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Reviewer: chenlina (Anonymous) · Date: May 19, 2017 06:47 AM · On: Prologue

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Reviewer: Snow (Anonymous) · Date: July 20, 2012 05:41 AM · On: Epilogue

That was beautiful.

Author's Response:

Thank you snow for reading and reviewing. I apologize for the ridiculous delay in response, I never realized how many reviews I never answered, Yikes. Every reader is very important to me. *Hugs*

Reviewer: lyn (Anonymous) · Date: April 25, 2012 10:18 AM · On: Epilogue

"To borrow a phrase from our friend,



Author's Response:

:) Very happy you enjoyed it. *Hugs*

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 06:51 AM · On: Epilogue

That was without a doubt one of the finest epilogues I've ever read and is the best possible conclusion to this masterpiece.

I truly hope that the future selections for fan fiction classics, and featured stories of the month can hold a candle to this brilliant star of writing. It's a very rare treat to read such an exceptional creation and be moved with all emotions as you weaved your amazing imagination into this story.

I laugh at my own attempts to write compared to your genius.

Thank you very much for sharing this with us on Whispers and giving us your universe to enjoy.

Author's Response:

Hello Bob, I do believe I sent you a message so long ago, thanking you for all of your incredibly lovely comments, but I just wanted to thank you once again. Having had so much trouble with my health, back when I began posting on here I never had much energy to keep up with reviews. I've decided to go back in time a bit and make sure I properly thank each reader, as their support is so crucial. *Bug Hugs* -Mandi

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 06:39 AM · On: Resurrection


Damn girl you had me worried there; your vampire theory is genius - love wins!

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 06:23 AM · On: Fallen

Oh fuck! Boy I didn't see that one coming. My mind is racing how Brian can change this tragedy for good.

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 06:11 AM · On: Reacquainted

Holy Shit raised to the 100th power!

I do hope you end this story on a high note.

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 05:55 AM · On: Reflection

"A vibrato of nervousness struck all chords surging through Brian."

On the violin I'm learning how to perform vibrato without shaking the damn thing. It looks so easy but is so hard to do right. Practice - Practice - and more practice.

I couldn't stop reading now if my house was on fire.

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 05:30 AM · On: Fragments

Invite him in; rip off his clothes and take him to bed ;P


Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 05:10 AM · On: Crescendo

"Drop for drop, crystal and crimson vigorously rained from blue and hazel skies."

You can add my brown skies to this line too.

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 04:59 AM · On: In Dreams

Holy Shit raised to the 10th power!

Damn girl you can write! I'm so into the character descriptions; it's like I truly know these guys and feel their emotions and agony.

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 04:22 AM · On: Conflicted

Well that went better than I expected. I still doubt that Justin ended Ethan. More like Ethan said the name of the man he loved at the moment of death, and Brandon put Ethan's blood on Justin for fun me thinks. Reading on since like crack cocaine; I can't get enough of this story - take me higher!

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 04:07 AM · On: Discord

"......Vampires will never appear on film."

Ethan's killer wasn't on film but what about the photograph of Justin in 1890? Was he still a human then?

Now I'm wondering how will Brian react to seeing Justin at his loft? He'll need Justin's help to stay alive I fear.

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 03:50 AM · On: Absence

Triple Shit!!! What a tangled web you weave. Real life is going to have to wait until this story is finished.

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 03:37 AM · On: Autumn Rose

"Justin learned that there was nothing truer than liars." Every now and then your writing sends shivers of insight down my spine.

Brandon; all we were missing was for an enemy to show up :)

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 03:14 AM · On: Duet

"An arduous cyclone blew through the theater. Strong winds of ecstasy sweeping away all inhibitions. A thick cloud of heavy lust passed overhead, drops of desire rained down."

I love these lines; it's going to get hard to keep finding a way to express how much your writing entertains me.

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 02:55 AM · On: Stars Align

"A creature of the shadows longing for human companionship was unequivocally the proverbial forbidden fruit. Indeed the two men were star gazing in a garden of Eden. Forbidden temptation and hidden sin blossomed around them, whilst vines of complication strangled the room."

