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Reviewer: Linnu (Signed) · Date: March 01, 2020 06:33 PM · On: Chapter 1 - The night Brian Kinney disappears

Don't know if you are still reading comments but so far, I'm enjoying the story. I just discovered QAF and even more recently fanfiction. 

Thanks for taking the time to share your talents. 

Reviewer: Randy-Fan (Signed) · Date: March 17, 2019 05:00 PM · On: Chapter 12 - A first time

Huh, how is Connor involved? Is he on the good or bad side? Now it's getting weird. it will be a long night for me, but I'm happy. I hope, Brian and Justin can do it all. Many greetings... :)

Author's Response:


Just wanted to thank you for all your comments :) I hope you're still enjoying that one and all the twists and turns. I promise a happy ending but it's a wild ride to get there ;D

Again, thank you for all your comments <3

Hugs from France

Reviewer: Randy-Fan (Signed) · Date: March 17, 2019 11:49 AM · On: Chapter 7 - Rendez-vous at the chalet

Ufff, that is so exciting. I even forget that I still have to cook. :D But I wonder why Justin doesn't recognize Brians hands or scent? But okay, he assumes that Brian is dead. Great story! Thank you so much! <3

Reviewer: cullengirl08 (Signed) · Date: October 09, 2018 09:18 PM · On: Epilogue

Great ending to the story!!    I'm happy that Brian and Justin both got their lives back and are doing well - together!!

Author's Response:

Thank you for letting me know. I'm glad you enjoyed the story :)

Reviewer: purpledee (Signed) · Date: October 06, 2018 07:26 PM · On: Epilogue

Thanks for finishing this hun. I'm glad you stuck with it and hope you are feeling okay & well.

Hopefully, this isn't the last from you and we will see more writing.

Take care,


Author's Response:

Thank you for your comment Deb :) I'm glad you enjoyed this one. Not sure I will write another story, but as the adage says, never say never.

Hugs from France <3

Reviewer: britinmanor (Signed) · Date: October 06, 2018 09:16 AM · On: Epilogue

Alois, I was so happy when I saw the epilogue posted tonight. It was a wonderful wrap-up for this amazing story. I'm happy Connor and Gabriel were able to move past everything and managed to stay together, and set up a new life together.

Brian and Justin. What a life! I was so happy Brian accepted Justin back in his life after their six year separation, and realizing that he loved Justin way back in 2003, and has found himself still loving him, eight years later.  Ready to accept a condom-free monogramy relationship. Having a great relationship with Gus, which was something Brian never really thought would happen.

Having the whole 'family' gathered together at the end was marvelously outstanding!

I've enjoyed this story so much. Your a really an awesome writer. Thank you for this fantastic story. Do you have any plans for writing another?

XOXO ~ Cathy

Author's Response:

Hi Cathy,

You really know how to make me smile. I'm so glad you enjoyed this story. I had a great time writing it and imagining Connor and Gabriel's characters. And it was fun to write a different story for a change.

About me writing more stories, I honestly don't know. I thought I would, but lately, I'm not so sure. Real life has me very busy and I have barely any time to myself. Plus, it's been four years since I started writing for this fandom, and well, my interest is probably fading a little. But on the other hand, I love my relationship with the readers, so we'll see. I have a group on FB, maybe I will ask the members for prompts for one shots ? Who knows :) 

Anyway, I really loved reading your amazing comments on this story, thank you so much !

Hugs from France <3


Reviewer: britinmanor (Signed) · Date: September 25, 2018 12:02 PM · On: Chapter 28 - The trial

Just read this story. You are an awesome writer. The storyline is very unique. I've never read anything like this, and just want to point out just how much I loved this story from the moment that I started reading it, to the very last word I read.

To say I was shocked that it was Michael who shot Brian is an understatement, but I understand the reasoning behind it. How traumatic that had to have been going through that, alone. But, Michael did the right thing by shooting Brian. I hope Debbie comes to realize that.

The trial outcome was great. Gavin got what was coming to him. I don't see any kind of appeal ever being granted him.  And, Gabriel's loving words and actions finally getting through to Connor, well, I'm so happy how everything turned out.

I noticed you have an epilogue to post yet... I hope it will be soon. But, I will patiently wait for it.  Thank you for this amazing story.

XOXO ~ Cathy

Author's Response:

Hi Cathy,

First of all, I apologize for the late response. Work is crazy at the momenr, and I had no time but to sleep, eat, go to work and spend the too little time I had left with my kids. But the weekend is coming :)

Thank you so so much for this amazing review ! I’m so glad you like this story, knowing it’s not for everyone’s taste. I had a great time writing it. The epilogue is done but my beta has no internet and they keep telling her it’s coming back but so far it’s been more than a month and still nothing. I miss her! And so the story will be updated at some point, but not sure when.

again, thank you!! I will answer your other review later today hopefully, have to go, story of my life! 

Hugs from France <3

Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Signed) · Date: September 11, 2018 12:47 AM · On: Chapter 28 - The trial

So happy to see an update! And I really liked the very first line... about Connor waking up. But then you had me very nervous there in the middle. I'm very glad Connor was able to work up the courage to testify and was able to confront Gavin.

I really love how you treat Michael... having Brian there to support him as he talked to Debbie. She's definitely the type to talk first and think second! 

You had me a little confused doing math in my head while trying to figure out the time when Justin and Connor were heading to the airport, LOL! 

Happy to know there's still another chapter to look forward to!

Author's Response:

Aww, thank you for letting me know what you like in this chapter :) I never imagined it to turn out the way it did, but what can I say? The characters have a mind on their own, I swear.

Your line about Debbie is so accurate LOL

And LOL, I was confused myself haha. I don't remember the timeline at the moment, I will need to check :)

The epilogue is half-written, so it shouldn't be too long, but my beta still is out of luck regarding internet, so it might take a while. Hope you're okay :) Thank you as always for your amazing support! <3 

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: September 10, 2018 08:53 AM · On: Chapter 28 - The trial

C'est bien que Connor prenne l'ascendant sur Gavin au procès il en avait besoin. Justin était vraiment la bonne personne pour aller le chercher Dommage que cette histoire soit bientôt finie et j'aime que Connor et Gabe se définissent comme partenaires. Sinon j'espère que tu as bien profité de tes vacances pour une reprise sur les chapeaux de roue!!! Amitlés. marie-france

Author's Response:

Oui, Connor avait besoin de ce temps là pour maitriser ses émotions avant de revenir vers Gabriel. Et comme tu dis, reprise sur les châpeaux de roue, je suis totalement débordée! J'espère que tu vas bien toi aussi? 

A très vite! <3

Reviewer: sophiesmom (Signed) · Date: September 10, 2018 02:41 AM · On: Chapter 28 - The trial

There was no one better to go get Connor than Justin. Both Gabe and Brian were too close. Besides Connor finally got to finally voice a lot of his fears and get out some of his anger.

Gavin Hall got just what he deserved.

Looking forward to the epilogue.

Author's Response:

I agree with everything you said :) Thank you !!! <3

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: September 09, 2018 10:32 PM · On: Chapter 28 - The trial

I love how the trial ended and that Justin was the one to get through to Connor and I especially love the last sentance.

Author's Response:

And I love you for telling me all you love about this chapter :D One last to come soon :) <3 

Reviewer: Enohvee1875 (Signed) · Date: September 09, 2018 09:41 PM · On: Chapter 28 - The trial

I hate that we are coming to the end of this story. This chapter was so filled with drama and angst. I loved it.

Author's Response:

Aw, that makes me happy! I know angst and drama are not for everyone, so thank you for letting me know you're still enjoying this :D <3 

Reviewer: Lorma (Signed) · Date: August 08, 2018 09:58 PM · On: Chapter 27 - Always be here

You are doing such a great job letting us see how this situation is affecting each individual in Brian’s inner circle.  I’m so glad that Connor is coming around and that Gus is accepting what happened and giving his dad a chance.  I’ll miss reading this story once it’s finished.

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for letting me know you're enjoying this story Lorma :) <3 <3 <3 

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2018 11:26 AM · On: Chapter 26 - Father and son

Et bien tu sais comment me faire utiliser la boite de kleenex! Qualle belle scène entre Gus et Brian j'espère qu'ils auront plus de temps bientôt quand tout sera réglé avec Gabriel et Connor. Superbe chapitre Alois cette histoire qui est presque finie va me manquer, je crois que je vais la relire encore et encore. Amitiés.

Author's Response:

J'étais persuadée de t'avoir répondue ! Merci encore une fois pour ton commentaire :) J'ai bien aimé écrire cette scène entre Brian et Gus et j'ai maintenant hâte de boucler cette histoire. Et j'adore savoir que tu vas la relire! Merci encore pour ton soutien tout au long de cette aventure. 

J'espère qu'il ne faut pas trop chaud dans le sud! Bisous de Bretagne <3 

Reviewer: Happy Gamma (Signed) · Date: July 26, 2018 11:24 PM · On: Chapter 26 - Father and son

Great chapter.  Tissue time for me.  So that guarantees a great chapter.

Author's Response:

I should have placed a warning LOL I'm glad this chapter could touch you! Thank you for being so supportive of my writing, it means more than I can say <3

Reviewer: sophiesmom (Signed) · Date: July 21, 2018 01:15 AM · On: Chapter 25 - Together

Now Michael and Brian can both breathe again guilt free. It was a talk long over due. Now Michael should be able to forgive himself. He never said anything to Ben and Ben never asked what was going on? Why?

Justin just needed to be there for Ben so he could talk. 

How is everyone going to react to Justin being the one who knew just from a glimpse at a picture that it was Brian? Just knew deep down that it was him.

Can't believe they made their escape with Debbie still in the waiting room. Like she won't be able to find him.

Now they have to go back to Lakevallee´. Wonder what kind of reception he'll get from Gabe. Different life different friends. What's going to happen with Connor? Once he's heal will he be tried for his forgeries? I hope not.

Author's Response:

Yes, Michael can finally forgive himself for what he has done. As for Ben, he probably assumed Michael's behavior was related to Brian's sudden death, and not to something as inimaginable as being blackmailed in killing his best friend.

It's going to take a while for everyone to process everything. 

And yes, escaping Debbie is really crazy LOL

For now, they won't go back to Lakevallée, but to Seattle, where Connor is still hospitalized. We don't know yet if Connor is going to recover or not. Let's hope he does.

Thank you for your review :D <3 

Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2018 02:52 AM · On: Chapter 25 - Together

That was certainly heart-wrenching! I can totally understand how hard it was for Michael to accept that Brian was still alive... he has struggled to survive under the weight of all of that guilt, and now the reason for that guilt has disappeared. Brian is alive! I hope Ben doesn't beat himself up too much for not recognizing the problem... it's not a situation normal people have to deal with. But I think they'll be OK. And Brian & Michael will be OK too. 

Now, we need Connor to be OK. 


Author's Response:

Yes, you are absolutely right. This is so hard for Michael. He doesn't only have to deal with Brian's reappearance but also with the fear of losing his husband. Ben is Ben though LOL. He loves his husband and will never abandon him. So, I can see a happy ending coming for them :D

And haha, you really are team Connor! That kind of make me happy. I have a fondness for his character, so he better be fine, though I don't know if I can make him listen to me... * grin *

Thank you as always for your wonderful review ! <3 <3 <3 

Reviewer: Happy Gamma (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2018 12:00 AM · On: Chapter 25 - Together

Wow another great chapter.  So glad that Brian & Michael could talk it out. 

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for another enthusiastic review :D I'm glad their reunion made sense to the readers.

Hugs from France <3 


Reviewer: Predec2 (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2018 08:26 PM · On: Chapter 25 - Together

Hi, my friend - once more, you have stirred my emotions with your story. You wrote the reunion between Brian and Michael so well.

I loved these lines, BTW:  "Sometimes, Brian thinks he will be able to forget. Other times, he fears their relationship has been irremediably damaged, and it terrifies him, to know Malone could win one more time. He doesn’t want him to win, but he isn’t sure he will be strong enough to move on." 

This is such a complex, engrossing story.  I will be sad to see it end, but I have most certainly enjoyed the journey. Thank you for writing and posting this on here. I have loved every word of it.  ~Kim

Author's Response:

Hi Kim,

I like that scene between Michael and Brian. It's not easy for either of them but they need to heal together if they want to put everything in the past, once and for all. It won't be easy, but they have each other.

Thank you for pointing out at a line you like :) It's always a pleasure to know what part of the story echoes in a reader's mind.

And again, I'm really honored you like this story so much. I really enjoyed writing it and am sad to see it end too, yet excited. You know how it is to finish a story we care about.

