Midnight Whispers
Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: January 20, 2020 01:51 AM · On: Chapter 1

Justin makes a wonderful secret Santa without really trying.

Author's Response:

Justin will get his man, just took a little creativity.

Reviewer: hikinggirl70 (Signed) · Date: January 19, 2020 05:13 PM · On: Chapter 1

Great story!

Reviewer: cullengirl08 (Signed) · Date: January 18, 2020 02:29 PM · On: Chapter 1

Yeah, that would be very embarrassing, however, Brian played off his gift well, and Justin got his wish, too - alone time with Brian. 

Author's Response:

I liked how Brian just showed the bottle of lube.  Since he is an out and proud gay man, everyone would know about his sexuality

Reviewer: Lorma (Signed) · Date: January 18, 2020 12:22 PM · On: Chapter 1

Clever story!  So funny too!  I can just imagine Daphne's reaction when she receives Justin's gift. Justin can look forward to a good teasing come the New Year.

Author's Response:

Daphen would be pleased and definitely tease Justin about his Fruedian "slip up"

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: January 18, 2020 10:01 AM · On: Chapter 1

Excellent! still love this friendship between Justin and Daphne. Brian understood who his Santa was. I would have loved to have seen Daphne's reaction when she learned that Brian had his gift. It must have been hilarious.

Author's Response:

I think Daphne would have been pleased and told Justin that fate was intervening in his life.  

Reviewer: Happy Gamma (Signed) · Date: January 18, 2020 01:49 AM · On: Chapter 1

Great story.  Can just see Justin's face and Brian's smirk.  Wonderful writing.

Author's Response:

Thank you.  It was very fun to write.

Reviewer: KinneysBitch (Signed) · Date: January 18, 2020 01:12 AM · On: Chapter 1

Lol loved it thanks for sharing 

Author's Response:

thank you -  glad you enjoyed it

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