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Reviewer: coleamber (Signed) · Date: February 24, 2019 01:14 AM · On: Epilogue

Good one, thank you

Author's Response:

Your welcome. I'm glad you liked it. :) 

Reviewer: keykoles77 (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2018 11:06 PM · On: Epilogue

Loved it!!!!

Author's Response:

Thank you! I really enjoyed writing this story. :) 

Reviewer: KinneysBitch (Signed) · Date: June 18, 2018 06:42 PM · On: Epilogue

Love it...... A bit of angst with a lot of sex my favourite type of story 

Author's Response:

Yes, a bit of angst and a lot of sex - exactly what this story was supposed to be. I did have fun writing it. I'm so glad you liked it.

Thanks for commenting! :) 

Reviewer: Enohvee1875 (Signed) · Date: June 11, 2016 01:59 PM · On: Epilogue

Exciting story! A sequel would be icing on the cake.

Author's Response:

As I look back at some other reviews, I am thrilled and touched that so many asked for a sequel. Right now it isn't in the cards, but I never rule anything out. However, once I have left them in such a good place, which I think they are here, I really hate tampering with it. Time will tell, though. 

I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I had a lot of fun writing this one. Thanks for your comment! :) 

Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Date: March 13, 2016 04:13 AM · On: Chapter 4

"This boy was the most beautiful thing he'd ever saw."



Author's Response:

Thanks so much for the grammar lesson; however, in this instance this was a simple error. I quickly proof my chapters as I do this solely for enjoyment. I leave perfection for those that are obsessed with such matters. As this story was written long ago, I don't plan on revisions. Thanks again for anonymously and publicly only emphasizing my mistake.  I hope it doesn't take too much away from the story...


Actually, the writer is correct. I am a teacher by trade, and when you use a helping verb in the past tense such as had or have, the correct word IS 'seen'.  That is indicated on the right hand column of that website you listed.  ~Predec2



Reviewer: Kay (Anonymous) · Date: July 13, 2015 12:13 AM · On: Chapter 1

I read the story and loved it . I'm finding out of all the writers on this site you are one of two that I love. Some of your stories like this one would do us a great service to do sequals. Like this one you could bring back the old threats in some way. WAnting a sequel is a compliment to you. Your reader's want more with some of your stories. PLEASE   PLEASE   PLEASE is all I can say except thank you for your talent.

Author's Response:

Thank you. I'm really glad you liked it... and even more thrilled that you enjoy my stories so much. The motivation really encourages me to continue writing. I can't say how much it really means. I am enormously flattered that you would like a sequel. There are many stories I have finished in the past that I have written a sequel, but these days, not something that is very workable for me time wise. Right now, I just want to finish my last two stories in progress, then I will consider other projects. Until then, I can't do anything else. 

Thank you again for reading, and for your supportive comment. I truly do appreciate that. :) 

Reviewer: Cristina (Signed) · Date: January 10, 2015 07:51 PM · On: Epilogue

Great story i really loved i became a fan of your stories love the way you write thank you :)

Author's Response:

Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed this story. I had such fun writing it. Sorry I missed this comment initailly, I must have lost an email.

Thanks so much for commenting! *Hugss*

Reviewer: silvermoon8916 (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2014 06:01 PM · On: Epilogue

I loved this story. I loved the way they got together sooner than some of your other stories(although they are good too). I'm not always patient enough to wait for them for many chapters to be with eachother so I really liked this one. and this beautiful story has a nice ending for a sequel. so can we please hope for a sequel for it????? :)))

Author's Response:

Thank you! I'm very glad you enjoyed it. I really had fun writing this one. I do miss the time I spent with them here. They did get together more quickly than they normally do, but, in this premise I couldn't drag that out indefinitely. :) I know what you mean, though. Sometimes it is agonizing waiting for things to happen between them! I guess I kind of did leave this open for a sequel. We'll have to see what happens. I never rule those out as I have written several for other stories. Right now I'm concentrating on finishing my current WIP's, then, I plan on taking a bit of a break. After that, who knows. :) 

Thanks so much for commenting! *Hugss*

Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Date: August 03, 2014 09:45 PM · On: Epilogue

Great story, great ending!


Author's Response:

Thanks so much! I really enjoyed writing this story. A bit more of a romantic ending than I could have initially anticipated, but, where I think they had evolved to. Thanks for commenting! :) 

Reviewer: Hannah (Signed) · Date: August 02, 2014 10:30 PM · On: Epilogue

Wow! I do so enjoy a possessive and ruthless Brian!! Basically I love each and every one of your stories :D The writing and characterisations are amazing, I am so happy that you are writing in this fandom and look forward to many more of your fabulous creations! Hats off to you, brilliant work! :)

Author's Response:

Haha. We know I LOVE a possessive/ruthless Brian. He's such fun! That's probably why I rarely deviate from such premises. However, my newest story will quite a bit. Thank you so much for reading, and your support. That means so much to me. I hope to continue writing for this fandom for awhile to come yet. :) 

Reviewer: Severus_divides_into_H (Signed) · Date: July 31, 2014 01:58 PM · On: Epilogue

Oh, the ending… it’s always so bittersweet, and you also made it so touching. I love seeing the changes in Brian after all these months – he loves Justin with all he is, all he has. And Justin – he is still so vulnerable in some ways, I loved how nervous he was during the wedding! I forgot about Justin’s inheritance, but I’m glad he told Brian about it, it was time.

This was the most beautiful chapter of this story, and the most romantic one. I loved it – it made my day! Thank you so much, another great story finished. Admirable!  

Author's Response:

I can honestly say - I really hated ending this one. But... it seemed to be time. Each of them grew so much in this story, they just seemed to be where they most needed to be. The ending turned out more romantic than I could have ever expected... but, I think this is where they evolved to. Without a doubt, Brian became all about being the man Justin could love. That was the man he wanted to be. 

I'm so glad you enjoyed this story, my friend. I will certainly miss my time with them here. Thanks for commenting. *Hugss*

Reviewer: nata (Anonymous) · Date: July 29, 2014 12:44 PM · On: Epilogue

it was a very beautiful wedding, i loved it so much! brian and justin deserve the best honeymoon ever, after everything they've been through! i hope they will be happy! thank you for a wonderful story!

Author's Response:

It was a bit more of a romantic ending than I had planned, but, the place where I thought Brian had evolved to on an emotional level - at least in regards to Justin. To the rest of the world, he'll probably still be an ass! For sure, they only deserve the best. I have a feeling that's exactly what they will have. Thanks so much for commenting! :) 

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 11:49 PM · On: Epilogue

Thank you once again for a very fun and interesting read. I like your style.

Author's Response:

Hi, Bob! :) 

What a surprise to come home and find all of these comments. I'm thrilled to see them... and very glad you enjoyed this story. Our Brian was a fierce little ruthless ass in the beginning, but love for this unique blond turned him around - as it always does. *Sigh* A story that took me nearly a year to write can be read in a day. Something isn't fair about that! LOL. Seriously though, thank you for reading, and your support. It means a lot to me. :) *Hugss* 

BTW - I am working on my update on my sultan story next. Hopefully, it will be posted by tomorrow. It seems the writer got a bit windy in that chapter... Who would have thought it!? *Smiles*

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 11:40 PM · On: Chapter 29

Ah. Tears of joy for the boys.

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 11:27 PM · On: Chapter 28

Diamonds and white gold or platinum make me randy all over.

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 11:18 PM · On: Chapter 27

Cue the rising kettle drums.....strings to the ready.....and.....

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 11:08 PM · On: Chapter 26

I smell the approach of a roaring angsty crescendo.

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 10:58 PM · On: Chapter 25

snuff snuff .....

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 10:48 PM · On: Chapter 24

Gary would win if they had an Oscar for Best Idiot.

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 10:40 PM · On: Chapter 23

Sweet surrender

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 10:34 PM · On: Chapter 22

Justin could have shown some tack with that ultimatum.

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 10:24 PM · On: Chapter 21

Looking forward to what follows.

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 10:11 PM · On: Chapter 20

Money doesn't talk; it screams.

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 09:55 PM · On: Chapter 19


Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 09:44 PM · On: Chapter 18

1-2-3- ..... AHHHHHH!

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 09:35 PM · On: Chapter 17

Well I didn't see that one coming. Cool!

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 09:25 PM · On: Chapter 16

♥ "It's a family affair...." ♥

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 09:11 PM · On: Chapter 15

The van is an interesting twist. Reading on.

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 08:32 PM · On: Chapter 14

Imagine the caca flying toward the fan.....

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 08:22 PM · On: Chapter 13

Can Justin at least be a trustee or something? hehehe

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 08:00 PM · On: Chapter 12

Enjoying the story very much.

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 07:48 PM · On: Chapter 11

Sap and Craig bashing are a favorite plot theme for me.

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 07:39 PM · On: Chapter 10

Me love a good mystery.

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 07:21 PM · On: Chapter 9

It wouldn't be a story without an enemy or two. The plot thickens.....

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 07:10 PM · On: Chapter 8


Lets hear it for the boy.....!

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 06:56 PM · On: Chapter 7

Go Justin!

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 06:41 PM · On: Chapter 6


Cock teasing twat

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 06:31 PM · On: Chapter 5

Playing hard to get - wise

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 06:15 PM · On: Chapter 4


Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 06:07 PM · On: Chapter 3


Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 05:56 PM · On: Chapter 2

Mouse vs Cat - reading on

Reviewer: Bob (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 05:47 PM · On: Chapter 1

I'll climb out of my bomb shelter, adjust my tin hat, and take on a new story from one of my favs.

