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Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: May 02, 2016 03:08 PM · On: Chapter 15

When I was growing up people minded their own business so I kinda get where Deb is coming from in trying to help Brian and not make waves when he's growing up.  What caused Brian's panic attach?  The e-mails from Mikey and Lindsay or the one from Cynthia asking about Justin's present?  I was trying to understand Lady Jane's motivation.  I imagined someone in her past got her into this line of work, but I could be wrong.  Then you give us the information that she has 7 kids!  When did she have time, even with the prozac!  Is she going to realize that Brian has that something extra that most people don't?  So looking forward to more information.

Reviewer: Acadian Proud (Anonymous) · Date: May 01, 2016 03:25 AM · On: Chapter 14

I loved how this chapter ended.  Jane is a very intriguing character.  I can't wait to see what you have planned next.   Also, I hope you talk more about Brian's ability to 'read auras'.

Author's Response:

I am glad this story still finds an avid audience. I know it is different than most readers expect. I like to try and keep people on their toes and guessing. We will get to Brian's Superpower, just not yet.

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: April 30, 2016 06:12 PM · On: Chapter 14

Okay, I'm trying to look at the big picture and try to figure out where everyone fits in.  Mikey and Ben are more concerned with Hunter who is more concerned about his girlfriend.  Ted is floating around the edge so not sure where he fits.  Deb and Jennifer are both worried about Brian and Deb doesn't even know the worse about what's happen.  Justin wants to be there for Brian, getting a gift from Brian from years ago has him confused and a bit upset.  Hopefully Daphne will find some balance for him.  Emmett is supporting Brian in any way he can.  Cynthia and Everett have so much sexual angst that I hope it doesn't get in the way.  Lady Jane, when I think of Jane Seymour I think of actress, not Henry's wife.  Where does she come by her knowledge of treating PTSD?  Brian, not in control as much as he wants to be, but more in control than most.  Thouroughly enjoying this story with all the tidbits of information you put out. 

Author's Response:

The big picture, as you say, is not available to see quite yet, but you can try.

Your take on the other characters is spot on, and Cynthia and Everett will get what is coming to them fairly soon.

As for Jane, she comes by her knowledge like all other doctors/therapists do. Education. She, however, became disheartened by the restrictions placed on "official" people, so never applied for the "DR." after her name. She has all the knowledge and no liscense. She has her own life story and has been helping people her own way, for a decade. She has titanium balls and a military grade bullshitometer. Truly a match for someone as tightly private as Brian.

So glad you are still enjoying. Stay tuned.

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: April 29, 2016 06:17 PM · On: Chapter 13

My we have a lot going on here.  Cynthia is not used to anyone telling her no.  Wonder how she's going to handle it.  Justin and Molly right now are wild cards.  Molly has info but how is she going to use it?  Justin has a plan, but what is it?  Emmett you gotta love.  The Banana Mobile and the big dog, Aunt Lulah are interesting additions.  Who does Brian need more clothes, it's not like he's going anywhere?  So SHE finally shows up, this is going to be soooo interesting.

Author's Response:

Yes, lots going on. Cynthia is enough like Brian to not take rejection well. Though she might handle it a little better, maybe. Justin and Molly are both wild cards, as you say, and just idealistic enough, to not realize the danger they could be in. I love Emmett. What can I say. Always have, Always will. This little side trip to the country will have laughter and tears for many. Brian will finally open up. Of course he needs some more clothes. He is Brian Kinney. SHE is the biggest wild card of all.

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: April 25, 2016 01:27 AM · On: Chapter 12

The ride into Mississippi was rather amusing to read.  Everyone was just too tired.  Brian is stuck there because Cynthia deems it the place to be and nobody fucks with Cynthia.  lol.  Not even Brian.

It's a good thing Justin has Daphne. 

Jennifer is back home and it looks like Molly needs her.  It's weird to think of her packing a bag of all Brian's favorite things.  How did she know?

Both Mel and Lindz did the same thing.  Lindz used Gus to tie Brian to her and Mel used Jenny Rebecca to tie Lindsayr. Mel was ready to divorce Lindsay but thanks to a picture, Melanie finally gets Brian Kinney.  She sees him through Lindsay's eyes.

Okay, forgive my ignorance.  I'm sure it was mentioned in a previous chapter, but is Nick one of Everett's men or one of the Stockwell's.  I could go back and reread but I want to continue with this chapter.

It's amazing what Cynthia can do with a small piece of  image.  Wish I could do that.

Why do I feel that the little snippet of Harry seeing one of Everett's men following someone will prove important?

Gotta love Emmett.  He's down to earth and practical.  It's hard to picture him shopping with 3 hopped up people and one nearly so, but funny at the same time.  It's like trying to corral children.  lol.

You give us a different view of how you see the characters and I like it a lot. 

Author's Response:

After the rollercoaster of emotions leading up to and encompassing the hospital, I felt our poor crew needed a little humor. Yeah, nobody fucks with Cynthia and Daphne will always support Justin and show him the error of his ways. Molly is growing up, and wants everyone to see her as the woman she is becoming and not just a child. I like to think, after the series ended, that Brian and Jen became very close. That she bacame a confidante for him. Someone that didnt see him with as much baggage as some of the others in the family did.

I was happy to finally give Mel the insight she needed to understand the Linds/Brian dynamic, and to give Lindsay the wherewithall to understand that Mel was really trying and how foolish her actions looked from the outside. Hopefully they will get their shit on track and let bygones be bygones.

I have not said yet who Nick is working for, but we can assume it is a badguy.

Cynthia rocks in all things! Brian keeps her around for a reason.

Harry is going to decide he needs to talk with Everett.

Yeah, I love Emmett too. He would have to have the patience of a saint to live with Michael for as long as he did, so it would make sense that he could handle three higher than kites adults.

I like different. There are a whole world of great writers on this site, but after reading for months and months, and not quite getting exactly the story I wanted to read, I decided to write one for myself.

I am just glad it found a supportive audience.

Get ready to step out of the box. We will have humor, sadness, therapy, vary large animals, and more Brian/Emmett shenanigans.

Thank you, as always, for the compliment and your time.


Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: April 22, 2016 09:25 PM · On: Chapter 11

Terrifying Lady?  I can imagine that's Cynthia and big scary man Everett.  LOL.

 Lindsay is up to something, I can tell.  How does Brian know she's there?  And it appears he's ready for her.  I almost wish Jennifer hadn't gone with the others to the restaurant.  I can see her taking Lindsay on.  Am I right in thinking she actually thought she could have the baby and Brian too? 

Poor Carl going up against Debbie, even worse Michael.  At least Debbie gets it. 

Brian sees people as colors?  I'm surprised that Noah knew, I know I didn't.  What color does he see Emmett?  Fuchsia?  I'm glad to see that Dr. Anders is calling in reinforcements.  Love, love, love his assessment of family and friends.

