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Reviewer: Dioramanya (Anonymous) · Date: November 30, 2016 02:50 PM · On: Chapter 11: New Release Date for SSW Media

When I want to read some QAF fiction, here is my first stop. I like the warm atmosphere. I don't know what is it but I enjoy it. The screen is a light blue that doesn’t hurt my eyes. The words police isn’t crazy. There aren’t gay male porn ads all over the page because I’m in QAF fandom.

I have nothing against changes and it feels more like improvement. It's really good. I'm excited.

What about tags? I love tags. They make my life so much easier but sometimes it's too crazy. Will you give a panel of tags to authors to use or will they be able to create their own? I hate when I find stupid tag like "love banana" "because I said so" or whatever (archive of our own) :(

It would be easier to have a guide of all the tags for everyone to understand what they mean because:

Brian Kinney & Justin Taylor: it means to me “friendship

Brian Kinney / Justin Taylor: it means to me “love relationship

Brian Kinney x Justin Taylor: it means to me “love relationship

It may not be the same for others.

Being able to select what I want to read is great but it would be awesome to be able to select what I DON'T WANT to read. For example: “BDSM” is ok but “Rape” isn’t.


Another question: Would it still be alright to leave comments without being members?

Author's Response:

Thank you for commenting, Dioramanya.

The appearance of a website is very important; it should be attractive but not complex and busy. Easy on the eyes and certainly, easy to read is a must at the minimum. Our design for the new site takes all this into consideration.

We'll continue to use simple easy to understand tags, and they are customized for each fandom they are a part of, too. And authors can request new ones which we will seriously consider adding should they serve the theme of clear simplicity for our readers.

We do plan to allow anonymous reviews; however, if we are attacked by either a human or robot - troll or spam event, we withhold the ability to turn off for a period of time, anonymous reviews until we get the bad event under control.

You should join us now. You only have to give a pen name, and good email address which is held totally private and never shared with anyone. It's our only way to verify you are you, when contacting us. There's going to be a great number of features and benefits for our members in the new website, and joining now will gain the designation of a "Founding Member". Once the new site goes live, no one else will gain that honor again.

~Bob, Tech Support



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