Reviewer: nena (Anonymous) · Date: July 28, 2014 12:43 AM · On: Chapter 1

Thanks for this wonderful story! And amazingly, I somehow managed to read it only when finished.And what a great journey it was with our guys!

Author's Response:

You're welcome; I'm glad you liked it! I commend you for your patience in waiting. I am horrible at that!! I really enjoyed writing this story. I will miss them here. Thanks for commenting! :) 

Reviewer: tiger062 (Signed) · Date: July 27, 2014 01:17 PM · On: Epilogue

Had my lovely Sunday day of rest and reading and read The Offer from start to finish. As always - great story with a couple of interesting twists. Love that Craig and Sap got what they deserved.

Author's Response:

I'm glad you liked it. They did have quite the adventure here, but, in the end, they really found each other. I'm sure they will be fabulously happy! Thanks for commenting! :) 

Reviewer: Colleen (Anonymous) · Date: July 27, 2014 01:41 AM · On: Epilogue

Thanks Janet, I enjoyed that thoroughly! Hot & sweet! :)


Author's Response:

Your welcome, Colleen. I'm very glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and commenting! :) 

Reviewer: chandrika (Anonymous) · Date: July 26, 2014 10:37 PM · On: Chapter 1

thank you for sharing this wonderfull story

Author's Response:

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for leaving a comment. :) 

Reviewer: Aliada (Signed) · Date: July 25, 2014 12:44 AM · On: Epilogue

What an amazing wedding! I couldn't help but smile while reading :) It was just unforgettable! 

They're so happy here. I liked Brian's words concerning his feelings to Justin. It was so truthful. I always love when Brian says something like that – so beautiful and sincere. 

Oh, Justin has finally told Brian about his inheritance! I completely forgot about it :) And Brian's reaction is pretty predictable. It's good that he agreed with Justin regarding their honeymoon. Anyway, the Caribbean is a good choice. I'm sure that their vacation is going to be wonderful. Undoubtedly, they deserved that. 

I enjoyed this story so much! Thank you for it!

Author's Response:

I really tried to refrain from going 'ridiculously romantic' at the end of this story, but, I thought as Brian progressed along, he had really evolved to this - at least, in regards to Justin. He did so much for Justin to keep him safe, and in essence - give him the perfect life. Our Brian was truly in love here. :) 

Most likely, it wouldn't matter what destination Justin chose for their honeymoon. Being together without any threats hanging over their heads was all they cared about. I can definitely see a happy life for them. 

Thanks for reading, and commenting. I'm so glad you enjoyed this story, my friend. *Hugss*

Reviewer: Lorie (Signed) · Date: July 24, 2014 10:37 PM · On: Epilogue

Wonderful ending to a great story.

Author's Response:

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and commenting! :) 

Reviewer: JAZZEPOET (Signed) · Date: July 24, 2014 05:49 PM · On: Epilogue

Wonderful ending my friend! Now I can't wait for the next installment of Sultan's possession ;)

Author's Response:

Thank you, my dear. I'm so glad you liked it. A bit more romantic than I usually write, but, I think Brian really evolved in this one. Justin was truly everything to him. :) 

Wicked Heart was really due to be next, but I did switch the order, so Sultan's Possession will be the next update. It seems a few are waiting on that one. Thanks for commenting, my friend. *Hugss*

Reviewer: tiger062 (Signed) · Date: July 24, 2014 07:39 AM · On: Epilogue

Goodie, goodie - I've got my story to read on Sunday. I started reading this when you started but have missed heaps but really enjoyed it. I've been saving it for when I've got time to read all at once and now I can. yippee......

Author's Response:

I do hope you enjoy how it all finishes. It was a long road getting here, but finally everything came together. Thanks for commenting! :) 

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: July 24, 2014 05:29 AM · On: Epilogue

What a wonderful ending to a thrilling tale.  Love concurs all!

Author's Response:

I'm so glad you liked the ending. Love does conquer all! Thanks for reading and commenting! :) 

Reviewer: ivylovebj (Signed) · Date: July 24, 2014 03:29 AM · On: Chapter 1


Congratulations you have finished this story. I can not come to here to enjoy the story with you for a very long time. Then I have to read it now. Thank you very much for your hard work.

Author's Response:

Hello, my dear. Thank you so much! Some of these stories are so time consuming; I do understand how hard it is to actively follow amidst the pressures of daily life. I am hoping in future stories, I can pre-write the bulk of them; then, readers won't have to wait so long for the updates.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the story. Thanks for your comment, and support. It is much appreciated!! :) 

Reviewer: Jo (Anonymous) · Date: July 24, 2014 03:18 AM · On: Epilogue

Thank you for writing another wonderful story.

Author's Response:

You are very welcome, and thank you for the kind words of encouragement. I hope to bring these special boys to life for a long time to come yet in even more stories. I'm very glad you enjoyed this one! :) 

Reviewer: Aliada (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2014 03:23 PM · On: Chapter 29

Thank you! I liked this chapter so much! 

The conversation between Brian and Justin just made me happy! I couldn't help but smile reading it. It was incredibly beautiful and touching. Brian was so caring and loving here! I'm glad that he understood Justin – despite everything. Undoubtedly, there is stubbornness in them, but fortunately, they love each other enough to get along. Actually, I completely agree with Brian's thoughts about this situation. Who would keep calm seeing that someone he loves put himself in danger? So Brian, definitely, had a hard time accepting Justin's point of view.

As for Jennifer, I wondered if her lawyer would be able to do something. Anyway, Justin wouldn't be happy if his mother stayed in prison. So I'm really glad that nothing overshadows their happiness for now. 

The proposal was amazing! Brian was so embarrassed! His timid attempts to express his feelings touched me so much. It seems Justin just couldn't believe that his dream has come true. You managed to describe his reaction very well. I loved it!

And I'm glad that it'll be an epilogue. I can't wait to see it :)

Author's Response:

I'm glad you liked it!! :) 

It's nice to see them finally at this point; not only happy, but on their way to a safe and loving life. I can't imagine anything ever coming between these two now. They each do have a large share of stubborness, but, they still compliment each other. I can see much laughter, love, and excitement in their future. 

I'm not sure Justin will ever seek a normal relationship with Jennifer. There is still so much mistrust there; but, who knows? That is something that might be left for the reader to imagine in the end. I can imagine Brian being awkward in such a proposal. It is such a foreign task for him. Thankfully, he got through it, and managed to display how much Justin means to him in the process. 

One more part coming. I am going to update 'More Than Friends' first, then, I'll come right back to this one. Thanks so much for all of your support! *Hugss*

Reviewer: Severus_divides_into_H (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2014 02:04 PM · On: Chapter 29

Poor Justin, I understand how much anxiety he feels, how incredibly nervous he is. I would be too! And I’m so happy for Jennifer – I still feel somehow wary of her, but I see that she loves Justin with all her heart and wants only for him to be happy. Brian is wonderful for everything he does for his blond, Justin is so lucky to have him.

I *loved* Brian and Justin’s reunion! It was so touching, how vulnerable and upset Justin was, and how patient and caring Brian behaved. I expected him to be angrier, but I was relieved he realized how Justin was feeling and just comforted him. He keeps surprising me!

The proposal was fantastic – I loved Brian’s words, and Justin’s childish reaction, it was so sweet and hilarious! It’s impossible not to fall in love with Justin – of course Brian has fallen :) I’m looking forward to the epilogue – I’d love to see the final proof of how happy Brian and Justin are together now.

Thank you!

Author's Response:

Yes, I can imagine Justin being highly anxious after that mistake he made - one that would have been disastrous, had he not been stopped. Thankfully, that is all in the past now. Brian has definitely learned to manage his temper. That confrontation could have been much worse. 

I'm glad you liked the proposal. I think Brian felt extremely awkward initially. Such moments are certainly not his place of comfort... but, I think such times of sentiment will be easier for him going forward. Of course, I still expect him to be the hard-ass he is in the outside world, but, with his boys, this predator has a giving heart. More to come yet with the epilogue; I do hope you enjoy how it fully wraps up. Thanks for commenting! *Hugss*

Reviewer: Severus_divides_into_H (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2014 01:50 PM · On: Chapter 28

I love this story, I’m sorry to see it reach its end, even though it’s probably time. But I can’t help it, I enjoy this protective feral Brian so much! Sap is beyond stupid – what, he still hopes to make Justin pay?! He should have known better than that – he challenged Brian, being no equal to him, wanted to take what doesn’t belong to him, so of course Brian will make him regret it.

I admire Brian’s decision on Sap’s punishment – though seeing how unstable Sap is, he might just refuse to give up and go on planning to harm Justin within prison walls.

Brian is amazing – he’s just gotten rid of Sap, and now he’s already buying a ring for Justin. I can’t wait to see Justin’s reaction! He’s expecting the worst, but instead will get the greatest reward ever.

Thank you, beautiful chapter – I’m so happy for our boys!    

Author's Response:

I always hate ending stories, this one especially. I have really grown attached to their various characters here. Sadly, that time always comes. I think Brian's decision regarding the Sap was a testament of how far he has come. At the onset of this story, he would have just had him eliminated; but, I think he thought of how Justin would feel, and he is trying to be more honorable - the man that is deserving of Justin's love. It does appear that Brian knows exactly what he wants his future to be. Now, it's just a question of realizing it.