Justin and the cops.  It seemed to me that Justin was spot on in his description of Brian.  But when he answered about enemies, he mentions his father but not Stockwell.  He did well when they needed him for a distraction with the double.

Love seeing Emmett and his reactions.  A train to Hazlehurst.  Who'd a thought.

Author's Response:

Teeheehee. Yeah, you nailed it.

We are not sure yet how Brian knows she is there, and yes, he is ready for her. Jennifer needed a break, and Brian made sure his confrontation with Lindsay was as private as he could make it, to spare her possible embarrassment. Even messed up, he is still protective.

I am in agreement with you on the Michael/Debbie/Carl front.

Brian does, sometimes, see people as textures or colors or both. I have not divulged anything more than that as yet. You, as the reader, were meant to wonder.

Dr. Anders is does something unconventional for Brian that, ultimately, may end up saving his life a second time. His recruitment of the non-conventional therapist is, to his mind, a final atonement for not being able to stop Brian's abuse as a child.

Brian's assessment of his friends at this point, let us know he is still cognitive and very observant. The episodes are just that, episodes.

I think Justin did not mention Stockwell because he was already in prison and the cops would have that in any file of information they pulled up on Brian, as far as public information, since he testified in the court case.

I love Emmett too. They are all about to step outside of the box.

Reviewer: Oliviatheolive (Signed) · Date: April 22, 2016 02:20 AM · On: Chapter 9

Even though I advocated in my last review for Justin and Brian to take a break- I felt myself sink down in my chair like a weight was put on my chest when Jenn said to Justin, “You understand what has to happen now?” I felt like in that moment I was channeling Justin because all of sudden I felyt so bad for him. God he must be feeling so lost right now. I mean, you were right, he’s only 22 years old and has next to no experience dealing with this type of drama and life stressors except for his own experience, but Brian is dealing with a lot more….it’s frustrating.

I really liked the way in which you handled the disagreement and the resolution between Everett and Cynthia- very adult and both sides were heard. So rooting for this couple to last.

Cynthia is Brian’s rock. She’s brilliant.

I’m wondering if Brian will stay at the Big Country House in West Virginia in order to recuperate. Since Ben and Michael already know about that place- it may not be the best place to hide out- but since it’s collecting dust and hasn’t been in use- I would probably just take that chance.

Lara is Everett’s daughter! This would be more shocking if I could remember who Lara is in the first place. Ohh, she’s the doctor who helped Brian the first time. Gotcha!

Really, Linds? Did you really need to tell Michael this. Urgh, goodness. Doesn’t she have friends outside of the qaf cast that she could seek advice or speak openly with about Brian’s request. I was so happy with Michael’s reaction about not getting involved in shit that doesn’t concern him. Did Lindsay really travel to Pittsburgh to have this conversation with Michael? This could’ve been discussed over the phone. She is so ridiculous. Just ridiculous. Lol.

“Her plan had worked.” What? Ohhh, once again, this lovely mystery. I felt like I was given a hint but I don’t even know how to process it. What does she expect Michael to do?---------Michael will probably….inevitably get involved…he’ll probably disclose this information to the other family members- maybe he’ll even demand to speak to Brian even more--- or worse, bring it up to Brian.

Brian, brian, brian. It’s so difficult to read when Brian is being so unreasonably mean to Justin. I really wished that Justin would’ve stood his ground and stayed in the room but I understand in this intense situation---I can understand why he didn't. It’s a bit much- It doesn’t help that the victim/survivor is refusing your help when you so desperately want to be helpful in some way.

It’s interesting that Brian was triggered from the lack of information and the unknown that was presented to him which lead to his angry outburst/aggression. I’m wondering what’s underneath his anger- is it anxiety, fear or annoyance….sometimes anger is just anger but other times it’s a secondary emotion that’s overshadowing another powerful emotion….

I can’t wait for Brian to get the help he needs. This is painful to read but also enjoyable in some weird type of way.



Author's Response:

In response to the first part of what you wrote, yeah, I can only say yeah. In the saddest most defeated way I could be heard. I have personally been on all three sides of this conundrum and no one escapes without scars. Jen is smart enough to know that Justin will come to the right conclusion on his own, no matter how he wants to avoid it. That she still accepts that he is young and not as experienced as he would like, puts her in Brian's camp of (as history showed) letting Justin experiences shape the man he will be.

I love Cynthia and Everett. Both so cool and collected until they can't control it anymore. Not emotionally driven like Brian or Justin, but calculating and observant. They will either get on famously, or tear the world apart while trying.

Cynthia is brilliant, I agree. She would have to be in order to remain in Brian's proffessional sphere. Calm, cool, collected, calculating and a cunt if necessary. Still waters run deep and we can only hope Everett doesnt drown.

Lara was first introduced as Brian's driver in Canada and later Emmett's in NY. She fill multiple roles within Everett's outfit and he likes having her around, though they are not particularly demostrative, as they only recently (three years or so) became aware of each other. Big back story there that I have not divulged yet and it may eventually get a spot as a prequel to this work.

As for Michael and Lindsay, confusion reigns supreme. I dont think Linds is in a good head space at the moment and Micheal, though sometimes insightful, has a very small sphere of experience to draw from, so his opinions and statements are filtered through that niavity.

Brian can certainly be seen as cruel at this point, but remember his thoughts on the ship? How he would not be able to control an outburst and unwittingly cause harm? Exactly what happened here. Brian is a prisoner in his own mind during these outburts/episodes. A bystander, so to speak. He is not in control of his words or actions, until his brain reengages. Horrible, horrible symptom of PTSD and other illnessess. Most patients refer to this as the WORST of all the other awful symptoms. They feel helpless, even as they cause harm. Again, i have been on both sides of this equation, and sometimes I wish I could have just "left the room".

These episodes can be brought on or triggered by anything. Something seen, felt, touched, a passing thought, a loose thread on a button. Literally, anything can set them off. They make no sense and are more hurtful because of that.

Brian will get help. It will be unconventional and strange at times. This was painful for me to write and also a catharsis. I get where you are coming from.



Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: April 22, 2016 02:09 AM · On: Chapter 10

I rather like Dr. Anders.  Brian and Justin finally had their talk with it ending the way all their talks end.  But I didn't see where it accomplished anything.  It appears that Emmett is making arrangements to stay at a lodge, but not wanting his family to know.  I could be wrong.   When Justin was in the elevator and heard some nurses talking about Brian.  That's surely how the news got a wind of it.   What is Lindsay up to and why is Michael so concerned.  It's none of his business and Ben should tell him to but out.  I feel sorry for Carl.

Author's Response:

I like Dr. Anders too. Sometimes, the point of a conversation is just to be heard. No conclusions, no results, just getting it out there. YOu are right on your assessment of Emmett and his motivations, and the nureses in the elevator. I have not really revealed Lindsay deal yet, and Michael is always concerned when it involves Brian, even if it is none of his business. Ben should tell him to butt out. I feel sorry for Carl too, but he has been doing this job for thirty years and it kinda comes with the territory.

