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I might have suggested it, but Moonshadow Woman requested it... so here it is.

Each chapter is a recap of each episode of The Secret Circle, along with a video of all the scenes Gale is in, as Charles Meade (as I find them). The videos come from mytears inheaven's vimeo's channel, she also has a youtube channel.  I've included some pics from each episode, as well. These might be repeats if you read "Gale in the Secret Circle", but we can never get too much Gale, can we?

If you want to watch full episodes, some are available on, some might be on Netflix. 

The series premiered on the CW, in America, on Thursday, September 15, 2011. 

Update 5/10/12: SEASON FINALE TONIGHT, May 10, 2012! 9 pm on the CW! New synopsis of last week's episode added... couple of clips and video preview of the season finale added, as well. A bit more added about tonight's episode... cause there's a new video clip and interview with the EP. 

No news on renewal... but it's still looking good... keep your fingers crossed! :)

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1. Pilot by JustBeAQueen

2. Bound by JustBeAQueen

3. Loner by JustBeAQueen

4. Heather by JustBeAQueen

5. Slither by JustBeAQueen

6. Wake by JustBeAQueen

7. Masked by JustBeAQueen

8. Beneath by JustBeAQueen

9. Balcoin by JustBeAQueen

10. Darkness by JustBeAQueen

11. Fire/Ice by JustBeAQueen

12. Witness by JustBeAQueen

13. Medallion by JustBeAQueen

14. Valentine by JustBeAQueen

15. Return by JustBeAQueen

16. Lucky by JustBeAQueen

17. Curse by JustBeAQueen

18. Sacrifice by JustBeAQueen

19. Information about upcoming episodes by JustBeAQueen

20. Crystal by JustBeAQueen

21. Traitor by JustBeAQueen

22. Prom by JustBeAQueen

23. Family by JustBeAQueen

24. Extended Family by JustBeAQueen

25. Obituary by JustBeAQueen

Pilot by JustBeAQueen
Author's Notes:

Episode summary from the CW, IMDB, and a bit of my own description.



Cassie Blake is a normal, happy teenager, leading an everyday life with her devoted single mom, Amelia. But when her mother dies in what Cassie thinks is a tragic, accidental fire, her world is turned upside down. Cassie moves in with her warm and loving grandmother Jane in the beautiful small town of Chance Harbor, Washington - where the residents seem to know more about her than she knows about herself.

While trying to adjust to her new life, Cassie is quickly befriended by Diana Meade, a sweet-natured classmate who offers to show her around and introduces her to mean-girl Faye, her sidekick Melissa and Cassie's next door neighbor Nick. Things get complicated when she meets Adam, Diana's boyfriend, with whom she feels an instant and powerful connection. Upon meeting one of her mother's childhood friends, Dawn Chamberlain, the school principal and Faye's mother, Cassie begins to wonder why her mother never spoke of her hometown. When strange and dangerous things begin to happen, Cassie's new friends are forced to tell her their secret - they are all witches and her arrival will complete the Circle. However, the Circle has not been drawn together again by chance - Diana's father, Charles Meade has plans of his own for the group.

<iframe src=";byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="400" height="226" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">Gale Harold's scene in TSC episode 01</a> from <a href="">Mytears Inheaven</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>



Bound by JustBeAQueen
Author's Notes:

Episode summary from the CW, IMDB, and a bit of my own description.





In an effort to distance herself from the Circle and establish a normal teenage life in Chance Harbor, Cassie befriends Sally Matthews, a non-witch. Concerned their powers are getting out of control, Diana pushes everyone to bind the Circle, but Faye is thrilled with the increase in her powers and refuses to participate, while Melissa flirts with Nick despite Faye's warnings. Meanwhile, Adam fights his growing feelings for Cassie, but circumstances continue to throw them together, forcing Cassie to make a decision.

Gale Harold, Natasha Henstridge and Ashley Crow also star.

Liz Friedlander directed the episode written by Kevin Williamson & Andrew Miller.


Gale Harold's scenes in TSC episode 02 from Mytears Inheaven on Vimeo.





Loner by JustBeAQueen
Author's Notes:

Episode summary from the CW.


A cute jock named Luke asks Cassie to the school dance, and after watching Adam spend time with Diana at the boathouse, she accepts his offer. Meanwhile, Melissa sees the dance as an opportunity to get closer to Nick. Faye, on the other hand, has no plans to go and remains focused on finding a way to control her powers. Dawn discovers someone from their past, an intense man named Zachary Star, is in town asking questions about the Cassie and the Circle, so she asks Charles to keep an eye on him. Colin Bucksey directed the episode written by Richard Hatem.

<iframe src=";byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="400" height="226" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">Gale Harold's scene in TSC episode 03</a> from <a href="">Mytears Inheaven</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

Heather by JustBeAQueen
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Episode summary from the CW, and a bit of my own description.


Cassie looks up an old friend of her mother's named Heather Barnes and discovers she has been in a catatonic state since the night of the fire 16 years ago. Feeling guilty that her mother and her Circle may have had something to do with Heather's current state, Cassie tells Diana that she wants to use magic to help Heather. Diana refuses to help, but Faye is more than happy to conjure up a spell – for a price. Poor Heather… and how will it affect Melissa and Nick?

Thomas Dekker, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Louis Hunter also star.

Dave Barrett directed the episode written by David Ehrman.

Slither by JustBeAQueen
Author's Notes:

Episode summary from the CW and a bit of my own description.





Cassie and her Grandmother Jane discover something in the lake... or should I say someone?


Torn between her loyalties to the Circle and her family, Cassie wrestles with the secrets she must keep from her grandmother. Nick is thrown for a loop when Melissa adopts a new attitude and enlists his help to track down her family's Book of Shadows. Faye is also recruited but isn't happy about being the third wheel. Meanwhile, Diana is craving some alone time with Adam and arranges a date night so they can rekindle the spark in their relationship, but all six of them are brought together to fight off a dark force that threatens to destroy the Circle from within. Completely unaware of the new danger encroaching on their children, Dawn joins Charles aboard his boat to further their plans for the Circle, but is surprised to find that Charles may have more than business on his mind. Little did they know how their evening was going to end after Nick confronts Dawn.

Liz Friedlander directed the episode written by Dana Baratta.


Gale Harold's scene in TSC episode 05 from Mytears Inheaven on Vimeo.


Wake by JustBeAQueen
Author's Notes:

Episode summary from the CW and a bit of my own description.



Adam Harrington stars as Ethan, Adam's father, on some episodes. Do I sense some tension between Ethan and Charles? I wonder why?


When Jake, a mysterious young man, shows up in Chance Harbor, he learns a lot has changed since his last visit. For one, the girl he left behind, Faye has discovered she's a witch and has plans to get even with the handsome guy who broke her heart. To complicate things further, he sets his sights on the alluring Cassie, much to Adam and Faye's dismay. Charles struggles with the death of Nick… for a good reason.

Guy Bee directed the episode written by Andrea Newman

<iframe src=";byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="400" height="226" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">Gale Harold's scene in TSC episode 06</a> from <a href="">Mytears Inheaven</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

Masked by JustBeAQueen
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Episode summary from the CW and a bit of my own description.



Deciding the Circle needs to have a little fun, Faye convinces Cassie to throw a big Halloween party. Intent on wooing Jake back, Faye goes all out on her Halloween costume. After a fight with Diana, Adam turns to Cassie for advice. Meanwhile, some dangerous, uninvited guests set their sights on the Circle. Someone should warn Faye that she’s not the baddest witch in the bunch anymore, little did Cassie know that she could be.

Charles Beeson directed the episode written by Michelle Lovretta.

Beneath by JustBeAQueen
Author's Notes:

Episode summary from the CW and a bit of my own description.










After not hearing from her grandmother for a couple of days, Cassie becomes concerned and wants to go look for her. Diana decides the entire Circle should go in case Jane is in trouble. She also invites Jake along, much to Adam's dismay. A storm turns the day trip into an overnight excursion, so Faye suggests a little game of Truth or Dare to liven up the evening. However, things take a horrible turn when Faye is forced to reckon with someone from her past.

While the storm is raging and all the children are out of town, Charles decides it’s the perfect time to search for Diana’s book in order to find a spell he needs. Dawn accompanies him on his trip to the abandon house, little did she know Charles is in more control than she thought. And what does that have to do with where Jane actually is?


John Fawcett directed the episode written by Don Whitehead & Holly Henderson.

<iframe src=";byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="400" height="226" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">Gale Harold's scene in TSC episode 08</a> from <a href="">Mytears Inheaven</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>


Balcoin by JustBeAQueen
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Episode summary from the CW.





Cassie and Jake look into her father's side of the family, hoping to discover more about her lineage and why she has powers separate from the Circle. Meanwhile, Adam becomes protective of Cassie when Faye reveals that Jake might be hiding something dangerous from them. At the same time, Adam's equally concerned when Melissa's cousin Holden comes to town and catches Diana's eye. A power shift forms between Charles and Dawn that threatens to destroy their plan.

Brad Turner directed the episode written by Andrew Miller & Andrea Newman.

<iframe src=";byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="400" height="226" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">Gale Harold's scene in TSC episode 09</a> from <a href="">Mytears Inheaven</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

Darkness by JustBeAQueen
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Episode summary from the CW. 











Cassie turns to Adam when she uncovers a secret about herself that she needs kept from the rest of the Circle, including Diana. Meanwhile, Diana is thrilled when her grandmother Kate (guest star Stefanie Kramer, "Hunter") drops in for a visit, but Charles is suspicious of his mother's motives after Kate takes an unusual interest in Cassie. Meanwhile, Faye recruits a mysterious stranger named Lee (guest star Grey Damon, "Friday Night Lights") to help her with a spell that could change the balance of the Circle forever.

Jessica Parker Kennedy and Natasha Henstridge also star. Chris Grismer directed the episode written by David Ehrman.










The following is a video of all of Gale's scenes from this episode... thanks to the lovely mytearsinheaven1. 



Gale Harold's scene in TSC episode 10 from Mytears Inheaven on Vimeo.




Fire/Ice by JustBeAQueen
Author's Notes:

Episode description from the CW. Episode recap from Wetpaint.



Cassie asks Adam for help when she wants to look into her father's past, and their search leads them to an eerily familiar place. It also rekindles an old flame when Adam, thrilled to be spending time with Cassie again, asks her to the Fire and Ice dance. But because of her friendship with Diana, Cassie is forced to give a surprising response. In an effort to be a better father, Ethan offers to chaperone the dance, much to Adam's dismay. Faye asks Lee to help her with a spell that would grant her individual magic. Unfortunately, the spell has some terrifying side effects that nearly destroy the Circle. Jessica Parker Kennedy also stars. Joshua Butler directed the episode written by Holly Henderson & Don Whitehead.