Thanks for commenting, dear friend. *Hugss*

Reviewer: JAZZEPOET (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2014 12:24 PM · On: Chapter 29

Oh I can't wait for the epilogue...the wedding should be fabulous!

Author's Response:

The epilogue will show us how they are doing; I hope it will be enjoyable, and a complete wrap-up to this story. I will miss writing this one. 

Thanks for commenting, my friend. *Hugss*

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2014 06:25 AM · On: Chapter 29

Lovely, lovely, lovely.  I kinda surprised that Justin didn't ask about Sap.  I know he thought Brian was going to liquidate the man and won't he be surprised when he finds out how Brian actually accomplished it.  I hope the epilogue includes the marriage - that would be great.


Author's Response:

Thank you, my friend. I'm glad you enjoyed this last part. It was such a long journey for them; I'm always happy to see them reach that much deserved happy ending. I guess Justin decided he wanted the nightmare of the Sap behind him, and perhaps didn't want to know too much. I'm sure if Brian elected to tell him, he would be attentive and listen, but, otherwise, he probably won't ask. The epilogue will probably pick up a bit into the future, with us catching quite a glimpse of their life together. 

Thanks for reading and commenting. I do appreciate that so much! *Hugss*

Reviewer: Jo (Anonymous) · Date: July 19, 2014 05:44 AM · On: Chapter 29

This was a great ending to a wonderful story. 

Author's Response:

Thank you; I'm really glad you liked it. The last part coming as soon as I can. Thanks for commenting! :) 

Reviewer: Aliada (Signed) · Date: July 18, 2014 06:02 PM · On: Chapter 28

It was a great chapter! Brian has finally won all his enemies -  fortunately, it wasn't any unpredictable troubles here. I loved his unchanged courage so much. 

It's a pity that Sap did realize nothing. His thoughts about a mythical revenge seem to be crazy at all. He even doesn't think about his tainted life, about the years he is going to spend in prison –  about nothing besides the unjustified hate towards Brian and Justin.

Oh, I can't wait to see Justin's reaction to Brian's surprise! Hopefully, it will help him to feel better while Brian will be demonstrating his displeasure :) It such an enjoyment to see Brian's love and care here. I never can get enough of it!

Thank you once again! Looking forward to the next chapter :)

Author's Response:

I think Brian has finally turned into the man that Justin deserves and needs as his lifetime partner. Soon, Justin should more fully realize that too. I'm quite sure that Brian will still be the hard-assed businessman in his professional life, but privately with the two men he adores, he is a different man entirely. 

The Sap seems to be forever twisted up by his impossible, and disgusting desires. Of course, they will never come to fruition. I'm sure Gary will agonize in prison, and knowledge will come to him about Brian and Justin's nuptials. I think a surprise in the next chapter for sure, and the boys on the way to a much deserved happily ever after.:) 

Thanks so much for commenting, my friend. *Hugss*

Reviewer: Flossee (Signed) · Date: July 18, 2014 08:41 AM · On: Chapter 28

Oh no, you made hard-nosed Brian all sappy.  LOL  I love that he set Sap up, but he could have done that from Pittsburgh. 

Haha I can relate to looking for one particular type of person and you don't see the myriad of other people around you.  I like it when you add lines like that.  It just adds a little extra to your fics.

Cheers :)

Author's Response:

I like to think of Brian has more evolved now; at the very least, a man with a more visible heart. I think such tendencies will only be for Justin and Gus; in the eyes of the world, I expect him to maintain his ruthless persona. Regarding setting the Sap up, I don't think he was leaving anything to chance. He wanted to scare Gary enough to have him rushing back home, or to his club... the idea that the Sap could have hopped on the next plane to Pittsburgh wasn't impossible. Definitely, our Brian likes to hedge all of his bets! :) 

I'm glad you liked the chapter; more of this coming very soon. Thanks for commenting! *Hugss*

Reviewer: JAZZEPOET (Signed) · Date: July 16, 2014 04:22 AM · On: Chapter 28

My battle buddies aren't too happy with me right now because it's lights out, but fuck 'em, I had to read this chapter. Brian brilliantly devised a way to keep Gary away from Justin for good without having to resort to violence. Well now that I have reveiwed,this Sgt will join the ranks and hit the rack lol

Author's Response:

Oh my! I am exceptionally flattered that you would take the time to comment under such conditions. Truly I am! I think when handling Kip, Brian had his first attack of conscience. I get the feeling he really wants to be the man deserving of Justin's love. I'm sure he will still be ruthless in his business dealings, but, love has certainly tamed this predator. I do enjoy getting to this stage in a story. 

Thanks for commenting, my friend. I appreciate the support so much! *Hugss*

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: July 16, 2014 03:48 AM · On: Chapter 28

Wow!  I'm glad to see that Brian didn't muddy his hands.  I'm surprised that he wants to make his relationship with Justin permanent.  I mean Brian was supposed to be a hardass, but he's not.  I love this.

Author's Response:

I think Brian made the choice that would be easier for Justin to accept, along with torturing the Sap. I'm sure being in a New York prison it won't escape his notice of a certain prominent member's upcoming nuptials - when they arrive. :) Brian will most likely still be a hardass in the business world, but, he's turned into a completely different man with Justin... a man that is deserving of Sunshine's heart.

Glad you liked this part - two more installments to go. Thanks for commenting! *Hugss*

Reviewer: Sasha (Anonymous) · Date: July 15, 2014 09:09 AM · On: Chapter 27

i hope justin won't be able to flee! he must use his head, not just be like this, so immature... he puts brian at even greater danger! he should have noticed that the security noticed his strange behavior and will tell brian everything!

Author's Response:

Thankfully, Brian has very good security watching over the two important men in his life. With such actions, he certainly needs that! I'm sure Brian will be displeased with Justin, but, I think a part of him will understand. More of this coming very soon. Thanks for commenting! *Hugss*

Reviewer: Sasha (Anonymous) · Date: July 15, 2014 09:07 AM · On: Chapter 26

poor justin! and poor brian, he's going to be so scared and so pissed! justin feels so guilty for getting brian and gus into this mess, he wants to help and to do everything by himself. 

Author's Response:

I can understand Justin wanting help... but, this really isn't the way. I wouldn't want to answer to Brian for this decision! Hopefully, something happens to change those events.

Thanks for commenting, my dear. *Hugss*

Reviewer: no sleep (Signed) · Date: July 14, 2014 02:14 AM · On: Chapter 11

This one evil Craig. I thought it was going to be Ethan, LOL.

I'm trying to catch up to this story. I see that I have missed a lot. To late, the kid found me.��

Author's Response:

Much has happened over the course of this story. This is probably one of the darkest Craig's I have ever written. For once I did leave Ethan alone! Haha. 

Don't you love it when you settle down, the kids always pick that time! :) Thanks for commenting! 

Reviewer: Aliada (Signed) · Date: July 12, 2014 07:12 PM · On: Chapter 27

This was an incredible chapter! I so liked it – as usual :)

I'm so glad that Justin hasn't got to the trap. Actually, his decision to tell Ben everything wasn't the best thing for his plans. I doubt that he had even the smallest probability that Ben would agree to support his crazy idea. Of course, Ben is ready to do everything to protect Brian and Gus, but firstly, he understand that Justin is a very important person for Brian and secondly, he definitely believes that Brian has enough power to deal with this situation without any victims. 

I can imagine Brian's angry because of Justin's unexpected intentions. I wonder what a conversation will they have? Honestly, I think that Brian's displeasure is justified – anyway. But Justin can be very stubborn in such a situation. Hopefully, they won't have any serious conflicts.

Interesting, what will Sapperstein do? I'm sure he is going to go up to the end – regardless of any dangers. His desire to posses Justin is a real obsession. He can't refuse it. He couldn't have even if he wanted to. 

As for Kip, his main enemy is his stupidity, really. If Sap struggled for his own interests – even if they are not so useful and necessary for him, Kip just executed his commands. Perhaps, he even didn't have his own opinion. 

Thank you for this great chapter Looking forward to the next one :)

Author's Response:

Hello, my friend. I'm so glad you liked it! :) 

Justin would have been very naive if he believed telling Ben would aid in his easy departure to New York. There's no way Ben would have ever allowed him to go. I don't even think it would have been due to dealing with Brian's wrath, but, more in knowing Justin would have been thrusting himself into immediate danger. I am quite sure a confrontation will happen between Brian and Justin once this is over, and Brian returns. This was a very foolish and dangerous risk Justin was taking - no matter how good intentioned. 

Hopefully, the end for Sapperstein - however Brian decides to handle that, is over quickly. It could be different from the handling of Kip. We'll have to see on that. :) 

Thanks so much for commenting. More of this as soon as I can. 

Reviewer: Flossee (Signed) · Date: July 12, 2014 09:48 AM · On: Chapter 27

You know what I love about this chapter? No: then I will tell you. :D  I like the fact we have an alert and clued-in security man.  Yay.  I get tired of the way minor characters are always portrayed as stupid or easily seduced by sex or flirting. 

I'm pleased Justin confided in Ben.  Now, Brian really needs to stop and think.  He needs an alibi, so he should actually have someone else do the job.  I think he would be unwise to hunt Sap down and handle things himself.  Stop and think Brian you are an intelligent man. 