'Was it true? Had Justin himself been the composer of the brunet's sad song?'

You remind me of Melville; poetic prose in spiritual action.

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 02:34 AM · On: Symphony

WOW! I totally love this song.

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 02:21 AM · On: Muse

I got news for you; a refurbished Bosendorfer 290 Imperial sells today for about $85,000. The way you describe the sexual tension lurking in their souls is spellbinding to read. Each chapter has grown to hopelessly hook me to this story.

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 01:58 AM · On: Phantoms

Sexual tension that one can slice with a steak knife! LOL

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 01:49 AM · On: His Song

"A human's emotions were intertwined with their blood. Directly affecting one's scent and taste."

That sentence is the stroke of a master writer with unlimited imagination.

I see skill in every sentence you create.

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 01:40 AM · On: Memoriam

The meeting was hot! I love your description of such scenes. I too have a love of music and really enjoy this background sub-theme in the story.

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 01:28 AM · On: Prologue

Due to 7 days in a hospital for kidney failure and a couple of weeks getting over it at home, I got behind in my review comments;  so I'm going to start over from Chapter 1 and once again get lost in your amazing talent with words, plot, structure, and character/scene descriptions.

I strongly feel you could be published if your inner higher self took over completely and you just let it happen. You're that good Mandi.

As any first chapter should, you have opened with a bang and a beginning that demands that the reader keep going.

Besides the fact - Justin can bite me anytime :)

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2011 06:13 AM · On: Prologue

This story is selected to be our Featured Story of the Month on the home page for November.

Reviewer: Bigdogz09 (Signed) · Date: August 15, 2011 01:06 AM · On: Epilogue

I finally got to finish this fic, I started quite awhile ago.  Anyhoo, it is truly lovely, poetic, and romantic.  Loved everything from the concept to how QAF characters were integrated into the plot. 

Well worth the blue ribbon!

All the best!

Author's Response:

Thank you for reading and reviewing. Hope things are well you for you Hon. :)

Reviewer: Cheryl (Anonymous) · Date: April 21, 2011 09:25 PM · On: Epilogue

What a well-written story!  I don't usually do vampire stories but this one really caught my attention.  I wait until the entire story is complete before reading it.  So, once it was finished and sent to my kindle, I started reading it.  I had to stay awake last night just so I could finish the story - it was that good.   You have a way with descriptive writing.  Keep up the excellent writing.

Author's Response:

I apologize for keeping you from sleep, :P Thank you so much for giving my Vampire tale a chance, I'm so glad you enjoyed the story and my writing style. It mean a lot to me, to hear your thoughts as a reader, So thanks again for taking the time to share them. *hugs to you* ~Mandi

Reviewer: Francesca (Anonymous) · Date: April 20, 2011 09:02 AM · On: Epilogue

I just wanted to say tha tthis is the best, most creative and best written fanfiction I've ever read. It was so emotional I could hardly stand it. BREATHTAKING.

Author's Response:

WOW! Are you sure you got the right story? lol :P Seriously, this is such an incredible review. I am pleased to hear you enjoyed it so much. *Gigantic hugs to you* ~Mandi

Reviewer: Kane29 (Anonymous) · Date: April 20, 2011 08:59 AM · On: Epilogue

Amazing! What a beautiful ending to the this perfect story. you are a brilliant author. Thank you.

Author's Response:

Thank you for such nice words, I'm thrilled you enjoyed the ending. Thank you kindly for following this with me till the end. It makes me smile and means the world to me as an author. *smiles & hugs*

Reviewer: BluvsJ (Anonymous) · Date: April 19, 2011 12:34 AM · On: Epilogue

AMAZING, PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL... "Love's Eternal Refrain"..... PRICELESS....  Thank You....