The Secret Circle Recap of Season 1, Episode 11, “Fire/Ice”

by Mehera Bonner

Cassie and Adam in Fire/Ice

Photo Credit: Sergi Bachlakov/The CW ©2011 The CW Network

Break out your dancing combat boots, because our favorite fleet of punk-rock witches are going to bust a move! Which is most definitely code for wreaking havoc, casting spells, making out with each other, and being generally too hot to handle. You know you’re in for a great episode when Adam (Thomas Dekker) in formal wear!

Fire Walk With Me

Grandma Jane is still living at some Zen workshop, which means Cassie (Britt Robertson) is shacking up with Diana (Shelley Hennig) permanently. [Does this mean we'll get to see more of Charles? ... We can only hope.] They cozy up in bed together, get changed in front of each other, have pillow fights – basically, the stuff of Adam’s fantasies. During a particularly adorable girl-power moment, Diana convinces Cassie to cast a spell that will change her dance dress from blue to red, but they accidentally light it on fire thanks to Cassie’s dark magic. Meanwhile, Cassie starts having hallucinations wherein Jake (Chris Zylka) wanders around looking handsome. Welcome to our world, buddy!

In other news, Cassie’s all a-flutter about her evil powers, so she once again recruits Adam’s help in finding out about her father. You might think that Adam wouldn’t want to hang out with the girl who just tried do death-grip him, but the stars make hipsters do crazy things. 

Cassie drags Adam to the town’s municipal hall so they can hack into a computer to check up on her dad, and in doing so they find the location of his old house at 7 Briar Hill – a.k.a. the clubhouse! Adam and Cassie head down to the basement to do some investigating, and he takes the opportunity to furtively ask her to the dance. Of course, she flat-out rejects him. In fact, she doesn’t even want to drive in the same car as him, that’s how deep the rejection cuts. Poor Adam flies back up the stairs in a fit of despair, and presumably spends the rest of the day crying into a body pillow.


Lee and Faye in Fire/Ice

Photo Credit: CWTV

Thief in the Night

Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) is still obsessed with getting her groove back, and after a grueling school day spent looking sinister and showing off her dimples, she wanders outside only to find Lee – wearing all black and leaning on his car, James Dean style. Excuse us while we swoon.

Lee might be a fraud when it comes to fake blood and boob stars, but he can sense that Faye lost her powers when the Circle bound their magic, and he’s more than willing to lend a studly hand. Faye realizes that Lee’s the key to her independence, and he informs her that the spell she stole from Cassie’s book has the power to draw out her dark magic. The catch? They need one of Cassie’s belongings for it to work.



Photo Credit: Sergi Bachlakov/The CW ©2011 The CW Network

Strip Tease

It’s the night of the Fire/Ice dance, and you know what that means: time to bump, grind, and possibly kill a hottie. Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and Diana are getting ready to party, when Cassie busts in all stressed about a symbol she found carved into the ceiling at the clubhouse. Turns out the same symbol is in Cassie’s mom Book of Shadows, but there’s a missing page next to it. Obviously, Melissa knows Faye stole a spell from Cassie’s book, but she keeps her mouth shut.

At the dance, lots of attractive extras bust completely hilarious moves, while Adam wanders around looking coy amongst a sea of fedoras. Also there? Ethan (Adam Harrington), who’s inexplicably volunteered to chaperone the dance. As soon as Cassie spots the town drunk, she catches up with him to ask if her dad started the fiery boat accident that killed half their parents. Ethan gives Cassie an inspirational talk about Amelia (yes, we get it, you loved her), and reluctantly tells Cassie that her dad didn’t start the fire.

On the other side of town, Faye and Lee break into Cassie’s house to steal her necklace (and presumably stare in wonder at her “moments” collage), when Faye thinks she sees something across the street. Don’t toy with our emotions, Jake! Unfortunately, our favorite stud doesn’t show his face, so Faye and Lee head to school and cast the spell needed to draw out Cassie’s dark magic. Oh, and said spell involves Lee unzipping Faye’s dress, rubbing her body with some kind of weird dead animal necklace, and creating a big fiery triangle. Sigh, the usual.


Lee and Faye in school (notice the background image on wall... funny)

Photo Credit: Sergi Bachlakov/The CW ©2011 The CW Network

Dancing Queens

Back on the dance floor, Diana is busy grinding with some sexy random, so Cassie heads over to Adam to show him the symbol from her mom’s book. He informs her it’s used to channel dark magic, and then leaves her to ponder this information so he can talk to Diana. Turns out Adam isn’t jealous of his ex, in fact he tells Di how happy he is to see her single and ready to mingle. Then he cleverly asks her to tell Cassie she is allowed to date him, and poor Diana beaks down crying once he leaves. We ship Diadam!

In other news, Faye has successfully stolen the Circle’s power, so she struts around campus unlocking lockers and giving people side-eye. Meanwhile, Melissa passes out in a bathroom, Adam has a delicate fainting spell, and Diana feels fatigued. Uh oh, Faye. What have you done?

Faye and Lee head down to the dance so Faye can triumphantly gloat to Cassie, but when she sees Adam convulsing in pain on the floor, she’s shocked by the damage that she’s caused. Faye has a change of heart and attempts to reverse the spell by dunking Cassie’s necklace in some oil (note to self: oil dunking won’t save lives), but a fire erupts in the middle of the dance floor despite Faye’s attempts to save face. 

At this point, Ethan finally shows up to check on things, and as he ushers the kids out, giant glass icicles begin falling from the ceiling. (Thought: What kind of budget does this school have?!) As the Circle gather outside, Cassie realizes that Melissa is missing so she rushes into the gym, puts out the fire with her eyes, and tries to save her. Unfortunately, Cass passes out from smoke inhalation, and a mysterious pair of boots save her and Melissa’s lives. Come back to us, Jake!

Later that night, Melissa tells Diana that Faye is power-obsessed and terrifying, and Diana tells Melissa that Cassie scares the bejesus out of her. Meanwhile, Faye heads back to Lee’s to tell him that she’s done with the Circle, and they have some eye sexing time. When will these two stop playing strip tease and kiss already?

Over at the clubhouse, Cassie’s hanging out in the basement finding spells to draw out her dark magic, when Adam shows up in the hopes of getting a kiss. This time, he gets his wish and he and Cassie make out all over the dusty basement. Well, until Jake wanders in to show Cassie what she’s missing, that is!


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Witness by JustBeAQueen
Author's Notes:

Episode description from the CW. 


Jake returns to Chance Harbor to warn Cassie that unless they find out how her father was killed in the boat fire 16 years ago, she'll meet with the same death. He suggests an extremely dangerous method to finally uncover what happened on that fateful day, but Adam and Diana suspect he has ulterior motives. In an effort to usurp the other, both Charles and Dawn try to get Ethan on board as an ally. Faye gets trapped in a dangerous situation when one of Lee's friends, Callum, stops by the shop. Jessica Parker Kennedy also stars. Eagle Egilsson directed the episode written by Dana Baratta.


This episode will air Thursday, January 19, 2012, on the CW at 9pm, PST.

Here's a video with all of Gale's scenes, if you're interested. Thanks to the brilliant mytearsinheaven1 for her work so that we can enjoy Gale over and over and over again. :D


Gale Harold's scene in TSC episode 12 from Mytears Inheaven on Vimeo.


Here's a recap: 


‘The Secret Circle’ served up its biggest twist since Nick’s death — and no, he’s not the one who’s secretly alive.

Is it just me, or has The Secret Circle been on fire (pun intended, whatever) since it returned from hiatus? And the Jan. 19 episode definitely kept the momentum going, as Cassie (Britt Robertson) entered Jake’s (Chris Zylka) memory to find out what really happened the night of the fire — but she ended up learning a lot more than she bargained for.


For staters, it wasn’t the original circle that set the fire — it was the witch hunters. And John Blackwell didn’t burn up like everyone thought. In fact, he may not have died at all. Cassie and Jake paid a little visit to John’s grave and opened up his coffin at the end of the episode, only to discover… an animal skeleton in his coffin!

Mind. Blown.

Meanwhile, Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) spent the episode away from the circle as she continued executing her plot to gain her solo powers. But an annoying obstacle was thrown in her path this week, one by the name of Callum (Michael Graziadei), a not-so-friendly friend of Lee’s (Grey Damon.) Though he ended up supplying her with an “herbal enhancement” to help tap into her powers, he also told her about Lee’s ex-girlfriend Eva. She’s in a coma right now, but if you’ve been keeping track of scoops, you’ll know she won’t be there for long!

And then there was Adam (Thomas Dekker) and Diana (Shelley Hennig), who made a brief attempt to figure out where they stand — even after Adam’s kiss with Cassie last week. They want to figure out how to be friends, but I’m thinking they should just get back together and be done with it. In my mind, Cassie and Jake are the real soul mates on this show. End of story.

Lastly, the adults were up to their own brand of shenanigans this week, as Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) gave Ethan (Adam Harrington) a crystal and sent him after Charles (Gale Harold.) He got what Dawn wanted, but he decided he’ll hold onto it for a while. Maybe he’s not quite as easily manipulated as she thinks!

OK, let’s talk: Will not-dead John Blackwell be a friend or foe? Are you rooting for Faye to get her own powers? And the ever-important question — Do you want Adam to get back with Diana, or keep pursuing Cassie? See you in the comments section!

— Andy Swift

Copyright © 2011 PMC. All rights reserved.



Here's some screen caps to enjoy! 








Images technically copyrighted by the CW Network... screencaps made possible by Every moment, of every episode, of every show, that Gale has starred in, is there (Vanished just recently added). I'm sharing here because I love the site. While I know most of the info there before it actually shows up over there, I don't have the time to do all these screencaps, so I thank them. 

Medallion by JustBeAQueen
Author's Notes:

Episode description from Wetpaint.

The Secret Circle Photos For Season 1, Episode 13, "Medallion": Jake Joins the Circle









Gale's scenes from "Medallion":

The Secret Circle Recap of Season 1, Episode 13 “Medallion”: Love Triangle

by Mehera Bonner 

Fact: The only thing more magical than the town of Chance Harbor is our love for Jake Armstrong (Chris Zylka). Join us as we work our way through this epic episode of The Secret Circle, wherein Adam (Thomas Dekker) celebrates his birthday, Melissa takes “the herb,” and Jake, Cassie (Britt Robertson), and Adam partake in the most exciting love triangle of our generation!


Medallion Stallion

We’re still afraid of pigs thanks to the last time witch hunters took a stay-cation in Chance Harbor, and apparently they’re boating back to town. Their target? Cassie Blake. This poor girl has already been through the ringer – first her grandma disappeared to a “retreat” (read: old folks’ home), then she choked on her imagination, and now a bunch of burly men and their shivs are trying to kill her. 