Reviewer: Oliviatheolive (Signed) · Date: April 22, 2016 01:37 AM · On: Chapter 8

Ok! here we go. I think Jennifer is absolutely lovely. I enjoy her a lot more in this story than I did in the show. Not to say I didn't like her, but I just felt that her character could've been a lot more useful in the qaf show than what she was. I'm happy to see this amazing relationship between her and Brian that's developing especially since it seems natural, just going off on the last season of qaf- when Jen found out that Brian and Justin broke up. The tenderness that Jen shows to Brian is heart melting (is that the right phrase?).

 For once- I’m in complete agreeance with Brian’s reasoning for sending Justin away. It must have been so difficult for him to admit to Jennifer or anyone really that he’s sick. I’ve always advocated (in my mind) that Brian needs psychiatric help from a trained clinical therapist. I know you have this extra back story that makes his trauma 10x worse. But even in the show with the domestic violence that he experienced in his household in the canon world was enough to make me think- this guy needs health. I’m so glad to see that his plan all along was to get the help he needs. Because the reality is- is that it’s nearly impossible to have healthy relationships with others when you're not mentally stable yourself. I think this speaks to one of the responses you left for a review of mine- about how all Brian’s relationships were one way or another unhealthy on the show. I promise I won’t bash Justin anymore- but again, their relationship isn’t healthy, it’s time consuming and the constant games and power plays are exhausting for someone who is trying to get better.  

So I’m really happy with the course this story is taking- it’s just sad that Brian’s symptoms had to becpme so debilitating to the point that he was experiencing violent night terrors in order for him to realise that he needed help. But then again that's quite common. 

The only thing I wish wasn’t happening is Jen and Brian conspiring together to remove Justin from his life (I’m putting it harshly)…instead I wish there was just honest dialogue. Brian having that conversation with Justin that he needs to take a break from their relationship because he needs to work on himself- would make their temporary break up easier. Justin wouldn’t blame himself and I doubt he would be angry. But I also understand that Brian isn’t in this enlightened place where he’s able to think rationally about this- but instead relying on his old defense mechanisms to handle this transition….but I don’t know--- maybe you’ll surprise me! ;)

Justin’s response was appropriate. I feel as though he handled things pretty well even though he could sense that people were keeping a lot of information from him, which is so frustrating. (I’m really trying to be empathetic here) I like that Cynthia took control- but I did leave that meeting (as if I was in the story) thinking, “is that it?”- I thought she was going to divulge into her past and disclose the nitty gritty…but once I reflected on the situation- I’m happy that she didn’t. Once again, this is Brian and Cynthia's story and it’s up to them to decide what they want to share of their story. I imagine that when comes out- it’ll be a very vulnerable experience for Brian. Probably the most vulnerable he’s ever been.

Very happy to see the effect that Justin has on Brian when it comes to helping him de-escalate from his night terrors. It’s almost like a role reversal from the second season after the bashing. I didn't intend for this to be so long, but there it is.. Another brillant chapter-I'm truly enjoying the complexity that's being shown in each and everyone of the characters. 


Author's Response:

Yeah, I love Jennifer too. I also felt, at the end of the series, that she and Brian had come to appreciate and respect each other and their differences and their common goal of a Loved Justin. I used Jennifer in particular, because I wanted to give him someone in his corner that did not know him as an adolescent and only saw his actions and and responses to the world around him. She was not originally part of the "unhealthy" family" he had collected around himself for protection and support. She only knows the man, not the child or teenager, and it gives her a better perspective of the changes he has made, his many accomplishments, but also the heartbreak he cant quite conceal. No one else sees it, but she does. She lived it right along with him, through Justin's many growing pains and injuries. I think she recognizes the postition she herself put him in, in the beginning, and feels in him a kindred soul of selflessness.

Yes, in my experience with "family" and mental illness, sometimes the best thing the afflicted can do is cut all ties while being treated. Brian had come to that decision on his own, for reasons that had nothing to with that, but there you have it. I too, always felt as i watched the show, that Brian had some very deep rooted issues/mental illness, and his lifestyle was partially a way to self-medicate. This is almost a routine symptom across most mental illnessess. I recognized it right away. Either CowLip did it intentionally, or Gale Harold intuited it, I truly beilieve it is the driving force behind most fans' obsession with the character. My writing "beautifully broken" sums up how I feel about Brian. We as fans, sense the brokeness and want to comfort/fix/love him to wellness. But you can't love someone better without dealing with the issues.

I am glad you are happy with the direction, as it is headed right now and Brian not seeking help before now, is, as you say, quite common. Mental illnesses carry a horrible stigma if they are recognized, though most people don't realize they have one until something so drastic happens, that they are shocked or scared into seeking help. That aspect is even more terrifying than finding out the problem. Simply because you have been living in that mind your whole life and it suddenly betrays you. You don't understand why you think so differently than others do or find reasons for panic and anxiety where other find fun and excitement. Can you tell this has had a large role in my RL?

I know it seems that they are conspiring, but Justin is smart, when he isnt queening, and Jennifer knows it. Barring a Kinney Cliff, she knows Justin will understand what is necessary and they dont actually lie to him. Justin will get his adult conversation, as far as Brian will allow, and Jennifer will support them both. Brian, I always felt, was extremely enlightened, he was just childish and "broken" enough not to heed his instincts if he was afraid. Change never came easy for him and rebelling was easier than dealing. Also, when you are not taught at a young age, how to verbally express your emotions, it allows the brain to act primitively more often than not. Again, for someone to achieve publicly and privately what Brian did, even while grossly needing mental help, makes him a much stronger and empathic soul. That he came so far as to recognize that he could no longer manage it on his own and made arrangements to seek help, speaks to just how scared he must be, for himself and those around him.

Everyone around Brian, was acting on his direction, as Cynthia states. He does not want his private issues out there for all and sundry, and he does not want the people he cares about to worry or blame themselves needlessly. He was just hoping that by getting Justin to leave, he would not have to cop to the illness. Now that Justin knows, Brian will do what he can to express what he can, however insubstantive, in an effort to help Justin understand.

Cynthia would never divulge that to a group of people, since she truly feels it is Brian's story to tell, which is why she only tells Everett her side. She would see that as a violation of Brian's privacy, friendship, and trust. When you get his side, you will truly understand just how fucked up he has been and for how long. Vulnerable does not even begin to cover it.

It is like a role-reversal. The night terrors are common in many illnesses, not the least of which the one's Brian suffers from. He has had them through his entire relationship with Justin, though ignored, and they both dealt with them in different ways. Most people do not realize that patients suffering from them, seldom know what is going on around them and rarely remember them. They are therefore acting entirely as primitive beings. In that there is no aforethought or premeditation or even concious awareness. You are literally held hostage in your own terror. Justin's response, was to get some part of Brian's brain to "link up" and help regain control. Brian's mollification was completely due to his emotional pull at the sound of the voice of someone he loved so very much. Primitive instinct for protection and comfort. Justin had been comfort before and his subconsious recognized it.

