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Reviewer: Placedo (Signed) · Date: December 05, 2022 08:37 PM · On: Epilogue

Hello !

What a great story, I've read tons of fiction and this one is great ! I loved it !

I really like the way you wrote the complex relationship between Brian and Justin.

Anyway, thank you !!

Sorry if there are some mistakes, English isn't my first language.


Reviewer: Placedo (Signed) · Date: December 05, 2022 08:37 PM · On: Epilogue

Hello !

What a great story, I've read tons of fiction and this one is great ! I loved it !

I really like the way you wrote the complex relationship between Brian and Justin.

Anyway, thank you !!

Sorry if there are some mistakes, English isn't my first language.


Reviewer: Estrelinha97 (Signed) · Date: August 05, 2021 02:32 PM · On: Chapter 8 - Connection


Reviewer: Estrelinha97 (Signed) · Date: August 05, 2021 12:24 PM · On: Chapter 7 - Caring


Reviewer: Estrelinha97 (Signed) · Date: August 05, 2021 11:24 AM · On: Chapter 5 - Hesitation

Loving it ghhjjghghgggg

Reviewer: JerseyGirl (Signed) · Date: September 17, 2019 02:21 AM · On: Epilogue

Every so often there are stories that keep drawing you back to read again, Entwined is definitely one of those stories. I just finished reading it for a second time and wanted to give credit to the writers talent to be able to write a story where no matter how many times you read it, the emotion it draws is just a raw as the first time.  Entwined is superbly written. Candy

Reviewer: coleamber (Signed) · Date: May 20, 2019 01:37 AM · On: Chapter 19 - Moving On

Hate that fucking Lindsey

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: April 21, 2019 10:43 AM · On: Epilogue

Nooooooooooooooooo an infinity of noooooooo this story cannot be over please say it’s not. This was beautiful so beautiful. The wedding was perfect but what was even more incredible was Brian’s speech wow it blew me away so much. It words touched me and brought out so many emotions. Please write a story with them finding a house together. I’m sure it would be fun to see Javk and Gus going with them to pick out the house and I bet they get that mansion after all. Thank you for this story xx


im doing better now my blood sugars still everywhere so I think I’ll have to be seen again to fix that. 


Hope uoh are well and Happy Easter 🐣 xx

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: April 13, 2019 10:54 AM · On: Chapter 35 - All over again

Sorry it took so long to read this chapter I was in hospital for a bit. 


This was wonderful I loved the trip they took and I loved them getting ready to go to Debbie’s for Christmas. Lol Brian really can’t resist Justin can he. His bond with his dad gets me in the heart more and more you have written it so beautifully. I’d love to see more.


The date has to be written and of course lots more as well this is such an incredible story. Xx

Author's Response:

Never apologize for something like that. I hope you're feeling better now. How are you ? I saw the post on FB, I'm so happy you're finally out of there. And sorry it takes me so long to respond to reviews, I'm quite busy these days and mostly away from my computer.

I'm glad you stille enjoy it. And I know you read the Date already before. Remember Gus bringing a date on Valentine's day in a restaurant and going to see the King Lion with Brian, Jack and Gus? That's the one :D

Sending a very special giant hug your way my friend <3 <3 <3 

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: March 25, 2019 12:29 PM · On: Chapter 34 - In his smile

Loved seeing the progression Brian made. It took time but I’m sure it was worth it. 

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: March 23, 2019 12:01 PM · On: Chapter 33 - Hug me, hold me

Happy tears, I’m so happy that Brian took that step it was such a huge one for him. I can’t wait to see what’s next. I don’t want this to end. 

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: March 20, 2019 02:51 PM · On: Chapter 32 - A new life

Gosh you really could feel Brian's pain and struggle in this chapter and it hit me in the gut. I hope he listens to Debbie and gets himself together and lets himself be apart of his sons life. 

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: March 07, 2019 09:41 AM · On: Chapter 31 - Give it time

I could feel the tension jump off the page. I can also feel the pain Brian is feeling at seeing Jesse. It’s understandable that things went the way they did with this meeting it will take time I guess and I hope they can resolve this. I’m glad Brian turned to Justin they really can help each other. 

Author's Response:

Brian has really grown up, right? :D 

Thank you again, Vicki!!!!

Reviewer: JerseyGirl (Signed) · Date: March 07, 2019 02:29 AM · On: Epilogue

I just finished Entwined, it was superbly written!  Your connection to the characters, and who they are is what draws me to your stories. Your way of setting a scene with words, a description, makes the whole story come alive.  You have a way of making your readers feel what you felt when writing, that is a gift!  You write with an understanding that Brian & Justins love isnt always about the happy times, yet inspite of all they have been through it is the one thing that will always connect them, even surviving distance and time! Thank you for writing this amazing story, you are one of my all-time favorite writers!! Candy

P.S. The Date was so "Adorable" I laughed out loud at "He is sooo going to nail her" like I said you sure have a way with words!  Im off to read Beneath the Lies. 

Author's Response:

aww, thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed that one. I'm considering writing a sequel, so maybe you will have more soon ;) 

Anyway, thank you for your enthusiastic reviews, you made me want to write all over again <3 

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: March 06, 2019 11:43 AM · On: Chapter 30 - Broken

💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 there isn’t enough broken heats to post to tell you how heartbreaking this chapter was. I truly can’t blame Justin for leaving and for reacting how he did. As for Brian I wanted to 🥊  one right in the smaker. He will see what he has lost and get himself some help.


magnificent chapter x

Author's Response:

That chapter was very difficult to write, because I needed to find the right balance of hate between brian and Justin. The present part of the story makes it more bearable, but their love story isn't always easy, to say the least...* authors hiding in shame LOL*

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: March 06, 2019 08:55 AM · On: Chapter 29 - Jesse’s story

Wow there was so much in this chapter. I loved seeing it focused mostly on Jesse and Aaron. Jesse really came such a long way he battled so much to get where he got to and to see him helping others really touched me. The addition of Alive truly warmed my heart and Aaron is so good with her, I look forward to seeing more with them all. I could picture the look on Aaron’s face when Jesse announced he wanted to go back then the look on Brians face when they faced each other. I sooooooo can’t wait to see what’s next. 

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2019 08:33 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Drifting to the breaking point

I don’t know how Justin stayed as sane as he did putting up with what Brian was doing.  I wanted to shake him and shout wake up and stop what you are doing. I would have slapped Lindsay silly she was such a bitch for doing what she did. My heart is breaking for Justin. 

Author's Response:

Justin is quite a character in this story, right? I love him to death here <3 

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: March 02, 2019 11:40 AM · On: Chapter 27 - Loving life

What are you doing to me girl, happy tears once again. I wish this story could be made into a movie it’s so good. I love how the bond between Jack and Brian is going. He is getting the dad he should of had growing up. Everything in this chapter grabbed me fully and I’m wondering what’s going to happen with Jesse now. I’m so hooked in this I never want it to end. 



Im doing good, I finally finished my last chapter and as soon as I get it back from the beta it will be posted. I do hope that you enjoy it 💕💕💕

Author's Response:

Brian and Jack's relationship was a delight to write, that's also why I consider writing a sequel to Entwined. I'm so glad you could finish your story! You must be excited :D 

Thank you again for all your wonderful reviews Vicki!

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: February 28, 2019 08:25 AM · On: Chapter 26 - This is just goodbye

Oh man my heart shattered reading this chapter so much pain in their hearts. It’s so hard to see the struggle within them and stubbornness. I can feel Justin pulling away even though he loves Brian so much I don’t know how much more he can take. This story is so amazing and powerful. 

Author's Response:

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: February 23, 2019 12:46 PM · On: Chapter 25 - New beginnings

Where do I even begin. I love that Justin looks after Brian, even after all these years and what’s gone on he is still there heart and soul. The smile on Brians lips at the fact Justin remembered his favorite food and the chat that followed. You really have a beautiful way of capturing moments and it keeps you drawn into every word. I want to thank you for that I truly s. 


I know really sad sad moments are coming in the past parts I’m holding onto the happy parts of the present ones. 


Imdoing ok, I’m writing the final chapter of my current story. It’s going really slowly. 

I hope you do write more of this and please come back to QaF fics. 


I can give you a prompt if you would like one to write a cute doc with xx

Author's Response:

Thank you for the compliment about capturing moments :) <3 You must be excited to finish your story ! I know I always were when I wrote a long one. 

I have actually written a very cute (and very short) fic in this universe, I could maybe post it for the challenge. It's a letter from Jack to Brian, after this story ends. Ansgt free with an excess of sweetness LOL

Thank YOU for your kindness Vicki, it means a lot to me <3 

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: February 22, 2019 11:31 AM · On: Chapter 24: Turning Point - Part Three

Omg such raw pain like a dagger to the heart. This broke me to see the suffering from all sides. Will there ever be a way back for the friendship between Jesse and Brian and what will this do to Brian and Justin. I’m in floods. 


Fantastic work x

Author's Response:

Hey Vicki !

Always such a pleasure to read your reviews. You're reaching the hard part of the story, at least in the past. I promise you things will get better, eventually, but for now it's going to be tough for the boys. 

So glad you're enjoying this story! I really loved writing them here and creating this universe. I'm considering writing a sequel soon, just to revisit this world.

I really hope you're okay my friend :) 

A huge hug to you <3 <3 <3 

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: February 19, 2019 08:22 PM · On: Chapter 24: Turning Point - Part Two

OMG I’m lost for words, I knew I hated spencer but omg poor Brian I hope that he will be ok. 

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: February 19, 2019 04:11 PM · On: Chapter 24: Turning Point - Part One

That Spencer really is an asshole isn’t he. How could he do that to Justin. He knew Brian would react that way. That fight between our boys really scared me. Did the talk with Jesse work 😢 I sure hope it did. 