Thank you so much for your support, my friend. I hope you are doing well and will have some time for yourself very soon <3 <3 <3 

Reviewer: tiger062 (Signed) · Date: July 17, 2018 10:42 AM · On: Chapter 24 - Breaking news

Great chapter - finally caught up. What a way to find out Brian is alive - quite a shock - damn news service... Glad to see the last of the beard. Lots of grief and strong emotions - time for healing - with Justin opening up and Michael having a lot to deal with. Looking to what's next...

Author's Response:

Hi Monica !


Yes, it was quite a shock for everyone. Now, the time for healing has begun. I still have a few things to wrap up before this is over so stay tuned :)

Thank you for your support <3

Hugs from France <3<3<3

Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Signed) · Date: July 14, 2018 01:51 AM · On: Chapter 24 - Breaking news

I had seen this posted a few days ago, and it was absolutely killing me that I knew would be too busy to read it until today!

I think I was just as shocked as Michael... I hadn't expected the big reveal to happen so abruptly. I am also happy to know that Carl made the effort to comfort Michael. Wow, I don't know how anyone recovers from something like that! I like the fact that once Michael turned things around, that he would "talk" to Brian every day, especially when he did something he thought Brian would tease him about.  Just great!

Hopefully, the healing can begin... and Brian can introduce his Pittsburgh friends to those who helped him survive as Liam. I am still counting on you to heal Connor!

Author's Response:

Hey Trish !

I'm so sorry for the late response. I saw your review the other day but was too busy to go online, so I perfectly understand RL getting in the way :)

I love you pointing out at Michael talking to Brian :D I have loved writing that. Michael has been through the worst thing ever here.

And yes, the healing can begin ! I still have things to cover before wrapping this up. And thanks for your support to Connor, we will see what happens to him.

Hugs from France <3 <3 <3 

Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2018 01:25 AM · On: Chapter 23 - Waiting for better days

I had seen this posted the other day, but didn't have a chance to read it until tonight. It was worth the wait!

I am very glad that everyone got out of the cabin alive... I'm sure you'll take care of Connor. Right? RIGHT?

Hopefully, now that all of the secrets have been revealed and the pieces of the puzzle have been solved, the real healing can begin. It seems like Brian and Justin have gotten off to a good start!

Author's Response:

I'm glad it was worth the wait :D And haha... you're sure? * putting on my sweetest smile *

They will need time to heal and have still to face reality. It's going to be intense, to say the least, but I'm sure it will be worth it, and as long as they're together, they can face anything :)

Thank you!!! <3 <3 <3 

Reviewer: Happy Gamma (Signed) · Date: June 28, 2018 10:12 PM · On: Chapter 23 - Waiting for better days

Wow, great chapter.  I know we are getting close to the end and it is still as exciting as the first chapter.  You know how I feel about your writing and this story.  It is and always will be special.  Many thanks again, Alois,  for writing and sharing it.

Author's Response:

Aww... You're so amazing to support me and my writing like you do. I have loved to write this story and I can now say there will probably be about 28 chapters. I'm working on chapter 25 at the moment, but still had a few things to cover.

Thank YOU for your never-ending support, my friend. <3 <3 <3 

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: June 28, 2018 09:03 PM · On: Chapter 23 - Waiting for better days

The bad guy is dead.  Connor will hopefully come out of it and Gabriel will be there for him.  Then Brian and Justin should go home and confront the family.  It's not like Brian had a choice in all this.

Author's Response:

He is. Hopefully, you're right about Connor, though we'll see what will happen to him. Confronting the family is a necessary step toward a normal life, and yes, Brian never chooses for any of this to happen.

Thank you for your never ending support, my friend! <3 

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: June 22, 2018 08:06 AM · On: Chapter 22 - Everything is going to be okay

Oh bon sang c'était intense, j'ai arrêté de respirer à moment donné!! Peut-être que Brian pourra pardonner à Michael et nous aussi. Merci pour la mise à jour Alois. Hugs !

Author's Response:

Je crois que plusieurs de mes lecteurs ont eu du mal à reprendre leur souffle en lisant ce chapitre! Et tu me connais, l'amitié triomphe toujours dans mes histoires... Merci à toi pour ton soutien infaillible! <3 <3 <3

Reviewer: Predec2 (Signed) · Date: June 21, 2018 11:33 PM · On: Chapter 22 - Everything is going to be okay

Hello, Alois!  I'm playing catch up on this amazing story. These last two chapters had my heart in my throat.  Such a buildup of drama and excitement!  I think you did an excellent job of portraying the situation - violence mixed in with love and hope.

I'm delighted that you included Carl in this story, and I have grown to really like Jacquie.  Connor is in critical shape, but I'm hoping both he and Gabriel will be reunited.

This has been such a roller coaster of a story, and I have enjoyed every word of it!  I will hate to see it end, but I'm glad our boys are finally out of danger.  I dare say that the friends back on Liberty Avenue will be flabbergasted to know that Brian is alive!

Thanks again for posting this on MW, Alois!  ~Kim

Author's Response:

I'm glad you're still enjoying this, Kim! I had a great time writing these chapters, which are very different from everything I've written until now.

I still have a few things to address before finishing this, so there will more chapters before the end. And you might be onto something when you say the their friends will be flabbergasted to know what really happened to Brian. 

Thank you for taking the time to review, my friend! I hope you're okay, will pm you very soon :) 

Reviewer: Enohvee1875 (Signed) · Date: June 16, 2018 01:00 AM · On: Chapter 21 - The game is almost over

OMG!!! Michael??? I was thinking Emmett when you gave us Chapter 1 all those moons ago. I am dying for the next update even though that means we are that much closer to wrapping up the end of the story. Nicely done.

Author's Response:

:D That's great that you didn't see it coming! Next chapter will be intense too, and after that, I still have a few things to cover before finishing the story. 

Thank you so much for commenting, I'm so glad you're still enjoying this :)

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: June 13, 2018 07:49 AM · On: Chapter 20 - Jason’s testimony

Oh mon dieu je vais vomir! Vite la suite . C'est un chapitre flippant que tu nous as fait là.

Author's Response:

Je suis désolée! Je sais que le témoignage de Jason est dur à lire. C'est sans doute la description la plus dure que j'ai jamais écrite.

Les deux prochains chapitres vont être ausssi compliqués, je préfère te prévenir! * je vais aller me cacher maintenant haha *

Merci pour toujours avoir un petit mot pour moi et cette histoire, c'est vraiment un réel plaisir de te lire à chaque fois <3 

Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Signed) · Date: June 11, 2018 01:20 AM · On: Chapter 19 - The letter

OK, so I'm relieved that both Carl & Justin are fine for the moment. But, once again there's another surprise! Connor has a half-brother! Just when I think I'm getting a handle on things you throw another curve! Fun!


Author's Response:

LOL! What can I say? It's too much fun to write those cliffies... :D

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: June 10, 2018 04:57 AM · On: Chapter 18 - A shocking discovery

Why do I get the feeling that Mikey is up to something on this.  Justin needs to be careful, very careful.

Author's Response:

Hmm... we will see :D  But yes, Justin should be careful... ;)

Thank you as always for your amazing support! <3 

Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Signed) · Date: June 10, 2018 01:41 AM · On: Chapter 18 - A shocking discovery

Oh, no! Sunshine's walking into a trap! 

I hope Carl is OK, and that he was the one who disconnected the call for security reasons. And Brian & Gabriel in the studio... and what's up with Michael? I seriously will not be able to wait patiently for the next chapter!



Author's Response:

LOL! The next chapter will be up in a few minutes :)

Thank you again. Love to read your thoughts on every chapter <3

Reviewer: JoJo (Signed) · Date: June 08, 2018 10:37 PM · On: Chapter 17 - Hello, Pittsburgh

Scary   What is on the flash drive ?

Author's Response:

You will know soon Judy :) Thank you for your review!

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: June 07, 2018 01:36 PM · On: Chapter 16 - One last time

Great chapter all the way around.  But I'm stuck on 'Emerald Darkness'.  If it is indeed in Portland that brings one name to mind.  David Cameron.

Author's Response:

Ohh, that's right, David Cameron was from Portland! Well, I'm tempted to let you believe that could be connected, but... no. My vilains are all OCs. Portland is one of the nearest 'big city in the area, that's why I choose to mention it.

Now, I'm not really helping LOL

Thank you as always for your wonderful support, my friend :)

Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Signed) · Date: June 04, 2018 03:55 AM · On: Chapter 15 - Colors

Interesting little tidbits here. Wondering exactly who has been blackmailing Connor and why. I did enjoy the little glimpse into his background. Also curious as to why Justin is hesitant to go home to Pittsburgh, other than it will keep him from Brian. Or is he afraid he'll accidentally spill the beans to Jennifer? Mothers have a way of worming out the truth from their kids!

Still can't increase the text size from the site, but the zoom works well.


Author's Response:

I enjoyed revealing glimpses of Connor's childhood, and give more tidbits about his relationship wuth Gabriel. As for Justin, I think he's scared. To lie to his family, and to leave Brian. If he only knew... * the author is hiding in shame right now *

Glad the zoom works for you, as I have no clue why enlarging doesn't work with my text. Thank you as always for your support on this story, I deeply appreciate it :)

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: June 03, 2018 05:00 AM · On: Chapter 15 - Colors

I feel so sorry for Connor.  Who is the mystery man that has threatened Connor and how can it be fixed? 

Author's Response:

I didn't spare Connor. We will know who his persecutor is at one point, but in the meantime, it's going to be difficult for him :( I'm glad you sympathize though, since I have a soft point for his character.

Thank you as always for your support :) 

Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2018 12:17 AM · On: Chapter 14 - A souvenir

Beware of Justin with a plan!

Seriously, this is entire story concept is so good, so intriguing, so unique and so wonderful! I'm torn between wanting just to tear through the entire thing, and wanting to savor every part!

BTW... I know you were having some trouble posting. I still can't increase the text size from the site. I have to just zoom my screen. 

Author's Response:

Oh, yes. Justin with a plan is a dangerous thing!

I feel like I'm repeating myself, but I really love writing this story, brainstorming about the suspenseful parts and all that, since it's very different from what I wrote before.  So, thank you so much for your kind words, it's really heartwarming.

We are working with the admins to see why the font doesn't work properly. Is it readable for you with the zoom, though? I hope it is, since I'm having a difficult time finding what I do wrong when I post.


Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2018 12:03 AM · On: Chapter 13 - Not giving up

Great update! So much going on in this installment...  I'm off to read the next part now!

Author's Response:

Yes! Thank you :D

Reviewer: cullengirl08 (Signed) · Date: May 29, 2018 10:51 PM · On: Chapter 12 - A first time

Well, I certainly wasn't expecting that ending to the chapter!!    

Author's Response:

Then, my job is done :)

Thank you very much for your review! I will post a new chapter very soon

Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Signed) · Date: May 29, 2018 03:18 AM · On: Chapter 12 - A first time

Glad that Justin survived the encounter with the deer relatively unscathed...

But OMG! Connor! I did not see that angle coming at all!

Author's Response:

Yes, Justin is alright :)

And yes, Connor... What can I say? Things are going to get even more complicated that they already are...

More very soon <3 Thank you !!

Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Signed) · Date: May 29, 2018 03:05 AM · On: Chapter 11 - Taking a step back

OK, so I've been away for a long weekend... I'm suffering from lack of sleep and not a little jetlag. I thought I'd catch up on my reading, just one chapter to decompress, before heading to bed thinking I'd save the next one for when I was more awake.

Well, now I'm FULLY awake and have to see right now if you've really hurt Justin. I'm not sure if I'm happy or mad, LOL!

Author's Response:

Those cliffies are really nasty, LOL! How could they prevent you to sleep? * grin *

Thank you as always for your support my friend :)

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: May 28, 2018 02:52 PM · On: Chapter 12 - A first time

So Gabriel and Connor or finally on the same page, but are they?  Now Connor knows the secret.  What will he do?

Author's Response:

Are they really, indeed... We'll see what Connor's role is in all this. 

Thank you so much for your support, as always :)

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: May 28, 2018 03:08 AM · On: Chapter 10 - I should never have left you

So glad to see more of this.  To come so close and end up so far.  sigh.

Author's Response:

Yeah! So glad to read your message my friend.

At least, Brian has Justin now. But Justin knowing the truth is not going to simplify things, quite the contrary...