Please dont apologize, I love your long reviews and I get true enjoyment from answering them. I seldom find out if my reviewers even read my replies.

As always, Thank you for the compliments.



Reviewer: Frances (Signed) · Date: April 21, 2016 12:09 AM · On: Chapter 9

This story has so many elements to it!  I'm enjoying it so much, as heartbreaking as it is.  I want to hug Brian so much, but at the same time, I want to punch him in the face for how he's treating Justin... again...  I wish Brian could just let Justin be there for him, instead of pushing him away for his own good.  Justin is not going to like being treated like a child.

And why is Brian afraid of the dark?  I can't wait to find out more of what's going on.  Thank you for sharing with us!

Author's Response:

Yeah, at this time it is heartbreaking. I had to impress on the readers just how tragic and debilitating mental illnesses are. Untreated, they can ruin relationships and lives. It was necessary.

I am right there with you about Brian. Contradictory does not even begin to cover it.

I have yet to reaveal why Brian is afraid of the dark so I won't do that here either, and Justin is most certainly not liking being treated like a child. Though maybe he should consider not acting like one?

I am so glad you are enjoying yourself. I am too.

Thank You for taking time from your day to read and review.


Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2016 07:39 PM · On: Chapter 9

First off I was delighted to see the reviews left by Olivia.  It was only your just do.  I wish I was that good at dissecting.  You give us so much.  1- I'm wondering how Dr. Anders fits and why I feel it's related to Emmett?  2-  I wonder why Jennifer has Brian's POA, I didn't think they were that close during the series, but then I figure you might give us something in later chapters.  In any case it's not that important.  3- Cynthia and Everett Love, love, love.  4- Ted is the wild card.  I don't know what way he will turn.  5-  Lara is Everett's daughter?  6-  Michael and Lindsay.  There is something going with Lindsay that I can't put my finger on.  She more or less demands a meeting with him and leaves without really learning anything, at least that I can see.  Does Brian want a baby for Justin?  7- I don't blame Brian for getting angry at the cops.  He wasn't feeling well and someone needs to explain that to them because they were being stupid.  Justin shouldn't have fled in my opinion, but it fits into the storyline. 8- Everett's attack seemed designed to get Brian's attention.  Maybe it did.  Great chapter.

Author's Response:

I was delighted to see Olivia's reviews as well, and I thank you for the compliment.

1. You will get the answer to Dr. Anders in the next chapter, and it has nothing to do with Emmett.

2. Jennifer has POA because Brian trusts her to do what is right, no matter the emotional cost. They were not particularly close in the series, but by the end, when he confessed his proposal to her, I really felt they would continue to get closer and closer over time.

3. I love Cynthia and Everett too. Cynthia has finally met a man she doesnt want to kick to the curb.

4. Ted is kinda up in the air right now, and though he does not know it yet, he is headed for a cliff.

5. Lara is Everett's daughter. They were not going out of their way to keep it a secret, but they were not announcing it either since she works for him. HUGE backstory there and it may get its own Fic.

6. I dont think that Lindsay was particularly stable in the series and I have carried that over.

Sorry, but I will not reveal future plot about anything, including a baby. :)

7.I dont blame Brian for the cops either. He has a somewhat bad history with them, and given his current stress levels and injuries, was bound to lash out. Even if they were just doing their jobs.

8. Everett's attack was meant to be a diversion or a focusing tactic. Unfortunately, it did not produce the desired results.

Thank you for coming back again and again, and taking the time to write a review. It means the world to me to interact with my readers.


Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2016 06:39 AM · On: Chapter 8

What a wonderful chapter.  I like that Jennifer is there for Brian.  I think Justin is stronger then they think and would probably be a help.  Emmett, too, is on the side of the angels.  I don't know why but my first thought when he said he knew someplace safe was Hazelhurst.  Your story is full of emotion and suspense and I'm surprised that you don't get a lot of comments on how good it is.  I'm tempted to peek at the next chapter, but I won't. 

Author's Response:

THank you for the compliment. I like to write Jen. Even if her scenes are harsh or scary, I always feel calm when I write her. Maybe she mothers me too? They know Justin is stronger than he looks and he would help, unfortunately, Brian does not want him there. I love Emmett and you are correct about Hazelhurst. Again, lovely compliments, and I thank you for them. I too, am surprised I don't get more comments in general. I will admit to being a comment whore and thank you for kindly giving me my "fix" for the day.

Just be warned, if you peek ahead, Most of my readers felt like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. We are going so far outside the box, it will seem like a distant memory, but I truly think that Brian has to be completely off his game in order to be vulnerable enough to fully submit to therapy, conventional or otherwise.

OliviatheOlive wrote some spot on reviews of each chapter on this site. You might want to read them and my responses and see if you are in agreement with her assessment of the characters before proceeding ahead on the other site.


Author's Response:

THank you for the compliment. I like to write Jen. Even if her scenes are harsh or scary, I always feel calm when I write her. Maybe she mothers me too? They know Justin is stronger than he looks and he would help, unfortunately, Brian does not want him there. I love Emmett and you are correct about Hazelhurst. Again, lovely compliments, and I thank you for them. I too, am surprised I don't get more comments in general. I will admit to being a comment whore and thank you for kindly giving me my "fix" for the day.

Just be warned, if you peek ahead, Most of my readers felt like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. We are going so far outside the box, it will seem like a distant memory, but I truly think that Brian has to be completely off his game in order to be vulnerable enough to fully submit to therapy, conventional or otherwise.

OliviatheOlive wrote some spot on reviews of each chapter on this site. You might want to read them and my responses and see if you are in agreement with her assessment of the characters before proceeding ahead on the other site.


Author's Response:

THank you for the compliment. I like to write Jen. Even if her scenes are harsh or scary, I always feel calm when I write her. Maybe she mothers me too? They know Justin is stronger than he looks and he would help, unfortunately, Brian does not want him there. I love Emmett and you are correct about Hazelhurst. Again, lovely compliments, and I thank you for them. I too, am surprised I don't get more comments in general. I will admit to being a comment whore and thank you for kindly giving me my "fix" for the day.

Just be warned, if you peek ahead, Most of my readers felt like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. We are going so far outside the box, it will seem like a distant memory, but I truly think that Brian has to be completely off his game in order to be vulnerable enough to fully submit to therapy, conventional or otherwise.

OliviatheOlive wrote some spot on reviews of each chapter on this site. You might want to read them and my responses and see if you are in agreement with her assessment of the characters before proceeding ahead on the other site.