Cheers :)

Author's Response:

Haha. I know what you mean. Even only in fanfiction, I would find the very idea of our sweet Justin sneaking past a trained guard highly illogical! What guard would ever risk the wrath of Brian Kinney over that!? LOL. 

I have a feeling he will have his tracks covered, though. Brian has far too many connections in this 'verse not to be prepared for anything. As long as he doesn't do anything publicly, I'm sure he'll be fine. But, for sure, let's hope he considers all that he would have to lose. Thanks for commenting, Flossee. *Hugss*

Reviewer: JAZZEPOET (Signed) · Date: July 11, 2014 07:10 PM · On: Chapter 27

Things are definitely looking rather bleak for the sap...although things aren't boding too well for Justin either.

Author's Response:

I think the Sap made one mistake too many. He should have made himself invisible, and not continue this hopeless pursuit! On the bright side, Justin is safe; however, I'm sure Brian will have quite a bit to say to him when they meet again. 

Thanks for commenting! *Hugss*

Reviewer: Severus_divides_into_H (Signed) · Date: July 11, 2014 10:53 AM · On: Chapter 27

I can totally understand Justin’s desire to do something by himself – he must feel weak and inadequate to have Brian always take care of everything. He wants to be a man, to prove to himself he can defend himself – but unfortunately he picked the worst moment ever. And the worst man to deal with! Sap has nothing to lose, he’s incredibly dangerous.

I’m glad Brian’s security works so well! It’s hard to deceive them.

I laughed when Brian smashed Kip’s phone:) He’s so angry, and so scary when he gets like this! Poor Kip – I wouldn’t want to be him right now! And he has a gall to continue threatening Brian! Sap’s madness must be contagious.

I’m glad Brian decided to take everything in his hands right now! Justin will have to find another way to prove himself. He’s too naïve to think he can go to Sap and return unharmed – and that Brian will let him do that.

Thank you, I loved this chapter! I’m looking forward to the next one!  


Author's Response:

I think it's very hard for Justin to sit idly by and do nothing; most especially, knowing this danger is because of him. Of course, none of it is his fault. He is in the unfortunate position of being desired by a madman! Sapperstein is clearly not one to be swayed by coercion, threats, even imprisonment. Brian might be right in thinking his way is the only action that will assure Justin and Gus' safety. It's a sad outlook, but in the case of such a deranged man - it could be right. 

Justin is definitely safe; however, I'm sure Brian will have much to say to him when he returns. Perhaps he will have calmed down by then. Although, at this point, it doesn't appear very likely. 

I'm glad you enjoyed this, my friend. More to come as soon as I can. Next up - some angst, and hopefully a new beginning for them in 'More Than Friends'. Thanks for commenting! *Hugss*

Reviewer: Severus_divides_into_H (Signed) · Date: July 11, 2014 10:44 AM · On: Chapter 26

I really love how you described Brian and Justin’s relationship – so caring, so tender, so loving… trusting, too. I loved how Justin was determined not to go anywhere, so not to ruin Brian’s plan, but still I understand why he changed his mind later – the fear is blind and illogical, it doesn’t give you any time to think rationally, to analyze the situation. Gary seriously piss me off – he’s plain crazy, he’s so obsessed, he doesn’t’ even understand what he’s calling upon himself. Brian will simply destroy him.

I couldn’t help but feel outraged at the certain ‘Anonymous’’s comment. Especially at suggestions that Brian could come up with more ways to deal with Sap… Right, as if he didn’t try. Of course he could tear Sap’s life to shreds, but Sap is way too unstable right now. He already has Brian’s people hot on his heels, but instead of hiding he still wants to get his hands on Justin. He’s obsessed, he isn’t normal, he doesn’t care about the danger – the more Brian damages his life, the angrier Sap becomes. Nothing could stop him at this moment.

Thank you, Janet – great chapter, I loved it!         

Author's Response:

Hello, Katrin! I'm glad you enjoyed this part. I have tried to establish how much their relationship has changed - whether they have actually sat down and discussed their feelings or not. That is coming. They just need the time and the right platform to do it! As brave as Justin might be, and certainly more self-confident, going unprotected to Gary to resolve this - on his own - is a foolish decision. He has to know he can't win. So many horrid things could, and probably would befall him. Whether Justin gets on that plane or not - Brian will undoubtedly be livid! 

*Sigh* Yes, that anonymous comment set me off as well, along with a few others. I couldn't agree with any of the points... as I responded back - whether read or not. We all have that option of reading or not reading a story. For me, if a story becomes unacceptable, I would simply stop reading it - not being so verbally abusive about it. But... that's me. :) 

Again, I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. I do appreciate hearing that more than I can say. Thanks so much for your support! *Hugss*

Reviewer: Severus_divides_into_H (Signed) · Date: July 11, 2014 09:52 AM · On: Chapter 25

Great chapter! I love how everything’s getting clearer gradually, how Justin now easily picks up on Brian’s mood. Like when he noticed that Brian wasn’t himself – when he missed what Gus was saying. Our billionaire will have troubles trying to keep secrets from his blond.

Brian’s decision was harsh, but understandable. I wonder what his history with this Vinnie is, and what Justin will do when he realizes what Brian’s intention is. I loved how Brian was trying to protect Ben, by the way – he’s clearly incredibly caring of those who are loyal to him. Stupid Kip, he chose his own destiny.  

Author's Response:

Thank you, my friend. I'm glad you liked it! Things are steadily moving to a culmination. I never anticipated this story becoming so long. It's one of those where the sub-plots begin taking over the story. 

I think Brian and Justin have both become so intuitive of each other. IMO - just a sign of how connected they truly are... how they always are when they begin to evolve. They each have secrets to divulge; I'm sure they will when they actually have some time to sit down and talk. Life has been so hectic for them in recent days!

Brian's choice was extreme. He has reacted in a most primitive way, and in keeping of how we first met him in this story. However, he is looking for a for sure fix for his boys. He doesn't trust it to happen any other way. 

Thanks so much for commenting! *Hugss*

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: July 11, 2014 05:48 AM · On: Chapter 27

Thank goodness for that guard and for Justin accidentally texting Brian.  Talking to Ben was the best thing he could have done.  As long as Brian's actions don't come back to bite him on the but I say take care of Sap. 

Author's Response:

Yes, it's good that Brian has such loyal and devoted men working for him. Without a doubt, he needs that. Justin obviously thinks he merely drafted a message, but in his haste he sent it. That is definitely a good thing! I don't think Brian will face any repercussions for his actions. He is extremely well connected with all walks of life in this 'verse. Of course, we'll have to see how Justin views Brian's actions. Let's hope that a safer world will make any of their differences better. 

Thanks for commenting, my friend. :) 

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: June 20, 2014 07:02 AM · On: Chapter 26

Why is it that when someone is critical of a story they sign their comments anonymous?  I love this story!

Author's Response:

Yes. Anonymous are how those usually always are. I don't expect everyone to like every story, but, I couldn't agree with those comments, either. Thank you so much for your support. That really motivates me more than I can say... especially, in light of such negativity! :) 


Kim said her piece in the first post and I'll add my two cents here.

Anonymous; don't make me pull over. ~bob


Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Date: June 20, 2014 02:54 AM · On: Chapter 1


I always liked your stories and I' m sorry to say this but this story is for shit. And this chapter was the last straw for me. 

If Brian is so powerful as you pictured him in first few chapters then I think we have a different definision of power.

He is acting like he is running after his own tail.

I suppose with his money and connections Brian could make Sap forget about Justin making him so much trouble that he would shit his pants. Starting from messing up with his business, to deprive him his money, beat the shit out of him.......

I suppose there is a lot more possibilities than I can imagin.  

And the classic (and not in a good life affirming way I'm afraid) "sacrifice" bullshit....... but maybe I'm not romantic enough to understand this type of behaviour.

So .....

I'm waiting for a new story hopefuly better than this one.


Author's Response:

Being that you have decided not to continue following this story, I'm not sure if you will read my response... but, I answer all of my comments, so I will give this one a go...


I am sorry that this particular story doesn't live up to your expectations - as others have done. I guess I will have to disagree, as I do place this one among my favorites of ones I have written. 


Regarding Brian, I find that power is displayed in many ways. I do think he has been a powerhouse from day one. Everything he has done, and continues to do only attests to that. He has no limits when it comes to protecting those he loves. He has softened a bit, mostly due to his growing feelings for Justin, and the fact that he is a full-time Dad now, but essentially, he is the same. His plans regarding Kip should more than display that. Has he gone too far - well, in civilized society, yes he has. In this 'verse, it's not all about him being a ruthless ass to go about threatening/killing enemies; in the case of Sapperstein, he feels he will never go away if he didn't take such a firm and final stand. 


I could go on all night elaborating on all the reasons why the choices each of them have made are not only best, at least for them in their respective roles, but ones that I find to logically fit into the unique circumstances created for them here. Again, I am sorry the story is so distasteful for you; I'm only thankful that my other readers seem to be eagerly embracing it. Hopefully, future stories will be more to your liking. 


We allow - and welcome - anon comments on this site as well as those by registered members.  Constructive criticism is certainly permitted - and I would imagine most authors would welcome that in a way to improve upon their stories - but saying a story 'is for shit' does not fall within that category.  Going forward, Bob and I trust that you will provide helpful commentary instead.  ~Kim, Admin


Reviewer: Flossee (Signed) · Date: June 20, 2014 01:41 AM · On: Chapter 26

Justin what are you thinking?  Surely Justin is intelligent enough not to meet up with Sap?  Hopefully he will tell Brian and he will get someone to deal with it now he knows Sap is still in New York.  Come on Justin use those little grey cells.