Thank you for your comment :)


Reviewer: cullengirl08 (Signed) · Date: May 25, 2018 10:36 PM · On: Chapter 10 - I should never have left you

I just found this story and am now all caught up - and hooked!!!    I was waiting for the big reveal and it was sure a doozy!!    I can not wait for the next chapter, as I can't wait to see what happens next.   Here's hoping Justin can figure something out - he and Brian have been apart way too long!! 

Author's Response:

Yay! So glad you’re enjoying it so much! Brian and Justin have a lot to deal with, and this is just the beginning...

Thank you for your review, I deeply appreciate it :) More soon!


Reviewer: landlady_4rent (Signed) · Date: May 25, 2018 03:45 AM · On: Chapter 9 - The truth is out

Omg! Another amazing chapter. So happy you decided to continue this story. I missed it. Thank you so much! Love it. Hugs! Annie


Author's Response:

Aw, thank you so much for giving this story a chance Annie! I’m having a great time with it and will post regularly from now on.

Thank you very much for your review :)

*Hugs back*


Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Signed) · Date: May 23, 2018 12:26 AM · On: Chapter 10 - I should never have left you

I hope you do realize just how excited I was to see that this story had been updated! And I belatedly realized that I had missed a chapter last fall, so I had a double treat!

I just can't imagine the rollercoaster of emotions that the boys must be dealing with... and poor Brian, so much to go through on his own. But I'm glad the secret is out in the open, it will only help heal the wounds. But I think Brian should be justifiably scared of the tenacity that IS Justin, LOL! Heavens knows what that boy will do once he sets his mind to it. Can't imagine Carl and the FBI will be happy with the developments though.

Already anxiously awaiting the next chapter!

Author's Response:

It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm glad you're still interested in reading this story :)

It sure is one hell of a rollercoaster right now. Of course, Justin knowing the truth will not make things easier... Where would be the fun in that?

Next chapter will be posted in a few days. Thanks for the review my friend :D

Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Signed) · Date: May 23, 2018 12:06 AM · On: Chapter 9 - The truth is out

I just realized that I had missed this chapter... but this past fall and winter RL was playing really nasty with me. But I read it now and all I can say is that it was intensely beautiful. Just like our boys. 

Author's Response:


Reviewer: Riaaaaa (Signed) · Date: May 22, 2018 03:20 PM · On: Chapter 10 - I should never have left you

Great story 

Author's Response:

Thank you :)

Reviewer: tiger062 (Signed) · Date: May 22, 2018 03:19 PM · On: Chapter 10 - I should never have left you

I'm so glad to see another chapter. I want to start reading from the beginning again. Love all the intrigue.

Author's Response:

It's good to be back Monlca :) The intrigue is far from having revealed all its secrets...

Reviewer: Enohvee1875 (Signed) · Date: November 06, 2017 10:45 AM · On: Chapter 9 - The truth is out

What an amazing chapter. I will definitely sign up for your reading list because I am hooked on this story. 

Author's Response:

Thank you Kim!  I just sent you an email :) 

Reviewer: Cabaret Fan (Signed) · Date: October 25, 2017 07:13 PM · On: Chapter 9 - The truth is out

I suspected that Brian can't resist Justin's lips in the long run and that of course Justin recognizes his man.

Justin is understandably confused and is running away. What a mess.


Author's Response:

This is hard for both of them and yes, what a mess. 

Thank you for all the reviews, and for your amazing support! I'm so glad you're liking this story :) I will email you soon <3 

Reviewer: Cabaret Fan (Signed) · Date: October 24, 2017 08:31 PM · On: Chapter 7 - Rendez-vous at the chalet

Justin sleeping in Liams/Brians bed....like in the good ild times...*sigh*

Author's Response:

Exactly :) My beta suggested that scene, just like in season 1. Glad you like it!

Reviewer: Cabaret Fan (Signed) · Date: October 24, 2017 07:13 PM · On: Chapter 5 - First lesson at Dove Point

I love the chemistry between Liam and Justin...!

Author's Response:

Yes! Thank you :)

Reviewer: Cabaret Fan (Signed) · Date: October 24, 2017 06:34 PM · On: Chapter 4 - And so it begins


I'm so excited for Liam and Justin, but also a bit worried...I hope it was one of Carl's men...


Author's Response:

I'm so glad you're excited! Hmm, that question will be answered...evenutually ;)

Reviewer: Camlaw (Signed) · Date: October 24, 2017 04:02 AM · On: Chapter 9 - The truth is out

OMG!!!!! I disappear for a couple of weeks and all hell breaks loose.

I am sooo sad to see you go! Your writing is amazing! I always look forward to your posts/updates. And this story had me hooked from the get go...And NOW you have stopped at a point that has me dying to know what happens next.

Plus I was still hoping for another post from the Entwined Universe...

Best of luck to you. I hope you do decided to come back & share your wonderful stories with us. You will be sorely missed! :(

Author's Response:

Thank you for saying that. It's not an easy decision. i have received a lot of requests, though, and was honestly very surprised. Not hearing much from the readers can take its toll on us. And being part of a fandom is not always easy. I probably put too much pressure on myself, but I doubt I will ever change when it concerns my writing. Posting online had been tough lately, and this story doesn't interest that many readers (that's what I thought anyway). Angst is what I love, but not for everyone.

I'm not saying I won't update again for sure. I honestly don't know at that point. What I do know is that I need a break. Whether it's a permanent one or not has yet to be determined. I'm feeling more indecise today because of the requests and messages I had since Sunday, but I'm still careful about changing my mind, because I know what to expect if I decide to post again. 

Don't hesitate to contact me through my mail aloiswriting@gmail.com if you want to keep reading this story. As you've read, for now, I will offer a way for the readers to keep reading via Google Docs. I don't want to abandon the readers (not really) in the middle of the story. 

You've been so nice with me Carrie, and thank you for being such a fervent supporter of the Entwined universe. It's always a pleasure to converse with you. :) 




Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: October 23, 2017 12:41 PM · On: Chapter 9 - The truth is out

Gee, I'm sorry to hear that you've decided to stop posting.  I so want to know if Brian admits he's Brian and tells Justin or what  happens because of it.  I'm loving "Beneath the Lie"  too.  

Author's Response:

I responded to your mail, Phyllis :) I'm humbled you want to read more and I will be thrilled to have you on board. Thank you one more time for your amazing support to this fandom. You're a legend among the reviewers of the QAF world of fanfiction :D <3 <3 <3 

Reviewer: LauraB725 (Signed) · Date: October 23, 2017 02:18 AM · On: Chapter 9 - The truth is out

Omg my heart is beating furiously in my chest! Recognition! OMG!! Now what? My heart is aching for both Justin and Brian. To say that that scene was amazingly intense would be a gross understatement.

Justin’s declaration of love for Liam and his speech was amazing. How else could Liam/Brian react? He could no longer fight it, consequences be damned! Justin’s reaction when he recognized Brian, just wow. While I instinctively knew how Justin would react to this development/revelation, I can honestly say I wasn’t prepared for how I felt when it actually happened. Very well done. My heart hurts. 

I hope that Justin gives Brian an opportunity to explain what happened and why he had to what he did. Although I know it won’t be quite that simple. I have faith that Justin will forgive Brian. Eventually. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a very long painful road.

Now, as for Connor and Gabriel, that scene was incredibly hot!! I’m glad Gabriel finally manned up and professed his love for Connor. Another very intense moment. I’m sure poor Connor didn’t see that coming lol. Can’t wait to see how their relationship progresses.

Thank you for this amazing update!


Author's Response:

As always, a real pleasure to read your thoughts Laura :D

The scene between them needed to be intense, so I'm glad you felt like it was it worked for you. Poor Brian and Justin. They sure are both devastated right now, although I suspect Justin is the most impacted by the revelation. It's going to be tough for both men.

Connor and Gabriel are an essential part of this story, and I'm loving writing their love story more and more. Connor sure didn't see it coming LOL

Thank you for your never ending support Laura! <3 <3 <3 

Author's Response:

As always, a real pleasure to read your thoughts Laura :D

The scene between them needed to be intense, so I'm glad you felt like it was it worked for you. Poor Brian and Justin. They sure are both devastated right now, although I suspect Justin is the most impacted by the revelation. It's going to be tough for both men.

Connor and Gabriel are an essential part of this story, and I'm loving writing their love story more and more. Connor sure didn't see it coming LOL

Thank you for your never ending support Laura! <3 <3 <3 

Reviewer: Predec2 (Signed) · Date: October 22, 2017 09:13 PM · On: Chapter 9 - The truth is out

Hi, dear friend - it is with mixed feelings that I write what may be my last on-site review for this wonderful story.  I am buoyed somewhat, however by the fact that you will continue it off-site, and hopefully I will see the end of this amazing tale in some fashion.

At last, Justin has all the pieces figured out - that end part you wrote beautifully, perfectly expressing Justin's astonishment over his realization at last that it was Brian he was kissing, as well as Brian's agony - how he was torn between wanting to protect Justin, but not able to let him go, which, at least temporarily, proved to be his downfall.

I think Justin has known on some level for some time just who this man was, but the way you described their kiss, and Brian's touch, his smell...magnificently described!

All I can say is that readers who do not take advantage of being able to continue reading this story elsewhere will be missing an incredible story. I, for one, would love to see you continue it, and to read the rest. I know both men's feelings will be all over the spectrum now that Brian's identity is out in the open, and there will be a lot of anger over what Justin sees as a betrayal. But I am confident that you will reach a place where Justin understands why Brian did what he did - as well as provide more about Brian's back story.

I hope in the future we will at least see some one-shots from you in the QAF fandom. But no matter which genre you write in, we here at MW will always welcome you back. My best wishes for you to find happiness and peace with your life, my friend. And stay in touch.  XOXO  ~Kim

Author's Response:

Hi Kim,

I'm not sure how to express how grateful I am for your kindness and understanding. And I'm also honored you want to keep reading the story. I know this decision is not an easy one, but once again, you're amazing in supporting me.

Regarding the story, I am very proud of this chapter (although it was a tough one to write; ask Karynn, she is really so patient to bear with my constant changes). And I'm so humbled you think that kiss is 'magnificently described'! You know how much I love your writing. 

I look forward to continue this tale, I have so much to say still. As i've said also, I'm not excluding changing my mind, but I still think this is the right course of action for now. And of course, if I decide to post my stories on the net again, MW (or SSW) will be the first site I will come back to :)

I will stay in touch! Thank you again for being so understanding, Kim. You're not ony a gifted author, you're an amazing person as well, and I'm very proud to have met you. <3 <3 <3 

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: October 22, 2017 09:02 PM · On: Chapter 9 - The truth is out

Oh mon dieu est-ce que Liam va reconnaître qu'il est Brian et tout expliquer à Justin ? ça risque d'être un moment difficile ! Et Gabriel et Connor qui se reconnectent un peu, quel chapitre l'amour va triompher ? Merci pour la mise à jour ! je suis triste de lire que tu veux quitter le site, dommage tu écris de si belles histoires mais tu as surement de bonnes raisons ! A bientôt sur ton lien pour lire la suite de cette superbe histoire !

Author's Response:

C'est une bonne question! Mais c'est certain que ça risque d'être un moment dont ils se souviendront longtemps... Et Gabriel et Connor aussi ont un passé qui n'est pas facile. Quelle auteur je suis pour leur faire subir tout ça!

J'ai répondu à ton mail :) 

Reviewer: Cabaret Fan (Signed) · Date: October 22, 2017 08:24 PM · On: Chapter 3 - Lakevallée

I can't wait for Liam and Justin to meet!

Reviewer: Cabaret Fan (Signed) · Date: October 22, 2017 07:55 PM · On: Chapter 2 - The photograph

I can understand Justins decision to go to Lakevallée...I'm curious what Justin may find there!

Author's Response:

It's going to be interesting :) 

Reviewer: Cabaret Fan (Signed) · Date: October 22, 2017 07:07 PM · On: Chapter 1 - The night Brian Kinney disappears

Wow...I'm hooked...!

Author's Response:


I must warn you that the story won't be updated anymore, although I'm offering a way for the readers to access my files, since I will keep writing.

Thank you for giving it a try!

Reviewer: Glo (Signed) · Date: October 22, 2017 05:10 PM · On: Chapter 9 - The truth is out

Omg omg omg!!! Brian...ahhhhhhh I'm screaming here! Of course he knows those lips, the gentleness of his fingers, the urgency of his kiss....Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Justin must be soooo overwhelmed! Holy shit balls! Poor Justin, he's crying and upset and doesn't know what to do or say....omg I can't wait for the next chapter Alois! 

Now, Connor & Gabriel...wow! I like their chemistry tons! Yup they definitely need to get together and pronto! 