Reviewer: Oliviatheolive (Signed) · Date: April 19, 2016 07:34 PM · On: Chapter 7


I'm so so so happy they caught that paid murderer. Oh, and Jen- Can you stop being perfect for just one second. I all about died when I read that she kissed Brian, as if he were a child. And that comment about the blankets was so adorable. Debbie and her shockingly disturbing terrible taste. Brian so needs a Jennifder. I'm so happy that her in his squad. 

Happiness is me right now. 

Also, when Brian's head was laying in Jenn's lap and she was petting him. Awwww. Can't all of this. Sigh, the cherry on top was when Brian called her mom. Oh, goodness. 

Lol,  Ted and Emmett would find time throughout this emotion packed chapter and the drama over Brian's almost murder to check out Everett's body. Like, seriously, goodness gracious. I love them! Seriously, comic relief- things were getting a little too real. I'm still reeling from the last chapter. 

Also, once again, Brian is talking about going somewhere, but wasn't that his plan to begin with. Where is he planning to go? Will Justin go with him? 

Crapola. Justin is going to freak out. I hope he doesn't make this about him and throw himself a pity party. Because he can take him and his pity and go kick rocks. So done. 

I love this story! I saw that you have most of this story posted on AO3 but I think I'm just going to wait for you to update here. I'll keep it one chapter at a time. 

Can't wait to read more. Love your writing. 


Author's Response:

Yeah, I get all the feels too and I wrote it. Everyone is circling their wagons around Brian too, just as he was doing for them.

I think Brian finally found the Mother he always wanted and had been searching for in Jen and I think she likes that Brian needs her too, in a way that Justin never did.

Yeah, it was his plan to leave, but the timeframe has been stepped up and it is causing considerable stress on top of what was already a bad situation all around. Mount Kinney is close to eruption.

Justin will freak, calm, and freak again. Drama Princess that he is. But he will get it too, eventually. He won't like it, but he will get it.

I understand the chapter by chapter bit. I do it too. A new one is coming very soon, I promise.

Thank You again for your lovely compliment.


Reviewer: Oliviatheolive (Signed) · Date: April 19, 2016 07:25 PM · On: Chapter 6

All I could think during this chapter was please don't die. When Cynthia found him with that peaceful look and had declared that it was too late in her thoughts- I couldn't handle it. I had to take a break from reading. This chapter really took me back to an episode of Grey's Anatomy when Meredith drowned and then when Derek died- when he was conscious of everything that was happening around him. 

Also, Brian's thoughts are borderline tragic and hilarious- How am I going to see alll the beautiful men?- Shit, I don't have a dick anymore. Fuck, I was really proud of it too. 

Wow, I can't believe Brian made Jen his Healthcare POA instead of Justin. Does Justin know this? That's interesting. I'm so happy that Jennifer is there for Brian. He needs someone like that in his corner, along with Cynthia, Emmett, and Everett. 



Author's Response:

My only hope as I was writing it, was that the sense of urgency of the rescue team was felt, and Brian's slower acceptance of his fate was more palpable because of it. Finally admitting to regrets. I could not take a break from writing it though, or i never would have finished it, and I knew what was going to happen. Think i get sucked in much?

Classic Brian to my mind, tragic and funny, the mind ramblings of a dying man.

Brian made her POA for all the reasons i have mentioned about where they all are emotionally and mentally at this point in the story. Jen would do what was right for Brian, even if it broke Justin's heart. She would help her son to see the right of it and comfort him, but she would still do right by Brian. Case in point; She didnt like Brian at the time of the bashing, but gave her son to him anyway, because it was best for Justin.


Reviewer: Oliviatheolive (Signed) · Date: April 19, 2016 07:20 PM · On: Chapter 5

:) Cynthia and Brian! I love all and any interactions between them. They're basically brother and sister, I wonder if Justin has ever picked up on their sibling vibe. Also, I was wondering- what's the age difference betwee them? I know Brian is older but how much older. 

Mel and her petty satisfication- But I can't even be upset with her. I'd probably get the same type of satisfication as well. 

You know, I should really give Justin more slack- but the fact that something life altering or deadly has to happen to Brian (such as the idea that his cancer has returned)  in order for Justin to even think about returning back- really bugs me. Like an emergency, a near death experience or a chronic illness shouldn't be the reason why Justin returns. He should return because he loves Brian and wants to make things work. This is no critique on your work but instead the facets of Justin's character in general- and even Brian's for that matter. I really wish they weren't bound and renewed by tragedy, you know? A relationship shouldn't be this difficult between them and exhausting. At the same time, it's different because Brian comes from a pretty traumatic childhood and Justin's always being thrown for a freaking loop with him...but, ugh, I'll stop. This is just something I had on my mind. 

Brian, sigh, flirting with Noah while in pain. Also, Jen channeling Brian is perfect. 

Another near death experience for Brian, again. I can't handle it.. I was so afraid. Heart hammering, sweaty palms and everything. I'm still on the edge of my seat and what not. Also, Where did Emmett get a pocketknife to cut Cynthia out of her dress. Lol, apparently, he's always prepared for moment like these.

This was an intense chapter. Loved every last bit of it. 



Author's Response:

Brian/Cynthia scenes are one of my faves to write. They say so much without saying anything. Yeah, they are essentially brother and sister, but also best friends in the best of ways. Justin may not know their history, but he knows they have something special between them. At the time of Cynthia's rescue, they have managed to figure out she was around four and Brian was ten. So six years between them. Just enough time for Brian to become established in a career and help put her through college, then have enough weight in the company to get her hired as his assistant. Arent I a clever devil?

I am right there with you about Mel.

Yeah, you need to cut him some slack. The most drama in Justin's life, before Brian, was whether or not his mom would buy him new Nikes or let him borrow the car. It can be overwhelming to go from a somewhat sedate upbringing to being thrust into a world and situations where you have no comparison to base your decisions on. Add to that, he is fairly high-strung anyway and used to the "right makes Might" mantra of upper middle class. He could afford it. Brian could not. Brian is personally more aware that things are different in the real world. Justin has had him as a buffer of sorts for seven years. I am not saying he has not matured at all, but when push comes to shove, we as humans, tend to revert to what we know.

As for Brian flirting...all I can say is Pain management? Distraction? Again, reverting to what he knows.

I figured if Jen could channel Debbie in the series, she might later channel Brian. LOL]

Emmett always has a pocket knife. You cant be ready for last minute loose threads on a bridal gown without one :)

Thank you



Reviewer: Oliviatheolive (Signed) · Date: April 19, 2016 07:10 PM · On: Chapter 4

Damn Justin and his selfishness. But thank goodness for Emmett stepping in and being Brian's date to the party. 

I both hate and love Tasha. I completely hate her character, especially after she ruthlessly tore into Ben on live television- but I like her part in the story. Mostly because it allows me to take a quick break from all the powerful storylines in this fic. Whenever Justin, Brian or any of the other qaf are given time to develop their storyline, I feel as if my beating heart is on 50 when it should be on 15. I relax a bit when it's Tasha's turn. 