Cheers :)

Author's Response:

Our Justin is so utterly sensitive, and obviously wants to do his part in this resolution. Hopefully, Justin does think his actions through, and realizes that placing his fate in the Sap's hands will be disastrous for all of them. 

Thanks for reading and commenting! It is so much appreciated! *Hugss*

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: June 19, 2014 07:16 PM · On: Chapter 26

Well that was a big mistake.  Now Saperstein is forewarned.  I'm not even sure that Ben can protect Brian's son from the evil that awaits.

Author's Response:

Yes, one of gigantic proportions! Sapperstein has no mercy, that much is very clear. Now, Justin is really backed into a corner. Hopefully, Brian catches on, and can fix what seems to be an impending disaster! 

Thanks so much for commenting. More to come as soon as I can. :) 

Reviewer: Aliada (Signed) · Date: June 19, 2014 03:21 PM · On: Chapter 26

It was very intense and exciting chapter! Things definitely accelerated here, became more dynamic than before. 

The danger is felt very brightly. The atmosphere you showed organically fits the situation Brian and Justin deal with. Honestly, I expected something like that. Justin's actions are pretty predictable – at least, to some extent. It's hard to imagine that he could choose  another way. First of all, his temper just won't allow him to keep calm and – that's more important – silence when someone like Sapperstein is going to hurt Brian and Gus, those people that he appreciates endlessly. Anyway, I would surprise if he did nothing. But of course, this is just psychological side of the question. 

Unfortunately, I very doubt that Justin has behaved rightly. He destroyed Brian's plans. And moreover, Brian knows nothing about that. If he did, likely, he would be able to change something – perhaps even in a good way. I'm sure that further circumstances won't be predictable. Everything can change too fast to have even the smallest hope to foresee the future. 

Thank you once again! I'm very looking forward to the next chapter! 

Author's Response:

Much happened here for sure. Justin has probably come into his self-confidence, and strength too quickly. Now, he seems all about being an equal in stopping his enemies. At heart, he certainly has the ability, but, in experience and power, Brian reigns supreme here. He really should let Brian do what he does best - take care of his family, and sort out his enemies. Hopefully, Justin doesn't make a mistake that could be devastating for them all. When this is over, though, I'm sure Brian will display his displeasure at Justin's interference. Despite what the actual plan is, or has been, they really need to be working together, and not acting out secretly as Justin seems to be doing now. 

More to come as soon as I can. Thanks so much for commenting! :) 

Reviewer: JAZZEPOET (Signed) · Date: June 19, 2014 02:33 PM · On: Chapter 26

What in the hell has Justin done!? Did he really have to call that asshole and make things worse not only for himself but for Gus as well? Surely he had to know that his attempts at appealing to Gary's kind nature was fruitless in every sense of the word.

So the question isn't what will he do, but rather what choice does he have other than giving into Gary's demands...so disappointing :(

Author's Response:

*Sigh* I know. I have dreaded getting to this part of the story, knowing what Justin would do. He is a bit too hung up on wanting to be equal in contributing to the resolution of his problems. Clearly, Brian is more suited for this... but, he is stubborn, along with very protective of this family he already loves. Undoubtedly, there is no compassion in Gary Sapperstein. The call was a total mistake. The best possible scenario would be for Brian to somehow find out. We'll see what happens.

Thanks for commenting, my friend. Hang in there with me; I know it will get better. *Hugss*

Reviewer: Sasha (Anonymous) · Date: June 13, 2014 10:28 AM · On: Chapter 25

great chapter, it's so nice that gus already misses justin! they are like a real family now! and brian is so protective of his beloved blond, it's so sweet!

Author's Response:

Yes, they are already such a family. Hopefully all the bad things can be resolved quickly, and without too much incident. They really need some peace and happiness. Thanks for commenting! :) 

Reviewer: Aliada (Signed) · Date: June 11, 2014 08:19 PM · On: Chapter 25

It was such an intense chapter! Thank you very much for it :) 

I really enjoyed seeing Gus loves Justin so much. It is so sweet :) I thought it would be difficult for him to leave his moms. Of course, he'll miss them and feel lonely at first, but I hope Brian and Justin will help him deal with this problem. Especially considering he really wants to live with them. I really hope they will be happy :)

I like Ben here, his support and sincere desire to help Brian are unbelivable. It is really touching to see his care about Brian's safety. It is so rare thing – especially in our contemporary life. 

Oh, so we have a new character – Vinnie. Interesting, will he do everything Brian expects? I get the impression he will. But there are several ways to do one thing, so something can be unexpected. But I hope even if it happens, nothing will destroy Brian's plans. Sap really deserves to answer for his actions – regardless of their cause. 

Thank you once again! I really looking forward to see what will happen next :)

Author's Response:

Things have really started to happen here. I hate for it to be resolved too quickly - that takes this story closer to the finish. I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to them here yet. As always, I am guilty of becoming attached to certain characteristics in various worlds I create for them. This one is atop the list in that category. Regardless of the path, though, I know they will be happy, and safe when all is said and done. :) 

Ben is truly devoted to his employer. Whether or not he approves of his methods, he understands him and supports him completely. Brian is very lucky to have him. 

We'll have to see how Vinne carries out Brian's directive. He did leave it open, and there are possibilities. I suppose it depends on how Vinnie perceives Kip, and the threat he imposes to himself as well. 

More to come as soon as I can. Thanks so much for your comment! :) 

Reviewer: Flossee (Signed) · Date: June 08, 2014 05:20 AM · On: Chapter 25

Just when I start to catch up with my reading my internet connection goes offline for six days plus I gained a handful of blisters, so I hope you can appreciate the difficulty I am having reviewing at the moment.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but if Brian had killed Kip and Sap at the beginning of this fic then it would be over and we don't want that this early.  I hope Brian doesn't end up in the cell next to Jennifer as that's one relationship I wouldn't like to see taken to the next level.  LOL  Yes, I'm joking.  Gus' safety concerns me most as he is a defenceless child; I'm not sure Brian going around killing people is very endearing though.  I look forward to the update.

Cheers :)

Author's Response:

Thank you for making such an effort to review. I appreciate that more than I can say. Things have been rather slow here recently, perhaps due to the end of the school year, and summer beginning... but, I do cherish each comment given. I am woefully behind myself. I am just finishing working an eight day stretch. Thankfully, I get four days off starting Friday. Maybe I can get caught up, then! 

Regarding Brian's orders regarding Kip - I do think his hands will be kept clean in this. Hopefully, he is wise and makes it so he has an alibi. I'm sure he wouldn't have a problem in acquiring one... however, a legitimate one would be all the better. I agree these actions aren't very endearing, either; however, in keeping with his ruthlessness from the beginning of the story, I think Brian would do this - at least, in this particular verse, when his loved ones are threatened. I hope you enjoy the rest. Thanks for commenting! :) 

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: June 07, 2014 03:54 AM · On: Chapter 25

Darn, I'd almost forgotten about the Sap.  Taking out Kip won't make any difference, I have a feeling that the Sap won't care one way or another.  Brian is going to have to go to the source and do it in such a way that it doesn't affect Gus or Justin.

Author's Response:

I agree completely. Sap could be using Kip to draw Brian out, or hope he makes a mistake. Fortunately, he isn't doing anything shady with his own hands. That could be catastrophic - if the Sap is watching that closely. Hopefully, Brian can resolve this, and keep both Justin and Gus out of the middle. Only then can he keep a clear head and get the job done.

Thanks for your comment! :) 

Reviewer: bksbracelet (Signed) · Date: June 07, 2014 01:33 AM · On: Chapter 25

Brian going out and protecting his family he is a scary man

Author's Response:

The softening we've begun to see in Brian definitely takes a back seat when Justin and Gus are in danger. Hopefully, he can maintain a balance, and not be too scary to either of them.

Thanks for reading and commenting! :) 

Reviewer: nata (Anonymous) · Date: June 06, 2014 02:56 PM · On: Chapter 25

interesting! brian is collecting his debt, it's clever! he is ready to do everything to protect his family, he's so caring! i love him! and i love this story! not sure i want to see it end. thank you!

Author's Response:

Brian is definitely making some shady deals now, but it does seem as if its with someone he can trust... and the cause couldn't be better. Long term, let's hope it's something he can live with, though. One important point to make in this part - Brian has evolved tremendously in this story, all due to his love for Justin and Gus, but we need to remember the ruthless beginning we had with him. Only so far can he evolve realistically. I am hoping - in the end - it will be a good balance. 

I'm so glad you're enjoying this story. The closer it comes to the end, the more conflicted I am too. I really don't want to stop writing it. Thanks for commenting, my friend. *Hugss*

Reviewer: JAZZEPOET (Signed) · Date: June 05, 2014 03:43 AM · On: Chapter 25

Whoa...I have goosebumps just thinking about what Vinnie plans to do to Kip...even more so that he will be doing it at Brian's command.

Author's Response:

Love hasn't knocked the ruthless out of our immensely protective Brian yet. At this point, he's probably evolved as much as he can... but what a change in so many other ways. I guess love does that, though. :) Makes one wonder what Brian will have in store for the Sap!! 

