Midnight Whispers
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Reviewer: Conny47 (Signed) · Date: March 13, 2023 07:20 PM · On: Chapter 13

I actually didn't want to start reading until the story was finished, but well, as you can see, that didn't work out. 😂  the two of them are so sweet with each other here, it's a pleasure to read. also that Brian is finally able to talk about his feelings and fears. but Mark is suspicious to me, that will definitely cause more trouble. I am excited which way it will continue 

Author's Response:

I'm so happy you've enjoyed this story so far and thank you for leaving a comment! :)

Reviewer: Juditka (Signed) · Date: March 11, 2023 01:01 PM · On: Chapter 13

I really like the story, I'm excited for the sequel.

Should I be worried about Mark?


Author's Response:

Thank you, I appreciate that! Hmm... you gonna have to keep reading to find out :)

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: March 10, 2023 08:47 AM · On: Chapter 13

I so appreciate them talking to each other and finally saying what's bothering them. I can't wait to be at the wedding!

Author's Response:

Yeah, it was about time :) Thank you for the comment!

Reviewer: Hamsterfan (Signed) · Date: March 09, 2023 05:20 PM · On: Chapter 13

Aaah, I love this story. I don't know what to think of Mark though... But the scene in the dressing room was hot. And new wedding rings - yeah! Now Justin still has to win the "condom - battle" ;)

Author's Response:

Thank you, that means a lot! As for Mark, hopefully you'll get some answers soon ;) Yeah, he better win this battle! I really appreciate the comment.

Reviewer: Draccone (Signed) · Date: February 21, 2023 01:48 AM · On: Chapter 12

I want some answers too!!!! Ahhhhh.

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: February 20, 2023 09:51 AM · On: Chapter 12

Jealous Brian! I love it so much but Mark seems like a good friend to Justin. He knows his place. Jess will have a great birthday.

Reviewer: Draccone (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2023 07:47 AM · On: Chapter 11

This is soooo good. Please give uss more.

Author's Response:

Thank you, I really appreciate it! And I hope to update soon.

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: January 30, 2023 09:17 AM · On: Chapter 11

I hope they crush him once and for all!!

Author's Response:

We can only hope 🙈 Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: ForeverLove50 (Signed) · Date: January 29, 2023 11:39 PM · On: Chapter 11

Just wanna say “ I hate that Asshole” ok all better!😁

Author's Response:

Don't blame you, I hate him too 😅 And we will probably hate him even more... 🙈 Anyway, thank you for reading!

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: November 13, 2022 11:14 AM · On: Chapter 10

Finally Marc is a good friend and we are approaching the wedding!!!

Author's Response:

Yeah, hopefully... 🙈 Thank you for your comment!

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: June 21, 2022 08:24 AM · On: Chapter 9

Come on Brian do your best you have to be together!

Author's Response:


Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: June 12, 2022 08:29 AM · On: Chapter 8

I like to see them so happy and in love despite the distance. Ready for the wedding. Taylor-Kinney is good for a married name!

Author's Response:

Yeah, they definitely deserve to be happy! And yes, it is! Thank you for your comment :)

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: May 25, 2022 09:36 AM · On: Chapter 7

It's so sad to know that they are separated. But the marriage is going to be perfect. Maybe Justin can decide to go home, he can paint anywhere.

Reviewer: ForeverLove50 (Signed) · Date: May 23, 2022 02:02 AM · On: Chapter 7

Ok can I just say I Hate NEW YORK!!! It’s keeping Our Boys APART!!!Something Gota Give!!!

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: April 17, 2022 08:43 AM · On: Chapter 6

That was hot ! I can't wait to see everyone's reaction to the wedding. Thanks for continuing this story.

Author's Response:

Glad you liked it! And I'm happy you looking forward for more... thank you! :)

Reviewer: Bgriggs (Signed) · Date: April 17, 2022 12:40 AM · On: Chapter 6

Thanks for continued the story...like how you are tormenting Mark...he deserves it! And as always...love our boys..let's see how the gang takes the news!

Author's Response:

You're welcome :) Yeah, he absolutely deserves it, ha! Thank you for your review!

Reviewer: Enohvee1875 (Signed) · Date: March 29, 2022 11:55 AM · On: Chapter 5

You can't end this beautiful story here. Please keep it going for at least 50,000 more words. 

Author's Response:

Oh, I can't really promise you 50,000 words... but I promise that the story is not over yet :)

Thank you for the comment!

Reviewer: Lorma (Signed) · Date: March 28, 2022 08:17 PM · On: Chapter 5

Wow!  Justin really surprised me with his proposal to Brian!  So fantastic!  Loved it!  I'm glad the story isn't finished.

Author's Response:

Yeah, Justin is full of surprises... bet he surprised Brian too :)

Thank you for your sweet review and I'm happy you enjoying this story!

