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Reviewer: hikinggirl70 (Signed) · Date: January 16, 2018 12:06 AM · On: Ready To Accept Destiny

Loved it. Can't wait to the next chapter.

Author's Response:

Glad you liked it. :) More to come as soon as I can. Thanks for commenting! 

Reviewer: Predec2 (Signed) · Date: January 14, 2018 02:12 PM · On: An Enemy Lurks

Hi, Janet - glad to see an update to this! Well, while Lindsay is her typical, snarky, 'nose-up-in-the-air' self, you've got me wondering now about Michael and Ben. I remember mentioning Ben as a possible spy before, and when I found out he seemed to be a traitor, I was like, "ah ha!"  But now...not so sure where his loyalities lie - ha! 

And good to see Michael with a backbone here.  He really let "Her Highness" have it!

So I will be looking forward to seeing how all of this unfolds.  Speaking of 'backs,' Justin better watch his, or Lindsay might put a knife in it before the Sap can get to him!  As always, enjoy reading in this realm.  Thanks for the update - and thanks for posting it on here.  Greatly appreciated.  ~Kim

Author's Response:

Hello Kim,

I didn't think I'd ever get to update this again. As I know you understand as well, life is so chaotic! I am getting too old for this routine. LOL!

The only thing I've tried to reveal so far is that Lindsay is very bad, and Michael is actually good. Did I write that sentence? When do I ever make him good? Haha. But, I wanted a more personal challenge as I did with my other WIP and decided let's see if I can do this. Regarding the actual villains, that will progress more quickly once we get through this night. For the immediate future, the King and Justin seem to be quite occupied. 

I'm glad you're enjoying this story. I do enjoy writing in this realm as well. More to come as soon as I can. Thanks for reading and your support. It is deeply appreciated. :) 

Reviewer: LauraB725 (Signed) · Date: January 14, 2018 01:33 PM · On: Ready To Accept Destiny

I have a hard time wrapping my head around Michael being a good person let alone not lusting after Brian LOL. Hopefully he doesn’t cross over to the dark side (ie Lindsay).


Lindsay is quite a piece of work here. She’s going to wreak all sorts of havoc ugh. I have this awful feeling she will somehow align herself with Sapperstein. An alliance born in hell. It will not end wee, for either of them!


 I’m glad that Justin dialed back his attitude and admitted that he wants Brian and despite everything he trusts him to take care of him. I love Brian showing his softer side to Justin. I’ll admit I was a bit surprised that he did so so soon. Obviously he doesn’t do this for his other slaves. I’m looking forward to much more!


Thank you for taking the time out of you crazy busy RL to feed my addiction. I appreciate it more than you knowd84;a039;d84;a039;

Author's Response:

I know it's not typical to see me writing Michael as a positive character. You'll have to trust me! Haha. I think you can *crosses finger*. We have enough villains here, right? LOL. 

Once we get through this actual night, things will move forward in regards to Sapperstein and anyone who is aiding him. It is my intention to wrap up that part of the story rather quickly, once we get past this night. Obviously, since we know what is happening on this night, that won't be immediate. Haha. 

At this point, I think Brian is showing a softer side merely to make this easier for Justin. He has so much pressure as the King, and these threats that are facing him and his home, he really wants this night to happen. How he acts afterward could be different. We'll have to see. 

You are very welcome. I have been wanting to get back to this story, but RL takes a nasty bite as usual. Once the other story is finished, this should move along much better. Thank you for reading and your support. It is very much appreciated. :) 

Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: January 14, 2018 11:26 AM · On: Ready To Accept Destiny

Lindsay nasty and Michael nice? Why not I can not wait for more andf what will happen in Justin's room !! Take the time it takes to write this story, life is not easy every day: Thank you for this update

Author's Response:

Haha. Michael can't be the anti-character all of the time? Well, I know he usually is in my stories, but maybe not this time. RL has been a major ordeal, but I love writing in my downtime. It definitely balances me out. More to come. Thank you so much for commenting! :) 

Reviewer: Happy Gamma (Signed) · Date: January 13, 2018 06:02 PM · On: Ready To Accept Destiny

I think it was a good way to end, leaving us waiting for the chapters to come.  Anticipation is good.  But, Michael, a good guy, ?????  We will have to see.  At least he is not a friend of the wicked queen !!!!!!  No matter when I will be happy to see this story continue.  Don't let RL get you down.

Author's Response:

Perhaps the wait won't be too long. It's possible that 'The Client' could be wrapped up in just one more chapter. If so, I will be back to work on this very soon. Michael as a good guy is a definite switch for me. We'll see, but right now it sure seems that way. It would be a nice change to make someone else the heavy for once. Lol. 

