what who their new opponent will be; someone's fury and frustration reaches a boiling point...

25. Author's Note - Not an Update -- Yet! by Predec2 [Reviews - 9] (337 words)

26. Snake in the Grass by Predec2 [Reviews - 9] (10853 words)

Adam's victim is revealed as is his hatred of Fin.  Will he go down by himself or take anyone else with him?



27. Looking Into a Mirror by Predec2 [Reviews - 15] (17751 words)

Brian develops a bond with an unlikely person, bringing painful memories to the forefront; Stockwell's involvement is disclosed.

28. What is a Real Family? by Predec2 [Reviews - 18] (11387 words)

Brian and Justin take some much-needed down time at Britin to relax with their family.  Justin confesses one of his most desired wishes to his mother before he is presented with some shocking news.

29. Dead to Me by Predec2 [Reviews - 14] (10771 words)

Justin's dream of a reconciliation with his father turns into a nightmare.

30. Justin's Dream Laid Bare by Predec2 [Reviews - 14] (7733 words)

Justin's encounter with his father inadvertently leads him to reveal one of his most desired dreams; some disconcerting news is delivered to them regarding Adam Stewart.

31. New Challenges, New Twists by Predec2 [Reviews - 12] (7760 words)

Brian and his father begin to prepare for the next debate; Justin and Tony have a heart-to-heart talk about their men.  Brian has to contend with some issues regarding his 'charity case,' and some enemies reappear as well as disappear.


32. Combating Hatred With a Four-Letter Word by Predec2 [Reviews - 16] (13184 words)

Fin prepares for his next debate with Whittle; Justin has to confront his demons again.  Brian encounters Alex and takes matters into his own hands.

BTW - I hope there are not a lot of mistakes in this chapter, but if there are, the fault is mine; I changed some things slightly after my beta sent it back.  Please excuse any typos.:)

33. Alex by Predec2 [Reviews - 20] (8767 words)


Some issues are resolved at the last debate while some others are created.  Brian and Justin find out a shocking surprise regarding Alex.  Also, will Debbie go along with their wishes?

34. Poetic Justice by Predec2 [Reviews - 11] (11957 words)

Father and son, along with their partners, enjoy some private time at last while Debbie tries to analyze her new 'tenant.' 

35. Two Debbies? by Predec2 [Reviews - 13] (9597 words)

Alex begins her first day at the diner with Debbie; amidst some minor drama, some bonds are made in unlikely ways.  The day of the election draws near.

36. Fin and Tony's Love Story by Predec2 [Reviews - 14] (11087 words)


On the Eve of Election Day, Tony tells Justin how he and Fin met.  Alex continues to bond with Debbie, but what will be her ultimate fate? 


This chapter is dedicated to one of my loyal readers, Lee.  Lee, hope you recover very quickly, Sweetie.;)


37. And the Next Governor Is... by Predec2 [Reviews - 12] (10891 words)

The day that everyone has been waiting for finally arrives. Meanwhile, Tony frets about what might change if Fin is successful in his gubernatorial bid and a surprise lifts Brian's spirits.

38. Some Dreams Fulfilled, Others Yet to Be... by Predec2 [Reviews - 14] (11864 words)

Debbie frets over what's to become of Alex; the new Governor-elect tours his new house after giving his victory speech.  Justin ponders the right time to approach Brian about the nursery.

39. Yearning by Predec2 [Reviews - 23] (9997 words)

The issue of what to do with Alex rises to the surface during a visit from her and Debbie. Are she and Brian really that much different from each other?

40. A Dash of Vinegar, A Pinch of Understanding by Predec2 [Reviews - 18] (14913 words)

Brian and Justin take on the responsibility of being Alex's foster parents with mixed results; Tony discovers it's not easy being the partner of Pittsburgh's first gay governor-elect. 