Author's Response:

This is what you were looking for, right? I'm happy it seems it doesn't disappoint LOL

Glad you're enjoying Connor and Gabriel's chemistry, too :D

Reviewer: Glo (Signed) · Date: October 22, 2017 04:17 PM · On: Chapter 8 - You can stay here

I know Connor has feelings for Gabriel but he's so jealous of Justin being in Liam's life! He seems a little sneaky to me, I'm on the fence about that guy. Don't know how I feel. Of course he's going to stay at Liam's house...nice! Please tell me we don't have to wait much longer for a kiss at least? 

Reviewer: LauraB725 (Signed) · Date: October 22, 2017 03:01 AM · On: Chapter 8 - You can stay here

Hi Alois!

I love the Liam/Justin/Connor dynamic! They are like old friends and banter is very easy between them. I really like Connor, especially when he's being so playful.

How nice of Justin to volunteer to deliver his painting to Gabriel. He's fitting right in! 

I enjoyed Connor pushing Liam's buttons by inviting Justin to stay at his place. Liam's reaction was predictable.Liam can't let Justin go. He sure is playing with fire and we all know what happens when you play with fire! Ugh, I see heavy angst coming soon.

Leave it to Justin to play matchmaker and recruit Liam to help lol. That is going to be one interesting dinner for sure. 

As always, a wonderful chapter! Looking forward to the next. Thank you!


Author's Response:

Yay! I'm glad you like Connor, I have such a great time writing him! Justin is a sweetheart, isn't he? LOL

You might be onto something about heavy angst coming. Although, the dinner will definitely be an interesting one ;)

Thank you so much Laura, for you ongoing support! I think I will have a new chapter up very soon, maybe even today. I will contact you via Facebook, since there will be some changes with the posting. But I'm finishing this story :) 

Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Signed) · Date: October 21, 2017 06:33 AM · On: Chapter 8 - You can stay here

Wow! Love the banter between the boys... I sometimes forget while I'm reading that Justin doesn't know what WE know about Liam.  I can't imagine what will happen when he finds out. I guess he's staying long enough to figure it out, LOL!

I love that Justin has found a renewed love of sketching.

Connor is adorable! That's going to be a very interesting dinner party...


Author's Response:

Hey Trish!

Aw, I'm so glad you enjoy the banter between them. And yes, it's hard sometimes to remember that Justin doesn't know. I have a feeling it won't be very long now before he discovers the truth, now that he's staying ;) 

Justin is feeling very inspired at the moment, I wonder why...

I'm thrilled you like Connor. I have such a great time writing him LOL 

Just to inform you, I'm not sure I will keep posting this story publicly for long, for a lot of reasons. If it comes to that, I will continue writing it  and share it directly with the readers who are interested to know more. I could also change my mind in the next couple of weeks LOL. 

But whatever I will do, thank you so much for your support on this, I really appreciate it; and I promise to finish this no matter what :)

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: October 20, 2017 12:07 PM · On: Chapter 8 - You can stay here

Ah oui ça va être amusant, il me tarde de lire la suite ! J'aime de plus en plus ces 4 hommes avec tout leurs sentiments inavoués ou compliqués c'est vrai que l'on ne connait pas encore vraiment leurs vies et leurs passés, et Liam et Justin qui se rapprochent tout doucement.
Merci pour ce chapitre Alois, je suis frustrée de lire que tu ne posteras pas aussi souvent je suis tellement accro ! Mais bon je comprends il y a aussi la vraie vie ! Fais pour le mieux ma chère amie pour toi et tes lecteurs affamés!

Author's Response:

J'aime tellement lire tes commentaires, Marie-France. Ca fait vraiment chaud au coeur :) 

Je posterai les deux prochains chapitres, mais je ne suis pas sûre de continuer après ça. Pas de panique, je continue à écrire cette histoire et compte bien la terminer! J'ai juste des interrogations plein la tête et ne suis pas sûre que je veuille continuer à poster sur un site public, pour pleins de raisons. Mais je te promets que si je décide d'arrêter de poster pour le moment (et je n'ai pas décider pour l'instant!), je t'inviterai dans mon doc (il suffit d'une adresse mail) pour que tu puisses toujours profiter des nouveaux chapitres :) 

Encore un grand merci Marie-France, pour ta gentilesse et ton soutien!

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: October 20, 2017 01:38 AM · On: Chapter 8 - You can stay here

OMG!  And here I thought things were looking up.

Author's Response:

It would be too simple LOL

Thank you Phyllis! Love reading your thoughts :) 

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: October 15, 2017 11:38 PM · On: Chapter 7 - Rendez-vous at the chalet

The confusion of wanting to have what they had before seems to be tearing Liam apart.  Hearing what Justin became had to be heard to know that he and Michael are still in touch has to be tough.  There are too many ways that Justin can realize that Liam is indeed Brian and will all the pain he went through make things worse?

Author's Response:

Liam is torn between staying away from Justin to protect him, and letting him back in his life if only for a short time. The question is, what will happen if Justin discovers the truth? 

I can't wait for you to find out :) Thank you so much Phyllis!

Reviewer: LauraB725 (Signed) · Date: October 15, 2017 01:21 AM · On: Chapter 7 - Rendez-vous at the chalet

Hi Alois :)

As usual, you have outdone yourself. This was such a wonderful chapter - heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. I can feel Liam's inner turmoil. He is trying desperately not to let Justin in (again) but he can't bring himself to push Justin away either, although he did try. 

Justin feels such a connection to Liam and his brain doesn't understand but his heart does. He is so persistent. I never thought to find this particular feeling again and now he will not let go, especially since Liam admitted that he didn't want him to go. I so fear when Justin finally learns that Liam is Brian. He will be so conflicted... on one hand he will be elated that Brian is alive but on the other hand he will feel betrayed that (1) Brian let him believe that he was dead for six long years, and (2) Brian didn't confide in him when he first showed up in Lakevallée.

It seems that Brian has changed a bit in the six years since his "murder". I don't just mean his appearance either. He accepts that he was and is in love with Justin, he cooks, and he's a bit of a romantic (love this!) - inviting Justin to his home for a meal that he is cooking and presenting him with that thoughtful gift are proof of that! Lets not forget the scene on the swing on the porch! The old Brian Kinney would have never participated in a display like that! As a matter of fact, the old Brian would have pushed Justin away as soon as he discovered that he did not leave. Some things never change though... his love of Beam for one :).

I'll admit it surprised me a bit when Liam invited Justin to stay... on the couch. Liam has enough trouble resisting Justin when fully conscious and awake. I would think Justin is too much of temptation impaired from liquor and late at night when one's defenses are weaker. I was not surprised that Justin had a hard time sleeping with Liam in such close proximity and went to him in the middle of the night. Its curious that Liam left his bedroom door ajar... I think subconsciously he was inviting Justin in, as much as his conscious mind fights that urge. Very sweet last scene. I look forward to Liam's reaction to waking to his warm, beautiful, blonde boy curled up around him.

I look forward to your next update :)

Author's Response:

Laura, I think I'm going to hire you as my consicence to analyse every chapter. You do it so beautifully and accurately :) 

You're really onto something about Justin's reaction when he will discover who is Liam. I can't say much if I don't want to reveal what's going to happen, but your thoughts are really great to read :D

And again, when you say that Brian has changed and not just physically, you're right. He doesn't have the same goals, since 'Brian Kinney' never went through the ordeal he had as 'Liam Byron'. So, when Justin reappears in his life, he acts very differently from before.

Liam was concerned Justin had too much to drink (haha) so of course, he proposes him to stay on the couch. Are we surprised he can't ask him to leave? * grin * 

Thank you so much Laura, for your insightful reviews! <3 

Reviewer: Lisajean (Signed) · Date: October 14, 2017 11:47 PM · On: Chapter 7 - Rendez-vous at the chalet

This chapter was Awesome as much as I love the rest of your story, I Absolutely loved having the boys for a whole chapter! 

I enjoy reading about Brian cooking, this is a welcome joy. I can imagine him and his gorgeous hands cutting up the vegetables.  Please tell me his hands have not changed? lol And he is just as stubborn as ever not letting Justin help him, plus I know he has a hard time being near Justin.

Somethings never change Brian still loves his beam :)  I can only imagine how hard this has to be on him with all the forces working against him: one he is a highly sexual man, two especially when he is in grief and with his mom just drying, and three having Justin so close to him and all the feelings he has for the man.  Brian is doing excellent for being in such turmoil.


I love the present he gives to Justin, Brian cannot resist being good to Justin.


Thank God Justin is persistent even with Brian throwing him out he still sticks around, he is used to moody men lol 

 The scene with the couch reminded me so much of Season one episode seven where Brian has him sleep on the couch, but he sneaks into the room lol Justin has changed some, but he is still the young boy in some ways, that is what I love about him.  Brian waking up to Justin's arm around him was so sweet.  I'm not sure how much Brian can take of being in such close contact with him.  I cannot wait to read more.   I have to say it again! I loved, loved, loved having the boys for the whole chapter lol  


Thanks for the entertainment and friendship <3


Lisa <3

Author's Response:

Yay! I'm so glad you liked this chapter!!

Brian cooking is definitely a change LOL But he has changed and somehow his priorities has too. It's funny you mention he is a hightly sexual man, since it's not as true in this diverging canon, although when Justin is concerned, he has a really hard time to resist him ;) But he is messed up, although he is doing well considering all he's gone through.

Justin is one persistent man, always have, always will LOL

You're absolutely correct about that scene being related to season 1. I have to thank my beta who suggested it :) They really are beautiful together.

Thank YOU for reading, letting me know what you think about the story and being so awesome :D

Reviewer: Glo (Signed) · Date: October 14, 2017 05:09 PM · On: Chapter 7 - Rendez-vous at the chalet

Loved this chapter! Liam! What are you trying to do, make him fall in love with you?! "We can watch the sunset together", "I lost someone today". And he gives him a gift. Really? Of course it ends in a fight lol Liam must have been shocked to find Justin asleep next to him when he woke up...omg more please! 

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: October 14, 2017 12:29 PM · On: Chapter 7 - Rendez-vous at the chalet

Hou ça avance vite ! j'attends la réaction de Brian euh pardon Liam en se réveillant .Va-t-il apprécier ou être en colère ? J'aimerais que les choses avancent tellement plus vite , je suis mal pour eux , avec cet amour qui est là si présent et inaccessible pour l'instant !
Super chapitre Alois, merciiiii !!!

Author's Response:

Merci mille fois Marie-France! Tu as raison, c'est tellement difficile pour eux deux! Justin qui ne comprends pas ses sentiments ni l'attitude de Liam et Brian qui tente de résister et qui ne sait pas comment gérer. Mais l'amour va triompher!

Encore une fois, merci d'avoir donner une chance à cette histoire, j'adore chacun de tes commentaires :) A bientôt!

Reviewer: Predec2 (Signed) · Date: October 14, 2017 03:06 AM · On: Chapter 7 - Rendez-vous at the chalet

Hello, my friend - I have no idea why you do not have comments on this chapter yet, because I think it's my favorite so far. You have done such a good job of describing each man's inner turmoil over their growing relationship.  I love how you place these little clues into the story that I think will slowly lead Justin to conclude who Liam is, such as him drinking Beam.  And I can just imagine how torn Brian must be - not wanting to draw Justin into danger, while at the same time, unable to keep him away.  The last line was both sweet but also heartwrenching. And Brian's gift melted my heart.  So like him - to express his feelings without speaking them aloud.

Even without Justin realizing yet who Liam is rationally, somehow his heart knows who he is.

Such emotion described here.  I just know that once Justin does find out who Liam is, he is going to be a mess of emotion.  Joy over his lover being alive, but also, I fear, anger over feeling betrayed. I was expecting Michael to tell Justin that Brian's mother died, and then the cat would be out of the bag, but it didn't happen. 

Looking forward very much to reading the rest of this very absorbing story. Thank  you so much for posting this on here.  I have loved every story you have posted.  ~Kim

Author's Response:

Hi my friend! Still so grateful for your reviews :) This chapter was essential for both men, and really shows the complexity of their situation. And maybe Justin didn't recognize Brian, but you're so right in saying that his heart knows who he is.

And yes, when Justin will discover the truth, it's quite certain his feelings will be all over the place. I had a great time writing about that (the chapter is already written, but it was hard to do it justice!). 

Again, I can't thank you enough, not only for your support on this story (It's such a delight to read your thoughts on this story) but also for all you're doing for MW. I can't wait to see the new website going live and I know you're working so hard behind the scene to make it happen. We are blessed to have you as an admin. <3 

Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Signed) · Date: October 14, 2017 02:54 AM · On: Chapter 7 - Rendez-vous at the chalet

Wow! Wow! Wow! I feel so bad for the boys...