Thanks for reading and commenting. It is appreciated more than you know. :) 

Reviewer: hikinggirl70 (Signed) · Date: December 10, 2017 07:26 PM · On: Friend or Foe?

I don't think Ben would be disloyal to Brian so we will have to wait and see what his plan is.

Can't wait to see how Brian seduces Justin later in the evening.



Author's Response:

It is difficult to imagine Ben doing that. No one knows better than him the price of such a betrayal. But, we will see. 

The next chapter should be all Brian and Justin. I will get back to this story as quickly as I can. Thanks so much for commenting. :) 

Reviewer: tiger062 (Signed) · Date: December 10, 2017 10:56 AM · On: Friend or Foe?

Oh what a wicked web we weave...somehow I think Ben is part of a plot devised by the King. I can't imagine him being a traitor. Can't wait to find out. Lindsay just a horrible, greedy, nasty bitch. And Justin - looking forward to reading about his night with the King.

Author's Response:

Yes, it is very hard to see Ben as a traitor. I guess we'll see how it plays out. Lindsay definitely needs to go, and hopefully, that happens soon. For now, though, it's onto Justin's night with the King. Let's hope no outside drama unfolds then. If so, they would probably lose their heads! LOL. 

Thanks so much for commenting. It is deeply appreciated. :) 

Reviewer: Marny (Signed) · Date: December 09, 2017 07:19 AM · On: Friend or Foe?

Oh no that can't be true Ben!?!? 

Still loving this story.

* hugs *

Author's Response:

That seems to be the question of the day! Haha. If it is true, we need to know why, and if it isn't, we have to know what's really going on. Many questions to answer yet. :) 

Glad you're enjoying the story, Marian. Thanks for commenting! 



Reviewer: LauraB725 (Signed) · Date: December 09, 2017 03:38 AM · On: Friend or Foe?

Ben?! OMG noooooooo I don't want to believe it! This can't be... I have to believe something else is going on here. But what could that be? Could he be undercover pretending to work with Sapperstein in order to draw him out? But then why doesn't the King know? Or does he?? Is someone threatening Ben or someone he loves to get his cooperation? I really have a hard time envisioning Ben associating with scum like Sapperstein or betraying the King like this. Ugh, so many questions!


I had actually given a passing thought to Ben but quickly brushed it aside thinking it could be Tucker instead.  Geez, I can hardly wait to read more about this turn of events. 


As for Lindsay, so, as it turns out, the only status she has is that of Gus"s birth mother. I'm so glad she is no longer the Queen and has no power. It seems that her cushy lifestyle may be coming to an end in the not too distant future. She better watch her step or it will happen sooner than she expects!


I'm curious about Michael's roll in this world. He seems to be keeping a low profile and that is definitely OOC for Michael and very concerning to me. Could he be in cahoots with Sapperstein?? Maybe Ben found out and is trying to control the situation?


My dear friend, you have succeeded in shocking me yet again. Nice job! Looking forward to the next chapter!



Author's Response:

Haha. I think I have everyone in a panic here. Is Ben truly a traitor to the King... or is there more that we don't know? So many possibilities here; but, I know the answer to those particular questions. :) 

Lindsay is a horrible person here. No matter what she does from here on out, it's probably done with malice.

And for sure, her days could be numbered within the palace walls! 

At this point, Michael appears to be as he seems. A low profile, devoted to Ben, and for once, not crushing on Brian! LOL. He was a bit snarky with Lindsay. Is there a story there? I guess we'll have to see. I know this chapter probably brought on even more questions, but they will be answered in time. 

More to come as soon as I can. Thanks so much for commenting, my friend. It is very much appreciated!




Reviewer: rulisteningbj (Signed) · Date: December 08, 2017 10:46 PM · On: Friend or Foe?

My hope is that Ben is not a traitor.  Lindsay's days seem to be numbered.  Let's get the Sap gone soon.  Please.

Dee Dee

Author's Response:

It does seem to be the popular vote that Ben isn't a traitor. We'll see what happens. Lindsay is a menace in every way. She and the Sap definitely need to be sorted out quickly. More to come as soon as I can. Thanks for commenting, Dee Dee. It's always very much appreciated!


Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: December 08, 2017 12:59 PM · On: Friend or Foe?

Really Ben would betray his King? Hard to believe but we'll see! I think Lindsay should tell the King what she may have heard that would give her a little bit of luck in keeping her position, but I think that at her risk she will go to the enemy! Really impatient for the rest to know who betrays the King and how he will solve all that! nice story Janet, thank you!