Thanks for commenting, my friend. *Hugss*

Reviewer: Amber (Anonymous) · Date: June 03, 2014 06:01 AM · On: Chapter 24


Author's Response:

This one is next on my list to update, so hopefully not too much longer. I am hoping to have time this evening to work on it. Thanks for commenting! :) 

Reviewer: Severus_divides_into_H (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2014 07:19 PM · On: Chapter 24

I keep feeling amazed at how Brian cares about Justin, how far he is ready to go to ensure that everything is all right with him, that he doesn’t feel pressured or uncomfortable. His help is invaluable – the trial will be very difficult for Justin, I don’t even know how he will go through it. And the Sap… I keep forgetting about him! He’s like an annoying bug, always complicates Justin’s life – and Brian’s as well.   

Kip is still working for Sap? As far as I remember, he is following Brian’s orders – or not? If he isn’t, that he is even more brainless than I thought! Sap may feel powerful, but he has already lost, I’m sure in that. His fault – he should have stopped when he had the chance.

Thank you! I’m looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response:

I think in all of my Dark!Brian stories, I have really come to love him more here. He has evolved so much. He can be that arrogant, controlling beast; then, he diverts to this caring man that would do anything for those close to him. Justin and Gus in particular. I will really hate when it comes time to lay this story to rest. We're not there yet, but the road is getting much shorter now. 

As opposed to Sap in 'Wicked Heart', I don't see him being as hard to handle here. Brian has been very attentive to every detail thus far; I can't imagine that slipping now - no matter how much Justin distracts him. Regarding Kip, he only followed along with Brian when Brian was menacing up in his face. He is still with the Sap. I think he'll find that to be a very bad decision. 

More coming soon. Now that I updated 'Sultan's Possession', this will be next. Thanks for commenting, my friend. *Hugss*

Reviewer: Sasha (Anonymous) · Date: May 24, 2014 08:42 AM · On: Chapter 24

great chapter! i'm glad brian reacted this way, he cares for justin incredibly, he will do whatever to have justin stay with him! and justin is so soft and so loving... he and brian deserve each other, they're great together! 

Author's Response:

I'm glad you liked it! I think Brian made the only decision he could make - if he wanted to hold onto his precious blond. I think we know that he definitely wants that!! Thanks for commenting, my friend. *Hugss*

Reviewer: nata (Anonymous) · Date: May 22, 2014 04:06 PM · On: Chapter 24

oh no, now gary is going to attack again! well, he's just asking for troubles, because brian will never let anyone hurt justin! not ever! i love how caring he is - i wish i had someone like that!

Author's Response:

It was inevitable that Sap and Kip return. Let's hope Brian stays focused, and not too distracted by his feelings for Justin. I think he probably needs to be more alert than ever before. Thanks for reading and commenting, my friend. I think we'd all enjoy such a caring and possessive Brian in our lives. :) *Hugss*

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: May 21, 2014 06:58 PM · On: Chapter 22

At last.  Justin has said what he wants and even Brian can understand and not miscongrue it.  What are your plans? 

Author's Response:

It was certainly time they had this talk. Hopefully they can clear the air and so much more! Thanks for your comment! :) 

Reviewer: Aliada (Signed) · Date: May 21, 2014 04:16 PM · On: Chapter 24

Thank you very much for this chapter! The conversation between Brian and Justin is so touching! It is just incredible! Brian is ready to change all his plans for Justin, to do everything to help him, to prove his love. 

I feel so sorry for Justin here. I can't even imagine what kind of feelings he has now. It must be really awful to be in such a situation. It would be a real hell for him if he didn't have Brian's support and protectiveness. He is very lucky – of course, if everything that happened can be called 'luck' at all.

I really admire Brian here. He is a very strong, purposeful man. His power seems immense. It is very interesting that their relationship with Justin make him vulnerable and invincible at the same time. On the one hand, his enemies have a lot of good opportunities if they know about those people who are dear to him. But on the other hand, his feelings give him a lot of power. It is a good insentive for him to fight even fiercer than before. 

I doubt that it will be easy to destroy Sapperstein's plans, but I hope Brian will deal with it. 

Thank you again! Looking forward to the next chapter! :)

Author's Response:

I'm so glad you enjoyed the update! I do enjoy when we get to the point in a story where Brian is accepting of his feelings - whether he has verbalized them or not. His emotions are always so visible whether spoken or not. I have a feeling Justin knows. 

Justin definitely could be facing some bad days ahead, but let's hope not too bad. These two truly deserve some happy times. I think it was inevitable that these bad guys returned, though. As long as Brian stays focused, all should be fine. 

Thanks for commenting, my friend. More as soon as I can! *Hugss*

Reviewer: JAZZEPOET (Signed) · Date: May 21, 2014 05:05 AM · On: Chapter 24

Why do I have the sinking feeling that whatever is about to happen, is going to make Justin 'sacrifice' himself and play right into the Sap's sick twisted little game. Hopefully Brian can intercept this latest plan of attack and prevent any hasty actions.

Author's Response:

It does appear as if some angst could be heading our boys way. Let's just hope it to be very short-lived. Always when things are going well, and they are in such a better place. Thanks for commenting, my friend. *Hugss*

Reviewer: Sasha (Anonymous) · Date: May 17, 2014 01:47 PM · On: Chapter 23

i loved how brian immediately suspected michael was guilty of justin's attitude! he so loves his blond! and i love both of them. i love that they both figured out everything! this is the best way, the best solution!

Author's Response:

Brian is so incredibly smitten with Justin here. I enjoy watching it unfold myself. It's nice to write a good Michael for a change. I know I don't do that a lot! Haha. But, I guess we like who we like. This was really the only way they could move forward as a couple - down the road. I think they are definitely in a better place now.

Thanks for commenting, my friend. *Hugss*

Reviewer: nata (Anonymous) · Date: May 14, 2014 03:21 PM · On: Chapter 23

wow, super-chapter!!! i somehow missed it. it was so interesting and tense, how brian reacted - i was really worried! i like how he is afraid of losing justin, and that in the end he realized what he should do and how. thank you, i loved it!

Author's Response:

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! I think this was the only way things could go. Justin is too independent to be held by that agreement indefinitely. Most especially now that he has fallen in love with Brian. Regardless of his inheritance, I think it would have come to this point. Thankfully, Brian made the only decision he could make. 

Thanks for commenting! *Hugss*

Reviewer: Aliada (Signed) · Date: May 10, 2014 09:38 PM · On: Chapter 23

Thank you very much for this amazing chapter! I'm really couldn't wait for it! The conversation between Brian and Justin was very tense and unpredictable. To tell the truth, I was afraid that Brian won't agree with Justin's request and they will have a lot of troubles in their further relationship - especially when Brian said Justin that no one man could be equal with him. But, of course, it would be a little strange, if he didn't :) When Brian just walked away without finishing the conversation, I was a little confused - like Justin at all :) But when Brian rejected Justin's assumption I immediately realized what he is going to do. Of course, it was a really right decision. But unfortunately, I doubt that Brian will be glad to hear about Justin's heritage - especially knowing that Justin didn't tell him the whole truth. I can understand Justin, but I think it would be better if he confessed. It is very unlikely that such a person like Brian will find out nothing. 

I have read several amazing stories of yours. They are really incredible! Every update is a real surprise for me! Thank you for your awesome talent :) Until I started to read your works I even didn't suspect that someone can write such interesting, unusual stories. Every of your universes is a very special world with their own laws and features - but it very pleases me that your Brian and Justin always just can't be without each other :) Your stories are so inspiring! Thank you once again for this!

Looking forward to the next chapters!

Author's Response:

You are so welcome! I'm very glad you're enjoying this story. For some reason this one has been special to be from the beginning. It won't be easy for me to say goodbye to it. Although, we have some issues to resolve here yet, that end is definitely coming. I do think each of them have grown so much in the course of this story - Brian especially. Let's hope Justin's remaining secret doesn't cause a problem. Brian might not respond well to that. He has this need to know everything about this man he cares so much about. In a way, it's his way of protecting him too. 

Thank you so much for your kind words. I can't tell you how much the feedback means to me, and motivates me to write all the more. More of this to come as soon as I can. Thanks so much for commenting! :) 

Reviewer: JLW (Anonymous) · Date: May 10, 2014 02:51 PM · On: Chapter 23

Hooray! Brian tore up the contract...so happy! Another great update. Happy Mother's Day, too!

Author's Response:

I do think they are heading in the right direction. Now, to resolve the 'Sap' situation, and see what will happen with Jennifer. Then... maybe they can get a happily-ever-after. :) 

Thanks for commenting! 

Reviewer: snow (Signed) · Date: May 10, 2014 03:39 AM · On: Chapter 23


Author's Response:

Glad you liked it! Thanks for commenting! :) 

Reviewer: JAZZEPOET (Signed) · Date: May 09, 2014 05:53 AM · On: Chapter 23

So Justin still hasn't gotten around to telling Brian about his financial change? Hmmm...I wonder how Brian will take the news...hopefully this isn't one of those things that cause them to separate.

Author's Response:

I wouldn't be surprised if Brian suspects Justin's new wealth. He didn't gain his success as an international banker by being surprised easily. Now that Brian is slowly beginning to accept his deeper feelings for Justin, I have a feeling he will be hanging on tightly. 

Thanks for commenting, my friend. *Hugss*

Reviewer: nata (Anonymous) · Date: April 29, 2014 03:04 PM · On: Chapter 22

noooo, why the cliffhanger! i want the next chapter, please! i hope brian will understand justin and agree to his offer!