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: February 18, 2019 04:30 PM · On: Chapter 23 - That night

What a way to make me cry again, Jack is really touching my heart the way he was talking to Brian, asking that he find a new name for him like dad, oh man that really got to me big time. There is so many more emotions to come I think with those two and it’s painful for them I’m sure. I hope their relationship will get stronger. 


Brian needs Justin by his side and I think Justin is the same it’s thoe baby steps they are taking I think is good because jumping in to fast could crush even a friendship between them. 


Man oh oh man I’m loving this story x

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: February 18, 2019 08:16 AM · On: Chapter 22 - Seeds of Doubt

Oh Brian, Brian, Brian why do you do this to yourself. If you could only just talk out loud about your feelings all this wouldn’t happen to you. You are lucky to have Michael to pick you up and to tell you pull yourself together. Justin loves you and you love him. I fear you might lose him if you don’t talk. 

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: February 16, 2019 11:08 AM · On: Chapter 21 - Searching for Jack

You’ve made me cry with the beauty in this chapter. I loved the moments in the case with Brian and Justin you can feel them growing closer again. Then the moments between Justin and Jack those really touched my heart so much. He has such innocence and it’s sad but sweet the way he reacts to Justin. I really hope Brian and Justin end up back together they are meant to be. 

Author's Response:

Hi Vicki!

Jack is a wonderful character to write about in this fic. I remember this chapter, I had a great time writing it. From now on, the present will be easier, the past harder. But I promise beautiful moments and with Jack, too :) 

Thank you for all your reviews. I hope you're okay, as well as your family. XOXO <3 <3 <3 

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: February 11, 2019 08:46 AM · On: Chapter 20 - Hints of Jealousy

Oh deary me, I had a feeling fights were coming and a jealous Brian. If only he would admit how he really felt this wouldn’t happen. I want to shake him so badly and say wake up or you will lose him. I can’t blame Justin’s reaction. I hope things get better I wantvthe guys happy. 

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2019 03:13 PM · On: Chapter 19 - Moving On

That was brilliant and beautiful. Loved their conversation in the diner you could feel the nerves and the flirty banter between them. Their love is slowly creeping back into their lives I think they just need to open up a tad more. 


I love they went to see Gus and Lindsey but mainly Gus of course the moments between His dad was so sweet I so want to see more and more of this. I laughed when they were teasing Justin while playing football that was the best. Omg Jack is missing I hope they find him safe and sound. 

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: February 01, 2019 11:40 AM · On: Chapter 18 - Tomorrow awaits

Wow, that was such a brave thing for Brian to do, to share the experience of going to see his dad in Secret with him. To show that vulnerable side to him was a huge thing. 


I was with Justin at being angry with Brian for bringing tricks back to their bed, but I do agree it’s Brians way of hitting out if trying to hide how he truly feels. It maybe wrong and it does need to change and it can with Justins help. 


Kmg happy tears that key is more then a key to an apartment it’s a key to Brians heart 💓 

Author's Response:

Brian is so full of s***, right?  :D But truly, he's helpless when Justin is concerned LOL

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: February 01, 2019 09:27 AM · On: Chapter 17 - New promises

You had me crying here, the scene with Jack talking with the doctor and Brian was so emotional and heart wrenching. His innocence and his memories that are haunting him are just so sad. If I could hug all of them I would. 


I love Brians relationship with Debbie she is a good mother to him and their talk I hoped helped him lots. 


I lorcthat Micheal wants to work with Justin on his comic I really hope that Justin takes him up on the offer.


oooooh Brian asked Justin to go see Gus this has me exited I can’t wait to see how it goes. 

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2019 09:52 AM · On: Chapter 16 - Healed

Gosh I’m so proud of Justin for facing his fears and going out on New Years Eve. That really took big cahonas didn’t it and it’s thanks to Brian for instilling that in him. It truly moved me. I loved that they celebrated with Jessee as well becwadnt left out and Brian confronting Aaron was great it’s not good how he is treating Jesse. The talk that they had once they reached back to the apartment about Brian’s dad was really sad and moving at the same time i wanted to cry for him. He was like a little boy talking about him. Oh boy I can see Daphene confronting Brian about Justin and wanting him to explain just were their relationship actually is after the talk shechad with Justin. Poor Brian won’t know what hit him if she does lol.


Brilliant work as always xx

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: January 30, 2019 10:09 AM · On: Chapter 15 - Reunions and surprises

Going to dinner at Micheals and Bens house must have been scary for Justin knowing that Debbie was going to be there. Having no contact in eight years is a really long time I’d be shitting a brick if I was him. I am glad it went well even though the warning from Carl but a shiver down my spine. Wow that phone call fromJesses was very cryptic wasn’t it. I’m wondering what it was all about. I’m dying to find out now.

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: January 29, 2019 01:14 PM · On: Chapter 14 - After the night

Brain really has a damaged soul hasn’t he that needs healing. My heart aches that he is using the fuck um and toss um way of shutting off his heart. I know he wants to let Justin in but it’s that struggle isn’t it. Like with the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other telling him different ways of dealing with it. 


I feel for Jesse as well, he needs a good kind manthat will treat him the way he should be treated. I’d kick Arrons butt I swear for acting that way around him. 


Loli love that Justin has Brian in his grasp wheather Brian knows it or not but I think he may have an inkling. 


Fantastic Chapter x hugs 

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: January 28, 2019 08:59 PM · On: Chapter 13 - Decision

I must admit I did feel sorry for Tyler even though I desperately want our boys back together, oh how I pray that they do get back together and get that passion on fire once more. 

Author's Response:

Yes, Tyler wasn't so happy with Justin's decision but at least, he told him the truth. Now, to see how our boys will act from now on ;)

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: January 28, 2019 08:35 AM · On: Chapter 12 - Alive

I seriously loved the private moment with Brian and Justin on the roof. That was so powerful and moving. The quite moment without words gave me shivers then when they talked sharing past history that blew me away giving me goosebumps. Then you go and hit me with that kiss wow wee. That was someway to start my day. 

Author's Response:

I loved writing that scene :D

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: January 25, 2019 10:51 AM · On: Chapter 11 - Who's left behind

God almighty that really dug into my heart. Jack really is struggling isn’t he and now he is remembering his his past ways even though he thinks they are Dreams. I can feel how much that is killing Brian, I know that it would kill me. 


Lol Michael coming after Justin is brilliant, I understand why he is doing it but it’s funny seeing him do it. He is right though, Justin is in love with Brian still and he does need to make his choice. It’s not gonna be easy though because someone is going to get hurt.

Author's Response:

Love your reviews Vicky! Again, sorry for not responding much. But again, I love every single one of your review. Thank you! <3 <3 <3 

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: January 24, 2019 02:01 PM · On: Chapter 10 - Truce

I am loving Brian here, seeing him like this is great because its showing all sides to him. You get the Brian hexis showing the world. I loved the conversation between him and Justin on the street, I could feel The flirty undertones between them. Then the talk between Jesse and Justin was really great. I hope they become friends xx

Author's Response:

Brian is intrigued by Justin, to say the least. And Justin is attracted by Brian, even though I'm sure he'd prefer not to be. The sparks are about to start ;D

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: January 24, 2019 12:50 PM · On: Chapter 9 - Revelations

The electricity in the air between these two is huge in this chapter, I nearly got shocked by it as it was so strong. My heart is breaking for Brain with what’s going on with his dad, anyone dealing with this situation must be awful. My friends dad has dementia and I know how hard that is for her. 

Author's Response:

Brian wants Justin to be happy. For all his attitude, he is a true selfless character, and dearly cares about his former lover. He has a lot to deal with too, including the evolution of his relationship with his dad. I didn't spare him LOL. But I promise it will get better :) 

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: January 24, 2019 12:00 PM · On: Chapter 8 - Connection

Wow, this moved me beyond words. To see the vulnerable side of Brian sitting on that roof top was breathtaking. People think of him as this jerk and hard but inside he is just as hurting as the rest of them. Poor Justin having that panic attack was awful but it was so incredible seeing Brian look after him, that was so touching. 


Brilliant work x

Author's Response:

I enjoyed very much writing about those two in this story, and their relationship in the past. I'm glad you can feel their connection. It's truly a beautiful one.

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: January 24, 2019 10:17 AM · On: Chapter 7 - Caring

Poor Brian, dealing with that must be soul destroying. I would have rung that nurses neck for doing that to my dad, how he restrained himself I don’t know. He needs something happy to happen now doesn’t he. That phone call from Justin I pray is that something. I’m seriously loving this story.

Author's Response:

It's true it seems Brian has a lot to deal with in this story. His relationship with his dad will be a major part of it. There is angst ahead, but I promise TONS of love :)

Thank you for being so amazing with all your reviews Vicki. I hope you're okay <3 

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: January 22, 2019 10:45 AM · On: Chapter 6 - Breathe

I’m so glad that Emmet is looking after Justin, he really needs it and I hope he doesn’t go back to his cold apartment. Lol standing up to Brian that was brilliant I hope we see more of that side of Justin it’s awesome. 

Author's Response:

Emmett is a fantastic friend ! And Justin is one strong young man. Brian is about to discover just how much :D

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: January 21, 2019 11:53 AM · On: Chapter 5 - Hesitation

Seeing this through all there eyes was unreal. The nervous and awkward Justin seeing Brian when opened that door stopped my heart waiting to see what was next. Then Brian reacting in the same way , it was like the cosmos was pulling them together through Emmet who was looking out for both of them. 


Justin knows his heart belongs with Brian’s but with Tyler in the mix and I know there will be angst this is gonna he a heck of a ride to read. 


Im always excited to read your work. Hugs from Ireland 🇮🇪 

Author's Response:

I love rereading the story thriough your eyes :D

Hugs from France <3

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: January 19, 2019 11:46 AM · On: Chapter 3 - Aftermath

I do hope Justin calls Brian because it seems like fate has made their paths cross again. I feel bad for Tyler as he would lose Justin if they get back together z  and I didn’t see Jack turning up that surprised me and what’s wrong with him I’m wondering. 

