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Reviewer: starfire64 (Signed) · Date: November 01, 2016 06:19 PM · On: Chapter 8: The new website is StarShip Whispers

Hello No 8her : ) Thank you, we are very happy you like the website :  ) as one of the admins on here I’m just adding to what Bob said below. The new site will be for anyone above the age restriction who wants to join, it’s won’t matter what your sexual orientation is. As Bob said, not everyone on here is gay; many of us are straight, married women, including myself, but please be assured, the only thing you WON’T find on the current site or on the new one are haters, we have zero tolerance for that sort of thing. I have two friends on here who are gay men and they are both very dear to me : )

Janet - admin

Author's Response:

Mom's talking; time to listen. Thanks, Janet.

Reviewer: No 8her (Anonymous) · Date: November 01, 2016 04:30 PM · On: Chapter 8: The new website is StarShip Whispers

A friend tweeted me about ssw.media. After seeing the video and doing a google search I found this website. Is the new website going to be for gays? Need to know just because. Besides that, the website looks real good. The info doesn't say for gays but I want to be sure. Is everybody gay here?

Author's Response:

Thanks for your comment No H8er. Actually the overwhelming majority of the members here are women, straight, married, mothers and grandmothers who get a kick writing about the gay characters of the famous hit cable TV series on Showtime: Queer as Folk. The show's characters are very complex and tons of fun to read and write about.

Because of the software we're using, we couldn't make a decent mobile website from the main website. This software is so old it was before the boom in mobile Internet viewing. Add to that the fact that 70% of Internet private users today are doing it with mobile devices, we had to change to stay up with the times. When we researched how to fix this, we realized how easy it would be to create a website for everyone and not just writers and readers. This website is called fan fiction, where fans of a favorite show or movie will write about the characters and create their own stories. Most fan fiction stories are totally straight, too.

There's lots of fan fiction sites online about almost every show or movie made. Harry Potter, Twilight, Criminal Minds, and Game of Thrones are very popular fan fiction stories, and there are many more. So were going to have all kinds of fan fiction stories on the new website someday. However, it's very possible that original and nonfiction writings could dominate the new website in time. But it won't matter, because each main set of stories will have its own private media section for stories, art, photos, fan stories, and more. A great deal of planning has gone into the future growth of SSW.

Imagine a city the size of London, that's actually a collection of thousands of individual villages. That is what our new website will possibly become.

Anybody 13 years old and older can be a member of the new StarShip Whispers website. There's going to be teen and adult stories (novels) too. Teens will be restricted from the adult stories until they come of age.

The new website will be for everyone. From casual people to professionals and everyone in between. It's a fiction site like Wattpad, a social media, blog and fan fiction site like Live Journal, a social media site like Facebook and MySpace, and a hosting site providing free websites for our members - Websites they can make custom changes to as desired.

So the new website is for everyone and certainly not just gays. However, a few might slip in under the radar, and you probably won't even notice them :-)


bob, Whispers Tech Support



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