Author's Response:

I guess we'll have to see if something more is going on, but for now, it appears that Sapperstein is playing a hand he could win. Let's hope not! Lindsay should have told Brian what she heard, but Lindsay here isn't big on doing the right thing. More to come. I'm glad you're enjoying this story. Thank you so much for commenting! :)

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: December 08, 2017 03:17 AM · On: Friend or Foe?

Ben a traitor?  What do you have going on.  If Lindsay was as worked up by Brian's threat she would have mention what she heard Ben say.  Of course, if Ben is working under Brian's orders, that puts a whole new light on the subject.

Author's Response:

It is very hard to imagine. I guess we'll find out. :) I think at the end of the conversation, Lindsay was a bit unnerved by Brian's manner, and she probably hopes to use her information to play one against the other. But, for sure, if Ben is working for the King, then this has an entirely different meaning and outcome. More to come. Thanks so much for commenting! 

Reviewer: soirsagrey (Signed) · Date: December 07, 2017 11:34 PM · On: Friend or Foe?

Hiya Janet,

In the middele of messy renovations in the house I found time to read the last chapter. This story is gaining more and more strength and has a bit of a thriller element going.

Ben betraying Brian? Don;t really think so. I guess Ben is playing a role in a scheme to get the real enemy to blow his/her cover. May it happen soon for I fear for Justin.

Now off to get some much needed sleep.



Author's Response:

Hi Meriam, 

Things are moving along here, with I hope the angst reaching its peak soon. 

I guess we'll have to see about Ben, but it is very hard to imagine. If it is a ploy, it would be a very clever device if it 'outed' any other spies for Sapperstein. For certain, Justin won't be safe until Sapperstein is gone for good. Let's hope that happens very soon. 

Have a good sleep and best of luck with the renovations. Don't work at it too hard! :) 

Thanks for commenting, my friend.



Reviewer: Happy Gamma (Signed) · Date: December 07, 2017 09:12 PM · On: Friend or Foe?

I can't imagine Ben betraying Brian, BUT it is your imagination in control not mine.  I hope it is part of trap to catch Saperstein, but only you know.  Another great chapter.

Author's Response:

It is hard to imagine Ben betraying Brian, especially in this world. Who would dare to oppose this King? Haha. Well, Sapperstein for one. But in regards to Ben, I guess we'll have to see how everything plays out. Glad you enjoyed the chapter. Thanks so much for commenting! :) 

Reviewer: rulisteningbj (Signed) · Date: November 27, 2017 11:11 PM · On: An Enemy Lurks

When Lindsay returned I was suspect of her.  Not sure though.  

Dee Dee

Author's Response:

There could definitely be a variety of choices here, but I have to say that Lindsay seems most likely. She has the most to gain being rid of Justin. We'll see. 

Thanks for commenting, my friend. More to come as soon as I can. :) 

Reviewer: LauraB725 (Signed) · Date: November 25, 2017 08:31 PM · On: An Enemy Lurks

I love Emmett in this story. While he desperately wants Justin's friendship and trust he doesn't hide his loyalty to his King and long-time friend. I think he makes an excellent advocate for King Brian and certainly seems to help Justin see him in a different light.

I love how blunt Emmett was with respect to Lindsay too! Although I do believe he may have divulged a bit too much about Brian and Lindsay's marriage.  I'm sure Justin would learn such things in time but it should have come from the King himself.

Lindsay's indifference to Gus is disappointing but expected. We haven't seen too much of her yet and only witnessed her with Gus through the eyes of others. Further along I wouldn't put it past Lindsay to use her son to hurt the King or keep her position as Queen. It's going to be a bumpy ride but we know who will come out on top!

I understand Justin's anger about the current situation in which he lives. However I think he might be just a bit angry at himself because deep down he knows that he won't be able to resist the beautiful King, even though he won't admit it out loud. I am certain his attitude would be so different if he was there of his own free will. Eventually I think we'll get there but not for a while most likely.

Nice to see sensible Justin when it comes to his safety and the capture of Sapperstein! At least he doesn't fight Brian on this too! 

Ahh another hot kiss! Can't wait until it progresses to more than this!

Now, who is the mysterious voyeur? I imagine it's not Lindsay besides the fact that she would be the obvious choice she wouldn't be able to stand by and watch them kiss! Evil cliffhanger ugh!

Thank you for updating! Looking forward to the next update!




Author's Response:

I am definitely enjoying writing Emmett here, both in his interactions with the King and with Justin as well. I guess we'll see how that plays out, but I'm sure he will certainly feel he's in the middle more often than not. I think it's safe to say that Lindsay will do anything to continue her undeserved style of life. She is clearly the obvious suspect as the photo taker, which probably makes most readers think that it's not her since that would be an easy out. But, who knows? Maybe for once, the answer is right there in front of us. Lol. 