Also I meant to mention in my first review that I thought Ben's book premise that he shared on Tasha's show seemed very interesting. The reality is that there is a population of individuals who want to be infected. Similar to Ben's reasoning, I both understand why and their reasoning- but it doesn't mean I support their descision. It takes a brave author to take on that subject, so I appauld Ben, and Michael for supporting his husband. I hate how Tasha used Ben's novel as a means to discuss his personal relationships and life. 

I can't believe Brian was stabbed and was sewn back together in the kitchen. I have the same feelings as the doctor- wanting to protect Brian- and I'm no where near old enough to be his mother. I don't understand the significance of the finger rubbing and her conclusion of the broken fingers but that's probably because I'm not a medical professional or familiar with arthritis. I'll do some research. 

Daphne and Justin. God, I love Daphne, especially when she was telling Justin what he needed to hear. I'm so happy that this came from her instead of Michael or someone else in that family of theirs. I can honestly say that Daphne has both of their best interest in mind. 

Justin, all I have to say is that I'm tired. Like this is exhausting, you know? like, you're never getting back together, like ever. 

Brian is so generous. That Dress, ugh. I need a Brian. That goddamn hit man! But it definitely got me wondering- did Brian know something like this was going to happen- like someone from his past would send a professional to kill him- is that why he tied up all of his loose ends with the company and everything. I wonder if he's planning on taking the baby that Lindsay will produce for him and disappearing. Oh, the questions.

Super Jen to the rescue. I love that woman and her mothering instincts. 



Author's Response:

Yes, and Yes.

You read her exactly as I meant her to be read. Yes, she has a part in the story, and this is not the last of her. She is meant to be a bit of distraction. You are very astute. I know my writing can be harsh and troubling, so I try to take care of the readers where I can. Hurt/comfort and all of that with a little humor in there sometimes. As has been said, "Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion."

For such a small segment of the whole, Ben's novel and his scene with Tasha took me an embarrassingly long time to write. In fact, I think I rewrote it at least a half dozen times before I was, not happy, but content with it. Tasha used Ben, yes, she has a serious journalistic hard-on for Brian. So to her, any and all means are fair.

The kitchen scene does seem odd I admit, until you realize that many very wealthy people employ doctors who come to them for privacy reasons. The fact that Everett owns a security company staffed by former special forces and military personnel lets me believe he also employed medics, doctors and the like, given the sometimes dangerous nature of the business. Brian is not his only client and though I have not revealed it to date, he still has some contracts and contacts with the Government. 'Nuff said.

Brian's finger rubbing...hmmm...we saw plenty of it in the series along with finger tapping and other nervous gestures. I personally find it both sexy and adorable. In the Fic, Cynthia mentions in her telling of their history, that the thug broke Brian's fingers for feeding her. If the breaks were not treated as well as they could have been, there would be the possibility of arthritis and tiny ridges of bone along the breaks. The skin on the fingers is very thin and to a trained medic or doctor, those tiny ridges and the observation of the rubbing could imply the conclusion of multiple poorly healed fractures and Lara's question of torture. If this is not enough, Please be kind an suspend disbelief LOL

Daphne is one of my most favorite characters on the show. She always supported Justin and she always told his when he was off track. I just hope I can keep it up.

You are meant to be tired. Justin has to be completely bare, so to speak, for him to truly mature enought to handle what is coming for Brian's illness, and their future together. It is time to put down childish things. It doesn't mean he won't fight it though.

Brian was probably the most generous of all the characters on the show, because he did it selflessly. And yeah, the Dress. Did I remember to put the link on that chapter so you could see the picture i described? I hope you got a chance to see it. Stunning!

I think at this point Brian suspects something could happen and is circling the wagons.

I love, love, love, Jen. For me, she is the mom of all moms. Very much like Brian in that she will do whatever is necessary to ensure her family is well looked after, even if the means are abhorrent to her. To me, it only seemed natural that she would WANT to mother Brian, for his sake, and so Justin could attain a healthier relationship with him. I love when she does some thing harsh, in the softest of ways.



Reviewer: Oliviatheolive (Signed) · Date: April 19, 2016 06:51 PM · On: Chapter 2

Once again, another amazing chapter. Brian making Cynthia a partner was bittersweet for me. I solely believe that Cynthia is more than capable of running the business but something doesn't sit right with me. I really want to know Brian's plan. The interactions between Cynthia and Brian are so lovingly beautiful. Brian having to talk her into signing the partnership contract- perfect. Everett and Ted wasted no time signing their names- sans complaints. 

Ted and I shared the same anxious thoughts. I definitely thought Brian's cancer was back until I realized that just a chapter ago Brian was asking Lindsay to have his baby. He wouldn't ask for a child if he truly believed he was sick, right?

Ahh, Brian summoning Emmett to New York, loved it. What is Brian up to? Giving Emmett his hotel and ideas of opening a party planning company in NY, but what for? Oh, the suspense is amazing. I don't want to know but I do at the same time, if that makes any sense...

Brian having a perfect view of Justin's studio from his office.....the binoculars...is both adorable and creepy, like in a Radiohead type of way. Also, Brian keeping the country house- locked away, collecting dust and taxes- you're killing me with this creepy adorableness of Brian Kinney's ways. 

I agree with Mel. It's as simple as that. Don't get me wrong, I love doting loving father Brian just as the next fangirl, but I can't help but share Mel's concerns about Brian's reasoning for having a baby- and then asking Lindsay without talking with Mel, as well. If Brian wanted a baby it would be a lot easier to hire a surrogate that isn't apart of his life already- or maybe ask Linds for a couple of eggs. I get it, I know why he would want to consider Lindsay, because she would say yes, and because the kid would be Gus' (whole?) sibling, but it just seems like unnecessary drama for him when he seems to be dealing with so much. I'm inclined to agree with sensible Mel on this- I also feel as though Lindsay wants this baby, mostly because it'll be another Kinney creation- and there's nothing wrong with that exactly, but... It doesn't sit well with me that Mel is making these vague threats. 

Everett is charming. Rooting for some Cynthia/Everett loving. Mhmmm! :D

Oh, Brian, Brian, Brian....my poor dark and twisty Brian. I'm so happy that Emmett was there for him. True friendship. 

For once in the fandom world, mind you, I completely and utterly agree with Carl and Debbie assessment of Justin and Brian splitting over something so ridiculous and petty.  This just goes to show that just because someone matures physically doesn't at all correlate with emotional maturation. 

Also, you know it's a cold day in hell if Michael is speaking the truth. Tell it Michael! This is getting so juicy :))) I'm so happy that I decided to read this story. 



Author's Response:

Thank you! As much as Cynthia does and has done for Brian, I truly think there is no better healthy friendship for him. They have similar history and have done what is best for each other for a long time. They push each other and comfort each other. The respect they have for each other is absolute, even when they are fighting. From her unfortunately few scenes in the series I let my head run and now my history for them is head canon for me. Even when she is featured in someone else's work. Cant help it.

