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Reviewer: wingnut1974 (Signed) · Date: May 02, 2013 09:33 AM · On: Photographs

I love this story, can't wait to read more

Author's Response:

Thank you, I'm so very glad you are enjoying the story! :)

Reviewer: 7wildwaysup (Signed) · Date: April 29, 2013 10:12 PM · On: Photographs

I love this fic even if it is so sad... ~ Kathleen

Author's Response:

Aw, well thank you. I'm glad you love it, even though it makes you sad! :)

Reviewer: sfscarlet (Anonymous) · Date: April 29, 2013 08:35 AM · On: Photographs

Wonderful chapter-  glad Brian and Justin are talking again and that Brian is realizing Gus needs some help.

Author's Response:

Thank you! And thank you for reading and commenting! :)

Reviewer: Tagsit (Anonymous) · Date: April 28, 2013 11:16 AM · On: Photographs

Very nice chapter - emotionally packed! I have a couple 'Poor Brian's' that are just bursting to get out of me after reading this. Maybe even one 'Poor Justin'. Damn it - why doesn't Justin simply come home so they both can stop being miserable! (I know, I know, there would be no story in that case, but sometimes I can't help voicing my exasperation.) TAG

Author's Response:

haha, thank you! Yes, Poor Brian, and Poor Justin. I fear you'll probably be bursting with those sentiments for awhile yet!

Thank you so much for reading and commenting, I appreciate it very much!! :)

Reviewer: Bryton4ever71 (Signed) · Date: April 28, 2013 09:38 AM · On: Photographs

Not sure what to say here, only a couple of things i guess.

The fact that Sam is poz is very scary and the pics at the end were a nice surprise and really helped make the time capsule more "real" if yu know what I mean.

Author's Response:

Still sort of setting the scene for the rest of the journey! I appreciate you taking the time to let me know your thoughts! I had fun putting in the pics, and hopefully I can find a way to do it again!

Thank you so much for reading :)

Reviewer: sophie'smom (Anonymous) · Date: April 28, 2013 09:25 AM · On: Photographs

Even though I feel Brian and Justin drifting apart this wad a great chapter. I think the unreturned phone calls, the quick texts and voicemails are all signs of trouble ahead

Gus is the one Brian needs to concentrate on now, and should have shared his worry and fears with Justin. When will he ever learn HR can't do it all. That a.man know when to ask for help.
Sam, I don't know if I.should feel sorry for him or angry at him for putting Brian through the wringer.

Author's Response:

Brian is a little overwhelmed, and I think Justin understands that...I wouldn't give up all hope just yet ;)

You are right, though, Gus needs Brian's attention most of all, so lets hope now that they're back, Brian can sustain his focus!

Thank you so much for reading and commenting! :)

Reviewer: Reader (Anonymous) · Date: April 28, 2013 06:39 AM · On: Photographs

a wonderful chapter! completely enjoyed it.

Brian is becoming so mature in his thinking.

Author's Response:

Thank you!! I'm glad to hear it :)

Yes, if the current situation he finds himself in can't make Brian grow up, then nothing can!

Thanks for reading!!! :)

Reviewer: no sleep (Signed) · Date: April 28, 2013 05:25 AM · On: Photographs

Loved the photographs and that prom pic is so cute!

This is one of those times where I don't have the adequate words to convey how much I enjoyed this chapter. I know that my emotions were all over the place. I had no idea what Brian was doing or going to do from one moment to the next. He still seemed to put Justin on the back burner whenever any little thing arose. It's almost as if sending Justin to New York was his way of having one less thing to worry about.

Sam still seems to play a prominent role in Brian’s life and he does have baggage. I still don't trust that he used a condom.

Brian made changes to the house that he did not discuss with Justin first? I thought it was bought for Justin. I don't know. A couple should stick together through good and bad times, but Brian is not treating Justin as an equal. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.

Author's Response:

Thanks! The photos were a last minute addition once I remembered I could include them in the story text.

It makes me very happy to know this chapter has affected you so - even if it was a roller coaster ride!

Brian, Sam, Justin, and Gus and Lindsay too, have many more things to go through with one another - things won't be easier for any of them anytime soon.

Thank you again for reading and commenting, I truly appreciate it! :)

Reviewer: wellreadbunny (Signed) · Date: April 28, 2013 02:23 AM · On: Photographs

This story is much more complex then I first thought it would be. You are doing a great job creating layers. I still want Brian and Justin together, but atleast you are making the waiting interesting.

Author's Response:

haha! And it won't get any simpler anytime soon! Thank you so much for reading - I hope I can sustain the layered feel as I continue - it's important to me that the story really examine all parts of Brian's life so what happens in the end is worth it all...

Thank you again!!! :)

Reviewer: Anno53 (Signed) · Date: April 28, 2013 12:49 AM · On: Photographs

I just read all ten chapters of your story so far ... And I love it! It has a basis in canon, buy it has been swept off into a very interesting story line. And, I never realized this until now, but it is one of the few stories that I've read where Lindsey isn't portrayed as a bitch. And, it's refreshing. Thank you for sharing your great writing ability!