Yes, I think that's very true. Justin would have an entirely different outlook if he wasn't the King's slave. That probably won't happen anytime soon, but before this story can be finished, that aspect might need to change. Justin does seem to exhibit a degree of common sense. He knows not to fight Brian in regards to his protection from Sapperstein. That threat is real, and I doubt he'll do anything to place himself in that man's hands!

More to come as soon as I can. Thank you so much for commenting, my friend. It is very much appreciated! :) 

Reviewer: Predec2 (Signed) · Date: November 21, 2017 08:23 PM · On: An Enemy Lurks

Ahhh... you did it again with the cliffhangers - ha!  I don't know...having Lindsay being the picture taker seems too pat and simple an answer. I think it's someone else.  I wonder if it could even be one of the King's most inner circle that he told Justin he trusts with his life?  Tucker would be an intriguing possibility in a way.  He seems genuinely supportive and affectionate toward Jennifer, but could it be a ploy?

I continue to really love how you describe this type of Brian in this 'verse.  Still one of my favorite places for your stories to occur! Thanks for the update. Looking eagerly forward to the next part when you get time.  ~Kim

Author's Response:

Haha. You know me and cliffhangers. I don't think my hands can write without them - LOL.

Yes, I agree. Lindsay being the culprit would be rather pat, and not the route I typically take. So, who knows? Maybe it will be this time. My lips are sealed. Haha. 

I'm so glad you enjoy Brian in these 'verses. I do enjoy writing him like this. More of this to come as quickly as I can. Thank you for reading and supporting this story. It is truly appreciated! :) 

Reviewer: hikinggirl70 (Signed) · Date: November 21, 2017 02:25 AM · On: An Enemy Lurks

Now I want to know who is watching the King and Justin. I am sure the picture was sent to the Sap.

Author's Response:

Yes, I think it's safe to assume that the picture was sent to the Sap. As to who it was, I guess we'll have to see. 

Thanks so much for commenting!

Reviewer: tiger062 (Signed) · Date: November 21, 2017 02:17 AM · On: An Enemy Lurks

Love the dynamic between Justin and Emmett - hopefully Justin will feel comfortable enough in the future to trust Emmett enough for a close friendship to develop. Lindsay is a piece of work - and not is a good way - selfish bitch - and ignoring Gus like that shows her true colours. Lindsay taking the photo? Seems a bit convenient - would be just like her - but knowing you, you have something up your sleeve - Can't wait to find out. Justin seems 'slightly' drawn to the King...LOL - poor boy - he has no idea...LOL

Author's Response:

It would be nice if Justin and Emmett formed a solid friendship. I think they could be good for each other. Lindsay is definitely a selfish bitch. It would be nice if she was gone in the quickest time possible, but that's probably not going to happen yet. We'll have to see about the photo. I could just surprise everyone and go with the obvious, but we'll have to see what my muse has in mind. Haha. Justin does seem to be softening toward the King, but who could blame him? :) 

More to come as soon as I can. Thanks so much for commenting!

Reviewer: soirsagrey (Signed) · Date: November 20, 2017 03:02 PM · On: An Enemy Lurks

Hiya, I wouldn't at all be surprised if it were Lindsay spying for Sapperstein. All that Brian can give her would never be enough for her. She wants more and more and more. It;s obvious she only had Gus to gain status and access to all the riches she ever wanted and still it's not enough. She's one nasty piece of work.

I love Emmett's loyalty to Brian and his deep friendship for Justin. He, together wit Ben, could turn out to be a valuable protection for both.

And Jennifer? She never deserved Lindsay scorn for she has more class in her little finger than Lindsay has in her entire body. 

I will keep following this story and review as often as possible. Looking forward to the next update.

Love you and your work.




Author's Response:

Hello, my friend,

Lindsay is certainly the number one suspect, and the obvious one as well. I guess we'll have to see if it's all answered that simply. Obviously, she cares nothing for Brian or their son. She just wants to live the good life, at the King's expense and is threatened by anything or anyone that could end up being special to Brian. Therefore, she would view Justin as an enemy. 

I am hoping to continue to build a friendship between Emmett and Justin. I do enjoy that dynamic. It's not done nearly enough. I think Justin wants that too, although, he doesn't trust him right now, but I think that's to be expected. 

More of this to come as soon as I can. Thanks for reading and commenting. I truly appreciate your support.