No, you're not imagining it.  It IS a new update at last. Sigh...I won't bore all of you with the myriad of reasons why, but I WILL apologize for how long this has taken.  It is always uppermost in my mind, but often my good intentions - and my heart - are vastly in battle with my reality.  Rest assured, however, that this story WILL get done, as will my other WIP.  Hopefully I am on a better updating track now, and will do my best to update faster. I do hope some of you are still following this one.  For those of who you are and who have offered your support, I give you my sincerest thanks.

41. The Mundane Things are the Most Revealing by Predec2 [Reviews - 14] (7523 words)

Thanksgiving is approaching, representing time for the extended family to be together. Alex's tutor reveals some surprises about her, while Brian and Justin continue to navigate the treacherous waters of being foster parents.

42. Monkey See, Monkey Do by Predec2 [Reviews - 11] (9845 words)

Alex finds she has a new admirer.  Emmett reveals some startling news during Thanksgiving.  Father and son have a heart-to-heart about their significant others.

43. Wishes from Santa by Predec2 [Reviews - 12] (10017 words)

The men spend Christmas alone with their partners before Fin's inauguration in January. Will Tony get his most fervent wish? 


44. Gifts From the Heart by Predec2 [Reviews - 13] (3265 words)

Brian and Justin take advantage of some time alone to gift each other with some heartfelt Christmas presents. 

45. Dream Fulfilled by Predec2 [Reviews - 10] (7563 words)


Fin is sworn in as Governor, with his friends and partner by his side.

46. Gubernatorial Meal by Predec2 [Reviews - 5] (6522 words)

Fin's family and friends gather to celebrate his victory and prepare for the Governor's Ball that evening.

47. Governor's Ball by Predec2 [Reviews - 7] (5466 words)

The bond between Alex and Gus grows; Fin arrives for the Governor's Ball with family and friends to celebrate his inauguration. 

48. Governor's Ball - Part Two by Predec2 [Reviews - 6] (10972 words)

Fin appears in public for the first time as Governor.  Brian and Justin find a way to satisfy their own hunger at the dinner (wink, wink).  Mixed emotions swirl as the night continues.

49. Love Me by Predec2 [Reviews - 9] (5889 words)

The boys use a rare moment of privacy to get better reacquainted post-campaign; one person gets their fondest wish fulfilled.

50. Emotional Swirl by Predec2 [Reviews - 7] (10941 words)

Tony can't wait to share his happiness with others.  The question of a baby arises once more, while Alex overhears something with regrettable consequences.

51. Alex's Fate by Predec2 [Reviews - 15] (9781 words)

The search for Alex continues, and a decision is made that will have long lasting consequences.  Will she remain with Brian and Justin, or disappear as quickly as she arrived? 


52. Permanence by Predec2 [Reviews - 6] (7311 words)

Fin and Tony make some decisions regarding their wedding; Brian and Justin's relationship with Alex continues to evolve.

53. Wedding Day by Predec2 [Reviews - 8] (9224 words)

Tony and Fin's wedding day finally arrives with some changes and surprises.


54. Fin and Tony's Wedding by Predec2 [Reviews - 5] (4790 words)

One of Tony's most desired wishes comes true as he and Fin are finally wed.

55. Big Sister, LIttle Sister by Predec2 [Reviews - 9] (9170 words)

The lives in the Britin-Kinney household continue to evolve.  Tony and Finn learn some surprising news. 

56. A Dream Draws Nearer by Predec2 [Reviews - 4] (9199 words)

The two men have a serious discussion about Alex and her future.

57. Additions to the Family by Predec2 [Reviews - 6] (12850 words)

Alex finally learns her fate. Will she stay at Britin or have to leave?  Surprise visitors complicate matters even further. 

58. Alex's Fate by Predec2 [Reviews - 6] (9436 words)

Will Alex finally become a permanent member of the family? 

59. Spread a LIttle Sunshine - Part One by Predec2 [Reviews - 7] (7998 words)

While Justin is out of town, Brian prepares the ultimate surprise for him.  What will Justin's reaction be?  Conclusion - Part One

60. Spread a LIttle Sunshine - Part Two by Predec2 [Reviews - 26] (9709 words)


Story Conclusion.  Someone's heart's desire is finally realized.