Author's Response:

I know - that WAS a cliffhanger! It will get resolved, though. I will update as quickly as I can. Hopefully, Brian doesn't resort to his former stubborness, and responds favorably.

Thanks for commenting, my friend. *Hugss*

Reviewer: Severus_divides_into_H (Signed) · Date: April 28, 2014 10:53 PM · On: Chapter 22

Oh, that was intense! Great chapter. I love how Justin is still the same naive, honest, caring and loving person he always was. He finds out he’s a millionaire – and what does he do? Immediately wants to give the money up – everything to help his mother. He’s amazing! No wonder Brian fell for him hard!

I’m pleasantly surprised with Michael. He obviously wants only the best for Brian and for Justin. Justin is way too insecure, still, so of course he doubts Brian loves him. Maybe now he will see – Brian certainly doesn’t react well to conditions and ultimatums, but surely he will understand where Justin is coming from. He himself wants the blond to want him, to never doubt his feelings for him.

Thank you, it was a very interesting chapter! I can’t wait to find out what Brian’s reaction will be!   

Author's Response:

It is amazing that Justin can be so giving with the life he's lived. Until now, he hasn't felt any sort of security or love. His insecurity is still so evident. How Brian handles this could determine much. 

Michael is definitely good in this story. I can imagine your surprise - it's not a view of him we see often coming from me. But... I do try to mix things up. 

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter, my friend. As always, thank you for your support. It is much appreciated! *Hugss*

Reviewer: Flossee (Signed) · Date: April 28, 2014 09:21 AM · On: Chapter 22

Yay; a fic where Justin is also wealthy.  I love it.  I don't like what he had to go through to get his inheritance; however, now B/J are on an even footing Brian's decision should be interesting. 

Cheers :)

Author's Response:

Yes, it is definitely a reversal having Justin financially well off. It evens the playing field a bit, even though Brian is still much richer. Brian never likes being backed into a corner - by anyone - but, hopefully he sees that they both want the same thing.

Thanks for your comment! *Hugss*

Reviewer: Flossee (Signed) · Date: April 28, 2014 09:12 AM · On: Chapter 20

Wow, you had to re-post a lot of chapters.  I'm really pleased Justin went to see Jennifer.  I hope there is a legal loophole where they can get her off without bribing anyone.


Author's Response:

Yes, all stories counted I had to post a lot. More of this one for sure. Lost a lot of comments too... but such is life. :) 

I think whether Justin fully reconciles with Jennifer or not, he needed some kind of closure. Knowing that he wasn't truly abandoned has to really change his outlook on life. Thanks so much for commenting! *Hugss*

Reviewer: Blossomlegs (Signed) · Date: April 28, 2014 12:23 AM · On: Chapter 22

Damn cliff hanger!


Author's Response:

Cliffhangers can be so maddening... but maybe this one can be positive! We'll see! :) 

Thanks so much for commenting! *Hugss*

Reviewer: Sasha (Anonymous) · Date: April 27, 2014 11:42 PM · On: Chapter 22

oh, i think justin doesn't have to even ask - brian will agree to everything just to keep him close, he's crazy about him. they make a great pair! and michael is right, brian so loves justin, everyone can see that, that's easy. i think things will be very good for them now!

Author's Response:

Our boys have come so far. Let's hope they continue on that path now. Brian is so fierce in this story; I'm sure ultimatums are not comfortable for him - no matter who issues them. As long as he keeps in mind why Justin needs this reassurance so much, maybe he will concede for once. :) 

Thanks for commenting, my friend. *Hugss*

Reviewer: Sasha (Anonymous) · Date: April 27, 2014 11:39 PM · On: Chapter 21

clive was wrong to treat brian like that! brian is so great here, he shows all his support and love to people he loves. it's good that justin managed to get in under his skin. he is still a shy boy who needs support, but he's also so bossy and determined, i love that! 

Author's Response:

Yes, Clive was very wrong... but, I don't think that Brian displays his more tender emotions to anyone outside of his inner circle. I suppose he never will in keeping with his life in the business world. Brian is definitely a man to have on your side. I would always feel better being in his camp! I'm so glad you are enjoying him, and this story. I appreciate your comments so much! *Hugss*

Reviewer: Lorie (Signed) · Date: April 27, 2014 04:52 AM · On: Chapter 22

Their love for each other is very evident. I hope that they can agree that their love for each other is the best reason to stay together.

Author's Response:

Yes, I think it is clear how much they love each other - it's a question of them owning up to it! Hopefully, they both follow their hearts here. It is definitely time for the agreement to be out of their relationship.

Thanks for commenting! *Hugss*

Reviewer: JAZZEPOET (Signed) · Date: April 27, 2014 03:39 AM · On: Chapter 22

Whoa I guess our boys have alot to think about here.

Author's Response:

Let's hope that Brian doesn't have that backed into a corner feeling. We know this more controlling version could come out fighting if that is the case. So much has changed for Justin. Let's hope the good changes are only beginning.

Thanks for commenting, my friend. *Hugss*

Reviewer: snow (Signed) · Date: April 27, 2014 03:28 AM · On: Chapter 22


Author's Response:

Things are moving along! Glad you liked it. Thanks for commenting! *Hugss*

Reviewer: JLW (Anonymous) · Date: April 27, 2014 02:43 AM · On: Chapter 22

Very good update. What a cliffhanger...looking forward to Brian's answer. 

Author's Response:

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Let's hope that Brian thinks this answer through. We know he doesn't enjoy ultimatums! More to come as soon as I can. Thanks so much for commenting! *Hugss*

Reviewer: Blossomlegs (Signed) · Date: April 24, 2014 05:24 AM · On: Chapter 21

Fantastic fic!  Hope to read an update very soon! Thanks!

Author's Response:

Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it. This one is next on my list to update, so hopefully more very soon. Thanks for commenting! :) 

Reviewer: Severus_divides_into_H (Signed) · Date: April 10, 2014 01:50 PM · On: Chapter 21

I’m so glad you’ve updated! I don’t know why, but it seems ages have passed since I’ve read this wonderful story! I even forgot a few things, but I was happy to re-read in order to re-learn them:)

Clive must be a good person, Brian obviously trusts him, but this time, he was damned infuriating! True, Brian isn’t the kindest and most harmless person in the world – kind of the opposite, actually – but he would never hurt people closest to him! So it must have felt insulting to have Clive doubt him.

I *loved* how Brian is doing everything in his power to fulfill his promise to Justin – to help Jennifer. His abilities aren’t endless, but he tries to make the best of them. Justin means so much to him… I wonder if the blond himself knows. Brian, as always, chooses to show his feelings with his actions, without using the words. And in this case, Justin might need to hear them.

Shame on me, I forgot about the disgusting Sap as well! So Justin’s troubles are far from finished. Craig’s death only made things easier for Sap – now he doesn’t have to deal with him, and he can finally be unafraid and free of him. For good. So, in his perverted mind, now he can have Justin all to himself. And let’s not forget about Kip! Who knows, he might re-appear again… in some form. I’m sure Brian’ll take care of everything, but the problem is, he already has too much on his plate. Way too much. With taking care of Gus, dealing with hurt Lindsay and pissed off Melanie, trying to help Jennifer he may lose his focus for some time. And Sap will surely use it!

I loved Brian and Justin together! And what’s really interesting, Brian seems to be as hesitant about Justin’s feelings as Justin is about his. Brian is used to making everything okay with his money, giving support Justin needs, and he knows Justin appreciates it. But does he love him? I believe Brian doubts it. Justin hasn’t actually been verbal on this matter. I wonder how the situation will be figured out, and where all of it will lead them.

Thank you, it was a great chapter!:) I’m really looking forward to the next one!     

Author's Response:

I don't wonder about it seeming like ages since the last chapter. I know it has been... at least in comparison to my normal updating schedule. I have never been so consistently behind. I guess the perils of now being a single/working mom. I have no time these days... but I am trying. I do know that I won't have multiple WIP's in future. When these are finished and if another begins (I think we know another will - haha!) I will either keep it to one story, or write in advance, and then post. I hate these long delays! When I have to go back and re-read the end of a chapter because I'm not sure where I left off, well, I know there is an issue. Definitely not how I normally operate. 

Regarding the chapter, though, I think Clive is a loyal employee, but I think he was more than a bit out of line, especially to a man of Brian's stature in this world. As to Jennifer, we'll have to see if Brian can fix this. That is a tall order for sure. Perhaps he can lessen the ordeal, but I'm not sure total vindication will be possible. He has definitely fallen hard for our sweet blond, although, he doesn't acknowledge that yet. I'm sure it's a two-way street, and that day will be coming. 

I don't think the Sap/Kip resolution will be as difficult as what they have been enduring, but definitely something that needs resolving. I am quite sure Sapperstein will be more determined to get Justin back now. 

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter, my friend. It always thrills me to read your thoughts. :) Thanks for reading and commenting. Following my most recent post, 'Wicked Heart' will be coming nest. :) *Hugss*

Reviewer: veronika (Anonymous) · Date: April 08, 2014 08:16 PM · On: Chapter 21

i love that brian is ready to go at such length to make justin happy. he's like obsessed with justin's happiness, it's sweet! i think he's a little scared that now when justin no longer needs him financially, he'll leave him... hope that won't happen! great story, can't wait for more. thank you!

Author's Response:

Brian is definitely going above and beyond to make Justin safe and happy. It's no doubt he's fallen hard for our favorite blond. :) Yes, he could become a bit fearful when he realizes Justin doesn't need his financial support. Perhaps he will face his feelings then. 