So how does Cassie learn this info? From Lucy, a psychic who was on the boat 16 years ago and recognizes Cassie. Turns out Lucy’s in town to warn Cass that one of the witch hunters peeped on her while she was in Jake’s memory, and now the whole crew wants her dead. 

Meanwhile, Diana tells Adam about Cassie’s new grave-digging hobby, and he storms over to her house to mark his territory and tearfully bring up that night they kissed. Sigh, where is an acoustic guitar when we need one? Obviously, Cassie turns to Jake for help since Adam is an emotional mess, and the two of them head to the clubhouse to get frisky with her dad’s necklace. 

Just staring at this piece of silver man-jewelry causes a crazy windstorm in the basement, and naturally Jake saves Cassie by throwing his studly body on her. Our hero! Unfortunately, Adam skips down the stairs and walks in on them, and the poor guy is so overcome with jealousy that he wanders off into a nearby field.

After Cassie talks Adam down, she and Jake hop in his truck (studs don’t own cars) and drive to Lucy’s hotel, where Lu tells them that the medallion needs to be “unlocked” by the Circle. There’s just one problem: When Cassie and Jake get back to her house, she realizes that the medallion has been stolen from her secret cubby hole. Our guess? Either Frodo or Gollum took it.


Birthday Blowout

We’re all about the Circle coming together to perform group spells, but it might be somewhat difficult if Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) keeps popping herbal tinctures. She’s convinced that Devil’s Spirit will give her access to solo powers, and even worse? She has Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) experimenting as well. We’re worried. Isn’t Devil’s Spirit a gateway drug to English Breakfast?

But there are more important issues at hand: It’s Adam’s birthday. Our sweet sixteenager is growing up right before our eyes, and it’s time to get our party on. Now, you might think Adam is the type who’d celebrate his b-day at a slam poetry reading, but think again. Ethan (Adam Harrington) decides Adam’s in need of a party, so he turns to Diana (Shelley Hennig) for help! Despite the whole thing being slightly awkward, Diana party-plans her heart out and gives a super-emotional speech about her “friendship” (read: passionate love affair) with Adam. Sigh, can’t these two just work it out? 

While this emo display of affection is going down, Cassie realizes that Adam stole her medallion, so she shows up at the party to get it back. Girlfriend is caught in the kind of love triangle that dreams are made of, and she has to make a decision. As beautiful and sweet as Adam is, Cassie wants to be with someone who understands her, so she lets Adam down easy and heads back to Jake. Unfortch, their love connection is broken when Jake reveals that he killed a witch!

Meanwhile, Melissa and Faye’s stash of Devil’s Spirit gets blown away by a gust of wind (necklace powers?), and they call Callum for another hit. He shows up looking vaguely sketchy and greasy, and immediately starts eye-sexing Melissa – who’s completely blazed. At this point, Jake saunters in and kicks Callum out while we swoon. Dreamy sigh!

In other news, Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) seems to have a sinister cut on her hand, which apparently is a nasty side effect of “marking” someone. Turns out Dawn marked Lucy after she failed to protect John Blackwell on the boat 16 years ago – but is everything really as it seems? Dawn forces Lucy to help her track down a crystal, and just as we think we’re in for some female bonding, Lucy shivs Dawn in the stomach and leaves her for dead. That’s right, girlfriend is a witch hunter! 


Daddy’s Girl

After Adam’s party, Cassie gathers the Circle to activate the medallion. They meet up with Lucy in the woods, and she instructs them to stand around a fire, hold hands, and chant a spell (Kumbaya, obvs). As the fire roars, the gang realize that the medallion is stealing their magic, and Lucy explains that the reason it’s so powerful is because it holds generations of witchy power. 

Unfortunately for Lu-Lu, Cassie remembers the spell her father used to kill the witch hunters 16 years ago. Cass burns Lucy’s feet until she admits that John Blackwell is still alive, and then banishes her from Chance Harbor. Sadly (actually, not that sadly), Lucy reports back to her witch hunter leader and gets her throat slit. It was a good run. 

In other news, Charles (Gale Harold) is determined to reunite with his crystal, so he roofies Ethan’s coffee, takes back his pet rock, and heads over to Dawn’s house – only to find her swimming in a pool of blood. Don’t worry Chawn fans – Charles rubs his crystal all over Dawn’s face and she wakes up in his arms. Is it wrong that we think their relationship is the cutest on the show?

Meanwhile, the rest of the characters are busy having a montage. Melissa calls up Callum for some more Devil’s Spirit, Adam tears up when he discovers a present from Diana, and Cassie creates a windstorm in the basement and mutters “daddy” under her breath. But most importantly? Jake invites Faye over to his bachelor pad and they have a crazy-hot makeout session. Feel free to pass out onto your computer.

Photo Credit: Sergi Bachlakov/The CW ©2011 The CW Network


End Notes:

Screen caps coming soon... unless you don't want more pics of Gale. ;)

Valentine by JustBeAQueen
Author's Notes:

The following synopsis is from the CW and Wetpaint. 

The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 14: “Valentine” Synopsis: Girl Power Slumber Party

by Mehera Bonner It’s Valentine’s Day in Chance Harbor, and we know what the means: Our favorite witches and manwitches are getting frisky! AndAdam (Thomas Dekker) will presumably spend the entire episode making Elliot Smith mix tapes....

In The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 14, "Valentine", the ladies channel Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants (we assume), and decide to throw a girls-only sleepover.Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) and Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) offer to host the party, but things get crazy when Melissa convinces Diana (Shelley Hennig) to take a hit to “Devil’s Spirit”— the witchy tincture that Lee LaBeque used to deal.

Speaking of Lee, our favorite new stud crashes the party so he can help Faye get back her solo magic (seriously, what else is new?), and Diana gets all up in his grill. Uh oh, is Faye about to have yet another boyfriend stolen out from under her?

Meanwhile, Cassie (Britt Robertson) spends Valentine’s Day in style: Being haunted by ghosts. And not just any ghosts — the ghosts of crazy witches. Clearly, she has no one to turn to but Adam and Jake (Chris Zylka), who we imagine spend most of this episode vying for her attention and lurking outside her bedroom window with boom boxes over their heads. 

Sigh, all we want for Valentine’s Day is for Jake and Cassie to hook up! And some chocolates, please.

Check out the official synopsis from The CW below!

VALENTINE’S DAY IN CHANCE HARBOR BRINGS SLUMBER PARTIES, SURPRISE HOOKUPS AND VENGEFUL WITCHES — In honor of the holiday, Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) and Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) throw a girls only anti-Valentine’s Day slumber party for themselves and fellow witches Diana (Shelley Hennig) and Cassie (Britt Robertson).  But the night gets wilder than expected when Melissa offers Diana some mood altering “Devil’s Spirit” and the first person Diana loosens up around is Lee (guest star Grey Damon), who crashes the party to help Faye achieve her own power.  Meanwhile, Cassie is forced to turn to Adam (Thomas Dekker) and Jake (Chris Zylka) after she becomes haunted by the spirits of some vengeful witches. 

© Wetpaint Entertainment Any images and content contained on this site relating to "Secret Circle" are not authorized by "Secret Circle"™ and The CW © and its related companies. All rights reserved.

End Notes:

This episode will probably air Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 9pm PST, on the CW. 

Being Valentine's on a teen drama, there probably won't be much Gale... but it's Valentine's and we can always hope the adults will do something unromantic and vindictive, so they'll at least be in it... right?! Provided that Charles gets the upper hand. :) 

Return by JustBeAQueen



The Secret Circle Recap of Season 1, Episode 15, “Return”: Daddy's Back

by Mehera Bonner

Cassie and John Blackwell in Season 1, Episode 15: “Return” Photo Credit: Sergi Bachlakov/The CW ©2012 The CW Network

The day we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived: John Blackwell is back in Chance Harbor after years spent living in a tee-pee with Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman! Sure, he’s rumored to be the most evil man-witch this side of Hogwarts, but that hair coif. Oh, that hair coif. 

Find out why the source of all evil is back in town, and what he wants withCassie (Britt Robertson), in this week’s episode of The Secret Circle.

The Boys Are Back in Town

After last week’s run-in with ghosts and possessed demons, Cassie needs some well-deserved alone time. She tells Diana (Shelley Hennig) that Grandma Jane is coming back from her “zen retreat” (a.k.a. insane asylum), but when Cassie gets home from Dirty Di’s house, she has a studly surprise waiting for her: Jake Armstrong (Chris Zylka).

Jake warns Cassie that witch-hunters have sprinkled her house with ash and salt (delish!), but despite the warning signs, Cass ignores his advice. After all, there are more important things at hand – like John Blackwell.

If you thought Cassie’s reunion with daddy dearest would be magical, you were right on. Blackwell shows up at Cassie’s house and proceeds to open the front door with his mind. After a few moody pleasantries and studly gazes, he tells Cassie that she’s in danger, asks her keep quiet about his reappearance, and goes back from whence he came [insert obligatoryDawson’s Creek joke here]. 

But why is Blackwell in Chance Harbor, anyway? Sure, his hand erupted in a crazy blister the second Cassie activated his man jewelry, but Adam’s (Thomas Dekker) worried Blackwell has ulterior motives, and for once, we agree.

John Blackwell in Season 1, Episode 15: “Return” Photo Credit: Sergi Bachlakov/The CW ©2012 The CW Network

Father of Mine, Where Have You Been?

Apparently when Cassie isn’t busy being a teenage witch, she spends her time waitressing at “Java Brew,” Chance Harbor’s trendiest coffee shop. Cassie’s most popular clientele consist of Faye(Phoebe Tonkin) andMelissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy), who get an unwelcome surprise when Callum wanders in and asks them to a party. How can they even think about resisting his grifter charm? Now, quick – to the nearest thrift store for a fix of flannel!

Faye has no interest in Callum’s coffee shop come-ons, but Melissa heads to his soiree despite her besties’ misgivings. Faye and Diana decide to run an intervention on Melissa, so they visit Lee, who’s doing what he does best: hangin’ with his creepy comatose girlfriend. Lee tells Fayana that Callum practices “evil left juju” (his words), and the three of them head to the party before he can cause any trouble. 

Meanwhile, Cassie heads down to the docks to meet up with her dad, and he makes the mistake of asking for the medallion (sigh, boyfriend just wants to conjure himself a new black cape). 

Despite being witch-napped and held hostage on multiple occasions, Cassie storms off in a tearful huff and – surprise, surprise – gets herself captured by Eben. He and his witch-hunter cronies tie Cassie to a chair, cover her with some ashy salt, and drip weird fluid into her eyes and mouth. Just a typical day!  

