Midnight Whispers
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Reviewer: coleamber (Signed) · Date: March 10, 2021 05:50 AM · On: Chapter 4

good one

Reviewer: mindgameplay (Signed) · Date: February 04, 2020 08:26 PM · On: Chapter 4


Reviewer: coleamber (Signed) · Date: November 29, 2018 05:50 PM · On: Chapter 4


Reviewer: britinmanor (Signed) · Date: September 23, 2018 03:49 AM · On: Chapter 4

WOW! Imagine me finding this! I didn't even know you used to post on MW! I recently just read and caught up with, 'SOWK Part 1'. My user name on Kinnetik Dreams is bjluv... so you will understand where this review will originate from. When I wrote my review for Chapter 21, the last chapter written, I said, "I know Ethan is suppose to enter this story, but after everything B/J have been through together, starting the business together, legally raising the nephews together,  JUST HOW?"  When we left off with Part 1, Michael was pretty well ostracized from the Avenue and family because of the interviews given to Bellweather, and Lindsay's rights have been revoked after leaving Gus in the car, and she is settling herself into a job with Gardner. Anyway, those events just don't lead up to Mel and Lindsay having an anniversary party, and Brian even talking to Michael at said party. So, you really have me confused.

With all that said, this was an excellent story. Loved Justin hitting Michael. It was so long over-do. I was disappointed we didn't get to hear Lindsay, Mel and Debbie groveling for Justin's forgiveness. But was really satisfied how B/J got back together and stayed together. The classic though, was Michael thinking Brian was coming to Babylon to be there with him, when I believe he went there to the only rub it in Michael's face that him and Justin were back together.

And where does Michael get off thinking he didn't need to apologize to Justin? To me, the rest of the 'family' shouldn't have forgiven Michael until he did. And how was he able to get another artist for RAGE? What about Justin's contract? Granted, I was filled with glee that he had to return the money for the issues purchased, just don't understand how he was able to pull it off. Am I assuming Michael expects Justin to resume drawing the comic?

I went to youtube to listen to the titled song... it was so beautiful... I'd never heard it before. Thank you for another amazing story...

XOXO ~ Cathy

Author's Response:

Hello Cathy,

First thanks for reading this short story. It was cool to write a completely different take on this storyline. Deb Tanner is a freaking GENIUS!

Secondly, please bear in mind that this was actually written before SOWK Part 1 was even thought about. Part 1 actually happened much like "Time's Up Volume I" did where the reviewers were such an intergral part of spawning the plot bunnies that caused me to backtrack from the original work. That said, and now that Part 1 is in full swing on the other site, I will either find a way to tie this into the current story, OR rename this fic something completely different. I haven't decided yet. And while I realize that this was a story completely written with a beginning, middle and end, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve where Part 1 is concerned, LOL. Stay Tuned!

Happy Reading and HUGS,


Reviewer: Shell Scott (Anonymous) · Date: August 13, 2016 10:04 AM · On: Chapter 4

loved it

Reviewer: MAFITA (Signed) · Date: December 23, 2015 11:50 PM · On: Chapter 4

I didn't know you had uploaded this!!!! Wonderful! I loved it! :D :D :D As always, beautiful job on this story! Hope to read you soon! Kisses!

Author's Response:

Thanks so much, Fatima!! I'm hard at work trying to finish two of the current WIPs (TU Volume II and MMTK) this week and I've already began work on a new one. So definitely stay tuned. More IS coming!!! 



Reviewer: Larka (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2015 04:53 PM · On: Chapter 4

Fantastic!  Mikey got it back in spades!

Author's Response:

LOL! Thanks, Larka! It's always nice to know there is some justice in the world...even if I have to create a little of my own! Thank you for reviewing, Darling! 


Reviewer: Tagsit (Anonymous) · Date: September 26, 2015 10:22 PM · On: Chapter 4

Nice. I always wondered why somebody else hadn't heard Mikey's comments at that party - he wasn't exactly quiet. I also like letting Justin do the punching and thus standing up for himself. TAG

Author's Response:

Thanks so much, TAG! This was a dream to write...LOL I love writing 'Aggressive Justin' and having Michael finally be held accountable for his foolery was the icing on the cake.    

Reviewer: The Lantern keeps shining (Anonymous) · Date: September 25, 2015 05:11 PM · On: Chapter 4

Couldn't have been done better. Fitted together seamlessly. Well done!