Author's Response:

I'd need to reread this one LOL Justin and Brian will meet again, like, very soon * grin * :D

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: January 19, 2019 10:58 AM · On: Chapter 2 - A New beginning

My nerves were shaking for Justin here I could feel everything he was feeling. I’m sure he will have an amazing friend in Emmet and boy oh boy what an introduction to Brian huh. 

Author's Response:

What I love about new readers with this story, is that I can read the story again through their eyes.  It's been a long time since I finished that one, so it will be a pleasure to read it through you :)

Explosive meeting, right? Justin has a long road to recovery in this one, but he will get there :) And Emmett is a hoot! :D

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: January 18, 2019 07:52 PM · On: Chapter 1 - Unexpected Reunion

What an amazing start to a story. You have well and truly pulled me in. I cannot wait to see how this develops. I hope our boys hearts become one. 

Author's Response:

Hi Vicky!

I'm glad you started this one :) I think you'll like it, even though you know me, there is angst coming, but I promise a wonderful love story with our boys. And I suspect you will like Jack and Gus in this one ;)

Thank you for giving it a try. I hope you're okay!

Hugs from France <3 

Reviewer: Severus_divides_into_H (Signed) · Date: September 09, 2018 01:53 PM · On: Epilogue

Hi, Alois! I decided to re-read this wonderful story recently and I fell in love all over again. I was so excited to jump back into this world, with Brian, Justin, Jack, Jesse, Emmett, and everyone else. You took the characters from canon and made them into your own, and the original characters you’ve added turned out to be as wonderful and complex as everyone else. While I’m usually interested only in Brian and Justin and their relationship, I was genuinely invested in Jesse and his romance with Aaron — and his friendship with Brian. You’ve created such interesting story-lines and they all tugged at my heartstrings.

 The way you alternated between past and present has captivated me back when I was first reading this story and it had the same effect on me now. It was infuriating, too (in a good way) — I got so absorbed in the past, I didn’t want it to end at all. I wanted it to go on and on, without interruptions. But when Present started, I became absorbed once again and this time, I didn’t *it* to end. And this was an endless circle! So I gulped the whole story down pretty quickly, ignoring my need to sleep — and it was so worth it.

I love how at first, Brian and Justin’s relationship was so strained. I love that it took them a while to get back together in the present — it was realistic and believable. The process of them falling in love was, too — Justin slipped in under Brian’s system of defenses gradually and steadily, and his loyalty and devotion were so in-canon. And Brian, his patience despite his abruptness, his love and tenderness that even his assholish behavior couldn’t hide.

Brian’s descend into self-made hell was so painful and heartbreaking – but I loved it because I love angst (with a happy ending) and you described it perfectly. My heart was breaking in the most delicious way. The whole situation with Jesse – I really didn’t except such reaction. For him to blame Brian… but I could also understand him, and it made everything much harder to take. Poor Brian, but poor Jesse, too. And poor Aaron and Justin, who had to deal with the aftermath for months and months. The moment when Justin finally left Brian was absolutely devastating. Still, I loved (I swear I’m not a sadist) how gutted Brian was and how he blamed Lindsay – it was such as realistic and heartfelt display of pain and anger and self-hatred — trying to blame another person for your pain... this heartache was beautifully  balanced with a happier present, which made everything easier and lovelier. Ii couldn’t get enough.

Thank you so much for this amazing story and for such a lovely, wonderful end! I got immense pleasure from reading it and I can’t wait to catch up with your other works!

Author's Response:

OMG, Katrin! I was so happy to see your name on the review, and what an amazing review once again. You really know how to put a huge smile on my face. And coming from you, who are so talented yourself, I really was blushing hard :D

I hope you're okay and that real like is treating you well. How are you?

And again, thank you so much for telling me how you feel about this story in such great details. It's been a while since I wrote that one, but I truly like it, and am always wondering if I will ever come back to that universe. I did write a little companion story in this universe, so if you haven't read it, it's called 'the date' and is angst-free compared to that one.

But really, I'm so excited to see you back!!! Hope we can chat soon :) Take care <3 <3 <3 

Reviewer: Lori (Signed) · Date: August 17, 2018 03:04 PM · On: Epilogue

I found this story three days ago, it took me this long to read it because I did not want to miss a word lol.  I laughed, cried and loved it .  Looking forward to reading more of your stories.  You are a wonderful writer.



Author's Response:

Hey Lorie,


Thank you for another amazing review. This story is one of my favorite, so I'm glad you liked it as much as you did :) Thank you also for leaving a review, I deeply appreciate it <3

Hugs from France

Reviewer: Juditka (Signed) · Date: February 17, 2018 05:42 PM · On: Epilogue

I really liked the story. I'm happy to have read it. Thank you very much. Judit from Hungary

Author's Response:

Hi Judit!

I'm sorry for the delay in my response but I wanted to thank you for your kind review. It's always great to know new readers enjoy this story.

*Hugs from France*


Reviewer: Nadine (Signed) · Date: August 23, 2017 02:10 PM · On: Epilogue

So lovely, one heck of a roller coaster ride, and my emotions were all over the place , too. But the end was so worth it. I'm excited to read more from you.

Thanks for sharing this:)

Author's Response:

Aw, thank you! It was a roller coaster ride to write, but I'm very proud of that fic :D 

I'm so grateful you read two of my stories and enjoyed them both! I'm currently working on a new fic, and I hope I will be able to share it soon.

Thanks again, so much, for your reviews! You made my day :)


Reviewer: loveloversspit (Signed) · Date: July 24, 2017 08:40 AM · On: Chapter 1 - Unexpected Reunion

I'm intrigued!

Author's Response:

Thanks for letting me know mandy! I hope you will enjoy this one :)

* Hugs from France *

Reviewer: nickknack (Signed) · Date: March 10, 2017 03:16 AM · On: Epilogue

Love the story and love the dynamics of the characters in this universe.  I would happily revisit for any sequels you may have planned. Adding to favorites immediately :)

Author's Response:

Hi Nicky! 

I'm very glad you enjoyed this story! I had a great time writing the dynamics between all those characters in this universe. I wrote a companion story with my beta called 'The date' and taking place between the last chapter and the epilogue of Entwined if you want to read it. It's mainly a humurous story though.

Thank you for your comment. I always love to know readers are still discovering this one :)

* Hugs from France to New Zealand! (I think you're from New Zealand, right? If not, I'm sorry!!) *


Reviewer: Flo3241 (Signed) · Date: March 01, 2017 12:50 PM · On: Epilogue

This was a brilliant read. LOVED IT! 

Author's Response:

Thank you Florentina! I'm so glad you enjoyed this story :) Thank you sincerely for taking the time to comment, too. I appreciate that so much.

* Hugs from France *

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 21, 2017 05:55 AM · On: Epilogue

Beautiful story! Well Done

Author's Response:

THANK YOU for all the reviews! You're wonderful :) 

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 21, 2017 05:27 AM · On: Chapter 35 - All over again

I have truly enjoyed your story--going back and forth with the past and present was a challange for me but it finally worked out. This is the first story I've read that let you feel joy about Jack and Brian as father and son. I so wanted a memory for Brian of a time his dad loved him and for Brian to be proud him, even with his restrictions.

Author's Response:

Aw, thank you so much :) I'm very glad you enjoyed this story and Brian and Jack's relationship!

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 21, 2017 03:49 AM · On: Chapter 34 - In his smile

Even Brian knew Justin walking away years before was what made Brian finally become the man he knew he could be. He was a son, and a father, and with the luck of fate maybe soon  a lover and partner.

Author's Response:

Accepting to be a father has changed everything for Brian :)

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 21, 2017 03:21 AM · On: Chapter 33 - Hug me, hold me

I realize Jack is damaged but he is written as such a sweet guy--frim insisting burgers and fries for everyone--his little happy dance--to the painting he did and gave to his much loved son, the cherry on top, Brian hugged his dad on his own. Brian has grown up to be a loving partner,son, and father. Making the decision on his own to go see Jesse will heal Brian and Jesse, he is truly the man Justin always wanted him to be

Author's Response:

Brian has become the man he was meant to be, thanks to Justin. Now, it's time they have their happy ending :)

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 20, 2017 08:31 PM · On: Chapter 32 - A new life

He has so many demons , maybe Debbie could reach him. Somehow a son made him think, how could he have a son growing up as unloved as he was--it's time to grow up.

Author's Response:

It's time indeed :)

Reviewer: cookiebun (Signed) · Date: February 20, 2017 02:29 PM · On: Epilogue

This was an absolutely wonderful story.  I will be honest, I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy the back and forth between the past and the present, but you did it so well, and it really worked.

I'm so glad you finished this so I was able to enjoy it so much!  :) 

Author's Response:

Hi Kathy!

I'm so happy you enjoyed this story so much. I assure you after the first chapters, I thought I was crazy to divide the story between the past and the present and I will probably never do it again LOL But I'm glad it worked for you!

Thank you sincerely for your feedback, I deeply appreciate it.

* hugs from France *

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 20, 2017 11:05 AM · On: Chapter 31 - Give it time

 Wow that had to be a huge surprise to see someone after eight years and he's walking. To bad Brian didn't ask him to sit causing Jesse considerable pain. I figure after the shock wears off they will re-build their friendship.I'm sure Brian still feels a lot of guilt that he got hurt.

Author's Response:

Yes, talk about a shock. Brian will need time to process that Jesse is back. And of course, a part of him will always feel guilty, even though he now understands it wasn't his fault.

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 20, 2017 10:01 AM · On: Chapter 30 - Broken

  Brian is so scared and so damaged, I'm surprised he hadn't had a heart attack the stress along with lack of sleep, the ,etc. are all stressors add the guilt he has on so many levels, the man is a mess  

Author's Response:

He is. It's painful, really and it was painful to write. But he will learn from that time. He will learn from his mistakes and accepts he is just a man. He will learn to be happy, even if it will take time...