Ethan Talks With John Blackwell in Season 1, Episode 15: “Return” Photo Credit: Sergi Bachlakov/The CW ©2012 The CW Network

Voodoo Child

So, Callum’s party can only be described as a ‘90s rave – complete with hookahs, crazy dancing, pits of fire, and greasy hair. But Melissa’s having a great time, especially when she and Callum cuddle up on some cushy couches and proceed to give each other voodoo doll spellgasms. Yep, you read that right. Just slap a voodoo doll between your hands until you feel that “surge.” 

Sadly, the fun stops there. Callum locks Melissa in a private room after he discovers that she’s a witch, but she escapes the clutches of his power-stealing voodoo doll in the nick of time. Luckily, Melissa meets up with Faye and Diana and the three of them book it out of the party before things get too creepy – but not before Melissa warns Faye not to trust Lee’s voodoo Valentine!  

Meanwhile, John Blackwell is hanging in the clubhouse when Jack runs in screaming Cassie’s name at the top of his lungs. They have a brief-yet-studly bonding moment, and then Jake sneaks off to Eben’s boat in the hopes that he can trade Cassie for her pops!

Blackwell falls right into Jake’s trap, and after a quick pit-stop at the Boathouse (hi, Ethan!), they wander into the middle of the forest to make the trade. The catch? Eben wants to take Jake prisoner instead of Blackwell!

Cassie and Adam in Season 1, Episode 15: “Return” Photo Credit: Sergi Bachlakov/The CW ©2012 The CW Network

Into the Woods

Over at the boathouse, Adam gathers the Circle to save Cassie, and they rush to the forest only to find Jake – about to be murdered by Eben. The Circle use their collective power to impale Eben on a tree branch, but then his body disappears and in a creepy and mysterious display of magic.

Meanwhile, Cassie accidentally ignites her dad on fire because she’s been “hypnotized” to kill him, but the Circle save the day once again with a spontaneous slam poetry session. Phew, not only is John Blackwell alive – not one hair on his coif is singed!

After the night’s events, Blackwell and Cassie bond over the fact that his magical powers were stripped (wait, didn’t he open Cassie’s front door with his mind?), and she tells him that the medallion is destroyed. Blackwell vows to stay in Chance Harbor to protect Cassie, but we have a feeling he has other reasons for sticking around....

Without further ado, it’s time for our favorite part of The Secret Circle: the weekly montage. First, Lee sneaks into Faye’s window to makeout while his creepy comatose girlfriend wakes up across town; then John Blackwell visits Jake to strike a deal about keeping Cassie safe; and finally Adam and Cass snuggle at the Boathouse. It’s all so beautiful! But that might just be Adam’s emo mix-tape playing with our emotions.


Promo for The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 16: Is John Blackwell the Devil? (VIDEO)













© Wetpaint Entertainment. Any images and content contained on this site relating to "Secret Circle" are not authorized by "Secret Circle"™ and The CW © and its related companies. All rights reserved.



Here's some extra pics from the episode and an interview with Gale (his advice to Charles)... thanks to for these screencaps.





Gale's scenes, thanks to Mytears Inheaven and Vimeo:


<iframe src=";byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="400" height="300" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">Gale Harold's scene in TSC episode 15</a> from <a href="">Mytears Inheaven</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

Lucky by JustBeAQueen


The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 16, “Lucky,” Synopsis: John Blackwell’s Evil Agenda

by Whitney Ricketts


The Secret Circle doesn’t return until March 15, 2012, despite our repeated attempts to cast a spell on our televisions to show us more shirtless Jake. However, when the show does come back, in Season 1, Episode 16, “Lucky,” expect an episode jam-packed with secrets, romance, and danger. Just another day in Chance Harbor, y’all — but this time, there’s a new hunk in town, played by Once Upon a Time’s Tim Phillips. (Sidebar: Is there a supernatural hot man portal or something?)

In Episode 16, Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) puts the smack down on lovelorn Diana (Shelley Hennig) and tells her to get it together, stop making out with rando pizza boys, and go on a date with the nice new guy in town. Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) gets an unpleasant surprise when she marches over to Lee’s house to ask him out, but instead meets his girlfriend, who has just awoken from her coma. Oh, and Cassie’s dad John Blackwell (Joe Lando) is apparently looking for something very specific and seemingly harmful: a device that drains witches of their powers. Was Adam (Thomas Dekker) right to warn Cassie (Britt Robertson) about her dad, after all?

Check out the official CW synopsis below:

CASSIE CONFRONTS HER FATHER, DIANA FINDS NEW LOVE AND FAYE TURNS UP THE HEAT WITH LEE — Cassie (Britt Robertson) catches Blackwell (guest star Joe Lando) sneaking around the abandoned house.  After confiding in Adam (Thomas Dekker), he tells her he knows Blackwell was looking for a device to drain witches’ powers and clearly back to his old ways.  Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) shows up at Lee’s (guest star Grey Damon) house to invite him to the school fundraiser, but is taken aback when Eva (guest star Alexia Fast) greets her at the door claiming to be Lee’s girlfriend.  Meanwhile, Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) encourages Diana (Shelley Hennig) to date a normal guy and points her in the direction of a new, handsome guy in town (guest star Tim Phillipps).  Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) runs into Blackwell at the school but the reunion isn’t quite what she expected.  Joshua Butler directed the episode written by Katie Wech (#116).


I realize this video was embedded in the previous chapter, but I may as well place it here, too, right? Since it is for this episode. 

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Curse by JustBeAQueen
Author's Notes:

The following synopsis is from the CW. 

I didn't post Wetpaint's article due to disparaging comments about Gale's new haircut. And as I think his new "do" is hot, I refuse to quote it. :) 




CASSIE VISITS HER GRANDMOTHER AND LEARNS SOME STARTLING NEWS, FAYE GETS A STALKER AND CHARLES MAKES HIS MOVE — Blackwell (guest star Joe Lando) warns Cassie (Britt Robertson) and Adam (Thomas Dekker) that their love may be destiny, but it’s also a curse. He suggests they go visit her grandmother, Jane (guest star Ashley Crow) to find out if there is a spell to reverse it.  Jane warns Cassie that someone in the Circle will die if the curse is awakened.  Meanwhile, Eva (guest star Alexis Fast) starts stalking Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) and Charles (Gale Harold) makes his next move against Blackwell. 




In other TSC news... the official date for the season finale is Thursday, May 10th at 9pm on the CW. 

And good news, my fellow Gale watchers... well, decent news anyways, and certainly not bad news. It appears that there's... a 90% chance that The Secret Circle will be renewed for a second season. Nothing has been confirmed, but there are no talks of cancelling it, and it's too big to not renew, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed... and my spellbook out for if it is cancelled. Oops, I wasn't supposed to mention that was I? :) 

If and when it is renewed, there's also talks of it being moved to Friday night, but we'll see... and as always, when I know, you'll know! 



Sneak peek Photo from "Curse": Blackwell, Cassie, and Adam look through The Book of Shadows. (I know this probably seemed obvious, but just in case, there you go.)


Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW ©2012 The CW Network



Video of all Gale's scenes in Episode 17: (Thanks to Mytears Inheaven and Vimeo)

<iframe src=";byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="400" height="300" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">Gale Harold's scene in TSC episode 17</a> from <a href="">Mytears Inheaven</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>


End Notes:

This episode should air Thursday, March 22, 2012 at 9pm on the CW. I realize there's no conclusive statement to support Gale appearing in this episode, but there hasn't been an episode yet where Blackwell has been that Charles hasn't. They may have not had any contact previously, but where one adult is (especially of this "circle"), more usually follow somewhere. 

Sacrifice by JustBeAQueen
Author's Notes:

Synopsis from the CW. 

Doesn't look like Gale will be in this one, but you can never quite tell... those adults are always up to something, and if Diana supposedly has a new love interest, surely her father will be interested, too. Right? We'll have to wait and see the preview from the previous episode to know more. Which I, of course, will keep you updated with as soon as I have one. :) 

A WITCH HUNTER TRACKS DOWN A MEMBER OF THE CIRCLE WITH A MESSAGE FOR BLACKWELL — Jake (Chris Zylka) gets a surprise visit from an old acquaintance named Samuel (guest star Chad Rook), a witch hunter, who has a message for Blackwell (guest star Joe Lando) about Eben’s (guest star Sammi Rotibi) surprising next move.  Cassie (Britt Robertson) intervenes, forces Samuel to reveal his news and is stunned to find out what Eben is trying to resurrect.  Meanwhile, Diana (Shelley Hennig) is frustrated that keeping the secrets of who they are is building a barrier between her and Grant (guest star Tim Phillipps).  Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) and Melissa agree to help out Adam (Thomas Dekker) at the Boathouse and in return get him to help them use their magic to enhance their love life.


Sneak Peek Photo from "Sacrifice": Blackwell explains his plan for handling Eben. 



Photo Credit: Michael Courtney/The CW ©2012 The CW Network


End Notes:

This episode should air on Thursday, March 29th on the CW. But knowing their schedule and based on previous episodes, it wouldn't surprise me if this aired on April 5th. I'll let you know when I know for sure. 

Information about upcoming episodes by JustBeAQueen
Author's Notes:

I realize these aren't synopsis's, but they don't quite qualify (to me) as info about Gale in the Secret Circle, which is why these articles appear here. Is Gale mentioned? Of course, he is a main character, however it's a quick reference and has more to do with plot than focusing on Gale's character or him, as an actor. 

Secret Circle Boss on Blackwell's Intentions, Retribution for Charles' Crimes and More!

By Vlada Gelman

Daddy’s home! And not only is The Secret Circle‘s John Blackwell back, but he’s sticking around Chance Harbor to stir up a whole cauldronful of trouble — and maybe even bump somebody off? Executive producer Andrew Miller tells TVLine that, yes indeed, we’ll see a major character go bye-bye in tonight’s installment (The CW, 9/8c), and, scarier still, there will be “more after that”!

Also on tap for the new batch of episodes: There will penance for Charles, Ethan’s secrets will be revealed, and, of course, the Adam/Cassie/Jake love triangle will get “more complicated,” teases Miller.

TVLINE | Let’s start with romance. Where is Cassie’s heart at in the upcoming episodes with regard to Adam and Jake?

Cassie’s heart is with Adam right now. Her heart wants to be with Adam. His gesture on Valentine’s Day really pushed it in that direction for her. The only thing that’s stopping her post-Valentine’s is the reappearance of her father. Adam’s seeming mistrust of Blackwell has driven a wedge between them. When we pick them up [tonight], she wants to be with him. They both want to see if the “written in the stars” thing really means something. Adam is now far enough away from Diana that he can concentrate on Cassie. They want to make a go of it. It’s just that damn Blackwell.