Author's Response:

Thanks so much, Darling!!! {HUGS}


Reviewer: tiger062 (Signed) · Date: September 24, 2015 02:52 PM · On: Chapter 4

I much prefer your version to canon. Catching Ethan cheating on Brian's phone by accident - brilliant.

It's completely believable that they would hide their relationship from everyone for a while - the 'family' always had to interfere. And Michael - the only apologies that mean anything are ones that are given directly to the person it's owed to and only if they are truly meant - obviously a lesson Michael hasn't yet learnt - he's an idiot and a coward.

I would love to see more.

Author's Response:

Hey Tiger! Thank you so much for the compliment! There will definitely be more of this although it will be done in segments. There are a couple of issues within the storylines that I felt if handled better could have had different outcomes (the results of the bashing/ lack of accountability for Chris comes to mind). So technically I guess this could be thought of as Part III even if it was written first...LOL The trick at this point will be trying to make the transitions seamless to become a complete new series-- a real challenge but one I'm going to love taking on! Thanks again for reading and reviewing! {MANY HUGS}


P.S. I haven't forgotten my other outstanding works which you also read. They will be getting updated again very soon! 

Reviewer: Lorie (Signed) · Date: September 24, 2015 03:53 AM · On: Chapter 4

Great story. Very well written. Great sex.

Author's Response:

Thank you so very much, Lorie! It was nice to go out of this one with a bang...or two! LOL 

Reviewer: JAZZEPOET (Signed) · Date: September 24, 2015 03:00 AM · On: Chapter 4

Damn mama this was the ultimate tease....now I want more lol

Author's Response:

LOL!!! I went all the way LEFT in this one! It appears that this is going to be part of an ongoing series of One-shots so stay tuned! Love ya, JP!

Reviewer: Frances (Signed) · Date: September 24, 2015 02:24 AM · On: Chapter 4

Firstly -- um, so hot.  And I have to say that I love how you weave the original story into your own.  Although I still hate Ethan as much as ever.  Haha.  But some of the lines you wrote for Brian had me smiling because it was just SO BRIAN... if you know what I mean.  lol.  Thank you sharing.

Author's Response:

Thank you so much, Frances!! So happy that you liked it! I swear Brian is my alter ego a lot of the time and I get the biggest kick wondering what he will bring to my mind next.

Reviewer: Deb Tanner (Signed) · Date: September 23, 2015 08:29 PM · On: Chapter 4

OMG! Your take on Brian seeing Ethan & his trick at the concert in Harrisburg is nearly identical to the original bunny I had! It was pure genius on your part to have Brian overhear the greasy chin rat making plans with fanboy and it getting recorded on Justin's voicemail! My original bunny had Brian at the concert with a client when he spots Ethan with his trick. He makes a comment to Justin about it later but Justin doesn't believe him until Brian shows him a picture he had taken of the two. Your scene is so much better!!

I wish this is how the storyline had been written in the series! You more than did my bunny justice!! I am the one thanking you!!! :) Hope to see more!

Author's Response:

I cannot thank you enough, Deb!!! If it weren't for you jumpstarting my creativity with your amazing ideas, this all would never have been possible! Now I have a new task set before me in making the idea of "SOWK" into parts. So if I can manage, this work will probably become Part III of five sections (or more the way this is snowballing...LOL). I thoroughly enjoyed writing the Harrisburg scene as it was validation for Brian's opinion of Ethan. Then to have Justin hear it in the background of the voicemail without Brian having to confirm or deny that he knew about it was in a way a pride saver for Justin who is already trying to forgive himself. I just read the entire chapter over again, marveling at the way it came together.

If you ever have any more bunnies you want to pass along to me, please DO!! You are one special, innovative and creative gem for us authors here on MW! {MANY HUGS}


Reviewer: LegendaryBritinKinlor (Signed) · Date: September 23, 2015 08:22 PM · On: Chapter 4

Love this. It's a much better take on this period of the show than canon was. I am so not a fan of the Ethan Era so I'll be making this my head canon. Really well written. Thanks for sharing!

Well done!!


Author's Response:

WOW!! Thank you so very much, Legendary! If there was always one thing I would have changed about the show it was the length of the Ethan Era. Deb's plot bunnies allowed for me to do that in ways that redefined the "Mistake that never should have happened." Shortening the time frame Justin stayed with Ethan helped ease my mind and my heart...LOL 

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: September 23, 2015 06:11 PM · On: Chapter 4

Interesting changes, it could have happened this way.  Love how you ended this chapter with Michael still not getting it.  lol.

Author's Response:

Hey Yum!!! I'm glad you liked the changes! Michael's character always struck me the personification of the adage: Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. I think that pretty much sums him up...LOL Thanks as always for reading and reviewing!! 