And Brian is correct, both he and Justin have changed... but not so much that their natural attraction is fooled by all the lies. 


Author's Response:

I know. I'm awful with the boys! but what can I say, those two belong to each other :)

Thank you so much for your never-ending support!

Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Signed) · Date: October 10, 2017 02:00 AM · On: Chapter 6 - Trying to make sense of it all

Connor is too much, LOL! 

Poor Brian... as bad as it must have been for Justin and the entire family to believe that he has died, to not be able to let his loved ones know he was Ok is a special kind of torture. 

I'm glad Justin has started to sketch again, and it's good that just having Justin near makes Brian feel somewhat calmer. It seems as if Brian and Justin are actually starting to heal each other a little bit, without really knowing it, of course! 

Author's Response:

I have a great time writing Connor. The man's purpose in life is to annoy people because it's fun LOL

Brian's story here is sad, it's true. We will know more about how he coped soon, and of course, Justin being back in his life is another kind of torture too, although it unconciously gives him hope.

I love your thought about them healing each other, as it's exactly what's happening. Esepcially for Brian.

Thank you, as always for your wonderful support. Love to read your reviews! <3 

Reviewer: Lisajean (Signed) · Date: October 09, 2017 09:53 AM · On: Chapter 6 - Trying to make sense of it all

Hi, Alois,


My heart is still aching for Brian, he has been through so much in the past three years and even though he has Horvath to talk toit is not the same s having the friends that know him. And on topof it all Justin is in the same town as himand he cannot reveil anything to him,this is killing him :( I also hate that he does not have his Beautiful face. There is so much more to him than just his face, but I still loved it :)

I am happy to see that Justin seems to be finding his muse again, just being close to Brian brings that out in him even though he has no idea that is what it is.

Conner's personality is fun to read, I find myself wanting to kick him though at times lol I was surprised Justin put up with him as long as he did I would of kicked him out the first time he touched my food lol The good thing is though that Justin gets to find more out about Liam/Brian. Even though he thinks Brian is dead he did go down there because the photographer resembled Brian and Justin is smart and will be able to peace together soon that Liam is Brian, especially after Conner told him that Brian moved there three years ago and says he does not have friends or family and also Brian had photography skills and his personality is similar to Brian's.


Thanks for your entertaining story! I cannot wait to read and looking forward to when the shit hits the fan, so to speak :)



Author's Response:

I know I've put Brian in an awful position! Seriously, poor guy... But with Justin back into his life, I'm sure he will be okay, eventually ;)

Connor does all he can to annoy people. He can't help it LOL Fortunately for him, Justin is a patient guy. Connor can also gives him informations on Liam, as you point out, which is always a plus :D

I can't thank you enough for your support Lisa, and your friendship! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this fic :) <3 <3 <3 

Reviewer: LauraB725 (Signed) · Date: October 08, 2017 01:55 PM · On: Chapter 6 - Trying to make sense of it all

Brian's inner thoughts always fascinate me. Despite the tough as nails exterior he shows to the world, he really feels things so deeply. Moreso than most people. I was touched at his thoughts about Justin's revelations of his love for 'Brian', who was supposedly murdered so many years ago and the unfairness of the whole situation. That makes me so sad. Brian is such a tortured soul. His anguish is palpable. You write this Brian so expertly. 

It didn't surprise me that Brian had such a strong urge to come clean to Justin in that moment. He knows that subconsciously Justin recognizes him and that his rational brain just hasn't caught up yet. He also knows that it's only a matter of time. I'm very curious as to how Justin will find out and especially how he will react.  

I really enjoyed Justin's interaction with Connor. It was lighthearted and provided me some much needed relief after the intense beginning of the chapter. I think there's potential for a great friendship between these two. Connor is no threat really since he's in love with Gabriel. 

I also enjoyed Justin's chat with Gabriel. Gabriel's shock at Justin's interaction with and assessment of Liam was funny. Another great friendship developing. I'm so glad that Justin's inspiration is coming back. Hmmm I wonder why that is exactly lol. 

I am not a fan of Agent Allen. Something about him concerns me but I just can't put my finger on it. Of course the unexpected news of Joan's death has Brian reeling. As much as he claims to hate his blood family he actually cares for them a great deal, much to his dismay.  

Loved the last scene between the boys... classic Justin and Brian!  

Sorry about the long comment I guess I had alot to say lol. Looking forward to the next chapter. Thank you😊

Author's Response:

I'm in love with your reviews :D

Love your analyse of Brian. He is a tortured soul, especially in this fic. He tries to convince himself that being with Justin is okay, when deep down he knows he is playing with fire. But he can't help it, thank god lol

I'm thrilled you liked Justin's interaction with Connor. The guy is really weird, but he is fun to write and I really feel this fic would be too dark and really 'too much' if not for those lightearted parts. You're really onto something about Connor and Justin, also :D

Gabriel is also fun to write, even though he's more balanced than Connor. I like writing those two OCs' story in here.

Agent Allen doesn't have lots of fans LOL I'm also glad you feel Joan dying would be hard on Brian, no matter how much impaired their relationship already was. 

I can't thank you enough for your support on this and for your delightful reviews. The longer the better!!! Thank you!!! <3 

Reviewer: Camlaw (Signed) · Date: October 07, 2017 05:57 AM · On: Chapter 6 - Trying to make sense of it all

OMG! You're killing me!

Author's Response:

Nooo!! I want you alive with me! LOL

Thanks for the comment Carrie, I hope you're enjoying the ride :D

Reviewer: Predec2 (Signed) · Date: October 07, 2017 12:06 AM · On: Chapter 6 - Trying to make sense of it all

Another intriguing chapter, Alois!  Justin seems enthralled by Lakevallée.  It's good to see him excited again about his art.  I can see little things creeping into the picture, further providing him with clues that this is Brian he is with, and not some new acquaintance he has just met.

I admit i find it difficult to comprehend how he couldn't know somehow that this is Brian, even if Brian has altered his appearance.  He would still have the same hazel eyes, the same mannerisms, the same height, etc.  But on the other hand, if Justin truly thinks he's dead, maybe his brain hasn't quite made the connecton yet. But it's fascinating to read the little gestures you are including that are slowly bringing him to that conclusion.

I'm curious why Brian's pseudonym is being used when it is now known who he really is (rather than Liam) in the descriptions in third POV.  Each time I read 'Liam,' I have to mentally replace it with Brian - LOL! 

I'm not sure I totally trust that Agent Allen.  His motives may be sincere, but it does make me pause. 

Brian is such a complex character, and I think you're doing a great job of showing that, such as his mixed feelings when he learned about his mother's death.  But that is one of the things I always loved about his character on the show.

You can be assured I will always look forward to your stories.  Thank you for posting this on here.  ~Kim

Author's Response:

Thank you for another amazing review Kim :)

Justin is very happy to be in Lakevallée. He does believe that Brian is dead, but somehow, his heart picks up some clues, although his brain doesn't see them.

I understand your confusion, but actually, Brian's mannerisms, even his eyes, have changed. It will be explained later into the story, and maybe will help you better understand why Justin didn't recognize him. I admit I initially thought of having Justin recognizing Brian right away, but then, I really wanted to explore their relationship before it happens, so I decided against it. And so, in this story, it's easier for Justin not to see who is right in front of his nose. But be assured that even if Justin is convinced Brian is dead, he HAS recognized him already, even though his brain refuses to face the truth yet.

Regarding Brian's pseusonym, I debated about it, but it was getting too complicated to use Brian as Brian and Liam in another POV, or to know where to start using Brian instead of Liam. That's why his real name will not reappear until Justin put two and two together. You wouldn't believe how many times I used Brian instead of Liam and vice versa. I'm aware it might confuse the reader, but I needed to make a choice so, yes, Liam it is for the time being.

Good point on Agent Allen. The man doesn't really care about Brian. He is just a job for him.

I do believe even though Brian hasn't seen his mother in years, her death would devastate him at this point of his life for many reasons. I'm glad the reader understand his reaction, and don't expect for him to feel nothing about her death.

Again, thanks so much for such a detailed review, Kim, I adore to read your thoughts on this story. <3 

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: October 06, 2017 06:05 PM · On: Chapter 6 - Trying to make sense of it all

Perhaps it's time for a new beginning for both of them. Justin fits right in.  I don't trust Allen.  Something about his attitude irritates me.  But that's a sign of a good story.

Author's Response:

You might be onto something here about Justin and Brian. New beginnings sounds just about right.

And I'm kind of happy you don't like Allen, since I don't think all characters should bring some sympathy from the readers. Thank you for the compliment!

And mostly, thank you for your never ending support :D <3 

Reviewer: Glo (Signed) · Date: October 06, 2017 04:41 PM · On: Chapter 6 - Trying to make sense of it all

Hmmmm is Agent Allen for real? Does he really care or is there something else amiss? Connor is wicked possessive of Liam now isn't he? I don't like him, reminds me of Michael a little bit. Gabriel is cool though! Justin & he could have a nice friendship. Of course he's inspired again! One day with Liam/Brian will do that to a person. So Joan is gone...hmmm even if a parent abused you or neglected you, there's still a connection and it's still hard when they die...

Love how Justin just took over! This will be an extrmely interesting dinner & evening with the boys...can't wait for the next chapter! Well done Alois! 

Oh I wanted to ask...why Liam? Why did you choose that particular name?

Author's Response:

Agent Allen doesn't really care about Brian, that's true, since Brian is just a job for him. And LOL, I assure you Connor is nothing like Michael. He isn't in love with Brian. He is just a little weird, a flawed man really, but he's a good guy, albeit not a really happy one. As for Gabriel, he is a more balanced man, so I'm not surprised you like him.

Justin is inspired, big times! And Brian now has to deal with his mother's death. No matter how awful Joan has been to him, it's still a devastating news, especially considering his situation and the last encounter.

Justin is one stubborn man. He may not have recognized Brian, but he sure knows what he wants.

And I choose Liam mostly for three reasons. One, it was one of the most popular responses from my FB post. Two, because of its signification. And three, do you really have to ask? LOL

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: October 06, 2017 02:15 PM · On: Chapter 6 - Trying to make sense of it all

Hou les choses s'accélèrent entre Justin et Liam les étincelles vont bientôt exploser !! La soirée risque d'être animée ou le repas plein de surprises
J'aime Gabriel et Connor; J'espère que ce quatuor va bien fonctionner et qu'il va protéger Liam de Malone.

Est-ce que Liam et Connor ont eu une relation , y aura-t-il de la jalousie dans l'air ?

Il y a tellement de questions au fur et à mesure que l'histoire avance ! Je t'ai déjà dit que j'étais impatiente et excitée non ? C'est de pire en pire avec ce chapitre !

Merci Alois, le week end a bien commencé !

Author's Response:

Oui ça s'accélère! Et je confirme, la soirée va être explosive, bien que pas forcément pour les raisons que l'on pense.

Gabriel et Connor vont jouer un rôle clé dans cette histoire, je suis ravie que tu les apprécies!

J'apporterai des réponses dans les prochains chapitres,c'est promis, mais beaucoup de choses ne seront révélées que tardivement. Oui je sais, j'ai bien trop de plaisir à voir les réactions des lecteurs face à ces mystères!

Merci pour tout Marie France :D Un excellent week-end à toi!


Reviewer: Predec2 (Signed) · Date: October 01, 2017 01:22 PM · On: Chapter 5 - First lesson at Dove Point

Hi, Alois!  This is - as all your stories are - an intriguing tale.  Both men yearning for the other, but unable to express that, either because of fear or protectiveness (in Brian's sake), or uncertainty (in Justin's sake). 

I love how you have changed Brian's appearance and occupation in such a way that it has thrown Justin off (for now), but yet you have managed to keep a lot of his same mannerisms the same (his snarkiness, sarcastic wit, his use of the word 'brat, etc.).   Very clever.

I think Justin on some subconscious level knows it's Brian.  Just a guess.  And you may have covered this before, but is his voice different?  I'm sure it was mentioned in a previous chapter, but I've forgotten.  There would b e no way that Justin wouldn't recognize that familiar voice. And I also think in their touches, in Brian's scent, in the feelings that are rising to the surface with Justin, he knows somehow that there is a reason why he is attracted to Liam...and I think that will soon become apparent.

