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Egypt in the 1920's. Tourism is up thanks to the discovery of King Tut's tomb and the Taylor family decide to spend their holiday there. It is a decision they will regret when their newly graduated son, Justin, is kidnapped by bandits. Will the handsome American businessman, Brian Kinney, be the one to come to the young man's rescue and how will it change both their lives? A huge thank you to Eka for the perfect banner and Pat for doing beta for me.


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Published: March 12, 2008 Updated: May 23, 2014
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1. A Dark Shadow Looms by mandagrammy [Reviews - 8] (1653 words)

Young Justin Taylor has come to Egypt to visit the Pyramids with his family.  When he sneaks away for some alone time to sketch the scenery, he gets a lot more than he bargained for.  I wish to thank Pat for her help in betaing and Eka for my banner.

2. Facing Reality by mandagrammy [Reviews - 2] (2624 words)

Brian Kinney has made a comfortable life for himself as a antiquities trader in Egypt.  He has a close circle of friends from America and Egypt.  He is about to have his world changed forever with the discovery of a young American in danger.


3. A Sale in the Marketplace by mandagrammy [Reviews - 5] (2643 words)

Brian's friend, Prince Ahmad, has invited Brian to experince something totally new.  He gets a lot more than he bargained for when he finds himself standing in front of a podium where a clandestine slave auction is being held.   His desire to leave as quickly as possible is changed when he spots the beautiful young blond standing out like a sore thumb on the stage, waiting to be purchased.

4. Cleaning Up and Getting Started by mandagrammy [Reviews - 7] (2567 words)
Brian has brought his newest purchase home.  Now he must get the young man cleaned up and figure out what to do next with the boy who knows only his name, and nothing else.

5. Fantasies and Frustrated Hopes by mandagrammy [Reviews - 8] (2590 words)

Brian continues to minister to a young Justin but finds himself developing strange and unexpected feelings for the blond, which begin to frighten him.  Meanwhile, the Taylor family must make a very important decision. 


6. Prelude to a Memorable Day by mandagrammy [Reviews - 7] (2743 words)

It has been over a month since Brian rescued Justin from the auction block.  The men have gotten to know one another and find themselves both attracted, but neither one has spoken up yet.  Will a trip to the desert bring about any changes?  Only time will tell.

7. Desert Comfort by mandagrammy [Reviews - 7] (2912 words)
In this chapter, Brian and Justin have joined Ahmad in the desert for a fun day of camel racing.  While there, Brian suggests a quick visit to the nearby Pyramids for Justin to have a chance to sketch the sights.  The journey brings a lot more than either man expected as Justin's memories are stirred up.  Comments are always welcome. Thank you, Grammy

8. A Most Memorable Night by mandagrammy [Reviews - 7] (3101 words)
Brian and Justin have returned home from their desert adventure.  Tonight, they put good use to that two-man ottoman in Brian's private quarters and start a whole new relationship. 

9. An Even More Memorable Morning by mandagrammy [Reviews - 5] (3460 words)
Months of getting to know each other have passed since that first night, but Brian still looks back on that first night and the next morning which is forever etched in his memory.

10. An Unmistakable Couple by mandagrammy [Reviews - 5] (2638 words)
Brian and Justin are an unmistakable couple to both their American and Egyptian friends.  During the next few months they spend all their time together, and soon Justin may start attending art classes in Cairo.  But other changes may be headed their way too....changes that they might not welcome with such open arms.

11. The Vacation of a Lifetime by mandagrammy [Reviews - 5] (2310 words)
Justin is enrolled at the University and a vacation period is coming up.  Brian misses Justin while he's at school and decides to give his young lover a vacation he'll never forget so that they can spend all their time together.

12. A Bright Future for Justin by mandagrammy [Reviews - 7] (3005 words)
Brian and Justin have enjoyed a long and happy relationship and Justin is about to begin an even brighter new future with his graduation from the University and his first professional showing of his artistic works.  It will be one more wonderful night filled with memories for our lovers.

13. Justin 'Kinney': The Professional Artist by mandagrammy [Reviews - 7] (2862 words)
Justin now has his diploma from the University and it is time for his first full art showing at the most prestigious gallery in the Country...all thanks to his lover/benefactor, Brian Kinney. Tonight is going to be special for both men and is only the beginning of big things to come.

14. On Opposite Sides of the World by mandagrammy [Reviews - 7] (3016 words)
On two different continents, a couple of people are closer to each other than they are aware of, but that is about to change.

15. Past Meets Present by mandagrammy [Reviews - 4] (2464 words)
It finally happens. Justin's past has finally caught up to him and the reunion that he had told himself he didn't care about for so long has happened.

16. Brian Explains the 'Story' by mandagrammy [Reviews - 10] (2427 words)
Sorry for the delay my friends.  We had a storm and a short blackout and I was right near the end of writing this chapter when it happened.  Two thirds of it hadn't been saved yet so I had to rewrite  that part once my computer rebooted.  Don't you just love/hate computers.  LOL!  Seriously I hope you enjoy this chapter.  In it, Brian talks to Jennifer and then Justin about their discovery of each other.

17. Catching Up to the Past by mandagrammy [Reviews - 4] (2219 words)

In this chapter, Brian stands by while Justin and his mother reconnect.  He is a gracious host while quaking with fear over the thought of losing his lover to his long lost family.  Is that fear a valid one?  Time will tell.

18. The Truth Exposed by mandagrammy [Reviews - 7] (2764 words)
This is the next to the last chapter.  Brian and Justin must deal with the uncertainty of their future together while Jennifer and Justin relive the past and mother plans her son's future.  The question for Brian and Justin is....how much do they expose to Jennifer and when?  But then fate solves the problem for them.  Read on.  Grammy

19. Love in the Shadow of the Pyramids by mandagrammy [Reviews - 7] (2467 words)

Well my friends, our Egyptian adventure has come to a close.  We will have our last trip into the desert.  I want to offer my special thanks once more to the wonderful Helen for offering me her PB and trusting me with it.  I hope I have made her proud.  I also want to thank Eka once more for the splendid banner to accompany this story.  Thanks to my friend Pat for her patience as my beta.  I owe them all a debt of gratitude.  I hope you will enjoy this final chapter and then join me for my new story starting soon, called "The Story Teller"...another PB offered to me by a wonderful reader.  Once again, thanks for all your support in reading my story and the many wonderful comments.  Now without further delay, the final chapter.   Grammy


20. Featured Story for May 2014 by mandagrammy [Reviews - 1] (25 words)