Reviewer: Alois (Signed) · Date: September 23, 2015 05:14 PM · On: Chapter 4

Hi Nichelle! I really enjoyed this one, and especially this last chapter :) Even if I'm one of the few that doesn't hate Michael, one time I really wanted to gag him was when he said these awful words about Justin. I really like your take on this! Thank you for this great job :)

Author's Response:

Thank you so very much, Alois! I am a major fan of your work so this means a whole lot to me! {MANY HUGS}

Reviewer: nickknack (Signed) · Date: September 23, 2015 01:21 PM · On: Chapter 4

Fantastic story, I so wish you to continue it. It's just crying out for more which I would so love to include Ben seeing the light and finding someone who puts him first. Obviously there can never be enough Brian and Justin - I really like their character growth in these chapters:-)

Author's Response:

Hey Nickknack!! I'm so glad you enjoyed this. I'm definitely continuing but I'm having a little difficulty in deciding where to go from here. This was my take on just how Season 3 could have/ should have played out. So now my options are to go back to Season 1 and move forward to tie it into this work OR move ahead to Season 4. Although I am responding to you, if anyone else (I know some of you also read the reviews left) would like to weigh in on my dilemna, I certainly wouldn't be adverse to their opinions. Thank you again so much for reading and reviewing! It truly means a lot!!!!


Reviewer: portnoy (Anonymous) · Date: September 22, 2015 04:48 AM · On: Chapter 3

Interesting take on Justin punching Mikey.  But I have to dissagree that Mikey would just lay there bawling if Justin was the one to hit him.  Michael was livid at Justin.  And Mikey was equal to Justin in height but had greater upper body strenght.  So if Justin hit Mikey,  the older man would in all probability get up and lay Justin out in return.  Sorry, just being realistic here.

Author's Response:

You're entitled to your opinion and it is welcomed. However, I wonder if we watched the same show. Michael was a coward and although loving to start confrontations, he rarely ever stood on his own to complete it. Usually he could depend on Debbie (especially) or the rest of them. You say you're being 'realistic' but the truth, or my truth in this case, is that Michael would have done exactly what he did in this scenario which is EXACTLY what he did when Brian punched him. Thank you for reading and reviewing!


Reviewer: eureka1 (Signed) · Date: September 20, 2015 06:14 AM · On: Chapter 3

Great change to season 3....if only it had happened this way! And if only everyone had know what Mikey said (irritating whiner and rotten best friend). Thanks for the revision!

Author's Response:

LOL! Thanks for reading and reviewing, Eureka!

Reviewer: MAFITA (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2015 05:54 AM · On: Chapter 3

Loved it! :) Wish you would consider an epilogue or a sequel! :) Hope to read you soon! Kisses!

Author's Response:

Hey Mafita! I'm working on a follow-up/epilogue so stay tuned! Much love and thanks for taking the time out to read and review!


Reviewer: 7wildwaysup (Signed) · Date: September 13, 2015 12:03 AM · On: Chapter 3

That was perfect! I loved it! Thank you so much Darling ~ Kathleen

Author's Response:

Thank you so much, Kathleen! I am a huge fan of your work as well. It's always a blessing to know that a fellow author is reading and reviewing my work. 

Reviewer: JAZZEPOET (Signed) · Date: September 09, 2015 08:42 PM · On: Chapter 3

Now I know you didn’t think I was going to pass on this little ditty did you? LAWD HAVE MERCIFUL...I wish Justin would have done that on the show. There is no way he didn’t hear what was said. Good job my damie ;)

Author's Response:

LOL! I could almost hear you laughing and cheering when Justin clocked Michael. I would be lying if I didn't admit how much FUN I had writing that part! Thanks for reading and reviewing, JP! 

Reviewer: tiger062 (Signed) · Date: September 09, 2015 02:59 PM · On: Chapter 3

It always breaks my heart whenever Justin thinks he's not enough for Brian. It's good to see him get back his 'groove' in regards to Brian and that they're back together. Would love an epilogue on how the others take this new development - I can just see Michael's head spinning around and around like in a horror movie.......LOL

Author's Response:

I'm working on an epilogue but since I'm also trying to update the other fics as well, it's going to take some time to get up. The good new is that it's goimg to be a long chapter and include a couple of our favorite moments from Season 3 (primarily Michael's reaction to Brian and Justin's reunion).Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: CFC (Anonymous) · Date: September 09, 2015 10:28 AM · On: Chapter 3

Good story. Lots of good points about what B&J are to each other.