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 20, 2017 09:31 AM · On: Chapter 29 - Jesse’s story

 I love that Jesse has a good life, walking,still loved by his partner, and a daughter who has made his life so much richer, and a job that lets him help people pick up their life and learn new skills and to feel alive again.This was a wonderful uplifting chapter.

Author's Response:

Aw, thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed Jesse's story :) Also, again, thank you for all the reviews, it's wonderful of you to take all this time to leave your thoughts. I couldn't thank you enough 

*Hugs from France!*

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 20, 2017 08:23 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Drifting to the breaking point

Brian can't help himself in his guilt over jesse, he has come self-destructive he's slowly becoming his own worst enemy.

Author's Response:

You're absolutely right :)

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 20, 2017 08:01 AM · On: Chapter 27 - Loving life

A wonderful chapter Jack and Gus love each other and the best part Jack and Brian have come to love each other-even with the difficulties Brian and Jack have found a way to love and enjoy each other for the first time in many years Brian has a "Dad". I loved this chapter, how Brian's"family" accepts Jack it was really beautiful!

Author's Response:

The present part of the story is showing how much they had grown up, especially Brian. And now that they had all accept and embrace their feelings, I have a feeling they will be okay. More than okay ;) I'm so glad you liked this chapter!

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 20, 2017 07:13 AM · On: Chapter 26 - This is just goodbye

 Brians a mess, Jesse is a mess, Justin is heatbroken and a mess-chapter had no hope for anyone, when does it get better ?

Author's Response:

It will, I promise. But we're not here yet.

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 20, 2017 06:17 AM · On: Chapter 25 - New beginnings

Brian seems sincere when talking with Justin and excepts his leaving as he didn't really give Justin much choice. I don't think Brian would have grown up and felt the way he does about Gus or Jack unless Justin left him and forced the issue.

Author's Response:

You're absolutely right. As painful as it was, Justin leaving Brian had allowed the man to deal with his shit and grow up. As a result, he gained a father and a son.

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 20, 2017 05:42 AM · On: Chapter 24: Turning Point - Part Three

Jesse wasn't wrong, but Brian was beat down again. Now I guess the booze starts up again and Brian will try anything to dull the pain how much pain can he take before he snaps.

Author's Response:

I guess you're right. Brian doesn't deal well with pain. And at the moment, he hates himself so much he won't even see how much pain he will cause to the persons he loves.

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 20, 2017 04:37 AM · On: Chapter 24: Turning Point - Part Two

 My God , Spencer is a sicko and a prick, how does Justin find these people? Looks like Jessee is hurt, another burden of guilt for Brian this will devastate Brian. The sex was great between Brian and Justin, it's just for every beautiful moment they share there's a horrific moment yet to come,great chapter

Author's Response:

Yes. It seems unfair for Brian and Justin to have to deal with that when Brian had finally decided to lower his walls to save his relationship with Justin. Unfortunately, it will begins a downfall spiral for them, although, in the end, they will find peace. But in the meantime, it will be hell.

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 19, 2017 06:10 PM · On: Chapter 24: Turning Point - Part One

Spencer is creep and I hope Justin finds out the truth

Author's Response:

He is! The worst kind of creep.

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 19, 2017 05:10 PM · On: Chapter 23 - That night

  The pain that Brian has to live with is horrific.The burden of his guilt (in his mind) he just can't get past it.It makes you wonder how people manage to pick up their lives and continue on.

Author's Response:

I agree. The pain Brian experienced helps to understand why he is so fucked up in this story. And no, for now, he hadn't dealt with it at all. I agree with you that dealing with that kind of drama seems nearly impossible. It takes a lot of courage.

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 19, 2017 03:54 PM · On: Chapter 22 - Seeds of Doubt

Well, Spencer showed his true colors! what an asshole, Brian finally said he was sorry but was it to little to late?

Author's Response:

Maybe not too late... this time. But Spencer isn't done, unfortunately.

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 19, 2017 08:47 AM · On: Chapter 21 - Searching for Jack

So glad Justin went with Brian-he has a way of calming Brian, with the two of them to split up helped find Jack before nightfall. Justin helped keep Jack calm and telling him Brian just wanted to find him, poor Jack thought Justin was an angel even when being brain damaged Jack had a point.

Author's Response:

Justin is exactly what Brian needed to deal with Jack's disappearance :)

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 19, 2017 08:01 AM · On: Chapter 20 - Hints of Jealousy

 Spencer sure didn't help the situation, in fact he added to it, what's his problem?

Author's Response:

Spencer has a problem, you're totally right :)

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 19, 2017 07:32 AM · On: Chapter 19 - Moving On

 Brian and Gus love their soccer and Gus was delighted when scored a goal against Justin, wonder what happen to Jack? Brian will make heards roll is an understatement.

Author's Response:

Brian and Gus have a very special relationship :) Having a child has changed Brian for the better

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 19, 2017 06:59 AM · On: Chapter 18 - Tomorrow awaits

more insight on their earlier life. Want to know what went wrong so they can get together  

Author's Response:

You will :) Thank you for all the reviews!!!

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 19, 2017 06:36 AM · On: Chapter 17 - New promises

I like this story and appreciate that even if Jack is brain damaged he and Brian can have some type of relationship and with Gus.Brian still seems frighten of Justin, that Brian can just maybe hook-up again and he needs someone special like Justin who can love him

Author's Response:

Brian has come a long way since the time when he refused to even speak to Jack. You will understand why as you read, and more precisally, who has given him the strength to do so. And yes, Brian is still scared, but he has grown up a lot since his teens, so he will face his fears. Lucky us ;)

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 19, 2017 05:47 AM · On: Chapter 16 - Healed

It must be tough for Brian--abused by his father, then losing his mom and sister only to have Jack in the state he's in so diffrent than the man Jack is now! No wonder Brian has a character of not loving anyone he really distrusts people no one loves the man (in his eyes) he's afraid to love.

Author's Response:

Brian in the past has yet to come with closure regarding what happened to his family. This trauma is going to dictate his life for a long time, and trigger his insecurities until he will stop running away from his demons. It will take him a long time, though.

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 19, 2017 04:15 AM · On: Chapter 15 - Reunions and surprises

I feel really sorry for Justin, everyone questions his decisions. Tyler I can understand, but Daphene, Emmett, Debbie, mikey, and Jessee, I dont understand why it's their business. Brian and Justin's mom make sense to me, but to have every meeting every word examed puts Justin on the offensive. It would drive me crazy to have people who feel they know whats best for me. He is not a child.

Author's Response:

All Justin's friends are just trying to help him understand why he is suddenly changing his mind. They don't necessarily judge him, but considering he had been adamant for years not to speak about Brian while trying to convince himself that Tyler was the good guy, it's surprising to them that he changes his mind so fast. Now, we all know why he does, and I'm pretty sure his friends will support him, no matter what

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 19, 2017 02:41 AM · On: Chapter 14 - After the night

Calling Brian a coward certainly got his attention but also got Brian to admit Justin was  different which what Justin wanted. Great chapter

Author's Response:

Brian is still resisting, but not for long :)

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 17, 2017 07:25 PM · On: Chapter 13 - Decision

I can see Tyler's point, we know why Justin left Brian, yet it doesn't explain why after eight years he suddenly came home. I think it was love, some would call it fate ,Their love still burns for both them they just seem to get out of their own way.

Author's Response:

I think Justin wanted to come back, but genuinely didn't realize it until he saw Brian again. One thing is sure, Tyler didn't stand a chance... Brian and Justin's love story is one of those grand romance when nothing compared in that fic, even though they broke up. I can't say it enough, the angst will be hard to take at times, but their love is magnificent.

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 17, 2017 02:41 PM · On: Chapter 12 - Alive

 Hot chapter,Finally some of their secrets are being talked about , Justin is strong but the bashing made feel he was weak and Brian realizes that he was a victim of a hate crime he was to be blamed for some homophob's gutless attack

Author's Response:

They're making progress! Justin is a strong young man, but Brian is bringing back his will to live his life to the fullest. And Brian is falling for Justin :D

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 17, 2017 01:40 PM · On: Chapter 11 - Who's left behind

mikey being a friend to Justin will take a adjustment on my part. In this chapter the best scenes were between Brian,Gus, and Jack.Brian doesn'tr know how to explain things to Jack No one can resist darling Gus--not his daddy or his grandpa. I hope Jack never learns of treatment of Brian in his youth I think it would break a man that is already broken--it's sad Jack wanted to hug his son and Brian couldn't accept it, but they both have no trouble with Gus.

Author's Response:

Brian still needs to come to terms with his feelings regarding his father. I'm glad you're enjoying Jack's character, though, since he was such a bad father in the show. And for course, both Brian and Jack are totally enamorated with Gus! I promise Brian and Jack's journey will be fulfilling, even if not always easy.

As for Michael, he is a good guy in this story.  Brian will have some hard times to deal with, and he needs a friend.

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 17, 2017 10:49 AM · On: Chapter 10 - Truce

 Justin isn't the only one wondering about Brian's past. After talking to Jesse maybe Justin will talk with Brian in the privacy of their apartment.  

Author's Response:

I have a feeling things are going to heat up very soon :D

Thank you again for all the comments! I hope you will keep enjoying this one :)

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 17, 2017 10:03 AM · On: Chapter 9 - Revelations

Men often accuse women of talking to much, but these two men are fucked because they rarely talk at all. Brian is in a tough place will a ailing father, but running from Justin isn't going to make things better and Justin has his own secrets, both have demons but they are running away instead of fighting for each other.

Author's Response:

It's hard to fight after so many years, but I have a feeling they will not give up ;) Have I said that Justin was very persistent in this AU? 

