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Prof. Julian Parish has quite a boring life at his job in the Lance University in Memphis.

This is about to change.

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Published: December 18, 2010 Updated: October 07, 2011
Story Notes:

This is a story dedicated to Gale Harolds new character Prof Julian Parish on Hellcats. We both, my co-author Lise from Vermont and me from Germany thought that he is somewhat underrepresented in the series so we created a special storyline for him.

Lise (MyLuv4Gale) is writing Myles POV, I am writing Julians POV.

We don´t own Julian Parish and his Hellcats storyline, but Myles and his family are totally ours!


Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author.  The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise.  No copyright infringement is intended.

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Thanks to our wonderful betareader Predec2 , who encouraged us to go public with this story!

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Merry Christmas to all our readers and reviewers, today, as it´s Christmas, we provide you with 2 chapters :).


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So some things will unfold here in this chapter, though not everything, that would be way too easy :).


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while reading the story as it´s a part of it.

Only if you like.

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Sorry for the late update, this story will definitely be continued!

Hope you still stay with us and enjoy our imagination!


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The disease we are talking about in this chapter is affecting one of my loved ones, so I pretty know a lot about all around it. Luckily it´s still in an early stage and despite everything not that dramatic as here in our story.

Lets cross the fingers that it stays like this for a long long time.


Enjoy the story!

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Sorry to update sooo lazy but this story will definitely be continued and finished!

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Again, sorry for the late update. Here´s a little recap of the latest chapter, to safe your time and avoid rereading it again:

Myles, Maddie and Julian had flown to New York together to meet Myles and Maddie´s father and discuss with him the possibilities of organ donation and Myles getting tested to see if he was a match. While Myles insisted on going to see his father alone, Julian and Maddie waited in Myles penthouse and have a little talk about Julian´s and Myles’ past.

The afternoon is spend with research for the complications when gay men want to donate an organ, in the evening they spend some time at Michael´s club.




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Thanks again to my wonderful beta PREDEC2, always reliable and fast in returning the parts to us! Six days left to meet you in person! 

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A/N no excuses for the delay as there aren´t any


Summary to get back into the story:


Julian Parish´s life takes a turn the day Myles ask him to join him on an unexpected trip to New York. Both with burdens from the past, they manage to build a relationship with each other after returning back to Memphis. Suddenly their little bubble of normality is burst by the news that Myles´ father needs a kidney and Myles might be a possible match. Myles being gay already is a disturbance in the relationship with his father, so he is eager to help him despite the fact that homosexuals are not allowed to donate organs.