Reviewer: marie-france (Signed) · Date: November 20, 2017 10:50 AM · On: An Enemy Lurks

I like this chapter, a lot of things are happening! Who took the picture Lyndsay? Who betrays the king? Thanks for the update

Author's Response:

Glad you liked the chapter. Things are definitely moving along, and should continue along even more. Lindsay is the obvious culprit since we know she was out there and was on her phone. But, is it really that easily solved? I guess we'll find out. Thanks for reading and commenting. More to come as soon as I can. :) 

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: November 20, 2017 03:09 AM · On: An Enemy Lurks

Justin is fighting a losing battle.  My guess as to took the picture is Michael.  He so easy to see as a villian.

Author's Response:

Yes, Justin really is, and I think he knows it. A good guess, but we'll have to see. I think my past writings makes Michael an immediate suspect in any wrongdoing. I'm never very kind to him in fanfiction, but so far, at least, he's been okay in this story. But, again, we'll have to wait and see. :) 

Thanks so much for commenting! 

Reviewer: Happy Gamma (Signed) · Date: November 19, 2017 11:55 PM · On: An Enemy Lurks

Another great chapter.  I love how this story is now moving forward.  Can't wait to see where it goes next.  Keep up the good writing.  Have a nice evening.

Author's Response:

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. Things are definitely moving forward. It's not my intention to drag this out into epic lengths as appears to be the case with 'The Client.' LOL. I do hope to resolve some of the drama in this story in the upcoming chapters and get back to focusing on developing Brian and Justin's relationship. Thanks for reading and commenting. Your support is greatly appreciated! Have a great week! :) 

Reviewer: tiger062 (Signed) · Date: November 19, 2017 04:13 AM · On: The Homecoming

Lady Jennifer is definitely a Lady - pity the same can't be said about the Queen.  It'll be interesting to see how both Jennifer and Justin deal with the 'harridan' - definitely looking forward to that - and Brian in the middle of that with the problem of Sap around the corner... So many possibilities - can't wait - but will be patient - RL does interfere a lot doesn't it - so inconvenient...LOL 

Author's Response:

When it comes to class, Lady Jennifer and the Queen shouldn't even be in the same conversation. Lol. Definitely, so many possibilities that can play out here. The adventure should escalate in each chapter as the trouble steadily gets resolved. And, for sure, RL can be more than inconvenient... but, I do try working around it. :) 

Thanks so much for commenting! 

Reviewer: LauraB725 (Signed) · Date: November 12, 2017 12:34 PM · On: The Homecoming

Lady Jennifer appears to be relaxing a bit. Her chat with King Brian seemed easy and more comfortable than past encounters. 


I'm a bit skeptical of the King's plan to draw Sapperstein. I think Sapperstein will anticipate that Justin will not be there and plan to go after him at the palace where security may not be in full force during this farce of a funeral. In any case, I highly doubt he will get near Justin but I sure am looking forward to him making his move and being captured.


Ah the Queen has arrived at last. That grand entrance of hers, so typical and her reaction to Lady Jennifer expected. I am eagerly anticipating her meeting with Justin. She will truly understand that he is no ordinary slave to the King. Realization will dawn that her days are well and truly numbered. Let the fireworks begin!


Justin continues to be so defiant and a bit disrespectful. While I understand his feelings towards his forced life, I would think he is smart enough to know that it is inevitable that the King will have him. Admittedly he is attracted to Brian, doesn't he realize he is being treated better than an average slave would be? Not to mention that the King is also caring for and protecting his mother. Ugh! He's so pigheaded!


I am excited that Justin is finally being moved to Brian's quarters. Brian would never force himself on him but boy he is in for the seduction of his lifetime! Can't wait!


Thank you for a wonderful update Janet. I'm eagerly looking forward to the next one.



Author's Response:

Yes, Jennifer seems to be coming into her own. As much as the King frightens her at times, I think she also holds a grudging respect for him. I don't think that will ever be extended to the Queen! LOL. 

In order for the funeral plan to work, I think they would need Justin's cooperation. Perhaps if the 'spy' believed Justin earnestly wants to be at his father's funeral, the Sap will believe the King would relent just to make his prized possession happy. We will have to see how and when the Sap gets recaptured. It could be soon, or it could be long-term. Some details I'm still working out yet. :) In regards to Justin's safety, though, I doubt he could be any safer than residing in the King's quarters... but I'm sure that will raise many questions around the palace about why this new (and basically unknown to the other slaves) slave is getting such preferential treatment. The seduction should begin soon. We just have to get them through the rest of the day first. 

More to come as soon as I can. Thank you so much for reading and your constant support. It means so much to me! 


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