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 17, 2017 09:23 AM · On: Chapter 8 - Connection

 Finally, the Brian we love! caring and kind when he tries to help Justin with his panic attack both of them hurting for different reasons and neither can seem to talk about it

Author's Response:

Yes! And this is just the beginning :)

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 17, 2017 08:53 AM · On: Chapter 7 - Caring

A great chapter, I wish we knew what is wrong with Jack. Brian is hurting the last thing he needs is mikey or Deb,he needs the comfort of Justin even if he doesn't know it

Author's Response:

We will know, I promise :) Michael and Debbie are a great support in that fic (Michael is not in love with Brian in this story). I have a feeling you don't like them much, so maybe try to imagine them as being someone else LOL And I agree that Justin can help Brian to deal with all this. But will Brian will let him?

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 17, 2017 08:24 AM · On: Chapter 6 - Breathe

Don't really understand Brian acting like a prick to Justin, the boy was ill and Em wanted to care for him, at least Justin found his voice and took Brian down a peg or two

Author's Response:

Try to think Brian pre season 1, and you have asshole Brian at his best. He is a prick to Justin, mainly because he can but I have a feeling it's his way to hide (and refuse to acknowledge) his attraction to Justin. Now, Justin might be unsure of himself, but he can stand for himself. Lucky us ;)

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 17, 2017 07:17 AM · On: Chapter 5 - Hesitation

Nice chapter, Brian always had so many demons and shortcomings in his own mind, In some ways Brian is more damaged that Justin. It's no secret they still love each other but have a hard time communicating

Author's Response:

I must warn you Brian is very fucked up in this story, especially in the past. in the present, he needs to process that Justin has come back. And communicating? What's that? LOL 

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 17, 2017 06:45 AM · On: Chapter 4 - A new friend

On the series Em was such a endearing character, he may have been a '' queen with a   full flame'', but he was also honest and loving . He's the type to help a sick person and a person who is hurting,he might not have the answers but it doesn't stop him for acting concerned

Author's Response:

I agree that Emmett was a wonderful character. To me, all characters had their good sides, and their flaws. I loved Ted, for example. And Debbie. I even like Michael even if I know maby don't. And every character really. But Emmett? He is such a sweetheart ♥

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 17, 2017 05:59 AM · On: Chapter 3 - Aftermath

I was really surpise by Jack, we never got to see Jack much on the series. Finding Brian helping the an eat they had up and down relationship to say the least. Can't wait to see where this goes. great chapters

Author's Response:

Jack is very different in this AU. I hope you enjoy their relationship!!!

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 17, 2017 05:28 AM · On: Chapter 2 - A New beginning

I never would have thought of Brian and Em being roomates, I would have thought more than five hours together Brian would have hung Em in the closet-- you know Bri's personality and living with someone so totally opposite in most ways usually spells danger watch for the studs moods! 

Author's Response:

The beginning of the story is inspired from a book and Emmett and Brian were the closest to the roommates in that book. Fortunately, the place is huge and Brian is barely there LOL.

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: February 17, 2017 04:44 AM · On: Chapter 1 - Unexpected Reunion

I Just saw your new story "The Date" and waned to refresh my mind of this story first, of course and story with Gus is always special to me, looking forward to the rest of this story, your have the best ingredients-Brian, Justin, and Gus

Author's Response:


First of all, thank you for all the comments! I will answer then now :) The Date is very different from Enwtined, since it's mainly humor and romance while Entwined is as ansgty as it can get. I hope you will like it nonetheless. I promise some very cute moments, if you can stand the angst. Thank you again :)

Reviewer: WhiteSnowFox (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2017 01:24 AM · On: Epilogue

This was amazing!!  

From beginning to end this was entrancing and addicting.  You have such a way with words and an ability to weave stories so they're interesting and enthralling!  I wish I could be like that!!

I can't wait to read what you write next.  Thank you!  :)

Author's Response:

Hi Kristine! 

I just realized I hadn't answered your comment, I'm so sorry! And I'm so honored you feel that way about this story, because you know I really love your writing too :) You ARE very talented, and I'm anxiously waiting for more of your work!!!

Thank you and I hope to talk to you soon :) 


Reviewer: Marie-France TEJEDOR (Anonymous) · Date: January 22, 2017 10:09 PM · On: Epilogue

Ah vraiment très belle histoire! J'ai adoré !Brian et ses insécurités Justin qui s'accroche mais c'est très difficile je les retrouve bien là et puis à la fin tout s'arrange. Le mélange du flashback et du présent est vraiment original puisqu'on se demande tout le temps ce qui a pu arriver parce que forcément entre Brian et Justin ce n'est jamais simple ni linéaire ! Merci Alois vraiment très belle histoire ! Vivement la prochaine histoire qui a commencé j'ai vue....Je la lirai avec plaisir quand elle sera compète.

Author's Response:

Bonjour Marie-France!

Et que dire, sinon merci pout ton message, qui me fait chaud au coeur! J'ai vraiment aimé placer Brian et Justin dans cette situation, et écrire leur histoire, douloureuse parfois, mais aussi tellement forte. Je suis ravie que cela t'ait plu!!!!

La nouvelle histoire que j'écris avec addict_writter est très différente, plus légère - en tout cas pour moi! J'espère qu'elle te plaira :)

Merci encore Marie-France!

♥Amitiés de Bretagne♥

Reviewer: aglaja5 (Signed) · Date: January 22, 2017 09:28 AM · On: Epilogue

Hi my friend! First, I’m soooo sorry I’ve not reviewed earlier. To be honest I don’t know why I’ve waited so long. But here it is.

I’ve said it before, I really love your writing style. You created such a loveable mood at the wedding during the speech of Brian. And when he starts to speak about Justin… :-) You were right, ridiculously romantic! No, to be honest, I think you let them stay in character this way. I think it would have been too much if there would have been a proposal or something else. But the way you let Brian act and speak just suits him. And I feel very happy for them after all the things they’ve gone through. And although Justin might not expected them I really felt happy for him hearing those three words from Brian at least. They are so cute and beautiful together!

So, what should I say what I haven’t said before… THANKS for this brilliant, beautiful, exciting and amazing story! There was everything: tension, pain, heartbreaking-moments, sorrow, joy, friendship, family, humor, hot scenes, cute and beautiful moments, trust and love! Don’t stop writing! I’ve seen you posted another story yesterday. So, I’m curious…. And I really hope there will be this double-date some day!

So, a big big double-hug and all the best for you! Warmest regards, a.

Author's Response:


Aww, I think I'm blushing right now. What can I say to thank you properly? I'm so, SO thrilled you enjoyed this story so much. Thank you also for all the comments. It's very kind and amazing of you to have taken the time to review each chapter with so much details. So, really, THANK YOU :)

And yes! I'm publishing a new story which will be very different from that one, and which is a collaboration with another author. I hope you enjoy it, but I must warn you it's completely different from Entwined. Not as serious and angsty.

The double date is definitely going to be written with my beta soon, too. I'm eager to place Brian in such a situation LOL.

A gigantic hug to you!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ♥♥♥

Warmest regards :)

~ Alois ~ 

Reviewer: cuivresdesaxe (Signed) · Date: January 04, 2017 09:01 PM · On: Epilogue

Et voilà la fin d'un bien joli voyage. J'ai vraiment beaucoup aimé la division de l'histoire entre le présent et le passé, les deux qui se complétaient et s'expliquaient l'un l'autre. J'ai lu quelque part que les producteurs de QAF disaient que la série pouvait se résumer à comment des enfants devenaient des hommes, cela s'applique bien à ton histoire je trouve, où l'évolution de Brian, qui se fait dans la douleur pour lui et son entourage, l'amène enfin à la sérénité. Enfin, j'ai beaucoup aimé qu'il commence par sauver Justin avant de se perdre et d'être à son tour sauvé par Justin. Merci pour cette belle histoire.


Author's Response:

Je suis heureuse que cela t'ait plu! L'évolution des personnages est assez intéressant, et j'ai vraiment aimé écrire l'évolution de Brian Kinney et de son entourage, ainsi que les relations avec Justin et Jack principalement. Mais aussi les amitiés.

Merci pour ton soutien Béa. J'espère aussi que tu partageras une nouvelle histoire avec nous :)

Reviewer: Tasha Terrilyn Tania Roberts (Anonymous) · Date: January 02, 2017 05:07 AM · On: Epilogue

Beautiful ending I'm a bit sad that your fic finished can't wait what you come up with next

Author's Response:

Thank you Tasha for letting me know you have enjoyed this story. It makes me very happy!

I will post a new story with another author in the next few weeks, which will be very different, but I hope you will enjoy it. Happy New Year to you and your family ♥

Reviewer: aglaja5 (Signed) · Date: December 30, 2016 09:09 PM · On: Chapter 35 - All over again

Hi my friend! It's been a while, i'm so sorry... First, thanks for asking, me and my family are okay. Friends of my parents had been at the christmas market this evening, but they are also okay. I think religious fanaticism is one of the worst. There is so much hate in this world and it's such a waste of time. Are you from Paris? I hope you've had a peaceful christmas time and I wish you a good start to the new year tomorrow. Now, this chapter. It's great how things has developed. I feel very happy for Brian and Jesse and of course for Brian and Justin. The scene with Brian and Gus is so cute and their talk... And you are right, I would love to see this "double-date" :-) So, there is only one chapter left. To be honest, I have kind of occupied myself with other stories these last days because I don't want your story to end. Hm, I think there's something weong with me... :-) A big big hug and and bye for now! a.  

Author's Response:

Sorry it took me a while to respond to you. First of all, Happy new year! I'm so glad you and your family and friends are okay. I'm not from Paris but my sister and friends live here (I visit regularly), and I have family at Nice, too. So, I'm sadly familiar with the atrocity of the recent attacks. This is insane.

Aww, I'm so glad you're postponing to read this because you don't want this to end. But you have just the epilogue left! I hope you will enjoy it. 

Thank you again, SO MUCH, for your amazing support with this story. You make it writing it so much more valuable, because I know some readers like you really enjoy it and for me, that's the main reason why I'm not giving up on this fandom. So, really, thank you.