And I think Brian's playing with fire by deliberately allowing Justin into his 'new' reality, when he could have discouraged it. But on the other hand, I think he's unable to take advantage of this 'gift' that has been given to him, if it is only for a short time (as I'm sure he feels it is). But something tells me that will change. ;)

As for Connor and Gabriel, once more you have created OCs that I have already come to care aobut. I always adore the back stories you create with other characters in addition to B and J.

Very much looking forward to the rest of your story! Thank you for posting this on here.  ~Kim

Author's Response:

I'm thrilled you think this story is intriguing. No matter how much Brian has changed, there's still a part of him who is Brian Kinney, even though another part is not that man anymore. I have a great time trying to show that, without changing him completely.

You're onto something about Justin unconsciously recognizing Brian. His voice is slightly different, mainly because Brian needs to disguise who he is. He also has been through a lot, and is more... sad, if that makes sense. 

Brian clearly shouldn't have accepted to meet with Justin. Now that he has, and since Justin is so persistent, he can't back down. He also is convinced Justin will be gone soon... but we all know it won't be that simple ;)

I love writing Connor and Gabriel, so I'm elated that the readers like them. It's always so interesting to create OC and to try giving them a real life and a story that can explain who they are. Connor, especially is a delight to write.

Thank you for another wonderful review Kim! I appreciate that so much <3 

Reviewer: tiger062 (Signed) · Date: October 01, 2017 05:36 AM · On: Chapter 5 - First lesson at Dove Point

Justin is going to wonder if he's lost his mind or think that he has a definite 'type'. Even though Brian has changed his name and appearance he can't really change his personality - Justin will pick up on that. It's going to be interesting to see how Brian deals with Justin's pain over his 'death' and Justin's reaction to him being alive... 

Connor and Gabriel - such pain and confusion there too. Need more...

Author's Response:

Yes, Justin doesn't really understand what's happening, or why he is so drawn to Liam. Brian has changed a lot, though (we will know more about what really happened to him later) but this is Justin, the man who never gives up when he wants something.

As for Connor and Gabriel, we will know more, so stay tuned! Thank you very much for your review, I deeply appreciate to read them :) 

Reviewer: Lisajean (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2017 11:25 PM · On: Chapter 5 - First lesson at Dove Point

Hi, Alois :)



Yes!! I love that they got to spend time together!! Woohoo! LOL  But my heart aches for both of them though. Brian having to be so far away from everyone he knows and being so close to Justin, but not being able to tell him who he is and Justin wanting to be around Brian/Liam but also confused how he is attracted to him right from the start.

I love that Justin is still his aggressive self lol And makes it so he can spend more time with Liam. Again, I am hurting for Brian because of his judgment of himself! He has gone through so much in the last three years. 

I am also looking forward to how you will get Gabriel and Conner back together, hopefully, Gabriel will grow some balls? lol  Because from what I read so far, it does not look like Conner will make the same mistake twice, but I do not feel it would be a mistake this time around.

Thanks for the entertainment, like always :) Again, I am excited to see how you work all this out <3


Lisa <3

Author's Response:

I had a great time writing them on that 'lesson'. Of course, it isn't easy for them, but Justin is nothing but perseverant and Liam can't do anything to stop the inevitable from happening.

I also love writing about Connor and Gabriel, whose love story is also going to be a large part in this story. for now, Gabriel needs to stop being afraid, but he's getting there. Connor is not the most confident or the simpliest man, but he's been hurt enough.

I'm thrilled you like this story, Lisa! Thank you for your never-ending support and your friendship <3 <3 <3 

Reviewer: LauraB725 (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2017 04:46 PM · On: Chapter 5 - First lesson at Dove Point

Liam and Justin's first, dare I say, date was very sweet and so them. Justin is falling in love again for the first time since Brian, with Liam. Little does he know they are one in the same. It's clear as day to me that Brian is still in love with Justin. There could never be another Justin for Brian so it's not hard to believe he never moved on from him. 

OMG Gabriel and Connor! I had my suspicions but was so focussed on Liam/Brian and Justin that I almost missed it. Gabriel needs to man up and get his head out of his rear end and get with Connor. They will make a beautiful couple. I think it will take some time but it will happen eventually. 

So, back to my favorite boys... my heart hurt when Justin told Liam about his love being murdered and revealed that Liam reminds him of Brian. Well duh! Of course he does! Justin is a smart boy and will figure out soon enough that Liam is Brian in hiding. Especially if they continue to spend time together, which we know they will. It's unavoidable actually. Brian and Justin have always been drawn to each other like magnets. 

I can't wait for Justin to discover the truth and how exactly that will happen. I hope that it's Liam that tells him although in reality I think that's not very likely to happen. At the same time, I'm very concerned about how Justin will react to that turn of events. He will be angry, hurt, and feel the ultimate betrayal. I think it will be hard for him to forgive Brian at first but am confident he will in the end. 

As usual, a beautiful chapter. I can't wait until the next one! 

Author's Response:

I enjoyed writing about this first encounter between them. Love your thoughts about Justin's falling in love. It's exactly what's happening, although he doesn't understand how he can fall so fast.

Gabriel and Connor have history, and will have a large part to play in this story. Gabriel is admitting his feeling, but it took him long enough, and he still needs to fully embrace them. But yes, I promise they will be beautiful together and I'm so SO happy you think so too!

LOL Love your thoughts about this last scene. When the idea of Justin confiding into Liam about Brian popped into my head, I truly considered I was a sadist, but I love that scene, too, since it shows how much they mean to each other.

You're also right to be concerned about what's to come, although it's going to take a few chapters for Justin to discover the truth. I hope I won't disappoint!

As always, your never ending support means so much to me. Thank you! <3 

Reviewer: Glo (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2017 12:10 PM · On: Chapter 5 - First lesson at Dove Point

Alois, I had to write another review, of sorts. lol I was just thinking, Justin is going to be soooo pissed when he does realize that Liam is Brian. Everything he went through and everyone else...omg that is going to be so intense! I'm sure he'll be elated once he gets over the initial shock & anger but wow...can't wait for that! When will that be, by the way...

Author's Response:

LOL I love extra reviews :D And... yes, Justin might not be too pleased when he will discover that Brian is alive, espeically since he won't know immediately the reason why Brian did this. To be honest, I have spent a lot of time on the chapter everyone is waiting for, since I felt it was a pivotal moment in this story. I might work on it some more until I post it, to make sure I have it right. As for when it will be, * ahem * if I say soon, but not right away, will you be satisfied? LOL

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2017 11:51 AM · On: Chapter 5 - First lesson at Dove Point

Oh mon dieu ! Je n'ai pas pu empêcher une petite larme. J'ai hâte du diner. je ne sais pas quand Liam/Brian pourra dire la vérité mais ça va être difficile pour lui parce que l'amour est toujours là !

Et pour Gabriel et Connor c'est compliqué aussi. je veux en savoir plus sur eux et sur leur lien.

Merci pour ce chapitre Alois je suis scotchée par cette histoire, je l'adore vraiment, c'est dur d'attendre les mises à jour ! A bientôt
Amitiés Marie-France

Author's Response:

Et tu ne t'imagines pas le sourire que j'ai quand je lis tes commentaires! Merci mille fois pour ton enthousiasme, ça me fait vraiment chaud au coeur.

La question est de savoir si Liam va tout dire à Justin, ou si Justin va découvrir qui est vraiment Liam. En attendant que cela arrive, cela risque d'être compliqué pour eux. Entre toi et moi, j'ai déjà écrit la scène que tout le monde attend, et j'y ai passé du temps! J'espère que cela te plaira, mais attention, ce n'est pas pour tout de suite.

Merci encore Marie-France et à la semaine prochaine :) <3 

Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2017 12:52 AM · On: Chapter 5 - First lesson at Dove Point

Loved every word! The scene with Justin and "Liam" taking photographs was just delightful, and very them. And even in the darkroom... it was hard to read and Justin's sadness and confusion made me teary eyed. But there was a bit of happiness and hope there too. I must be a "brat" too since I can't wait for dinner either!

Author's Response:

Aw, you make me very happy! I'm not sure this story is as popular as the previous ones I've written as it's quite dark, so I'm glad a few readers enjoy this. I loved writing that scene between them! And of course, as the evil author than I am, I couldn't help but having Justin confines in Liam. If he only knew...

Keep being a brat, please :)

Thank you so much for your support on this, I deeply appreciate it <3 

Reviewer: Glo (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2017 12:39 AM · On: Chapter 5 - First lesson at Dove Point

Nice chapter! Brian/Liam's inital hesitation about seeing Justin again. The slight touches between them were quite endearing & obviously Justin feels the same connection he had with Brian. Well duh! That's because Liam IS Brian! Clearly he sees & feels the similarities between the two. Can't wait for their dinner!

Nice backstory on Connor & Gabriel. Very interesting. 

Author's Response:

Thanks Glo! It's interesting to write about the two of them connecting while Brian hides who he is and Justin doesn't understand his own feelings. The dinner promises to be * ahem * something (and yes, I'm smirking)

I like to write about Connor and Gabriel. Imagining their backstory was fun. 

Thank you!!!! Hope you're okay, my friend <3 

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2017 12:38 AM · On: Chapter 5 - First lesson at Dove Point

I hope Gabriel stops pussy footing around and really makes a move on Connor.  Can't wait for dinner.  Justin is falling in love with Liam once again.

Author's Response:

Gabriel definitely needs to grow a pair! We'll see if he finally acknowledges his feelings soon. And yes, Justin is already in love, although he doesn't really understand why. 

Thank you as always for your never ending support Phyllis :) <3

Reviewer: Enohvee1875 (Signed) · Date: September 29, 2017 09:09 PM · On: Chapter 5 - First lesson at Dove Point

You are such a tease! When Justin began to explain why 'Liam' reminded him about his dead partner Brian, I almost lost it. The suspense is killing me. I need more...

Author's Response:

LOL! Love your review :) I know I'm a tease, but this is worth it, right? :D

Thank you so much for commenting and supporting this story, Kim <3 

Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Signed) · Date: September 25, 2017 01:25 AM · On: Chapter 4 - And so it begins

Oh, wow! I'm surprised Brian didn't have a heart attack straight away when he glanced at that monitor and saw Justin at his door. His exchange with Carl was really rather sad... Still very curious about what actually happened in that garage so many years ago. I'm not sure how Brian's going to handle being so close to Justin. And I'm not sure how long before Justin believes what his heart is trying to tell him - that Liam is Brian. Hoping the person spying on Justin is one of Carl's men.

Can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response:

You're absolutely right about Brian :) And it's going to be a challenge to be with Justin without telling him the truth. As for Justin, you will see, too. I really liked writing that part.

We will know (one day haha) who was the one making the phone call. Until then, a lot of revelations are coming.

Thank you as always for your amazing support Trish! Hope all is well for you <3 

Reviewer: Predec2 (Signed) · Date: September 24, 2017 04:19 PM · On: Chapter 4 - And so it begins

Oh, you little tease, you!  I'm kind of surprised, actually, that you DID have them meet, b/c I think the longer they're together, the more "Brian'isms" will emerge involuntarily, and make Justin more suspicious of who "Liam" really is, such as that statement from Liam "Is that a particularly...difficult question?"  Such a 'Brian' thing to say. 

And Brian is playing with fire by agreeing to give Justin some pointers on taking photographs. No matter HOW careful someone is, I don't think you can ever totally eliminate who you really are, and I just can't see Justin not being able to make the connection eventually.  He's too smart for that.

And that ending! Obviously, the two of them are in danger already!  I'm loving the mystery, angst, and tension in this story! Looking forward to the next part.  ~Kim

Author's Response:

LOL! I know. And I get you're puzzled too. I considered at first keeping them apart, but in the end, the temptation of making them interact as 'Liam' and Justin was too great. I also believes that Justin could not recognize Brian. It's been years, and Brian has changed a lot, not just physically. I will explain why although at some point. The sentence I used was too good to pass, but again, for Justin, it's been years and Brian is a memory now. Even though he will question things of course, he would think he's insane if he acknowledged that Brian could be alive. And again, Liam is very different from Brian.

As for Brian, yes, he is playing with fire. But who can blame him? And in a way, he thinks that if he discovers why Justin is here, he'll be able to keep everyone safe. Of course, things are way more complicated than that.

And... I won't say more about that ending :D

Thakn you so much for another amazing review, my friend. It's always a delight to read your thoughts :) <3 

Reviewer: Enohvee1875 (Signed) · Date: September 24, 2017 08:57 AM · On: Chapter 4 - And so it begins

This chapter had me clutching all my pearls! Brian almost lost his mind when he spotted Justin on his monitor. I have to ask, Brian has been "dead" for six years but he woke up in a hospital three years ago? Was he in a coma or had amnesia? Can't wait for the next update.