Author's Response:

Thank you so much reading and reviewing, CFC!  I'm glad you enjoyed this!

Reviewer: Annie-Eliza (Signed) · Date: September 09, 2015 03:47 AM · On: Chapter 3

I really enjoyed this, Nichelle! I like the conclusion and I do think that it is very realistic that Brian would defend Justin punching Michael even though he wouldn't defend himself in the show. I also love the song, "Somewhere Only We Know" so I was pleased to see the lyrics. :) Great job! 

Author's Response:

Thank you so much, Annie. I was so happy to write this one, not only because Justin got to punch Michael (which is always a plus...lol) but because the first diner scene where everyone gathered after the Rage Party stayed with me a long time and it was the perfect starting point in this one.  

Reviewer: Lorie (Signed) · Date: September 09, 2015 03:06 AM · On: Chapter 3

Please don't let this end here. There is so much more to say and do. PLEASE.

PS. Love this

Author's Response:

Thanks for reading and reviewing this, Lorie. I can't promise but I will TRY to do another installment either continuing from here or backtracking to various points in QAF canon and rewriting. Currently, my work on the Time's Up and Secrets, Lies and Alibis has been keeping me hopping. There is so much going on or about to surface in both of those fics. This was a wonderful idea from Deb which wouldn't let me alone and I just had to sit and write it. I truly hope more will surface and quite possibly this will end up as part of a collection of short stories. In the meantime, I am humbled that so many adore this work. Thank for the encouragement! It really helps us authors to stretch, test, grow and ultimately redefine our gifts!  ~Nichelle

Reviewer: bksbracelet (Signed) · Date: September 09, 2015 03:05 AM · On: Chapter 3

Loved loved loved this fic thank you

Author's Response:

It was my pleasure to bring it to you! Thank you for reading and reviewing!!! 

Reviewer: Deb Tanner (Signed) · Date: September 09, 2015 12:40 AM · On: Chapter 3

Love it! You did such a great job with my little bunny! And you included one of my favorite scenes from the series - Brian at Woody's talking to the two leather bears and then taking them to the party!

Author's Response:

So proud to have done your idea justice, Deb. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I know I took a bit of creative license in rewriting QAF history but I'm glad to know that it worked and made a complete work while keeping in canon. Brian and the Bears  at Woody's were one of my all-time favorite scenes, too. I loved the unexpectedness of them and Brian's response. It was sheer comedy relief inside of a very tense episode. 

Reviewer: cathyleahey (Anonymous) · Date: September 09, 2015 12:27 AM · On: Chapter 3

Great! I love your chapters. You are so talented......

Author's Response:

Aww. Thank you so much, Cathy! I'm blessed that you think I'm talented. I just try hard and am fortunate to be considered that way. 

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: September 08, 2015 10:11 PM · On: Chapter 3

YES! YES! YES!  You got it right!  This is the way it should have been done.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Author's Response:

You are SOOOOOOOooooooo very welcome! I wish it had happened this way too. Then Ethan would have been toast, Brian and Justin would have been on their way to the HEA road and Michael would have FINALLY been held accountable for something! I think that irked me most of all throughout the entire series but I digress. I'm so happy you have enjoyed this short work! I haven't written a short story since high school (SSOOOooo many years ago...lol about 22 years) so the reviews and support I'm receiving from everyone has me feeling a bit gooey on the inside.

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: September 08, 2015 10:01 PM · On: Chapter 2

This was never one of my favorite episodes.  I like the way you've summed it up and hope you correct everyones opinion as to who was at fault here. 

Reviewer: Frances (Signed) · Date: September 08, 2015 10:00 PM · On: Chapter 3

Very sweet.  If only that's how it actually would have happened.  Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, Frances! I'm so happy you enjoyed it!

Reviewer: nickknack (Signed) · Date: September 08, 2015 09:41 PM · On: Chapter 3

Ah, if only that episode had gone this way then we wouldn't have needed to endure the whole Justin/Ethan mismatch debacle. But then again we wouldn't want to have missed the incredible office make up and make out session when Justin finally grew some balls would we -so not all bad I guess:-D

Author's Response:

LOL! I know what you mean about the end of 308... Lawd Ham Turkey that was HOT!! 

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: September 08, 2015 09:37 PM · On: Chapter 1

Loving the way you are doing this storyline.  Can't wait to see where you take it.

Author's Response:

Hoping so much that although it's short, it still provides one helluva journey! Thanks for reviewing Yummy Yum Yum!! 

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