A big hug!

Reviewer: Cristina (Signed) · Date: December 29, 2016 01:37 PM · On: Epilogue

Spectacular! This is what i have to say about this story. I really enjoyed. I cried, smiled, laughed and fall in love for this characters, all over again.

Thank you. a86;a039;

The best wishes for this new year 2017.

~ Hugs ~ Cristina ~

Author's Response:

Aw, thank you so much for your wonderful review! I'm delighted you enjoyed it so much :) 

Happy New Year to you and your family :)

* a big hug from France *


Reviewer: aglaja5 (Signed) · Date: December 23, 2016 06:29 PM · On: Chapter 34 - In his smile

Hi my friend! Again, you’ve done such an amazing job in describing Brian and how he behaves first with Mel… thanking her and apologizing. Wow! And later, at the hospital with Gus and finally being able to meet his father. Makes me happy to see that he is finally able to fight against his fears, his insecurity, his demons and starts to defeat them. Great! But there is still so much sadness and it’s nearly breaking my heart how he thinks about Justin in those important moments of his life. For example, when he thinks about the name Gus and this immediately reminds him of Justin's Teddy or in those moments when he just wishes that Justin would be there with him. “And as a smile appeared on his own lips too, he swore that for a second, Justin was standing in the corner of the room and smiling at him” – This is so fucking beautiful but also incredibly sad. I also love how you combine the past with the present here and thereby this chapter with your first. Nice that we could now also experience the first reunion of the two from Brian's point of view and his thoughts. Brilliant! Big big hug! a.

Author's Response:

I felt like Brian needed to apologize to Mel. I always find their dynamic interesting truthfully. And I loved writing about Gus's birth. Yes, it's bittersweet, but the love Brian will feel for his child will save him in the end. Of course, Brian would have wanted to share all this with Justin, because he thinks that without him, he would not have changed his mind and therefore, Gus would have never been born. It's a good thing they met again years later ;) Again, so glad you're enjoying this so much! You have almost finished now :) I will miss your reviews, they're fantastic!! A big hug and Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

Reviewer: aglaja5 (Signed) · Date: December 23, 2016 04:02 PM · On: Chapter 33 - Hug me, hold me

This is such a beautiful and hot scene when they make love (this is not just fucking :-) ) – thanks for this. After the two and also we readers had to suffer so much pain it’s so good to see them happily together. And I really like Brian’s thoughts regarding other men. I’m very glad that Justin for once is all he wants and that he doesn’t has to prove himself so much through fucking so many other men. A very positive chapter. They are all just so content. Another beautiful scene with Justin and the “three Kinney men” – I really like them together. And finally Brian’s made peace with Jesse. It’s so cute and beautiful that he wants Justin by his side. Thanks for another brilliant chapter! Warmest regards and a big hug! a.

Author's Response:

Hot scenes are not my confort zone, but I know readers like them, lol. And they're pretty hot together ;) Brian is coming to terms with everything now, and embracing his life. He is happy. He has accepted that Justin is back for good, and that he never wants to lose him again. He is opening more and more to his dad. He wants Jesse back, and had decided that letting him in again was worth it. He is at peace, for the first time of his life, completely. 

Reviewer: aglaja5 (Signed) · Date: December 22, 2016 05:52 PM · On: Chapter 32 - A new life

Hi my friend! Oh, it’s still so sad. I was a little surprised because I hadn’t expect Brian to act this way the next morning. Thinking about his behavior since Jesse’s stabbing and more important realizing that this and the car-accident of his family wasn’t his fault but also realizing how much he had hurt Justin. I think this is a first step in defeating his demons. And he wants to apologize to Justin! And then Justin’s gone! Terrible heartbreaking! I wonder what would / could have been if Justin had stayed… Would his love had been enough after all this time? But it’s too late. And Brian falls apart once again, blaming it on Lindsay and going back to his pain management. It’s good that he finally listens to Debbie. I’m very curious about the birth of Gus! Big big hug!

Author's Response:

This chapter is still sad, you're right. Brian going to see his dad after his fight with Justin is Brianesque, if I can say that. He is struggling with the idea of becoming a father (even though he doesn't want to, deep down he knows it's not that simple) and he knows his own father is the man who is holding him back and making him acting like a cunt. Well, he slowly but surely realizes that HE is the one who can do something about it, and deal with his shit, instead of blaming everyone else. Brian is a smart man. When he blames others, he is always aware that it's bullshit. So, considering he had just let his fears win by screaming awful things at Justin, he is now trying to analyse everything and do the right thing. He just doesn't know that's it's too late to save his relationship with Justin. I doubt Justin staying would have been good for either of them. Brian needed to be alone to grow up. It's painful, but necessary. It will take him months, but he will get there eventually.

As always, thank you so much for all the comments! I also wanted to say how sorry I was for what happened in Berlin. I hope you and your family are alright. Big Hug! ♥♥

Reviewer: aglaja5 (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2016 08:09 PM · On: Chapter 31 - Give it time

Hi again! Why have you been unsatisfied with the chapter “Broken”? I think it’s perfect. The emotions are so palpable. So, now Jesse and Brian meet again! And as always, you are amazing. How you express their feelings. Brian’s anger as he learns that Jesse has been able to walk again for several years. Haven’t expect him to be so angry, but somehow it’s understandable. Jesse should have talked to Brian earlier, but again, we all make mistakes. Just Brian should know that and although he doesn’t do regrets and apologizes he has asked Justin for forgiveness -  and received it. But okay, as you said “Give it time”.

The scene between Brian and Justin is beautiful. “Your” Justin is incredibly, amazing. He loves Brian just as he is, always feeling what he needs and giving it to him. He knows when to keep silent and just be there – and thereby again Brian opens up. And again, it’s also good to see that Brian’s really grown up, not being angry or shutting himself off. They are just so beautiful together. Big hug and a thank you! Hm, I think I don’t want this story to end….

Author's Response:

I have no idea why I was unsatisfied with it. Maybe because it was an important chapter,  that I wanted to have it right and that of course, when you're writing it, it's hard to take a step back and to analyse it with a more critic eye. But now that I have reread it, I like it :)

Brian is surprised in this chapter. He never imagined Jesse coming to see him in his office. And he wasn't prepared. That's why he is reacting like that. He is not really angry, more perturbed and well, he is trying to deal with his feelings and have no clue what they are. But I have a feeling he just needs time to process it lol I mean, I'm not sure how I would have reacted in his case, but I know I would not have welcomed the person with open eyes at first sight. Time is essential here.

As for Justin, I said it before, he is an amazing character in this story. And I really love him with Brian in this chapter. They are beautiful together, I couldn't agree more.

As always, A huge hug my friend! And I'm thrilled you don't want this to end LOL

Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Anonymous) · Date: December 21, 2016 02:41 AM · On: Epilogue

In tears right now... not only from Brian's beautiful speech, but because I am already missing this story. Thank you so much for this beautiful story which will now always be listed as one of my all time favorites.

And yes, I DO think the story of Brian and Justin's double date with Gus and Lily needs to be told. 

Merry Christmas!

Author's Response:

Aww, you have no idea how precious your reviews have been during all this ride. I was always looking forward to what you were thinking. And knowing it will be one of your favorite truly warms my heart. I'm so happy!!!

I will work on the double date, because really, Brian Kinney on a date with his son? How could I resist? lolol It will be a collaboration work with my beta. We hope to post in a couple of months of so.

THANK YOU sincerely for all the support you've given me. I can't express how deeply I had appreciated it. Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

Reviewer: Toto_too514 (Anonymous) · Date: December 21, 2016 02:26 AM · On: Chapter 35 - All over again

This was wonderful! I am so glad that I waited to read this when I actually had the time to enjoy it. The meeting with Jesse went well, there's so much hope that they will be able to rebuild their friendship. Reading about Jack and his reactions to every little thing never fails to make me smile. The easy-going banter between Brian and Justin is so comforting... they will be fine. More than fine!

Off to read the epilogue...

Author's Response:

** smiling ** I'm so glad you have enjoyed this so much. I had a great time writing this chapter, especially the easy-going banter going on between the characters. And yes, they will be more than fine!!!

Reviewer: Alois (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2016 08:58 PM · On: Chapter 1 - Unexpected Reunion

To sfscarlet, mcm, Chris, and a reviewer who left me a comment on the epilogue. Unfortunately, the reviews were lost but I wanted to thank you sincerely for letting me know that you have read and appreciated this story!

Also, to the reviewer who have commented on chapter 2, thank you very much!

♥♥♥ A huge hug to all of you and I hope you have a wonderful Holiday ♥♥♥

Reviewer: aglaja5 (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2016 08:14 PM · On: Chapter 30 - Broken

No, no, no – this so sad, tragic, heartbreaking and real intense. I really admire how you describe Brian and his inner turmoil, his fight against his demons, losing it more and more. He loves Justin so deeply but doesn’t feel worth being loved, thinks that Justin would deserve better. One can feel his despair, so afraid of losing Justin but seeing no other way as to let him go by pushing him away. I suffer for them both. For Brian because of his hopelessness and self-destruction. And for Justin because he has to endure so much, there is just no end, it’s just getting worse and worse until everything shatters. And I have to repeat your words. Justin really is a saint. Thinking what would be best for all the others mainly for Brian, recognizing how wrong an abortion would be, trying again and again to reach Brian and getting more and more hurt by the person he loves so much and so selflessly. And a big big compliment to you. One can feel their emotions, their fear, the little hope Justin has for a few moments, the despair, the anger, the rage and finally after Brian’s left Justin’s pain and emptiness. “Justin’s love wasn’t enough” – so sad! Warmest regards, a.