Author's Response:

LOL! Brian had quite a shock, right? I promise you you will know everything about Liam's past since he supposedly died but you might be onto something :)

Thank you for your support! I really appreciate that :) 

Reviewer: tiger062 (Signed) · Date: September 24, 2017 04:48 AM · On: Chapter 4 - And so it begins

Of course I've seen photos of Gale with messy hair and beard and in some of them I didn't recognize him at all so with that image in my head I can easily understand Justin's confusion. And naturally Brian is still drawn to his beautiful blonde - Justin is smart, he'll figure it out. I can imagine how Brian will feel when he discovers what happen to Justin. Now, who was the man across the street on the phone - ideas are popping into my head. Looking forward to what's next.

Author's Response:

I thought about Justin recognizing him right away, but then, it wouldn't have been as fun to write. I thought having them in this situation would spice things up a little. But as you say, it won't last and eventually, Justiin will figure it out, we just have to wait and see how long it takes.

Thank you for reading and commenting Monica!, I deeply appreciate that :)

Reviewer: Lisajean (Signed) · Date: September 23, 2017 09:22 PM · On: Chapter 4 - And so it begins

Ooh, I am getting excited! I love the twist on how they will be able to spend time together. Brian cannot resist Justin, not that he ever could lol 


it also seems Conner is a little jealous too? Hmmm? lol


And how can Justin not know it is him with this line..."Is that a particularly... difficult question?" Liam enunciates slowly, making Justin feel like a moron while his heart inexplicably skips a beat."  I mean that is just so Brian lol But then again Justin could think his attraction because he reminds him of Brian lol


 I cannot wait to see how this all works out.  Thank God I have a lot to do otherwise I would be dying waiting two weeks to find out lol 

I hope all is well with you <3



Author's Response:

Yay!! I'm so happy you love that twist :D And yes, Brian resisting Justin is not an option :)

Connor is not necessarily jealous, although he sure doesn't understand what's going on between them.

and lol I know that line would make the readers scream, but I couldn't resist. Now, of course, it's been years since Justin saw Brian, so even though hearing this sentence causes a reaction, it doesn't necessarily make him understand instantly who he is talking too. And okay, I really wanted to explore this part where Justin wouldn't know who Liam is. I think it's one of the best part of this story :D

You're so kind! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm my friend, I'm thrilled you like it. Hope all is well with you, too. I'm okay, just very busy at the moment :)

Take care and thank you again <3 <3 <3 

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: September 23, 2017 02:31 PM · On: Chapter 4 - And so it begins

Ou la la c'est vraiment excitant ! Bien sûr qu'ils vont se reconnaître ils s'aiment trop pour ne pas le faire (enfin c'est mon avis).

J'ai hâte de savoir pourquoi Brian est là, Est ce qu'il est dans un programme de protection de témoins ? Pourquoi ? Je suis impatiente de voir l'évolution de leur relation si Brian doit se cacher !

Et Carl qui est au courant ça doit être très sérieux et compliqué.

J'adore ce chapitre, je suis toute excitée, merci Alois.

Coucou de Bayonne !

Author's Response:

Je suis ravie que cela te plaise! Il y a encore pleins de questions en suspens mais maintenant que Justin a rencontré Liam, ça va bouger. J'ai vraiment aimé écrire cette partie où Brian doit prétendre ne pas connaitre Justin, j'espère que cela te plaira aussi :D

Merci encore pour tes commentaires Marie-France :) Bisous mouillés du Finistère <3 

Reviewer: LauraB725 (Signed) · Date: September 23, 2017 11:18 AM · On: Chapter 4 - And so it begins

OMG! Excellent chapter! 

So, Brian is indeed Liam and he is in hiding to protect his loved ones from Malone. Obviously Brian was not the person who left the magazine that led Justin to him so who was it? Does Malone suspect he's alive? Well it's most likely just been confirmed if he does. I'm wondering though if maybe the mysterious man on the phone outside Brian's studio was someone Carl knows. I really hope so.

You did an amazing job describing Brian's appearance. He looks suspiciously like he has in recent years😍. I have to admit I'm a bit shocked that Justin didn't recognize Brian right away. Even more surprised that he didn't recognize his voice or even his gait or feel the usual spark when they shook hands. Justin is clearly battling with his inner self because he feels something is off but doesn't seem to be entertaining the idea that Brian and Liam are one in the same. Very puzzling indeed.

Brian is taking a huge risk interacting with Justin more than he probably should if he wants to keep his identity hidden. I'm a bit surprised Carl suggested it too. Justin will figure it out sooner or later. That will not be pretty. The betrayal will be worse because Brian didn't reveal himself to Justin right away. All it will take is a kiss and Justin will know or at least I hope he will. I'm not sure how long or even if Brian can pull this off. Brian and Justin are like magnets, they can't stay off each other when in close proximity.

The plot thickens... I love this mystery and can't wait to read the next installment!

Author's Response:


I'm loving your thoughts on this. I won't confirm nor deny anything about Brian and Malone, but yay, love them so much!

When I first started writing this, I thought Justin must recognize him. But then, it wouldn't have been fun LOL And, realistically, Justin is convinced Brian is dead, so even though he's going to react strongly to Liam (you will see * grin *) for now, he can't imagine this is Brian. And the truth is, Brian is very different from the man he used to be, although I couldn't resist writing that line. Now, again, it's been six years, and while we fans identify some quotes easily, realistically, Justin doesn't, not after so many years.

Brian is taking a risk, that's true. Carl wants to know what's going on, and again, is confident Justin can't recognize Brian. But Carl doesn't know how close Justin and Brian were, not really, since he doesn't know Justin.

I promise things will spice up from now on! 

Thanks so much for another amazing comment Laura!! <3 


Reviewer: chadmom63 (Signed) · Date: September 23, 2017 12:12 AM · On: Chapter 4 - And so it begins

The plot thickens!

Author's Response:


Thank you for reading and commenting. Much appreciated :)

Reviewer: Glo (Signed) · Date: September 22, 2017 11:47 PM · On: Chapter 4 - And so it begins

Omg how can he not know that Liam is Brian?! Even if his hair is long & his beard is unkept, his eyes are the same & when he said, "Is that a particularly difficult question" just like he did in the diner....well duh Justin! I was expecting Justin to jump in his arms....maybe his years using drugs has changed his senses & intuition?? Such a great chapter! So excited for more!

Author's Response:

lolol Justin clearly can't imagine Brian is alive. Realistically, even though it's Brian, six years have passed and he isn't the same man, nor physically, nor emotionally. Honestly, Liam is not that attractive but don't worry, while Justin refuses to think his initial theory could be true, I have a feeling he will feel things he won't understand... And, okay, I'm evil but hey, what would have been the fun hif he had recognized him right away? * grin *

Love your reviews so much Glo! Hope all is well with you <3

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: September 22, 2017 04:19 PM · On: Chapter 4 - And so it begins

To me Byron fits the pictures of him after QAF, so it fits perfectly.  Does he not know of the picture in the magazine?  Justin doesn't seem sure that Byron is Brian and who could blame him.  However asking Byron to teach him photography is brilliant.  I hope the guy with the cell phone is one of Horvath's men, because if not it could mean trouble.

Author's Response:

It's true while I was writing I thought it would kind of fit Gale Harold now. And you'll have your answer about Liam knowing about the picture in the magazine in the next couple of chapters. I think Justin just realistically can't imagine Brian is alive. But hey, that means they are going to spend some time together and I promise it will get interesting! As for the phone call, we will know... eventually.

Thank you for another wonderful review Phyllis! <3 

Reviewer: Lisajean (Signed) · Date: September 18, 2017 09:40 PM · On: Chapter 3 - Lakevallée

Hi Alois,


All through this chapter I wanted to see Brian and Justin meet up, but I know you will drag it out, but I love that at the same time. I know, I am twisted, what can I say? lol 


I am still wondering who Liam is, not! lol


Brian's life, so far that it has turned out for okay. Except I know his heart aches to be with his friend's, since he has been away from the Pitts. I am glad he has a friend to hang out with, though.

Justin is such a determined little shit, I am thrilled he is going after Brian! I am sure you won't make it easy ;)


I am excited to see how this story unfolds and that the mastermind Harry Malone gets his due.


Thanks for the entertainment, as always :)



Author's Response:

Hi Lisa,

As always, your review is a delight to read. Thank you!

I know readers are anticipating the meeting between Justin and 'Liam', but you're right, I'm afraid, it won't be easy lol

Thanks for supporting this one, Lisa, it means a lot :D I hope everything is okay with you and your family <3

Reviewer: tiger062 (Signed) · Date: September 17, 2017 05:17 AM · On: Chapter 3 - Lakevallée

And now the pieces are coming together. Can't wait...more please...

Author's Response:

Thank you for reading and commenting Monica! More next Friday :) 

Reviewer: LauraB725 (Signed) · Date: September 16, 2017 11:38 PM · On: Chapter 3 - Lakevallée

So it seems that Brian stumbled on to an art forgery scheme and ended up in federal witness protection for his trouble. And obviously Carl knows about it. Stockwell being dead would be a good thing under normal circumstances, however in this case not so much. It made Agent Bennett's job so much harder ugh.

So, Brian aka Liam is hiding out in Lakevallee - a small town from what I gather. Of course the guy he f***s more than once, Connor, is an artist. I'm surprised he's not blonde then again there could only ever be one blonde artist for Brian. I'm sure Connor is just a convenience because I imagine gay men are hard to come by in such a small town. Not to mention he probably has to keep a low profile. 

I have to wonder if it's a coincidence that his good friend, Gabriel, owns an art gallery in Lakevallee or if it's somehow connected to the forgery case. Maybe Brian is helping with the investigation? Hmmm. 

I'm glad Justin followed his instincts and made the trip to Lakevallee. I think it very well could have been Brian who left the clue behind in the cafe. I'm curious how long before he and Brian cross paths and how that will go!

Awesome update and looking forward to the next!


Author's Response:

Sorry, for the delay in responding, Laura, RL is really busy (such news, right? lol)

Love to read your thoughts so much! Thanks for sharing them :) Lakevallée is a town of artists, as you've pointed out. I love to read your theories :D

Everything will be answered at some point (not quite yet though) but I promise some action coming soon!

Thank you again and I will have another chapter up next Friday :) 

Reviewer: Enohvee1875 (Signed) · Date: September 16, 2017 08:54 PM · On: Chapter 3 - Lakevallée

So, Liam aka Brian has been playing photographer while he has been MIA for the past few years. Has he been in a witness protection situation? Carl knows what is going on that's for certain. Now that Justin has arrived, I can't wait for stuff to hit the fan. Thanks for the update.


Author's Response:

You will have some answers soon, also it's going to take a while for all to fall into place. Next chapter will be posted soon and promise to be interesting ;)

Thank you so much! :)

Reviewer: Predec2 (Signed) · Date: September 16, 2017 01:10 PM · On: Chapter 3 - Lakevallée

Hi, Alois!  I have just now had the chance to read Part 3, and OMG, I am loving this story more and more!  What you are so adept at is creating 3-dimensional other characters that you can see in your mind's eye. You don't just give us shallow characters that are rushed and dropped into a story, just to make the plot progress.  You make us learn about them, and in a lot of cases, care and sympathize with them; for example, in Connor's case.  Funny it would be the same name as the movie star guy you fucked Justin. ;) But I must compliment you on your ability to create such strong other characters in all your stories. :)

Speaking of which, I like how you have had 'Liam' aka Brian take up photography in his new life; that makes perfect sense to me, since he always seemed to enjoy taking photos on the show.  And I could definitely see him on a motorcycle as his mode of transportation.  I imagine there was definitely a time in which he had to grow accustomed to such a slower mode of living after being in the city. Perhaps you will give us some flashbacks on that period.

I also like how you are interweaving all the characters together to an inevitable meeting (at some point; something tells me that you are NOT going to just drop in B and J seeing each other that quickly, although I wouldn't mind).  Either that, or you will have them meet, but Justin might feel betrayed over Brian's disappearance and making him grieve for him all this time.  That is a LONG time to elapse; but if it meant keeping his loved ones safe, it is also such a 'Brian' thing to do.  He always showed how much he cared in actions, rather than verbally expressing it.

Speaking of which, I had never heard this expression before:  "hare off on a wild goose chase."  Interesting.  I'm more used to it being 'running off on a wild goose chase,' but I still knew exactly what you meant.  I love to see how writers express themselves at times from a different perspective. 

