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Reviewer: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: August 09, 2019 09:24 PM · On: Chapter 1: Almost Here - SSW.media: Beta Version Online

Really looking forward to this. I do have some questions though.

Are all the stories from the current MW going to be transferred over to the new site, including the old ones and even the unfinished ones?

If this is not the case, will the current MW still stay in effect?

Do current authors have to post their current stories on the new site, and will we be able to post on MW for those readers that don't want to use the new site?

Will readers have to have an account in order to access the new site in order to read?

When will we be contacted about our new passwords?

Thank you for all the hard work you have done to make this new and exciting site for us!

Author's Response:


Almost all the stories/books, chapters, reviews, and members will be transferred. Anything added after our latest MW > SSW database update will be missing. Yes, completed and unfinished books/stories will be included. The really OLD stories are not transferred; however, MW will stay online.

MidnightWhispers.net will remain in effect until March of 2022. We want to give everyone plenty of time to adjust to the new website. It's going to be an easy and fun website, so don't be concerned about that.

We strongly urge authors to maintain their books/chapters on the new SSW.media site; that's where the readers and reviews will most likely be active. You can post your work on both the MW and SSW site if you desire.

And don't underestimate the powerful profile abilities and social networking opportunities we'll be providing for you. New, wonderful friends will be waiting for you on SSW. Your interest can expand beyond just fanfiction, too.

If you have a member's account on Whispers, you will automatically have an account on SSW. However, your old MW passwords will not work.

Each new member will need to use the SSW Contact Us feature and express a desire for a temporary password which will be provided to you manually. We have to use your email address on MW to identify you. We will not do a mass mailing to all members on record. If not sure what that email was, we can try other ways to identify you. We don't want to be flagged as spam. Instructions will be included showing you how to enter a private password once you are logged in. The new private password will have to be at least a medium strength password for our software to accept it for internet security reasons. Hackers can determine easy passwords in seconds and destroy your account, and wreck havoc on the website. We will have very strong security. However, good strong passwords help this a great deal. Make sure your midnightwhispers.net email address is up-to-date!

Do not create a new account on SSW.media if you already have one on Whispers.

This is just the beginning; SSW.media will constantly grow and provide more for our members and audience. This is just the beginning of a revolutionary website serving both fanfiction and social media at one inclusive location.

Oh, people can read stories without logging in. They need to login to give reviews and comments to reviews with our new threading feature.

~bob, tech support





Reviewer: britintaykin (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2019 02:35 AM · On: Chapter 1: Almost Here - SSW.media: Beta Version Online

Can't wait for it. When is it going to get here?

Author's Response:

Hey britintaykin!

Thanks for your question. We're shooting for no later than Friday, August 23rd. Our development team moved the new website. Now we have some final prept to perform, add daily backups, add a firewall, add encrypted SSL bank level protection, fix a handful of some bugs that remain, install some new powerful social media software, and then we'll flip the switch. I'll announce it here on Midnight Whispers.

AUTHORS are strongly encouraged to post their stories/books and chapters on SSW.media since that is where the fun will be, and that means readers and reviews.

As for Midnight Whispers traffic? We have about 3,000 page hits a day. That's the lowest ever, but not the worse of it.

Readership is dropping like a rock. All QAF-U.S. websites have declining usage. Another popular QAF website has less than 500 page hits a day.

It was a good run, and this is the perfect time to start a new website open to all forms of fanfiction, fiction, nonfiction, and anything of public interest (within common sense boundries).

Reviewer: cullengirl08 (Signed) · Date: August 03, 2019 10:12 PM · On: Chapter 1: Almost Here - SSW.media: Beta Version Online

Very cool; looking forward to the new site!! 

Author's Response:

After 3 and 1/2 years, and WAY to much money, we are too! I got to thinking that if we continue to wait on the launch for use to find and fix all the bugs that are still there, it could turn into 4 years of waiting. I'm old enough to remember it didn't take 4 years to start the Apollo Program and then walk on the moon. Plus, we hope members will report any bugs they find, or area hard to figure out so we can fix all of that for everyone. It will make a huge difference if folks will help us de-bug and test the new SSW website. Thank you for commenting, cullengirl08.

Reviewer: Happy Gamma (Signed) · Date: August 03, 2019 12:30 PM · On: Chapter 1: Almost Here - SSW.media: Beta Version Online

I'm sure I am not the only "older" reader that finds this new site very hard to understand and navigate.  We are not as computer savvy as we wish we could be.  Have a request, before MW is gone, could you ask writers with current stories to complete them?  That way we will know the ending and I, personally, will not start to read any new stories unless they are complete.  I know that those who have left WIPS for weeks, months and even years probably have no intention of finishing them and this becomes very frustrating to readers.  I know that RL is used as a reason many times, but it doesn't stop them from starting a new story.  Sometimes it gets finished and sometimes just another WIP.  Since you have worked so hard to get this new site, I do wish you success with it.  It just might not be an option for me.  Thankfully there are other sites to go to.

Author's Response:

We Modled the new website after features on Midnight Whispers. If will be very easy for you to quickly adapt to SSW.media. And I'm betting you will love it.

We had to do something since our old software was being threatened by hackers who could break into it and do all kinds of damage. MW uses efiction and there's no longer updates and security patches to protect it. We pay a fortune for bank level "SSL encryption" just to have the ability to stay on line, and someday that will not be enough. To save these stories and get more, we HAD to CHANGE.

In most ways the new website will be just like Midnight Whispers, with new extra features. There is bookmarking which remembers what chapter you were on if you stop reading a story. If authors permit it, you can download copies of their books for e-readers in a PDF format. Other than different looking pages, most things will act the same, and soon you can feel right at home. If the other stuff is of no interest, well that's OK, too. You can do as much or as little as you wish with the new website. You don't have to build a profile, just go read and enjoy. Oh, and we have threading reviews, too. Entire conversations can happen between the readers and the author in the review section.

There will be be something for everyone on SSW, and no prior computer knowledge is required. We will be there to help with any questions folks will have.

Way too many "Writers" don't finish their work. I've been thinking about an archive of stories/books not updated within a year to keep the main fanfiction site fresh with active "Authors". However, people will do what they will do, and it might be easier to get a group of monkeys to build a space shuttle, than get these guys to finish their stories. I know of one writer, with over 17 unfinished works in progress, and all of them are over 3 years old. I've been told she is not have issues in her life either. Oh well, here in Texas I must end some gossip with: "bless her heart".


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