TVLINE | There’s also Jake. Will he just stand idly by?

No, Jake does not stand idly by. His feelings for Cassie are just as they were, and he’s struggling. He had a dalliance with Faye that was probably more out his frustration over not being able to be with Cassie than it was [about] his desire to be with Faye. We’re going to see Jake make a little bit more of an effort toward Cassie. He takes this really interesting position, because whereas Adam mistrusts Blackwell, Jake responds very strongly toward Blackwell. That’s going to make things more complicated for their triangle.

TVLINE | Blackwell told Cassie that he’s more or less powerless. Should we take his word for it?

He seems very trustworthy to me. I don’t know what to tell you. He’s got very soulful eyes. He seems like he’s telling the truth. All I can tell you is he’s a complicated man, and his version of reality is unique and all his own. It’s hard to say what the future holds for John Blackwell. [Laughs]

TVLINE | What ramifications does Blackwell’s return have for Dawn, Charles and Ethan in light of their shared history?

For all the adults – and ultimately all the Elders – his return is a shock. [It's] not as much of a shock to Dawn, as we’ll find out in this next episode, but for everyone else, we’ll see — one by one — how they react to him. Like [for] the audience, the man who he appears to be is completely different from the monster they were expecting. That creates some confusion and knocks them all back a little. The idea of John Blackwell, even in death, it’s like the Boogie Man. The reality upon his return is so different. It’s very hard to reconcile those two things. You’re asking if he’s lying or not about his power, but the people who really have something to lose are much more interested in whether that’s true or not.

Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s John de Lancie Cast as Secret Elder

TVLINE | Blackwell does seem to have some beef with Ethan and the Conant family.

In the next episode, that’s going to be explored a lot. Ethan has some secrets that he and Charles alluded to that we’re going to dig up.

TVLINE | Does John Blackwell know that he has a second offspring?

I can’t answer that, much as I’d love to. But I promise that it’s a question that will be answered.

TVLINE | Is the identity of the other Blackwell child something you plan to reveal before the end of the season?

Oh yeah.

TVLINE | Charles did quite a number on Jane. He also killed Amelia and Nick, and no one really knows about it except for maybe Dawn. How long can he get away with it?

Not long! Not long at all. [Laughs] He’s like a ticking time bomb. His offenses are piling up, and they affect everybody. He’ll have to pay the piper very soon.

TVLINE | Will the circle and the adults start to catch on to each other?

Yes. As the story moves forward, they’ll have no choice. Out of necessity, one group [will find itself] turning to the other for help and out of desperation… Ultimately, their paths will cross. They each have their reasons for staying quiet about everything, and those reasons will become moot in a few episodes.

TVLINE | How are you feeling about the chances of a second season?

It’s so beyond my level of smartness that I can’t speak to it. We have an incredibly supportive network and studio. We’re all collectively very excited with how the show is moving forward. We’re just trying to keep making the best episodes we can and really fulfill and satisfy what our fans and characters need from the episodes. I’m hopeful, because I think we’re really putting together a good show. So hopefully people continue to watch it, and we’ll be around for many more years to come.

Copyright © 2011 TVLine Media, LLC. All rights reserved.


The Secret Circle Scoop: Death Strikes Chance Harbor!

by Natalie Abrams

The grim reaper will be paying a visit to Chance Harbor on The Secret Circle.

Now that John Blackwell (Joe Lando) has returned to town, the circle is in even more danger. And by the end of Thursday's episode, there will be with yet another death. (RIP, Nick) This week's outing also marks the reunion of Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) and Blackwell, who seem awfully friendly in the promos. Could Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) by the mysterious other Balcoin child? turned to executive producer Andrew Miller to get the scoop:

What happens now that the Balcoin medallion has been destroyed? John Blackwell says he's going to be sticking around to "protect" Cassie (Britt Robertson), but it seems like he was only after the medallion and now has to use different means for his endgame.

Andrew Miller: Yes. It's the medallion itself that obviously spoke to him and brought him out. No one knows better than Blackwell how powerful the medallion is, not only to stop people, but as a tool for his own safety. If that was the ultimate weapon for safety, the idea that it's lost is troublesome to him in terms of the safety of his daughter. [Blackwell's] presence alone heats things up for his daughter. While he claims ... that he's a changed guy who does not have magic, and while he's admitting to all these things that he did and trying to come clean, there's no denying that who he was is still a pain in the ass for people. People will come after him and people will come after Cassie. So, it kind of remains to be seen how much his protection is going to help Cassie or hurt Cassie.

Will we learn more about Blackwell's history? And will it be similar to the L.J. Smith novels?

Miller: Well, it's different from the books. I mean it's different and similar. We've taken the richness of the characters and twisted them a little bit. Even his relationship with the adults in the show is vastly different from the way it was in the books. The number of people he has related to him in the circle is different from the book. Those two story points alone take him on a different path, but there are similarities to the book that are insanely fun and cool coming up.

With Blackwell back, will we finally find out who the other Balcoin child is?

Miller: Yes. And soon. The fun of that information isn't just an unmasking, but also a realization of how complicated the past really is and how it's really starting to push the present into the future. By future I mean the season finale. So, his presence is going to kick up a lot of stuff. We'll learn much more about the 16 years. We'll learn much more about why it's so important to stop now.

What can you tease about Dawn and John Blackwell's reunion?

Miller: They have fantastic chemistry. His return is completely messing with the expectations of our characters. For Cassie, she has come to expect this devil of a man in her life and he doesn't seem anything like that. For the adults, they've had 16 years to stew about who this guy is and create this boogieman character in their heads. Dawn's version of that is vastly different than Charles' (Gale Harold) version and Ethan's version. Who Ethan (Adam Harrington) is expecting and what Ethan wants to do about it to protect his relationship with Adam (Thomas Dekker) is what we're going to feature in Thursday's episode. We get a glimpse of what Dawn's expecting. I think for Dawn, it's like this pause button that happened when she was 16 or 17 years old. Now she's finally getting to take her finger off the pause button because he's back. She's been dreaming of this meeting for a long time.

What will Jake (Chris Zylka) and John Blackwell's working relationship be like in trying to protect Cassie?

Miller: In his efforts to win Cassie over and ... win over the trust of the circle, Jake plays an important role because he is in desperate need of father figure, almost as much as Cassie is. He saw his dad get brutally murdered. He fell in with the witch hunters because of Isaac (JR Bourne), since he represented a father figure to Jake. Now here's this fatherly guy with a beard and a fancy coat who's bringing Jake in and trusting him in a way that Jake doesn't get a lot. I think Jake starts off very Team Blackwell. It'll be an important part to Blackwell's desire to win over Cassie.


What can we look forward to as The Secret Circle heads towards its first season finale?

Miller: We're going to see magic, death, and sex, and not necessarily in that order. Thursday night we're going to see death. The people of Chance Harbor have lived death-free for too long. [The victim is] someone we know and, I think, like a lot. With that intensity will come new relationships and more intense relationships on a romantic level. That's the sex part. Then [for] magic, what Blackwell brings to the table is confusing. It's both helpful and hurtful. There are people out to get him and there are people he's out to get. Our circle will be roped into the middle of that as they try to figure out if he's someone they can trust to lead them or if it's someone that they need to band together and fight against.

The Secret Circle airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.

Article from TV Guide. I assume it’s copyrighted, but that wasn’t stated. 

Crystal by JustBeAQueen
Author's Notes:

NEW EPISODE TONIGHT, Thursday, April 19, 2012, at 9pm, PST on the CW. 

Synopsis/Summary from the CW and Wetpaint. ... Preview and clip of our fave bad ass warlock! 


To protect themselves from the witch hunters, Jake, Cassie and Faye seek out Jake's grandfather Royce, to find his family's crystal and are confronted with disturbing theories about the events of sixteen years ago. Meanwhile, Diana tries to balance her pursuit of the Glaser crystal with Melissa and Adam with her romantic life with Grant, who demands to know what she's hiding. At the same time, Callum attempts to re-insert himself into Melissa's life. Charles and Jane plot their move against Blackwell. 


Sneak peeks at this episode: 






Video Preview for "Crystal" - Gale may not be in this preview for long, but he is, as are his hands... need I say more?



Exclusive Secret Circle Video: Charles and Blackwell Face Off!

BY VLADA GELMAN What happens when two alpha fathers with magic powers and a ton of unfinished business cross paths for the first time in over a decade? A seriously tense John Blackwell vs. Charles Meade face-off on tonight’sThe Secret Circle (The CW, 9/8c), and we’ve got your exclusive first look at the witchy match-up!

Copyright © 2012 TVLine Media, LLC. All rights reserved. Video clip property of CW Network. 



The Secret Circle Recap of Season 1, Episode 19, "Crystal": Twisted Sisters

by Mehera Bonner


Thank the stars, The Secret Circle is back in our lives –– and you know what that means: We'll finally find out who Cassie's secret sister is! This week, our favorite gang of teenage witches (minus Sabrina) managed not to kill any seagulls with their emo love-making, but they did go crazy for crystals. Sigh, we know pet rocks are all the rage, but really guys? Buy a giga pet like normal people living in the ‘90s. 

He's a Ladies' Man!

Eben's more powerful than ever since he became a vessel for demon worms, and the Circle are terrified of what he might do. Unfortunately, they only have one crystal, which is enough to kill half an inchworm. The answer to all their problems clearly lies with a bunch of geriatrics, so they decide to hunt down their grandparents and steal some pet rocks.

The Circle divides into groups to get the job done, but first Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) runs into creepy Callum –– who wants to reconnect over a voodoo-gasm. Luckily, Jake (Chris Zylka) and his leather jacket appear out of nowhere to save Melissa's honor, but he accidentally reveals that they belong to a coven in the process. Great, now Callum wants to sell Jake's bodily fluids on the black market. (Cough, we'll take two bottles, cough.)

After bro-battling Callum, Jake meets Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) and Cassie (Britt Robertson), and they head over to his gramps' house only to discover he's a batty old conspiracy theorist who thinks Blackwell wanted to sperminate everyone in his Circle. Here's the deal: 300 years ago, 18 families escaped from Salem and split into three Circles. Then Blackwell swooped in and corrupted the West Coast Circle by "sowing his seed" all up in everyone's ovaries. Color us horrified.

Meanwhile, Gramps does have a crystal (score!), but he's hidden it in a mine. Why, you ask? Because the six Chance Harbor crystals form a giant crystal skull, which is the most powerful weapon in the history of magic. Are you thinking what we're thinking? One ring to rule them all, one ring to bind them....


Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Work We Go!

While Jake and his bevvy of beauties learn about Salem, Melissa and Adam (Thomas Dekker) head over to her grandma's house and discover that she's a serious contender forHoarding: Buried Alive. This old lady has more crystals than Jake has man-tanks! 