Reviewer: Crookedhalo1 (Signed) · Date: March 28, 2022 05:46 AM · On: Chapter 5

I thought what you wrote at the end... is the ending I would say no but yes could be possible It's like admiring the balls in the air and saying how beautiful but leaving them in the air.

Author's Response:

Yeah, that's kind of what I had in mind when I was playing with the idea of ending it here... but since I see how many people want me to continue this story, then I guess I probably will :)

Thank you for your comment!

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: March 25, 2022 09:26 AM · On: Chapter 5

Great chapter! So much nicer than the previous one. I would like you to end up getting married even if it's the only 2 in front of a judge and Justin returning to Pittsburgh. He can paint everywhere and he already has contacts in NY, he can come back there as needed. This is my happy ending but it's your story so you write what you want as long as it's a happy ending!!!

Author's Response:

I'm happy you enjoyed this chapter...  because I really enjoyed writing it :) And I'm really glad you wanna see this story continue :)

Thank you for your nice review!

Reviewer: ForeverLove50 (Signed) · Date: March 25, 2022 02:27 AM · On: Chapter 5

Nah ! How you just gonna end it and they ain’t even living in the same City not to mention home Together???? Nah! Nope! Get back to the keyboard!!!

Author's Response:

Hah, I have to admit, this really made me laugh... but as I see, you obviously need more chapters, so I will try to write them!

Thank you for your comment.

Reviewer: Bgriggs (Signed) · Date: March 25, 2022 12:07 AM · On: Chapter 5

Please please continue....need to know if Brian moves to NYC or Justin moves home. 

Author's Response:

I probably will! Thank you for your comment :)

Author's Response:

I probably will! Thank you for your comment :)

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: March 05, 2022 10:43 AM · On: Chapter 4

That's a sad chapter you wrote there. I hope you will make it work!

Author's Response:

I know and I'm sorry about that. But thank you for reading :)

Reviewer: Ilovelife (Signed) · Date: March 03, 2022 09:44 PM · On: Chapter 4


Author's Response:

I'm glad you like my story! ❤️

Reviewer: Lorma (Signed) · Date: February 26, 2022 10:46 PM · On: Chapter 4

Of course they will make it work.  Frequent flier miles will help them prevail.  Really like this story.  I'm glad you decided to extend it.

Author's Response:

And I'm really glad you're enjoying this story! Thank you for your comment :)

Reviewer: bksbracelet (Signed) · Date: February 12, 2022 03:01 PM · On: Chapter 3

Argh cliff hanger question lol

Reviewer: bksbracelet (Signed) · Date: February 12, 2022 03:01 PM · On: Chapter 3

Argh cliff hanger question lol

Reviewer: Draccone (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2022 03:16 AM · On: Chapter 2

Aww so sweet. Brian has grown so much. I love it. Keep them coming.

Author's Response:

Absolutely :) Thank you so much for you comment, I'm glad you like it :)

Reviewer: Ilovelife (Signed) · Date: January 29, 2022 07:26 PM · On: Chapter 3

This was ””””” can't wait for more!

Author's Response:

Thank you, I'm happy you like it! :)

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: January 28, 2022 09:19 AM · On: Chapter 3

It was hot! I can't wait to see where Brian's question is going to lead. Thanks for the update.

Author's Response:

Glad you think that! Thank you for your comment! :)

Reviewer: PA Boi (Signed) · Date: January 28, 2022 01:25 AM · On: Chapter 3

what a mean place to stop!!!  Can't wait to hear Justin's answer.  Love your story!!!  Bill

Author's Response:

I'm so sorry! But I'm really happy you enjoying this story! Thank you for your comment :)

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: January 04, 2022 09:46 AM · On: Chapter 2

I don't know if Mark is so harmless! I hope Brian and Justin will enjoy their evening alone, let's go !!

Author's Response:

Yeah, Mark... we will see about him😶 Hopefully they're gonna have great evening together but who knows.. 

Thank you for the comment! :)

Reviewer: Lorma (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2021 09:06 PM · On: Chapter 1

I really like this so far.  I love it when Brian gets jealous.  Justin is so often oblivious to how his friends feel about him.

Author's Response:

Yeah, jealous Brian is always great LOL

Glad you like it and thank you for your comment! :)

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2021 09:07 AM · On: Chapter 1

I like it, that thank you! Hope you will update soon

Author's Response:

I'm already working on the next chapter, so I hope so too :D

Happy you like it, thank you for the comment! :)

Reviewer: bksbracelet (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2021 05:01 AM · On: Chapter 1

Lol great start I am looking forward to more chapters thank you

Author's Response:

Thank you for the comment, I'm glad you like it! :) 

Reviewer: Estrelinha97 (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2021 10:58 AM · On: Chapter 1


Author's Response:


Reviewer: cullengirl08 (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2021 12:55 AM · On: Chapter 1

Good start to then new story!!   I think Brian wants Justin to come back home, while I think Justin wants Brian to move to New York.   

Author's Response:

Glad you like it! And we'll see about that ;)

Thank you for the comment!

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