No, Brian would not ask for a baby if he thought he would die, but he might do it to give someone else something they really wanted but were not comfortable asking for...(wink,wink), it will just be our little secret.

Yeah, Brian has creepy tendancies. Most people dont know it, but it can sometimes be a by product of OCD. A very real illness with multitudes of varying side effects. I believe CowLip led us lightly in that direction with his penchant for perfection in his personal space and his very obvious "sitting back and observing" of his friends. He may not have appeared to be paying attention, but he was astutely conscious of all going on around him. How else did he manage to step in at just the right moment and say exactly what needed to be said to make a point? Ex. the dance floor with Emmett over Ted's decline into crystal.

I agree with Mel too. And hey, what would her and Lindsay's relationship be without unnecessary drama. No, Brian didnt think it through, which he will later acknowledge. Lindsay does want his baby, for many reasons, not the least of which is i Think she is maybe bi-polar and still a little in love with him. Mel has to take a stand for her family at some point, and though i dont agree the way she does it, she is too much like Brian not to make a big scene about it.

I am glad you like Everett. He has a HUGE backstory which may require a fic just for him. Cynthia has finally met a man that can take everything she can dish out and he will take it. Everything. And it will scare the shit out of her.

Twisty Brian! I love that! Maybe I should put that in the Tags somewhere?

Emmett, I love dear, sweet, precious, understanding, intuitive, Emmett. Can you tell. Just the calm in the storm Brian needs right now.

Yeah, I think at this point in the story, no one really believes they are split for good. It seems to them to be par for course. You are right in your assessment of maturity and I am glad my writing left that with you, as intended, since it did not come across so smoothly for others.

Dont worry, Michael will have his moments. Just as he did in the show, sometimes insightful and sometimes childish.

Not only am I glad you are still reading, but I have to admit to being a review whore, and yours have given me my "fix" and then some.


Reviewer: Oliviatheolive (Signed) · Date: April 19, 2016 06:35 PM · On: Chapter 1

I'm not even sure how I should even start this review. I wholeheartedly believe that your writing is amazing, like, seriously exquiste. I could praise you all day but unfortunately I won't be able to beacuse I'm about to board a plan in 30 minutes and I want to be able to review every single last one of your chapters, because each of them is a world of gold. This is the exact type of story that I've been waiting to read- it has everything. All of the characters are ridiculously in character- right down to melodramatic Justin, self-less Brian- who believes he's unlovable, Michael and Ben (sans bashing, yes!), concerned an reasonable Melanie and Lindsay, who has a semi-healthy/unhealthy blindspot for Brian, Ted-brilliant. 

And Emmett- Oh, God. I absolutely adore this Best Friends Forever/I Got Your Back For Life relationships that's brewing between him and Brian- but that's not in this chapter- so I won't get into this...yet. 

IN this chapter, I could tell, of course, that Brian was planning something major- ending his relationship with Justin but also something else. At first I thought he was planning to move his business to Toronto to be closer to his son, and to give Justin the space that he needs to flourish on his own, but now i'm not sure. But that's okay because I love suspense, and mystery is like my middle name.(Olivia Mystery Olive) 

Justin leaving- ugh, typical Justin behavior. To say I wasn't surprised is an understatement. I made the most dramatic annoyed groan in my life- IN THE AIRPORT NO LESS. It was embarassing. I know this sounds so mean, but when Justin does come back to Brian, (like I know he will) I really hope he doesn't take him back. I know, I know- they're star crossed lovers and destined to be together- but their relationships is just too much- I was in complete agressance with Justin when he said that he wanted to get off the rollercoaster- Hell, I want to get off too and I'm not even in the relationship with them. 

I thought it was a little ridiculous that Mel and Linds all but demanded Brian's presence in Toronto- as if there were an emergency- but I completely understand their reasoning. I love how you wrote the interactions between Brian, Gus and Jenny. But I disagree with Lindsay's analysis of Brian's love for Jenny due to Gus loving her. I'm sure Brian would've loved Jenny with or without his son's loving her as much as he does. When Bian asked Lindsay if she would have another baby with him after Justin left was truly heart breaking.Like rip my heart out, freeze it and then smash it with a hammer, heart breaking. I about died. 

This is the first story I've read where Cynthia is a featured with her own storyline- I just want to tell you that I completely love it. Tasha, the show host, was so nasty. I couldn't believe she treated Zen Ben so horribly but that's to be expected with people like that. I really wish Ben would've went with his gut and just cancelled the interview. She attacked him without any mercy- hitting completely below the belt. 

Anyways, I reall wanted to make my appreciation known for this beautiful piece of work. Just from readig this- I can easily tell that you're one of the best fanfiction writers I've had the privilege of stumbling upon. Never have I seen a story web the life of the qaf character so wonderfully well. I truly applaud your work- you've have earned yourself a fan. 



Author's Response:

Holy swiss cheese, Batman! I need more cheerleaders like you! Can I just bask in the glow of your compliments for awhile as I catch my breath?

Thankyouthankyouthankyou. I really needed to hear that someone just "got" my vision. So many people have been supportive, and said so, but your reviews have been lengthy and spot on, letting me know that what I am writing is being percieved exactly as I meant them to be. Yes you have questions about where it is all going, that is natural. The fact that you dont beg me to give up future plot, a relief. That i Dont have to explain what is going through everyone's head and how it is colored by their individual personalities and life experiences is a breath of fresh air.

As you so quickly picked up on, everyone is basically still in the same headspace they were in at the end of the series, with the exception of Brian. I am thrilled that my writing was able to capture that for you. The first, oh, fourteen chapters or so, are extremely angsty, sometimes frightening, and occasionally enlightening. I have not revealed, yet, Brian's reasons for a baby, even in the more advanced chapters already posted elswhere.

Yes, Justin is being an ass. He is twenty five to Brian's thirty seven. Their upbringings could not have been more different, therefore Justin has had more drama in the last seven years than he had in his entire life before that. Add to it, Brian's unwillingness to be verbally emotionally available for the most part, and Justin's need to talk about everything, has them on completely different playing fields at the moment.

Just remember the statement about Jenny is filtered through Lindsay. Brian himself, considers Jenny to be his daughter every bit as much as Gus is his son. My favorite scene is when he starts singing and she comes runnning calling him Prince. He spent considerable time teaching her to do that.

Yes, Tasha is one of my foils in this story, since i wanted all BadGuys to be outside of the Group. I have always believed that Brian's relationship with most of the other Canon characters to be unhealthy for varying reasons and to different extents, but they all do love each other in the ways they are capable.


I am not even close to being in agreement with you about being the best, I have read others that have literally left me a sobbing mess, but thank you.