Meanwhile, Faye is totally convinced she's Blackwell's other child, especially since Dawn's (Natasha Henstridge) diary reveals something about a steamy affair back in the ‘80s. Unfortunately, while the three amigos chat about the possibility of Cassie and Faye being sisters, Callum zooms up on his motorcycle and steals Grandpa Armstrong's map to the mine! There's only one thing to do – put Chance Harbor's new dynamic duo (a.k.a. Melissa and Adam) on the case. Cassie texts her buddies a map of the mine, and they track down the crystal before Callum can steal it. Turns out abandoned mines are super creepy, but Adam taps into his inner Tarzan and heroically swings across a giant precipice to grab the crystal like a pro. Unfortunately, Callum and his greasy hair show up, and after Adam fails to grab his gun, Melissa gives up their prize. 

In other news, Diana's (Shelley Hennig) trying to have some alone time with Grant, but her date gets interrupted by one magical emergency after another. She heads down to the mine to meet her friends, and the situation promptly gets realer than real. First, Cassie almost chokes to death when she tries to enter the tunnel (dark magic repellent), then Adam bats his eyelashes like crazy, and then Faye nearly gets run over by Callum's motorcycle. Luckily, Cassie stops Callum with her mind, and the Circle mark him so he can never come back to Chance Harbor. Good riddance!



John Blackwell's still new in town, and he just wants to make friends, okay? First on the agenda is reacquainting himself with some haters, starting with Grandma Jane (Ashley Crow). Blackwell heads to Jane's house for some hang time, but little does he know that she and Charles (Gale Harold) have a covert plan to kill him with an ancient cruid! 

Unfortunately, things don't exactly go as planned. Turns out that Blackwell secretly spelled the cruid to kill Jane, and as soon as Charles lights it up in the hopes of destroying Blackwell, Jane passes out on the floor and dies. Yep, Charles is officially a serial killer. Sigh, don't worry, Grams. We'll have the old folks' home pour some witches brew out for you.  

Now, wipe those tears away and blow your nose, because Cassie's secret sister is about to be revealed! After ditching Jane's dead body, Blackwell heads to the clubhouse and has a quick bonding moment with Faye about the fact that she definitely isn't his love child. Meanwhile, Cassie meets up with Diana, who reveals her plan to quit the Circle to focus on her personal life. Diana also tells Cassie that she couldn't enter the mine without choking, and you know what that means! She's Cassie's sister-sister, and they're about to have so many bonding moments! Cue the sparkles, cue the music –– it's time to celebrate good times! No offense, Jane. 


© Wetpaint Entertainment

Thanks to for the following screen caps. :) 




Image credit: The CW Network.

End Notes:

Full episode available now on or download the CW app for your smart phone and watch anywhere!

Traitor by JustBeAQueen
Author's Notes:

Synopsis from the CW. New preview posted.

When a crystal is magically stolen from the abandoned house, the Circle decides it was the traitor witch working with Eben (guest star Sammi Rotibi) so Jake (Chris Zylka) calls for a meeting with Isaac (guest star JR Bourne) to see if they can get him to change sides.
Cassie’s (Britt Robertson) loose grasp on her dark magic threatens to destroy any possible alliance when their pursuit of the traitor leads them to the “Creepiest Place on Earth.”
Meanwhile, Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) and Jake (Chris Zylka) work together to steal Dawn’s (Natasha Henstridge) crystal, Melissa (JessicaParker Kennedy) and Adam (Thomas Dekker)pair up and uncover a new magic trick.
Meanwhile, a frustrated Diana (Shelley Hennig) reaches out to Charles (Gale Harold) for help.


End Notes:

This episode will air Thursday, April 26, 2012 at 9pm, PST on the CW!  YEAH!

Prom by JustBeAQueen
Author's Notes:

Oops... clearly I didn't count when I last listed chapters. I forgot to mention this episode, or I posted it with a different episode... whatever... in any case, this is an additional episode that will air. Which oddly enough means that every Thursday up until the season finale will have a new TSC episode... YEAH! 

Synopsis and summary from Wetpaint and the CW. 


When Cassie follows this advice, it leads her to a dangerous discovery. Meanwhile, Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) invites Jake (Chris Zylka) to Prom, despite the fact that he stood her up two years earlier.  Adam, Diana (Shelley Hennig), Cassie and Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) finally make it to Prom but when they lose the crystal to Eben, they end up in a life and death situation. Meanwhile, Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) attempts to stop Blackwell, who casts a deadly spell on Charles (Gale Harold). 



Prom is finally coming to The Secret Circle — and you know what that means! Chance Harbor High will spend thousands of dollars attaching enormous glass spears to the ceiling, which will then impale several students. At least that's what happened last time there was a school dance.


In Season 1, Episode 21, “Prom,” the gang gear up for the biggest dance of the year, and we can't wait for the Mad Men-inspired Don Draper outfit that we're sure Adam (Thomas Dekker) will show up in. Skinny tie alert!


Speaking of Adam, he and the gang are still on a mission to find crystals and apparently Bright Eyes unearths one at Chance Harbor High. Blackwell tells Cassie (Britt Robertson) to use her dark magic to find out where this particular pet rock is lurking, but the bad news? She uncovers something dangerous. Sigh, yet another comatose worm person?


Meanwhile, Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) still has the hots for Jake (Chris Zylka), so she asks him to be her prom date. Swoon! While Jake and Faye dance the night away, Adam, Cassie, and Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) head over to school only to lose their crystal to Eben and his wormy self. Of course, he promptly tries to kill them, but what else is new?


While Cassie and the gang try not to die, Blackwell curses Charles (Gale Harold) with a deadly spell and Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) tries to save her main man's life. We'll see how that works out!


© Wetpaint Entertainment



The Secret Circle Recap of Season 1, Episode 21, “Prom”: Dead Again

by Mehera Bonner


This week's episode of The Secret Circle combined our love for the '90s with our love for the double-damaged stud commonly known as Nick Arms-So-Strong (Louis Hunter). The subject of our NC-17 fantasies is back for round two, and this time he's a crazy zombie. And in case you're wondering, yes — he's still hot despite the greenish skin. 

Total Eclipse of the Heart

We're swooning up a storm over Nick's unexpected arrival in Chance Harbor, but the rest of the Circle? Not so much. Everyone's terrified that Nick will kill them with the power of his dreamy eyes, but Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) goes on red-hot stud alert the moment she hears about Nick's return. 

This gal's determined to make Nick her zombie lover even though he's a murdering traitor (not to mention mutant inchworm), and she sees a flicker of humanity in his eyes when he breaks into the clubhouse to steal back the crystal. Nick and Melissa have a zombie bonding moment (complete with grunting) over his herb garden, until (siiiiigh) Adam (Thomas Dekker) scares him off with his fluttering lashes and dapper menswear. It's like, if Bella Swan can date a dead dude, so can Melissa. Sob!  

Meanwhile, Blackwell and Cassie (Britt Robertson) are in major Balcoin cahoots, and he tells her that cutting her finger open will reveal the hidden crystal at Chance Harbor High. After Cass makes some artistic/bloody drawings on the school floor, she suddenly sees The Ghost of Amelia wearing a hilarious '90s denim jacket! Could it be time for a flashback? Yes, please! But more importantly, Cassie's sporting a shirt with thumb holes. Unacceptable.

In other news, the time has come to talk about Charles "Forever Alone" Meade (Gale Harold). Poor little dude is still torn up about the fact that he isn't Diana's (Shelley Hennig) biological father, and he's desperate to prove what a great guy he is. First up? Giving Dirty Di a necklace that belonged to her mom. Awww, reminds us of our shopping sprees at Claire*s! We approve. 

Meanwhile, Blackwell's all about breaking the bond between Charles and Diana, so he recreates the night of Amelia's death by prank-calling Charles and lighting his house on fire. Consider yourself warned, buddy. This is Blackwell's version of a decapitated horse head.


Pour Your Misery Down on Me

As we all know, school dances at Chance Harbor high lead to fires, giant icicles, and more than the usual amount of dead teenagers, so it's understandable that Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) wants nothing more than to dress up in her sexiest LBD and dance her pants off with Jake (Chris Zylka)! These two have been bonding all over the place since Nick's arrival in town — mostly because Jake's having a bad-boy breakdown, complete with extra-plungy V-neck shirts and a limp hair coif. He's is majorly torn-up about Nick's status as a zombie inchworm, and Faye offers him a sexy shoulder to cry on as he contemplates killing his bro with a dagger. She even forgives Jake for standing her up at prom two years ago! 

Meanwhile, Cassie realizes that Balcoin blood gives her the ability to go back in time, so she hits Diana up for some bodily fluids and they flash back to the ‘90s, where Garbage plays in the hallways and people on skateboards whiz around the school. All our dreams our coming true! 

As the screen goes foggy, Cassie and Diana watch ‘90s Amelia and ‘90s Elizabeth have a heated conversation about how crazy Blackwell is, and then Grandpa Conant reveals that the last crystal is hidden in the school's trophy case! Oh and bonus, turns out that Blackwell magically inseminated all the ladies in his circle. Actually, double bonus — said ladies were in high school at the time. Someone call MTV!


Insane in the Membrane

While Cassie and Diana bask in the glorious sounds of "I'm Only Happy When It Rains," Jake and Faye bust a move at prom (swooooon!), and Melissa and Adam slow dance in the hallway like the social outcasts that they are. Meanwhile, Nick breaks into school just as Cassie and Diana come back to the future, and after he pushes Dawn over ("out of my way, middle-aged squib!"), he steals the pet rock that Adam so expertly uncloaked with his mime hands. 

As the Circle chase down Nick, Diana can barely contain how mad she is at Cassie for bringing Blackwell into her life, so she heads home to visit Charles... who's curled up in the fetal position sobbing. Charles eventually admits that he killed Amelia, which prompts Diana to leave the house in a panic and wander down the street, only to get picked up by Grant as Blackwell lurks in the background. 

Meanwhile, the Circle head to a local junkyard to track down Nick, and what happens next will blow your mind: First, Nick meets Eben in the hopes of trading the crystal for his star-crossed inchworm lover (turns out the demon insect is keeping him alive), then Blackwell shows up only to get semi-flattened by a flying car, and finally, Faye gets herself kidnapped by Eben. Oh, also — Nick nearly chokes Jake to death until Melissa stabs him in the back with a shiv! RIP times two, buddy.

Looks like the Circle will have no choice but to trust Daddy Blackwell, because forming the crystal skull is the only way to save Faye from inchworm doom!



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End Notes:



This episode should air Thursday, May 3, 2012 at 9pm, PST, on the CW.