I adore a good suspenseful mystery, and this one has all the markings of that.  I can't wait to read the rest! Thank you for posting this one.  Loving it!  ~Kim

Author's Response:

You always write the most interesting reviews, Kim! Thank you so much for sharing all that with me, I'm over the moon.

I try creating interesting OC since the plots I come up with often have them, and I feel like you can't really enjoy a story if the OC is rushed. In that instance, the character of Connor is one I really love, fucked up but very interesting to write about. And I honestly didn't remember the name Connor from QAF, until my beta mentioned it LOL But since I like the name, I kept it.

Since the town I created is a town of artists, it was netural for Liam to become a photographer. And I couldn't resist the Harley as a mode of transportation. We will know at some point what 'Liam' is doing here and why he's still alive and never return to the Pitts. Also, why in a way, he's not the same man he was before.

Hmm, now, when is Justin going to meet Liam? Well, you will know soon, although, it might not turn out exactly like the readers expect * hint, hint * and no, I won't say more, ha! As for Justin discovering the truth, I fear you're onto something... we will see if and how they can overcome such a lie.

About the expression 'hare off on a wild good chase', we come up with it with my beta ;) I'm still learning the English vocabulary and trying to better myself, and Karynn helps me more than I can say with that.

I'm so grateful for your support and I adore the fact that you want to know more! Thank you for reading this one, I deeply appreciate that. Hope you're okay, my friend :) <3 


Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Signed) · Date: September 16, 2017 02:28 AM · On: Chapter 3 - Lakevallée

OMG! Just the anticipation of Justin and "Liam's" reunion is killing me! Very curious about the details of the police investigation and exactly what happened to Brian that fateful night! 

This is SOOOOO good!

Author's Response:

Hey Trish!

And yay! I'm so excited to share more of this story with you! This is very interesting to write and I'm smiling as I read all the reactions to the unanswered questions; It's really fun to imagine a suspenseful plot.

Thank you for your review and your enthusiasm :) Love to read your comments <3 

Reviewer: Glo (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2017 03:10 PM · On: Chapter 3 - Lakevallée

Wow! Okay first of all...is Lakevallee in Canada? I was trying to figure out where exactly it is from your desription. Sounds lovely, it is a real place right? Now on to my theory: Liam is Brian who is under the witness protection program thru the FBI. And of course he's attracted to artists, duh! lol Love the Desperate Houswives & Harley references. And now Justin has come to town! Woohoo, things are gonna get hot around the lake! Although I cannot imagine Brian Kinney in a plaid shirt and a cap. This is going to be a very enlightening trip for Sunshine huh?

Author's Response:

Hey Glo! And no, Lakevallée is an imaginary town in Montana. It was easier for me to create one since I don't live in America and could imagine it as I wanted ;)

I so love your theory! We will know soon if part of it is right, since some questions will be answered as the story proceeds. Glad you like the reference to 'Desperate Housewives' and Liam's Harley! LOL And Liam's style is quite different from Brian's, right? Justin is in for some surprises...

Love to read your reviews! Hope all if well with you <3 :) 

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2017 01:20 PM · On: Chapter 3 - Lakevallée

Wow.  Justin's arrived and I hope will have a chance meeting with Liam.  Then you have Connor to complicate things.  Who is the mole?  So many ways this could go and I'll enjoy seeing what you do!

Author's Response:

So many questions, right? And believe me, it's only the beginning LOL. I'm so glad you want to know more Phyllis! Thank you so much for the support, as always <3 :)

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2017 12:31 PM · On: Chapter 3 - Lakevallée

Oh mon dieu ! Est ce que Liam est Brian ? Je crois que j'aimerai ça ! Super chapitre Alois, vraiment on
rentre dans l'histoire petit à petit avec juste ce qu'il faut pour se poser plein de questions ! Merciiii

Author's Response:

Je crois que tu as deviné! et je suis super contente que tu sois toujours intéressée pour connaitre la suite! Ce chapitre était essentiel pour introduire de nouveaux personnages qui auront un rôle important dans cette histoire, qui sera surtout centrée sur Brian et Justin.

Encore un grand merci Marie-France! J'espère que tout va bien dans le sud :)

Reviewer: LauraB725 (Signed) · Date: September 10, 2017 03:47 PM · On: Chapter 2 - The photograph

OMG! OMG! My heart shattered into pieces thinking Brian was dead but then I remembered your declaration that this wasn't a death fic. Phew! However this didn't stop my heart from threatening to jump out of my chest. Good grief, if all chapters are like this I may not survive lol.

I'm elated that Michael is actually an adult here. It's a shock that he of all people got through to Justin. Even though Justin seems to only be just making it through the day, at least he's not killing himself with drinking, drugs, and random sex anymore. We have Michael to thank for that. I never thought I'd thank Michael for anything lol.

Could that have been Brian in the cafe? I don't think it was a coincidence that the patron left that particular magazine behind. It was Brian giving his sunshine a clue because he knows the boy is brilliant and would try to find him without letting on to anyone else that he's alive. What I don't know is why after 6 years? Hmmm. I could be totally off here but that's what I'm thinking, at the moment anyway.

I'm assuming Brian faked his death (with help obviously) to protect his loved ones, particularly Justin and Gus. There has to be something much bigger going on here then just the death of Jason Kemp. I'm so curious about what Brian stumbled on to. Drug ring? Human trafficking? My inquisitive mind is working overtime lol.

It will be interesting when it's revealed that Brian is alive. Not that I think that will happen anytime soon. I'm thinking his family will not react well, at least at first.

I'm anxiously waiting for your next update!


Author's Response:

OMG, I loved to read your review!

I know this chapter was hard to read, but I promise it will be worth it! And you know me, Michael won't ever be a bad guy in my fics, and he does succeed in knocking some sense into Justin here. Impressive, I know although if one man truly cares about Brian apart from Justin, it's Michael.

I LOVE your theory! I won't say if you're wrong or right of course, but I promise you will know if it's a coincidence or not at some point, and why six years have passed. And also where is Brian... well so many questions,  and I adore reading your thoughts on them.

Next chapter will be updated on Friday. Thank you!!!

Reviewer: LauraB725 (Signed) · Date: September 10, 2017 12:16 PM · On: Chapter 1 - The night Brian Kinney disappears

Hi Alois,

I love mystery and suspense and you delivered on that in the very first chapter! Very intriguing and of course you sucked me in pretty much from the first couple of paragraphs.

I'm so relieved that this is not a death fic! As usual Brian is in the thick of things. I loved his interaction with Carl and am extremely curious who shot him. I have a feeling this is part of the mystery though and not something we'll know all that soon. 

Very interesting twist on the Stockwell arc. Brilliant story idea and I'm anxious to read more!


Author's Response:

Hi Laura,

I'm glad you want to know more! You're right, there are a lot of things that won't be revealed right away, and it's going to take a while before all mysteries are revealed. I hope you will enjoy the ride :)

I'm thrilled to have you on board :) Thank you for your amazing support!

Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Signed) · Date: September 10, 2017 12:39 AM · On: Chapter 2 - The photograph


That's me being speechless!

Poor Justin!

Thank goodness for Ben and Michael and Ted.

I'm not sure how I'll be able to wait for the next chapter~

Author's Response:


I will take it as a good sign! 

The next chapter will be up next Friday. Thank you for sharing your speechlessness (Is that a word? LOL) with me!

Reviewer: Predec2 (Signed) · Date: September 09, 2017 05:40 PM · On: Chapter 2 - The photograph

Hi, Alois! OMG, I am so hooked on this story already! And as usual, you evoke such emotions in your story that just pulls the reader in. I'm greedy for more! Can't wait to read the rest of this! Wil be eagerly waiting for the next part. Thank you for writing and posting this. Loving the plot. ~Kim

Author's Response:

Hey Kim! And aw, your review makes me so happy! I had a great (if I can say that lol) time writing Justin in this chapter. It's hard but also very revealing of how much Brian means (meant?) to him. And this is just the beginning since a lot of revelations are coming... Be prepared for the ride! I truly hope you will enjoy this one, since I have such a great time writing it :)

Thank you again for your support and friendship <3 

Reviewer: Enohvee1875 (Signed) · Date: September 09, 2017 03:52 PM · On: Chapter 2 - The photograph

Wow! Justin really hit rock bottom but he managed to claw his way back. But the incident that has him motivated him into making the road trip...has my radar pinging.  I don't feel like it was coincidental. Please give us more soon .

Author's Response:

Justin is strong, although Brian's death hit him hard. And it's a good thing your radar is pinging, since Lakevallée has many secrets to reveal * hint * Now, to know if this is a coincidence or not, is another question... ;)

Thank you so much!

Reviewer: Enohvee1875 (Signed) · Date: September 09, 2017 03:48 PM · On: Chapter 1 - The night Brian Kinney disappears

I know you said this is not a death fic so I will not have a breakdown over the end of the chapter. But I feel like the shooter is someone Brian knows well and I may be reaching , but could it be Emmett?  Just a thought. Great start to the story.

Author's Response:

I promise this is not a death fic, and I hope it makes your reading more bearable! And thanks so much for sharing your theory! I promise you will know if you're correct or not at one point, although, it might take a while *  grin *

Thank you for commenting!!

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: September 09, 2017 11:35 AM · On: Chapter 2 - The photograph

Snif ! j'ai eu quelques larmes, j'aimerai tellement que ce soit Brian! Je suis impatiente de faire ce voyage avec Justin et voir ce qu'il va trouver ! Super chapitre Alois ! Merci

Author's Response:

Ce chapitre a été à la fois dur et émouvant à écrire, mais je suis heureuse de t'avoir donné envie de connaitre la suite! Le voyage de Justin commence dès le prochain chapiter, avec de nouvelles révélations :)

Merci à toi pour ton soutien, j'adore lire tes commentaires :D

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: September 08, 2017 11:53 PM · On: Chapter 2 - The photograph

Oh this is so good.  My mind is going places but I'll wait to see if I'm right.  Love how you use Ben to get through to Justin.  It's a perfect use of his character.  And giving Ted as a friend when he needs him is perfect.  You got me wanting more.

Author's Response:

Yay! Thanks for this great review Phyllis :) I'm so glad this story pulls you in and thank you for pointing out what you liked in this chapter. You make me a very happy girl :D


Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: September 07, 2017 02:43 AM · On: Chapter 1 - The night Brian Kinney disappears

So mysterious.  I'm pretty sure Brian doesn't die and this could be the start of a sting.  It's going to be so exciting and I can't wait for the next chapter to see where you take us!

Author's Response:

You might be onto something * evil grin * I'm excited to share this story with you! I might post the next chapter this week-end or next week-end :) 

Thank you for your support :D

Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Signed) · Date: September 07, 2017 12:51 AM · On: Chapter 1 - The night Brian Kinney disappears

Oh, wow! I'm hooked!

Author's Response:

And I'm thrilled you are!! Thank you :)

Reviewer: Predec2 (Signed) · Date: September 06, 2017 11:48 PM · On: Chapter 1 - The night Brian Kinney disappears

Hi, Alois!  What a unique twist on Season 3!  I love how you started out with the climax of part of the story, and then filled in the back story (or at least part of it).

Stockwell was such a despicable man that I could definitely see him in this role.  Poor Brian!  What a spot to be in. Somehow, I don't think Carl's precautions are going to protect Brian enough; that is evident enough in the beginning. 

You've definitely got me intrigued! And that banner with the animation is spectacular. I'm glad you figured out how to get it placed with the story; it is certainly an eye catcher.

Eagerly looking forward to the rest.  Thank you for posting this on here. ~Kim

Author's Response:

I'm glad this way of revealing the plot works for you! This story is an alternative season 3, sort of, even though you will understand soon where we're heading ;) I hope you will enjoy the ride.

Thanks also for your kind words about the banner. I had fun doing it, and I'm happy I finally figured it out, too.

Hope you're okay, my friend! Thank you for your amazing review. X0XO

Reviewer: Glo (Signed) · Date: September 06, 2017 07:47 PM · On: Chapter 1 - The night Brian Kinney disappears

I love a good murder mystery! Although I am glad this isn't a death fic too, relieved is more like it. The Brain/Carl dynamic is brilliant! Who shot him? I have my theories of course...can't wait for the next chapter Alois, well done! 

Author's Response:

I'd loved to hear your theories Glo! And I'm glad the Carl/Brian dynamic works for you. So what is going to happen next? * hehe * I will try not waiting too long before posting the next chapter. And if you have ideas on who shot Brian, I'm all ears LOL!

Thank you for the review Glo!

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