Author's Response:

What can I say that you hadn't already said? This chapter was so hard to write and even when I pusblished it, I was unsatisfied with it. But this sentence 'Jutsin's love wasn't enough' resumes very well their relationship up to that point. Brian needs to find himself alone, to realize he needs to forgive himself, and to move on. He is still a 18 years old teenager stuck on the scene of the car crash for now. However, Justin might be gone, but Brian will eventually listen to him, even if t's too late for them at that time. The good news is, the major angst is over my friend!! Warmest regards back at you and thank you again for all your wonderful reviews. Warms my heart :)

Reviewer: aglaja5 (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2016 05:41 PM · On: Chapter 29 - Jesse’s story

Hi my friend! Interesting chapter. I like Jesse and also Aaron. Don’t know why, he reminds me a little bit of the Brian of the show. So Jesse is able to walk again – that’s great! And it’s also good to see that he’s finally found his way back to life and happiness. So, I think he will make his peace with Brian and through this helps Brian to heal completely, to fight his last demon. I’m so curious about their meeting. Big hug! a.

Author's Response:

Aaron is a little like Brian at the beginning, also, he is a more opened version of Brian, if I can say that. He lost Jesse once, and he won't ever again. He is a all or nothing kind of guy and regarding Jesse, well, he is the all kind of guy LOL. Jesse needed time to heal. Now that he has, and has a family, let's hope he will succeed in his quest of repairing his relationship with Brian :) A big hug to you!!!

Reviewer: aglaja5 (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2016 04:07 PM · On: Chapter 28 - Drifting to the breaking point

Hi my friend! What should I say… This is such an intense and sad chapter. But I think they would have split up anyway. And although Brian tries to stop his way of acting, his self-destruction, it seems as if there was already too much broken, as if it was already too late. The pregnancy seems to be the final straw. But the result is Gus and without Gus I don’t think that Brian would have been able to change his life, being able to believe in love or believe in being worth to be loved. So, as tragic and painful as it all is, everything seems to be somehow necessary. And In the present they get their second chance! Very well written. Warmest regards and a big hug! a.

Author's Response:

You're absolutely right. Gus is the reason why Brian will finally be able to move on. So, yes, it's painful but right now, Brian's fears and guilt are leading his life. He is scared out of his mind. He is lost. He feels guilty for so many things. He needs a shrink if you ask me LOL 

Reviewer: Lorma (Signed) · Date: December 18, 2016 11:16 PM · On: Epilogue

I hope you will continue writing Brian and Justin fiction.  You do such a great job.  I find your writing style unique and so enjoyed your alternating between past and present.

Author's Response:

Hi Lorma!

I'm so SO glad you like the alternating between past and present. It was so hard to write like that. I had to make notes and check things all the time and so on, but I'm very happy with the final result. Now, I doubt I will ever try that exercice ever again. I had so many headaches writing that one LOL

I have a couple of collaborations in the work, so you will hear from me again, even if the stories will probably be very different from Entwined.

THANK YOU  for having been such a faithful, supportive reader. Again, you're one of those who have carried me so as not to give up, really.

A huge hug my friend!

Reviewer: LauraB725 (Signed) · Date: December 18, 2016 08:03 PM · On: Epilogue

Hi Alois 😊. I don't remember what I said before my review was lost but I'll do my best with my repost! A beautiful ending to a beautiful story! What else can I say that I haven't already said 😊. Thank you for taking me on this awesome journey. It was both heartbreaking and heartwarming and I enjoyed every moment. I hope that you plan to write QAF again. I will most definitely read it! 😘d84;a039;

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for reposting your review! But most of all, thank you for your support all along. Again, I can't say enough how precious reviewers who have sent me words of support when I was feeling like giving up really are. 

I doubt I will ever engage in a story like this one again (read long and angsty), but I have a couple of collaborations in the work, so this is probably not my last post :)

Thank you again Laura and see you soon! :):):)

Reviewer: aglaja5 (Signed) · Date: December 18, 2016 06:50 PM · On: Chapter 27 - Loving life

And again, a short second review. I have to repeat myself... HOT and Beautiful. Ant it feels so good to see them together, relaxed, happy, content! Hug!!! a.

Author's Response:

Aw, thank you! I remember it being so good to write this chapter, without the usual angst :)

Reviewer: aglaja5 (Signed) · Date: December 18, 2016 06:43 PM · On: Chapter 26 - This is just goodbye

Hi again! I’ve already written a review the first time I’ve read this chapter and there isn’t so much more to say about it. It hurts and I suffer with both Brian, Justin and Jesse. I somehow admire Justin and his strength. You’ve said it before in one of your answers and I agree. He’s a saint! J I don’t know if I could handle such a situation. And when Justin says “I hope you will find what you are looking for…” – It shows his deep true love for Brian and it’s somehow so altruistic. Warmest regards, a.

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: December 18, 2016 05:19 PM · On: Epilogue

This was a fantastic journey with an encredably happy ending.  Thank you.

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for your incredible support during all this ride, my friend. You're one of the reason why I didn't give up, too. 

Reviewer: Predec2 (Signed) · Date: December 18, 2016 03:59 PM · On: Epilogue

Hi, my friend - I wish I could recall everything I had said in my previous review about your story, but hopefully I can think of most of it. :) First of all, you have such a wonderful writing style that evokes great emotion in your words.  To write scenes from both the present and the past seems difficult to me, too, but you have done it with ease in this story. :)

I am very glad that Jesse and Brian's friendship was capable of being healed, and very happy for Jesse and Aaron's wedding. And Brian's heartfelt declaration toward Justin was so amazing. 

I still think the best part of all in this story is the portrait of Jack you have described, and how his relationship grew and changed over time to where it is now.  His relationships with both his son and his grandson are so precious! And in a bittersweet sort of way, Jack's condition/personality after his accident allowed him a second chance to be the father that Brian had always craved, to the point where Brian can now express his affection for this 'new' Jack; something he could have never done with the pre-accident Jack who was definitely not worth anyone's sympathy. 

I know this has been a difficult journey for you at times, so I would just like to commend you for your perserverence and determination in getting it done.  It would have truly been a shame to have not had the pleasure of reading this story from beginning to end. 

I do hope one day you will be inspired to write again, for you are truly a gifted writer. Thank you once more for being an author on MW.  XOXO  ~Kim


Author's Response:

Your review means so much to me. I'm glad I could touch you with my writing, make you feel the characters' emotions. Also, I have to admit that alternating between past and present was way more exhausting that I thought. Maybe that's why I had so much difficulty with this fic. I'm glad that the result flows, though, but I doubt I will ever try that exercice again, or at least, not with such a long story.

There were so many things I wanted to cover with this fic. Friendship. Family. How the birth of a child can change a man. Forgiveness, but most of all, flaws. Humans have flaws. Well except for Justin, who is clearly a saint in that fic LOL

I enjoyed very much writing about Jack. I will maybe revisit this universe just to be able to write about him again. The three Kinneys men here were a bowl of fresh air to write about toward the end.

Thank you for your support all along. I have no doubt when I say that, that I would have given up if not for you. I'm still...exhausted by this fic to be honest. So, your review and congratulations are very percious to me.

As you know, I've started a fic with another author, which I want to finish. So, this is not the last for me. Karynn and I will also write a oneshot with Brian and Gus from this universe. I will probably use your ideas ;)

A big hug, my dear friend :)

Reviewer: aglaja5 (Signed) · Date: December 18, 2016 03:45 PM · On: Chapter 25 - New beginnings

Due to the software problems, my review disappeared. I try to repeat it…. I’ve wrote that I love this chapter. It’s peaceful, relaxed, beautiful. It’s good to see the changes in Brian and the way he is able to handle anger, fear and insecurity now – withdraw, taking a shower, thinking, then listening to Justin. And you let him say it by himself: I’ve finally grown up”! I love the way they slowly approaching, open up and finally Brian explaining his former behavior and apologizing to Justin, asking him for forgiveness. And I love the way Justin’s answering… :-)

I have reached the point I stopped when I was reading your story the first time. So now, I’m getting curious… Also about Jesse and what will happen…

I’ve also wrote, that I’ve seen that you’ve finished this brilliant story! Congratulations! But as happy as it makes me I know for sure that I will miss you and your wonderful and beautiful way to treat our two favorite boys! But okay, first for me there are a few chapters left! Then I asked if you have plans to write another story or is it to early to ask? You are so talented, don’t stop writing! So, second try! Warmest regards and a big big hug! a.

Author's Response:

Hey! So, you finally catched up with where you stopped. It was a good place LOL. This is the beginning of their reunification while the past now deal with the end of their relationship. I had a good time - if I can say that - Showing how different Brian was then and now. The reasons for his evolution will be explained accordingly throughout the future past chapters. 

And yes! I have finally finished this and to be honest, I'm  glad I did. This one was hard to write. I'm now working on another story with another author which will be way more easy to read (it will be mainly a romance/humor kind of thing, with a little angst, but not near as much as here). I plan to add a oneshot to this universe, though, probably in the next two months. It will be a collaboration. 

Okay, I will stop for now :) Going to answer your other reviews ;)

Reviewer: Alois (Signed) · Date: December 18, 2016 10:01 AM · On: Chapter 35 - All over again

Dear readers, 

Due to the last restoration of the site, I was unable to respond to your comments. From memory, the reviews missing are from Laura, Sandy, mcm, Kim, Chris, aglada and two other reviewers, one who reviewed on the epilogue, and one on chapter 2. 

I would be very grateful for you to repost your review, so that I can respond to you. If you don't I will post a response to your review myself by tomorrow (luckily, I have a good memory and honestly, I love reviews!!).

Thank you so much!!!!! A huge hug to all of you :)

Reviewer: aglaja5 (Signed) · Date: December 14, 2016 05:44 PM · On: Chapter 24: Turning Point - Part Three

Hi my friend! So much pain, so much hurt. For both, Jesse and Brian. I think Jesse’s got a point. I can understand his rage and his accusations in his situation mainly because of his damaged legs. Who wouldn’t react this way? But also, I feel so sorry for Brian. How could one live with this guilt. Especially with his past. He’s already blaming himself for the car accident. It’s so tragic! And a big compliment because you’ve written this so lifelike. I think there’s no other way Jesse could have behaved at this moment, in his situation. Again, I’m somehow glad that I know what’s coming, so I’m prepared for the pain and hurt Justin and Brian will have to endure. Again, a big hug and warmest regards, a.