Prom... seriously... oh brother... that's what you're thinking, right? My theory: High schools/prom/season finale/danger... all seem to go hand in hand... and when Gale's involved? I think the temptation to put him in a tux is too great to not have this happen. Don't know if he will appear in a tux, but has there been a show with Gale and a prom, that tuxes haven't been involved?


This goes along with an article from Wetpaint I just read: "Teen Pregnancy, Car Crashes, and Student-Teacher Relationships: 11 High School Themes We'll See on TV Forever" ... too funny. Click here if you want to read. Yes, there's a mention of TSC in there, too (not prom though).



Family by JustBeAQueen
Author's Notes:

Synopsis from Chevron One, the CW via Wetpaint, and from Twitter (from Blackwell, Joe Lando, himself). 


With just four episodes left, The Secret Circle’s season finale is fast approaching. Circle star Joe Lando (John Blackwel) took to Twitter last night to reveal some interesting tidbits about the final episode of the season.

The finale, entitled Family, will contain a high body count (don’t even think about harming our adorable Daddy Witches), secrets revealed and a surprise ending!

Although we’re hoping the body count may relate to Eben and his gang, deaths on The Secret Circle are always surprising and often heartbreaking.

As to the nature of the surprise ending? The news broke recently that Louis Hunter (Nick Armstrong) will make a return to the show at some point. Could his return happen sooner rather than later? Additionally, there are rumors circulating among fans of the show that Cassie’s presumed dead mother, Amelia Blake, may even make an appearance of her own. Hmm … thoughts?


Copyright © 2012 Chevron One All Rights Reserved.





Additional info: 

Cassie and Diana unleash their dark magic, CHARLES AND DAWN GET A SHOT AT RESTORING THEIR POWERS and Faye fights for her life in this jaw-dropping season finale — After Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) is attacked by the Witch Hunters, Jake (Chris Zylka), Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and Adam (Thomas Dekker) set out to save her. Blackwell (guest star Joe Lando) tells Cassie (Britt Robertson) and Diana (Shelley Hennig) that the only way to stop the Witch Hunters is to use their Balcoin blood to unleash the Crystal Skull. Diana is reluctant, but Cassie convinces her it’s the only way to help their friend, but she’ll need to tap into her dark magic to do it. Meanwhile, Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) and Charles (Gale Harold) are faced with a new way to get their power back…but at a very big cost.


Technically from, but released by the CW. 


Had to share this image I just found, from this episode:






<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>




End Notes:

Season Finale Episode will air this Thursday, May 10, 2012 on the CW, at 9pm, PST. 


Extended Family by JustBeAQueen
Author's Notes:

Pun intended there. :) With tonight being the season finale, I had to post an additional chapter with more info. Info from CW, Wetpaint and EW. 


'Secret Circle' EP Andrew Miller previews tonight's season finale

by Mandi Bierly

Tonight, The Secret Circlecloses its first season with a finale that exec producer Andrew Miller promises will answer our questions about John Blackwell (Joe Lando). When we last left the teen witches of Chance Harbor, Cassie (Britt Robertson) and Diana (Shelley Hennig) had learned that Blackwell had orchestrated the creation of their entire Circle, even if he only fathered them, and Diana found out that Charles (Gale Harold), the father who raised her, had killed Cassie’s mother. Oh, and Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) was kidnapped by Eben (Sammi Rotibi), and Blackwell got his hands on the final crystal needed to make the Crystal Skull, which he insists is the only way the Circle can defeat the Witch Hunters. “There is an extremely diabolical next phase to Blackwell’s plans that the kids aren’t privy to, that Faye’s kidnapping has something to do with,” Miller teases. By the end of the hour, we will know Blackwell’s true intentions. “He’s a complicated guy, to say the least. But we’ll completely understand why he’s in Chance Harbor and what he wants, and the viewers can decide just how evil or not evil they think he is,” Miller says. “And Cassie will make that decision very clearly.” There’s a reason the episode is titled “Family”: “For all the characters, but particularly for Cassie and Diana, it becomes a choice about defining whether your family is made up of blood or choice. That’s the decision Diana will have to make, that Cassie will have to make, and the others will have to make as they head to the final minutes of the show.”

What else can you expect? Look for Charles and Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) to have a real chance to get their powers back. “Over the last couple of episodes, both of them have come to realize how misguided and selfish their goals have been. While they’ve been talking a big game about wanting their powers back in order to help their kids, this is when they really dohave to help their kids. It’s more important than ever to get their powers back,” Miller says. “There’s a way to do that, but they’ve been looking for the easy way out this whole time. What we come to learn is there is no power without loss, no power without struggle. If they want the power, the out won’t be so easy.”

The promo reveals that the Circle will be unbound. “In order to save the Circle, they’ll have to come apart,” Miller says. “But the consequences of that are more complicated than they first imagine.” A preview clip, meanwhile, shows Jake (Chris Zylka) and Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) reaching Faye — and Jake kissing her before Eben knocks them all to the ground. “They’re all fun characters, but Jake and Faye are so similar in that they have these very strong masks that they wear that guard against their emotions. I think when Faye’s life is really in danger, when his life is really in danger, there’s just no time for that bulls— anymore,” Miller says. “That’s a moment where Jake is like, I don’t know if we’re gonna make it three steps beyond this, but I have to do this now. I still don’t think he’s gonna write a sonnet for her, but the way he expresses himself is that kiss to say, ‘We might not make it around the next corner, but this is how I feel about you.’ That ties in to an ending beat with them, too.”

The Secret Circle has yet to be renewed for a second season, but if giving the finale solid ratings isn’t enough of a reason to watch, here’s another: Miller had to get out of jury duty this week so he could promote the episode. “I wrote out a whole essay saying this is why I need to postpone to next week. It was like a magical spell, I highly recommend it to people trying to get out of jury duty — use magic,” he jokes. Let’s give him the final word: ”What was very important to all of us was to do a finale that answered questions…. It’s an epic finale that ties everything back together, that brings the past to the present and pushes the characters toward the future in a way that I think will be really satisfying to people. And, there’s a little bit of fun thrown in, just for good measure.”






The Secret Circle Season 1 Finale Spoilers: A Death That Drastically Changes...

by Mehera Bonner SPOILER ALERT!!

The Grim Reaper is coming to Chance Harbor — and no, we don't meanAdam (Thomas Dekker) and his hoodie. Apparently, one of our favorite characters will die during The Secret Circle's highly anticipated Season 1 finale, and executive producer Andrew Miller is spilling some serious secrets!

"We don't want this to be a world where death comes easily," Andrew Miller tells TV Guide. "In this finale, this death will drastically change people. For Cassie's [Britt Robertson] journey, this whole season has been about her transition from teen to adult, and the emotional ramifications of this death really conclude that journey." 

Could this have anything to do with the disturbing scene in the promo where Cassie chokes Diana (Shelley Hennig) with her Balcoin brain magic? If Dirty Diana dies, we're pretty much guaranteed to spend our summer vaycay in mourning. Sigh, time to break out our cutest black bikini. 

Source: TV Guide



Slightly connected article, but not really... but we'll absolutely agree! :)


12 Sexy Supernaturals and Superhumans: Fangs, Fur, and Everything In Between (PHOTOS)

This list wouldn't be complete without our own Secret Circle sexy bad ass Charles! I was extremely pleased he made the list... it would have been just wrong not to! Click on the link for more hotness, especially if you like True Blood or VP. Just had to share this, as well as the pic included. 



Additional synopsis, added 5/15/12:

The Secret Circle Recap of the Season 1 Finale: Deaths, a Departure, and a Whole Lotta Family Drama

by Mehera Bonner

Watching The Secret Circle's epic season finale was like binge eating a meat lovers' pizza. We felt nauseous, horrified, and ready for seconds. This week, our favorite band of outsiders blew us away with their magical incantations and hilarious O-faces –– and even better? All our questions were finally answered! Well, except for one: Will Charles' (Gale Harold) spirit animal ever return to its nest?

My Preciousssssss

Remember last week when ‘90s Blackwell magically consumated it with all the hotties in his Circle? Well, Cassie (Britt Robertson) and Diana (Shelley Hennig) are still totally grossed out by their pervy dad, but he just might be the key to saving Faye's (Phoebe Tonkin) life. Blackwell's completely obsessed with creating the crystal skull, and he wants Sassy Cassie and Dirty Di to tap into their Balcoin blood in order to assemble it. Family bonding time!

The Balcoin Babes head over to the middle of nowhere with Blackwell, and together they build the crystal skull. It's a complicated process, so listen up: First, you wander around the woods until you happen upon some "ceremonial ground." Then you turn on world music. Then you light all your pet rocks on fire, throw them into a lake, let their energies "form into a collective shape," have about a million spellgasms, and voila! Giant crystal skull. The only bummer? Side effects include unbinding your Circle. 

Which brings us to Jake (Chris Zylka), Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy), and Adam (Thomas Dekker) –– who head to the boatyard in the hopes of rescuing Faye only to find out their solo magic is back! The return of Jake's hocus pocus makes him more eager than ever to save Faye (dude just wants to sing "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias), but he barely makes it five feet before Adam faceplants him. Sigh, Adam. Remind us not to list you on our emergency contacts.

In other news, Charles and Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) have finally realized that their kids are serial killers, so Charles turns to the one person he trusts the most in the world: His mom. You know, that crazy lady who tried to kill Cassie with an elderberry branch. Unfortunately, Old Lady Meade can't bring back Charles and Dawn's powers, so she strips herself of magic and bestows it onto them. Which kind of makes up for her homicide attempt earlier this season. 

Charles in Season 1, Episode 22: “Family Photo Credit: Marcel Williams/The CW ©2012 The CW Network Photo: 

Charles contemplates his huge decision in the Season 1 Finale.

Where Did You Go, My Lovely? Where Did You, Where Did You Go?

While Charles bonds with his mommy, Jake and Melissa ditch Adam and head into the foggy boatyard to find Faye. They come across her in no time and Jake proceeds to jam his tongue down her throat (stud speak for "I missed you"), but sadly their reunion is cut short when Eben and his worm brain light them on fire. Sigh, where is Cassie when you need her?

Speaking of Cassie, we're worried. Girlfriend is fondling that skull like we fondle M&Ms, and let's just say she looks crazier than usual. Even Blackwell notices Cassie's power trip, so he's just like "talk to the hand" and renders both her and Diana unconscious. They wake up at the clubhouse (surrounded by a wall of fire), and Blackwell explains that his life's work is killing witches so Balcoins can rule the world. Oh, and also? There are four other Balcoin children coming to Chance Harbor. This is just like the Duggars, only with magic.