Thanks so much for commenting! *Hugss*

Reviewer: nata (Anonymous) · Date: April 07, 2014 11:38 AM · On: Chapter 21

oh how strange, i completely forgot about gary! i thought things are finally good for our boys! but more troubles are evne more interesting! i love how brian cares about his sweet justin, how he's ready to go at any length to protect him and to ensure his happiness. this story is so great! i love how clive reacted to brian's feelings, it's always good to see how other people react to b/j relationship. thanks!

Author's Response:

The Sap has been on the back burner for awhile, but I'm sure Ben is right, he hasn't given up on his obsession. Brian has definitely fallen for Justin. It's just a matter of him accepting it. Thanks for commenting, my friend. *Hugss*

Reviewer: JAZZEPOET (Signed) · Date: April 06, 2014 04:05 PM · On: Chapter 21

Keep it coming my friend...just keep it coming ;)

Author's Response:

More to come as soon as I can. I'm very glad you're enjoying this, my friend. Thanks for commenting! *Hugss*

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: April 06, 2014 05:43 AM · On: Chapter 20

I wonder how rich Justin now is.  If they combine their money nothing can stop them!

Author's Response:

We should find out about Justin's wealth in a few more chapters, but, Brian definitely doesn't need any financial system. He is a Midas in this story. LOL. I have a feeling nothing can stop them, though. :) 

Thanks for commenting! *Hugss*

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: April 06, 2014 05:29 AM · On: Chapter 21

Will it be possible to get Jen aquited?  Brian doesn't realize that he truely cares for Justin.  I don't think he ever planned on falling in love, but that's exactly what he's done. 

Author's Response:

I'm not sure an acquittal is realistic, but Brian will certainly try... and there are various circumstances that could help. We'll have to see, though. Brian has very deep feelings for Justin, he just doesn't understand them yet. I have a feeling he will when he least expects it. Thanks so much for commenting! :) 

Reviewer: nata (Anonymous) · Date: March 31, 2014 02:30 PM · On: Chapter 20

i still don't feel too good about jennifer. she made a very stupid and bad decision. she as wrong and now she has to pay for that. i don't know if i would forgive her like justin did. she still left him and hurt him very much. i'm so happy that at least brian is there for him! he will make everyhing okay. 


Author's Response:

We'll have to see how it goes; however, even though Justin wants his mother to be free and doesn't feel she should be in prison, I'm not so sure he will want a normal relationship with her. She did make some very questionable decisions, and some trust issues have to result from that. I have a feeling Brian will do whatever Justin needs. He does seem to be capable of making just about anything happen. 

Thanks so much for commenting! *Hugss*

Reviewer: Severus_divides_into_H (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2014 09:12 PM · On: Chapter 20

It was a really intense chapter. I liked it, you make things interesting even if there isn’t much Brian/Justin interaction. I don’t know what to think of Jennifer… her talk with Justin was difficult, much more than I expected. I guess I can understand her reasons to leave… but I don’t think I would be able to do that. To leave your vulnerable son in the care of someone abusive… that’s too dangerous. Why didn’t Jennifer just hire someone to protect them both and didn’t fill for the divorce? Of course there always would be a possibility that Craig would find them, but it’s better than leave a child with him! Child unable to protect himself! Jennifer made a grave mistake, so I think it’s also her fault that she is in prison now. But still, I wish her the best – I feel sorry for her. She made a mistake, yes, but she corrected it by killing Craig. Sadly, I don’t think there was any other choice. Such monster shouldn’t be living in this world, and without strong evidence, what could have he been charged with? Nothing. So Jennifer made probably the only decision possible.

Ah, I *loved* the ending! I love Brian’s attitude to Justin, he’s so caring and attentive and sweet. I love how he is ready to move the seas and mountains to make him happy. Now what, I wonder? When Justin’s financially independent? I can’t wait to see the next chapter! Thank you! 

Author's Response:

Hello, dear friend!! I'm glad you liked it. This was an emotion charged chapter, but obviously one that needed to be done. As a mother I can see many flaws in Jennifer's decision making, but, I guess if not in her position we don't know. Thankfully she came forward in the end when it really mattered, and Justin is now safe... and soon to be much wealthier. We'll have to see how that affects his 'arrangement' with Brian. 

More coming as soon as I can. I'm working on 'Wicked Heart' now. Thanks so much for commenting! *Hugss*

Reviewer: Sasha (Anonymous) · Date: March 22, 2014 05:11 PM · On: Chapter 20

oh, what a sweet chapter! justin's meeting with his mother was so touching and heartbreaking! thank god brian is here, always ready to support justin, to show his love for him. those emotions are so raw right now! thank you, i loved it! i hope jenn will be fine!

Author's Response:

I'm glad you enjoyed Justin's meeting with Jennifer. It was definitely one that was long overdue. It has to be such a boost for Justin to know that his mother always loved him. Now he isn't so alone. Thanks for commenting. I do appreciate that! *Hugss*

Reviewer: Sasha (Anonymous) · Date: March 22, 2014 05:09 PM · On: Chapter 19

melanie is a bitch, she behaved like a madwoman, and now dares to seem surprised that brian came to seek punishment! that's so stupid of her! poor lindsay. but she is quilty too! why did she choose brian to be the father if she knew her partner hated him? and then why didn't she try and stop this hatred? she is very wrong, as well!

Author's Response:

Melanie did make a very bad choice, and what was worse - one that endangered the life of an innocent child. She would have deserved any punishment. I think she got off lightly here. I do feel for Lindsay too, but, I agree, she should have known what she was facing in choosing Brian as Gus' father. Both of these women hold part of the blame.

Thanks for commenting, my friend. *Hugss*

Reviewer: Lorie (Signed) · Date: March 19, 2014 11:40 PM · On: Chapter 20

Beautiful chapter. Justin is lucky to be so loved by both Jennifer and Brian.

Author's Response:

I'm very glad you enjoyed it. I think, bit by bit, Justin will realize just how fortunate he is. Thanks for commenting! :) 

Reviewer: Silverfish (Signed) · Date: March 19, 2014 10:00 PM · On: Chapter 1

Mmm I LIKE it!! Does Justin actually realise that he can leave at any time now? He's not bound to stay with Brian now is he?!! What will Brian do to try and keep him with him?! 

Loving it!!

Lisa xx

Author's Response:

That's a very good question! Even though they have a contract, I'm sure Justin has more than fulfilled the first week of it. Things could change quickly... and how would Brian respond to that? Many directions that particular query could go. We'll have to see. :) 

Thanks for commenting, Lisa. Much appreciated! *Hugss*

Reviewer: LNG (Signed) · Date: March 19, 2014 09:45 PM · On: Chapter 20

Please more!

Author's Response:

More as quickly as I can. Thanks so much for commenting! :) 

Reviewer: JAZZEPOET (Signed) · Date: March 19, 2014 03:15 PM · On: Chapter 20

Another great chapter my friend ;) Now I can't wait to see what mountains Brian will manage to move in order to help his beautiful blond get through this ordeal.

Author's Response:

Thank you, dear friend. I'm glad you thought so! It does seem as if Mr. Kinney has a plan. Let's hope it's a good one. I have no doubt Brian would move those proverbial mountains to make Justin happy. :) 

Thanks for commenting! *Hugss*

Reviewer: JLW (Anonymous) · Date: March 19, 2014 03:04 PM · On: Chapter 20

Yay! A new update! Another great chapter...glad Justin had a chance to for a little closure with his mother and learned why she left. Hmmm..wonder what Brian's plan is to help Justin's mom. I love how he will do anything to make Justin happy. :)

Author's Response:

I'm very glad you liked it!! I think this visit with Jennifer was exactly what Justin needed. Hopefully, a happy ending can be found for all of them. One thing is for certain - Brian won't allow Justin to be broken-hearted... no matter what he has to do. 

Thanks so much for commenting! :) 

Reviewer: Severus_divides_into_H (Signed) · Date: March 13, 2014 02:37 PM · On: Chapter 19

Well, I can say, Lindsay is, unfortunately, caught in the middle. I understand that she isn’t to blame for everything, and I also understand her devotion to Melanie – she may not agree with her, but she won’t admit it to Brian just like that. She is torn.

Brian was so aggressive here. I know he is angry – more than angry, furious – but I think maybe he will agree to soften his decision later. I can’t really make up my mind about Melanie, whether she loves Gus or not. If she does, it’s some kind of extremely selfish love, but even in that case, I believe not seeing Gus at all will be unbearable. And if she doesn’t love him – well, she will just regret that Brian won. I don’t know what’s better. Even in this situation, I still feel a little sorry for her.

Thank you, it was an intense chapter! I’m looking forward to the next one. Can’t wait to see what will be done about Jennifer!  

Author's Response:

Yes, I think Lindsay is the loser here. She should have known that her partner had such hatred for the father of her child, and tried to neutralize it... but she preferred to wear those blinders. 

Brian was very determined. His trip to Pittsburgh was all based on righting wrongs for those he cares most about - Gus, and Justin (whether he has verbalized that or not). I'm not sure he will ever relax his decision. It could be a matter of trust now regarding Lindsay's good judgment. We'll have to see. Next chapter will definitely cover the meeting between Jennifer and Justin - which is my next one to update. So, hopefully very soon. 

Thanks for reading and commenting, my dear friend. Your support means so much to me! *Hugss*

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