Reviewer: aglaja5 (Signed) · Date: December 13, 2016 03:58 PM · On: Chapter 24: Turning Point - Part Two

Hi my friend! No, no, no… It was such a beautiful beginning. Awesome to see Brian not only apologizes but also being able to fight his demons because of his deep love for Justin. Sooo great! And a real hot but also beautiful scene. Thanks for this! And then everything shatters in just one moment. Their whole world breaks apart. I know what’s coming so what should I say. It’s just so tragic! Again you’ve done an amazing job in combining the past and the present. It’s good to learn about their past to understand Brian’s insecurity about Jesse in the present. Thanks again for this brilliant story. A big hug, a.

Author's Response:

This moment is going to change everything! I'm revealed readers have reacting to it they way they did, as imagining something in my head and actually writing it wasn't all so easy. Past and Present are joining now :) 

Again, thank you for the praise!! Your reviews are wonderful to read :):):)

Reviewer: Predec2 (Signed) · Date: December 11, 2016 11:42 PM · On: Chapter 35 - All over again

Hi, my friend!  I will be so sad to see this magnificent tale end.  You have woven such a masterful story full of ups and downs, growth and change, with such moving emotion.

I am glad that Jesse and Brian are mending their relationship; I think they both needed that.  It would be unrealistic, IMO, to not need some time to fully reinstate their previous bond, but they seem to be well on their way.

And Jack and Gus - what a delight to watch them interact together!  I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever LIKE Jack Kinney's character, but through tragic but lifechanging events, you have managed to do that.  And that moment when father and son hugged was so poignant.

I will truly miss this story when it is done.  Thank you for taking us along for the ride.  *Hugs*  ~Kim

Author's Response:

You're so kind with me, Kim :) Still not sure I deserve all the compliments, but I'm sincerely touched by your words.

Brian and Jesse need time, but they will get there, because they both want to. And, yes, falling in each other's arms too soon would  have been unrealistic or fake. I'm glad you approve their reactions.

Jack and Gus are a delight to write. Well, Brian and Justin too. Or Brian and Jack. Hey, even Justin and Jack lol. They're all a family now.

Thank you for having supporting me all along the ride, Kim, you know how much it means to me :) And if I don't have any occasion to say it, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! * Hugs back to you *

Reviewer: aglaja5 (Signed) · Date: December 11, 2016 07:04 PM · On: Chapter 24: Turning Point - Part One

Hi my friend! An exciting chapter. It’s scary how a single moment can change one’s life. What impressed me is Brian finally acting “normal”, asking Jesse for help. This is somehow unique. He must be real scared! An also impressing – I’ve stated this In another review and I think it’s the same with the Brian of the show: Brian saying he doesn’t believe in love, loves Justin so deeply – it’s so beautiful! Warmest regards and a big hug! a.

Author's Response:

Brian loves Justin, there is absolutely no doubt about it. Asking for help isn't something Brian does easily, but he has no choice here. I'm so glad you're loving this! Thank you again for letting me know :)

Reviewer: aglaja5 (Signed) · Date: December 11, 2016 07:09 AM · On: Chapter 23 - That night

Hi again! I like how you combine the present with the past. “You’ve always used my body to make me talk about my feelings” - one chapter before Brian had just done that. It’s a very interesting chapter mainly because there are lots of detailed information’s about Brian’s past. It’s good to see that Brian and his father are approaching slowly more and more. It will allow Brian to heal better. Then, there is also this positive approach between Brian and Justin until this moment when the phone starts ringing. You are so mean. :-) No no, it’s very exciting and I must admit that I’ve also forgotten about that. So now, I’m curious…. Warmest regards and a big hug! a.

Author's Response:

Hey! This chapter is very reveling about Brian's past and also the point where Brian let go. Eother with Jack or Justin, Brian is ready now to move one with his life :) Of course, I coulcn't let them just be happy LOL.

Thank you as always for your wonderfuls comments !!! * Hugs *

Reviewer: aglaja5 (Signed) · Date: December 09, 2016 05:54 AM · On: Chapter 22 - Seeds of Doubt

Hi my friend! This is such a painful but also beautiful chapter at the end, but first, I would like to answer your answer to my review on chapter 20. I think you’ve misunderstood. „Brian is hurting Justin over and over again“ This only referred to “your” Brian and I understand that he’s only hurting Justin mostly because of his own past and insecurity and because of believing that he isn’t worth being loved. And “your” Justin isn’t hurting Brian. I think he just tries again and again to deal with the shit Brian’s sometimes throwing at him but I think it’s so hard to endure it all. With their relationship in the show it’s different. I agree, they are hurting each other. In my opinion, Justin is too young, too unexperienced and therefore not able to deal with the kind of relationship Brian is offering. And Brian, yeah, it’s difficult, because on one hand his very mature, he knows what he wants, giving Justin so much, trying not to expect something, being honest, but on the other hand, there are moments when he is hurting Justin so much (I remember this picnic-scene where Brian refused and nearly laughed about him). There would be so much more to say about it… It would have been good if they would have talked more to each other, but okay, it was the show and it was sadly meant to be this way.

So, again, you have done a real good job in showing Brian’s inner conflict. Not able to deal with this situation in another way, but also never forgetting about Justin no matter how drunken or in what a state of mind he is. Would have been cute if it isn’t so sad. And the last sentence nearly broke my heart “maybe he was enough” – if he just could have a little more trust in Justin and more important self-confidence! As always, brilliant! Thanks and a big hug!!!!!! a.





Author's Response:

I undersatnd what you're saying. Brian in that story is so fucked up, even more than in the show (haha). He also is 'only' four years older than Justin here, which change their dynamic of course. But you got it. Brian's inner conflict is dictating his life, and preventing him from being the man he could be. He will change eventually, but the journey will be a long one, full of heartache and uncertainties. But in the end, it will be worth it, I promise :)

Thank you as always for your detailed reviews. Always a delight to read your thoughts! A big hug my friend :):):)

Reviewer: sfscarlet (Anonymous) · Date: December 09, 2016 03:04 AM · On: Chapter 35 - All over again

excellent chapter-  love the scenes with Gus and Jack-  such playfulness-  happy that Jennifer and Jesse are both moving back and Brian is finally admitting that he is happy

Author's Response:

I'm happy you liked it! Brian is one lucky guy :)

Thank you as always fro your support Sandy! ♥

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: December 09, 2016 12:12 AM · On: Chapter 35 - All over again

Christmas was great, especially for Jack.  Brian and Justin together.  A double date with Gus seems in the cards. 

Author's Response:

Christmas spirit is certainly in the air. Gus is irresistible, isn't he?

Thank you as always for your amazing support!!!♥♥♥

Reviewer: Lorma (Signed) · Date: December 08, 2016 07:44 PM · On: Chapter 35 - All over again

This was beautiful!  The love demonstrated between Brian and his father was touching.  Brian has changed so much and grown so much emotionally throughout this story.  

I agree.  I think the date deserves coverage as well.  I will miss this story so much!

Author's Response:

Hi my friend!

You're right, Brian has changed a lot, I think I have a tendancy to make him grow up in all my stories. I'm happy that you were touched by his relationship with his father here :):)

LOL, I think I will keep that idea of a double date under my belt, in case I suffer from a huge withdrawal once I will post the epilogue. It shouldn't be too long now.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the support you gave me!!! ♥♥♥

Reviewer: LauraB725 (Signed) · Date: December 08, 2016 01:35 AM · On: Chapter 35 - All over again

Hi Alois...beautiful chapter! The Brian and Gus love discussion was hilarious, I imagine I smiled like a fool through the entire scene at least it sure felt like I did lol. I'm saddened that this wonderful journey is nearly over😔. Thank you for writing and sharing such a beautiful story. Definitely one I plan to read again from start to finish. Looking forward to the epilogue!

Author's Response:

I'm thrilled you liked it! I should have put a sweet overload alert haha. Brian and Gus conversation was hilarious to write, too. I feared that the whole chapter was too sweet and I struggled to write Brian in this last one but hey, he's happy, so, he deserves to be sappy LOL

Thank you so much Laura, for your support on this story. It had been a great help anytime I wanted to quit :D

* A big hug 'à la Jack' * :)

Reviewer: aglaja5 (Signed) · Date: December 06, 2016 05:33 AM · On: Chapter 21 - Searching for Jack

Hi again! A beautiful chapter. Although they are looking for Jack, which is somehow exciting, for me this chapter feels so quiet, peaceful, haven’t got better words for it. Brian and Justin just seem to be at peace with each other. Again, it’s just beautiful how you describe what they feel when they just touch or kiss. Great! Beautiful development between them!

And then this amazing moment when Justin realizes that Brian had told his father that Justin was his savor. I loved this moment while first reading it and the second time I love it even more.

From now on, I always have to read two chapters I think – I’ve told you before, I can’t endure to see them in too much pain…. :-) No, I overdraw a little bit…

By the way… I’m very pleased to see answers to my reviews but I don’t expect them. They are for you – also as a thank you for sharing your talent and this brilliant story! So, take your time and I hope your trip was great?! Warmest regards and a big hug! a.

Author's Response:

I love this chapter, too. It's a turning point in this story for both Brian and Justin. For Brian because he is finally embracing fully that he wants Justin back in his life and for Justin because he realizes how much Brian had changed over the years. And I loved writing about Jack here, too. So, I'm always happy to see the readers reacting to it!!

LOL I have tortured them so much in this story! I promise you by the end, though, they will be happier than ever, disgustingly so ;)

As always, thank you so much for your amazing support!! Warmest regards and a big hug right back at you :)

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