But forget Blackwell and his love children, because it's time to pour some out for our fallen homie. Charles Meade is (kinda) joining Jen Lindley inDawson's Creek heaven! Here's what goes down: Dawn and Charles head to the boathouse to rescue their kiddos, and while Dawn puts out the fire, Charles casts a deathly spell on Eben. Commence ugly-crying, because all of Eben's worm friends wiggle into Charles, and he promptly throws himself overboard in protest. Nooooo!

As Charles floats downstream, Jake shivs Eben and then the entire gang get the worst sunburn ever. Yep, the crystal skull is killing them, and it's all part of Blackwell's evil plan to rid the world of witches, bwah ha ha ha ha! 

Blackwell Works His Magic in Season 1, Episode 22: “Family Photo Credit: Marcel Williams/The CW ©2012 The CW Network Photo: 

Blackwell taps into his dark magic to unleash the Crystal Skull in the Season 1 Finale.

Secret Siblings!
Over at the clubhouse, Cassie realizes that Diana needs to access her dark magic if they're going to stop Blackwell, so she chokes her to semi-death. You know, just enough to make her pissed. Luckily, Diana uses her dark powers to fight off Cassie, and together they kill Blackwell with the crystal skull. Oh, and during this entire series of events Adam is cowering in the corner with a bloody nose. 
So, now that Blackwell and Eben are dead, we're in for a happy ending, right? Wrong. So very wrong. The gang gather at Cassie's house to chat about what a hot mess their lives are, and decide Adam should destroy the crystal skull so they can re-bind the Circle safely. Unfortunately, Diana has zero interest in her homies from the Harbor, and leaves town with Grant to spend some time in the land down under. And yes, we mean that in more ways than one.

Lastly, it's time for our favorite part of The Secret Circle: the epic end-of-episode montage. As soulful hipster music plays in the background, Faye and Jake make out, Adam morphs into Gollum from Lord of The Rings, Melissa and Faye party up a storm, Charles enters a coma, and Diana and Cassie realize the Balcoin sign is branded on their palms. But most importantly, the fab four Balcoin siblings are hanging on a hill outside Chance Harbor. Dun, dun, dunnnn! 



© Wetpaint Entertainment Any images and content contained on this site relating to "Secret Circle" are not authorized by "Secret Circle"™ and The CW © and its related companies. All rights reserved.




End Notes:

Season finale TONIGHT! 9pm, PST, on the CW... or tomorrow online at, or the CW app if you have an iphone or ipad... should be available through itunes, too! 

Obituary by JustBeAQueen
Author's Notes:

I thought an extra chapter was needed in honor of this amazing show, and the brilliant job all the cast did. Clearly Gale was our favorite, but it was a wonderful show. 

This will probably never be seen by anyone on the Secret Circle, or by anyone from the CW, but if it is... this page (and the whole "story") is dedicated to a show that SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN CANCELLED! I'm sure the cast and crew worked tirelessly for this show and appeared to have a lot of fun filming it; the first season was amazing and it had the potential to get even better. I sincerely hope this show is picked up by another network, because it deserves it. 

I was so thrilled to be able to see Gale in a recurring role, on such a unique and entertaining program, and a program I really wanted to watch... to have that cancelled, I am crushed. He's such a phenomenal actor, and the producer, Andrew Miller, had such high hopes in what his character, Charles, could achieve. Not to mention, the show and all it's characters, and what could have been in store for them. 

I've heard rumors of ABC or Lifetime looking into picking up the Secret Circle for the next season, I'm crossing my fingers, and hoping and praying that that happens. Personally, I think the Sci-Fi channel should consider it, too. There have been a number of shows that have started elsewhere and picked up by Sci-Fi that did wonderfully (Stargate comes to mind). 

I'd like to thank the whole cast and crew of The Secret Circle for giving us all something to look forward to on Thursday nights. 

I will truly miss the Secret Circle, and I will definitely miss seeing Gale in such an incredible role, that truly utilizied much of his talent as an actor. 

 A moment of silence to remember... 














© Wetpaint Entertainment Any images and content contained on this site relating to "Secret Circle" are not authorized by "Secret Circle"™ and The CW © and its related companies. All rights reserved.


On a slightly different note... if you think signing petitions can help save the Secret Cirlce and bring it back, then here's some petitions to sign. (There are three different petitions to sign here... if you browse the site, you'll also find the mailing address the CW, if you want to write to them via snail mail... it would take work, but think of what their response would be if the 1.23 million people who watched TSC's season finale actually sent in letters...). 


This is where the Secret Circle would have gone if there was a season 2... we can only hope that somehow, someway, TSC comes back and we can see this all play out. 


'Secret Circle' canceled just as Charles was about to go 'dark, cool, dangerous as hell' and possibly have sex

by Mandi Bierly Secret-Circle

Image Credit: Marcel Williams/The CW


The Secret Circle EP Andrew Miller didn’t know his show was being canceled this morning when he phoned EW to talk about last night’s season finale and tease where a second season would take the witches of Chance Harbor if they were granted one. Below, you can read where the characters were headed. I’m most sad for the loss of the opportunity to see Gale Harold (Charles) go as dark as I’d hoped he be after seeing the pilot. In the finale, Charles redeemed himself by magically luring the six demons inside Eben into his body so that Dawn could save Faye, Melissa, and Jake from burning at the stake (okay, a pole on the old ship). “So now he’s in this comatose state with six demons inside him that can’t get out, in the hopes that soon — let’s say next season — there’s a way to extract those demons,” Miller said. “Who Charles is when that happens remains to be seen. That’s what we wanted to set up for next season: Can the people who love him help him in a way that brings him back to who he was, or is he gonna be someone completely different? He’s come a long way this year, starting off as a completely evil son of a bitch [when he killed Cassie's mother] and ending up making a self-sacrifice that was pretty stunning. If there is a next season, I suspect that idea of self-sacrifice won’t be uppermost on his mind anymore. He might revert back a little.”

That was what I’d been waiting for — Gale Harold unleashed. “You and me. We were so desperate to show consequences and responsibility, and for him to be an out-and-out bad guy, and a dad, and a guy who brought Cassie, which was so hard to do thematically. It may have taken a long time, but it feels like we can reset his character a little bit more,” Miller said. “He’s so good at being bad, we just needed to give him enough reason to go that way, and I feel like having six demons inside of him and doing what he did to save everyone is enough of a reason to go back. I’m hopeful for a very dark, cool, dangerous as hell Charles next season.” And maybe he could possibly have some sex, I said. “Yes,” Miller said, laughing. “If you’re gonna be dark and dangerous, why not have sex? What’s the fun otherwise?”

Miller admitted one of the struggles of the first season was finding the balance between the parents and the kids on the show. “Sometimes it felt like we were going too far one way or the other. But it was so important to keep this wall up between them because we just didn’t want scenes of the kids sitting around saying, ‘Hey, how do you do this?’ The parents would be doing everything for them, and no teenager wants that in their life. So we had to keep them apart, but in doing so, we weren’t able to utilize Gale Harold and Natasha Henstridge both the way we would have liked.” That would have been different next year, he said.

“Season 1 was all about empowerment. Next would be now that they’re empowered, what are they gonna do with it? That feels like a really fun season of television,” he said. Here’s what would have happened:

•  A reformed Dawn. Now that she’d seen what her selfish desire for power nearly cost her daughter, we’d have seen a different side to her. “I can see her being pitted against Charles in a very big way. Dawn really, not by choice, is becoming an elder essentially. She’s seen how close she was to losing the one love of her life, her daughter, and how badly she’d been betrayed by Blackwell, and how easily she was manipulated because of her thirst for power. I think she’ll become much more of an avenging force for good, and I think that will be a huge problem for the kids and what they encounter with these Balcoin kids,” Miller said.

• A bad boy Adam. The Circle tasked Adam with disposing of the Crystal Skull because he’s the most trustworthy and incorruptible, and yet, he looked like he was about to call it “My precious” the last time we saw him caressing it. “Adam has been, like Jake said, a Boy Scout earning moral merit badges for a season and it’s gotten him nowhere. At every step, he’s been doing the right thing, and he’s lost everything. And when he did the right thing by going to find Cassie and Diana and help them, he was completely useless. He was thrown around like a rag doll, even with his individual magic and determination, it wasn’t enough to do s— against John Blackwell. I feel like Adam’s the skinny kid at the beach who gets sand kicked on him, and is like, ‘This will never, ever happen again. I’m writing away to the back of a comic to be a muscle man,’” Miller said. “So oddly, he is the most vulnerable to the Crystal Skull’s seductive dark powers. I think he’s gonna go down a very dark path.”

• A bad girl Cassie. The Circle doesn’t fully trust her, she has no parental figure in her life, and Diana just left town to get away from her. Cassie’s also vulnerable to dark magic. “As she’s killing her father and he calls out to her and says, ‘We’re the same’ and it’s not enough to get her to stop, I think it is enough to resonate in her brain. When she’s home alone with nothing else, that’s when that dark magic is the strongest,” Miller said. “She’s always been our touchstone for the balance between dark and light, and I think in killing her own father, even though she had to do it, it takes her to a place just the other side of the balance tip, to the darker side. I’m dying to explore that, where it’s not just will she or won’t she, it’s like, Cassie’s in trouble.”

• A battling Diana. Cassie will embrace the dark side, but Diana, who left town with Grant, wouldn’t have. “She’ll strive to be better and fight against it harder than ever,” Miller said. “She’ll have to come back. She can’t run from who she is now that she’s been physically and emotionally marked like she has been. It’s gonna be a fun battle between her and Cassie.”

• A power-seeking Faye. Popping champagne corks with her solo magic wouldn’t have satisfied Faye for long. “These Balcoin kids coming in will present a very interesting problem for all of them individually. I think Faye in particular will have a big role in how these two groups come together. Her search for her individual and power and all the things that she wanted in the beginning of season 1 will come back full force. But because of these Balcoin kids, she’ll be closer to getting it.”

• A Melissa with bad timing. ”All she needed to do is find a guy who’s not a douchebag, and it’s not easy, and then there’s Adam, who seems like a good and might be the kind of guy that she should pursue — that may be something that’s on her mind,” Miller said. “Unfortunately, she doesn’t yet know like we do that Adam might be taking a dark path and may be becoming the worst bad boy that she’s ever tried to date. And that will be fun to see.”

• A good guy Jake. “Where Adam and Cassie seem to be heading toward this dark side, Jake is more like Diana, where he’s gonna become a force to be reckoned with, with these Balcoin kids coming,” Miller said. “Jake’s come to a place in his life where he knows he won’t be manipulated again. Blackwell, the guy who reached out to him and became his father figure, then tried to kill him. I don’t think Jake will ever let himself or any of the others be put in that kind of position again. When Cassie starts going down a very dark road, Jake will be the one who’s desperately trying to get her back. And that will complicate what he has with Faye, obviously.”

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