For most of the beginning chapters You will see the quick pacing and swithching scenes, i have reasons for that. Then it will smooth out and you will get longer scenes and less switching. I have reasons for that too. Then it will change again.

Thank you for being a fan.


Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: April 15, 2016 11:46 PM · On: Chapter 6

I gotta say what Brian's thinking sounds like him.  Emmett is fantastic  is pointing out the culprit.   Cynthia is a hero and I wouldn't like to be on her wrong side.  Things are getting intense and another chapter is always wanted.

Author's Response:

Thanks, again for taking the time to comment.

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: April 14, 2016 04:54 PM · On: Chapter 5

Oh my god.  So much happening.  Emmett was smart enought to spot the imposter.  Will anyone spot Tasha?  No matter how well security tries to protect Brian something was bound to happen.  But one thing I do know is that Cynthia will save Brian and Jennifer will be giving him a piece of her mind once she manages to get there.

Author's Response:

Love you YumYum, you crack me up. Your comment would be a perfect summary for this chapter. Looking forward to your future reviews. A word of advice though, keep an open mind. It will get tougher before it gets better and we will definitely enter a land outside the box.

Reviewer: Tagsit (Anonymous) · Date: April 13, 2016 02:45 AM · On: Chapter 1

Love the beautiful new banner. TAG

Author's Response:

Thanks Tag. I got a hold of Marny the banner making Queen. Five minutes of discussion and she had it for me so fast my head spun.

Thanks for all your help.


Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: April 12, 2016 03:44 PM · On: Chapter 4

Oh the juicyness of it all.  1.  Will Marc remember the guy asking for directions?  2.  Who was the guy on the motorcycle?  3.  Brian has his own doctor?  cool.  4. Love Daphne, telling Justin like it is.  5.  Justin is a wuzz.  It worries me since that's the way he was in the series.  However I think he just might be getting it.  6.  Tasha is a bitch and I look forward to seeing how you deal with her.  7.  Ben is a saint for putting up with Michael.  8.  There is more to Jennifer than meets the eye, if she was the only one who noticed that Brian was hurt.  Waiting with bated breath to see how you resolve things.

Author's Response:

HAHAHAHA! You sooo crack me up! If I read your review out loud, which I did, it sounds like an old fashioned movie trailer or the ending of a fifties tv episode. Deep voice of narrator: " Tune in next week when we find out if ..."

Great to hear from you again.


Reviewer: bksbracelet (Signed) · Date: April 12, 2016 01:11 PM · On: Chapter 1

Ah ok I thought this is so weird because I did love the story and I was sad it hadn't been updated. I am going to Aof O to read the new chapter 👍👍👍👍😄thanks so muchh

Author's Response:

RL got in the way. Hopefully i can be a little bit more consistant now.

Reviewer: bksbracelet (Signed) · Date: April 12, 2016 11:57 AM · On: Chapter 1

Hi I am little confused have you changed your name because I am positive I have read this story and it wasn't finished. It is a awesome story so beauitfully long and omg angst in abundance

Author's Response:

I am saje here and saje on AO3. You have read this before and commented on AO3. Also it is not finished. Though i did just post a new chapter on Archive of our own this evening.

Reviewer: JAZZEPOET (Signed) · Date: April 11, 2016 03:20 PM · On: Chapter 1

This story has me perplexed right from the start. I'm trying to find words to explain that won't come off as negative or pushy. Okay I'll try this, I'm not sure what is happening here. It's leaving me very confused.

I want you to know that your writing is beautiful and that I would not ask you to change a thing, i'm just...I just need to keep reading to understand where you are headed.

Author's Response:

Thanks for taking the time to comment. i left you a response on AO3. i hope a few more chapters helped you out.

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: April 10, 2016 09:50 PM · On: Chapter 2

This had to be hard to write being so emotionally charged.  I'm glad to see that Emmett will be there for him.  Teddy on the other had is messing things up, since it looks like Blake was going to make things permenant instead of breaking things off.  I can see that Everett is going to be important to this story.  I'm also wondering if Missy is from before the Novotney's came on the scene and if the little girl is Cynthia?  As for as the baby, I'm practically certain that in spite of Mel there will be one, and hope to learn the reason why eventually.  Hopefull Justin will come back because it sure looks like Brian is going to need him most of all.  More soon?

Author's Response:

Yes on all accounts. Glad to have someone as astute as you are. Glad to see you back, there should be another chapter tonight or tomorrow. If you want to read ahead you can check it out on AO3. i have about twenty chapters or so posted there.

Author's Response:

Yes on all accounts. Glad to have someone as astute as you are. Glad to see you back, there should be another chapter tonight or tomorrow. If you want to read ahead you can check it out on AO3. i have about twenty chapters or so posted there.

Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Anonymous) · Date: April 10, 2016 05:04 AM · On: Chapter 1

Very powerful! Very curious about Brian's nightmares... especially since Lindsay is aware of them.

I love that you have included all of the characters in this. Looking forward to more.

Author's Response:

Thank you.

I have been having computer problems, so as soon as i figure them out chapter two will be posted.


Reviewer: Bksbracelet (Anonymous) · Date: April 09, 2016 11:53 AM · On: Chapter 1

Oh dear poor Brian and Justin lots of angst to come

Author's Response:

Most definitely.

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: April 09, 2016 04:45 AM · On: Chapter 1

Okay, I want to know what Brian's problem is, health wise.  At least I assume there is one.  I can understand Justin being angry, but to leave Brian is a little drastic.  Will it help?  Looks like Ted and Blake are about to part ways as well.  There is everyone ganging up on Brian and using Ben and Michael.  Will Emmett be able to help in some way?  Why is Brian wanting another child 'for him'?  A new chapter will help answer some of these questions perhaps.

Author's Response:

As soon as I get my computer issues resolved you should have some of your questions answered with the next chapters.

Reviewer: Lorie (Signed) · Date: April 09, 2016 03:13 AM · On: Chapter 1

Welcome to MW. We have a Facebook page that you can promote your story on too.

Author's Response:

Thank you. I will try to make some time to check it out.

Reviewer: Tagsit (Anonymous) · Date: April 09, 2016 01:27 AM · On: Chapter 1

You did it! Welcome to MW! TAG

Author's Response:

Thanks Tag, still looking for a banner as you can see.

Reviewer: SunshineSally (Signed) · Date: April 09, 2016 12:59 AM · On: Chapter 1

Firstly, welcome to Midnight Whispers, we love it when new people sign up and start writing :)

Secondly, great first chapter. I really can't wait to see where you're taking this.


Sally x

Author's Response:

Thank you. I love to write and this story has been rolling around in my head since the series ended. If you want to read ahead, you can check it out on AO3.

Reviewer: mamaduck (Signed) · Date: April 09, 2016 12:40 AM · On: Chapter 1

Welcome to MW Saje!!  Enjoy your story, the first chapter is a great start.


Author's Response:


I 'm writing the story for myself, but I am glad it can also find a supportive audience.


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