Author's Response:

Thank you for reading and commenting! I get the sense that there's a lot of Lindsay-hate out there - but I love her, and I really love the friendship she has with Brian. I never thought she was terrible in the show, so I'm just trying to capture the sense of her I got there. I'm really glad you like it so far! 

Thank you again!!! :D

Reviewer: ink (Anonymous) · Date: April 27, 2013 11:59 PM · On: Photographs

What a very lovely story and I love to read the comment as well and here my 2 cent if you please don't mind. What an eye/mind opening for Brian and it's about time.That the only credit I will give Sam. Now Brian need to stop pushing justin and justin need to stop letting him. If justin want to come home, he old enough and man enough to do so even if he had to live with his mother or at the house which is rightfully his given by Brian in a state of law, they just need to be together at this time.  In one of the comment the review mention  that her mother once said "remember that when you have sex with someone, you are having sex with everyone they have ever had sex with, as well. Choose wisely." I also hear that but they use spirits. please more this is good. 

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for reading and commenting! There's still a lot more to happen with the boys...!!! :)

Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Date: April 27, 2013 11:53 PM · On: Photographs

Great chapter, I absolutely love the way you write. It always feels a little strange to come back after reading, everything feels so realistic and believable. Great job!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much!!!!! :)

Reviewer: galenut (Anonymous) · Date: April 27, 2013 11:46 PM · On: Photographs

This was a wonderful chapter.I'm really enjoying this story.

Author's Response:

Thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear it!! :)

Reviewer: NoChaser (Signed) · Date: April 27, 2013 08:53 PM · On: Photographs

Thank you for this chapter, so chock full of examples of Brian's own brand of personal, never-to-be-admitted-to-himself-or-anyone-else, hypocrisy. And thank you for the thoughtful portrayal of the almost begrudging mea culpa moment Brian experienced. It has always bothered me that so few stories explore the selfish (at least in my own view) attitude Brian (and nearly everyone else in theier lives) had toward Justin's forced acceptance of sharing his lover's body with so many others. To insist, as Brian did, that Justin accept his tricking if he wanted Brian in his life - when Brian was well aware of how anathema it was to who the young man was - well, that was the epitome of self-delusion. The mature thing for either of them to do at so many points would have been to walk away from the disastrously unequal, and in many ways abusive relationship. (Thankfully for those of us watching, and now reading, love makes people do some very foolish things.)

Reading this I'm continually reminded of my mother's admonition when I was much, much younger -- remember that when you have sex with someone, you are having sex with everyone they have ever had sex with, as well. Choose wisely. My mother seemed to have known a few Brian Kinney's in her time. ;)

Great job.


Author's Response:

Thank you for the wonderful comment! I desperately want Brian to grow up - but there's got to be a reason, and a valid one at that, for him to slough off all those years of liviing the lifestyle he did...might be that his friendship with Sam is just what it takes for him to prioritize things. As for Justin - it is interesting how much of Brian's crap he put up with, especially in seasons 1 and 2...

And yep - your mother is so right! It's a little scary to think about when you consider how many hundreds of men Brian has likely been with...yowza.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it!!

Reviewer: JAZZEPOET (Signed) · Date: April 27, 2013 06:56 PM · On: Photographs

This was a great chapter. Now that Brian, Lindsay, and Gus are back in the Pitts I have a feeling that things are about to get way more complicated than expected.

Brian finding Justin's make-shift time capsule should be all the proof he needs that Justin was definitely where he felt he needed to be all along. The fact that Brian cryptically told Justin he wanted him to come home speaks volumes as well. Sam finding out he is positive further complicates things between our boys. I don't think it's wise for Brian to keep this bit of information from Justin seeing as how their risk of infection has been greatly increased. The conversation needs to happen before they both get tested again.

I'll be anxiously awaiting the next installment~JP

btw: I absolutely love all the pictures ;)

Author's Response:

Brian always thinks he knows best with regards to everyone elses lives - so we'll see if keeping Sam's HIV status to himself ends up good or bad...

The pictures were a last minute thing - I'm glad you liked them!

Thank you so much for reading and commenting! 

Reviewer: bksbracelet (Signed) · Date: April 27, 2013 05:56 PM · On: Photographs

OMG Brian is certainly stepping up into the responsible adult class but he needs Justin by his side !!!!!

Author's Response:

Yes, Brian is growing up - slightly forced by circumstances but it might be that he's also ready as well!

Thank you for reading!!

Reviewer: IcedCupcake (Signed) · Date: April 27, 2013 02:47 PM · On: Photographs

You have a great talent in making me very emotional.  It seems like every chapter is so charged with feeling that I tear up every time.  And to me its the small things that affect me most; not the accident, not the HIV scare, but Brian moving into Britin without Justin.  That just seems wrong and unfair...Or that shoebox full of memories.  A painul reminder that Justin isn't there, which is wrong.  They should be together.  Not to say the big things aren't emotional too, just that those smaller ones really seem to have an impact on me.  Gaw...The point is, you're doing an amazing job.  <3

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad to hear that any moment or scene is eliciting an emotional response - though I'm also sorry for making you tear up! :)

Thank you again for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it so much!

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