Author's Response:

I'm soooooooo happy that you liked the ending. :) Thank you so much for following this story through with me from the beginning. *gigantic hugs* Mandi

Reviewer: BluvsJ (Anonymous) · Date: April 19, 2011 12:23 AM · On: Resurrection

OMG....that was beautiful.... while they were "dying" their souls merged and couldn't be destroyed.... I always knew you wouldn't kill Justin... lol.. and that the Jennifer's locket would help in some way....  Thanks.... off to read the epilogue....

Author's Response:

I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I couldn't let these two dodge a happy ending now could I. :P *Hugs*

Reviewer: ColorLet23 (Signed) · Date: April 18, 2011 07:10 AM · On: Epilogue

I am sad to see this story end, but very grateful that you shared it with us. From start to finish, I truely enjoyed this storyline. This is definately one of the better stories out there. Thanks you again for being awesome and sharing this Brian/Justin love story :o)

Author's Response:

Aw, thank you for the kind words, you are very welcome. Why write if not to share with others who love these two men as much as I do? :D I'm pleased to hear this is a story you have enjoyed. I have many more stories in my mind that I hope to start whenever I have time. I'm eager to share them all with you. *hugs*

Reviewer: Benny (Anonymous) · Date: April 18, 2011 04:13 AM · On: Epilogue

Just Beautiful. Perfect way to end this oh so romantic tale. The fact that Justin is going to take up painting is a nice touch. I have loved this story from the first word to the last. WELL DONE! Thank you. -Benny

Author's Response:

Benny my dear you always say the nicest things about my writing. If I'm not careful I might start to believe it all. ;p I'm truly grateful for your continued reading and reviewing. I hope to continue to entertain with my future stories. *hugs & smiles* ~Mandi

Reviewer: Benny (Anonymous) · Date: April 18, 2011 04:10 AM · On: Resurrection

What an outstanding twist! I am always in such awe of your poetic way of writing. You're a very rare talent and I hope you are very proud of your work. -Benny

Author's Response:

Gosh, your reviews make me blush a little. Thank you. *Hugs*

Reviewer: sansastark (Signed) · Date: April 18, 2011 01:22 AM · On: Epilogue

absolutely loved it. beautiful, as always your writing is.



Author's Response:

You are more than welcome! I must thank you in return for your loyal reading and reviewing. I'm pleased you loved this story, & hope you will like my future ones as well. *Smiles & hugs* Mandi

Reviewer: kinnetic_bliss (Signed) · Date: April 18, 2011 01:17 AM · On: Epilogue

What a remarkable and beautiful story from start to finish, dear. You have written such incomparable poetic beauty throughout. It has simply been amazing. Thank you for writing this story!! =)

Author's Response:

It's always wonderful to hear from you, I'm happy you liked it from beginning to end. I 'm excited to catch up and finish your own vampire tale with you. *hugs*

Reviewer: Marny (Signed) · Date: April 18, 2011 12:45 AM · On: Resurrection

OMG ... I've no words  ... this is so wonderful written.



* hugs *

Author's Response:

I'm happy you liked this story. A huge thank you for reviewing even without 'words', lol. It always makes me smile to hear your thoughts. *hugs you back*~mandi

Reviewer: Predec2 (Signed) · Date: April 18, 2011 12:21 AM · On: Epilogue

Again, simply beautiful!  You have expressed their devotion and love so succinctly; as lyrical as the most perfect symphony.  THANK YOU for this wonderful story!  I'll be waiting for the next one you create, along with the updates to your detective tale.:)

Author's Response:

You are welcome! Thank YOU for all of your amazing stories! You truly are a wonderful author and I just love everything you write. I've had very little time to work on Kiss me deadly but I'm definitely trying my best. Also, I'm anxious to get started on the story I want to do for summer...gah! Why are there not more hours in the day? :p *Squishy hugs to you my friend* 

Reviewer: Predec2 (Signed) · Date: April 18, 2011 12:18 AM · On: Resurrection

Mandi - I was going to review after reading both chapters, but I thought they each deserved one on their own; this is stunningly beautiful!  Such imagery you always provoke in my mind.  Pure brilliance and mastery.  Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.:)

Reviewer: Robstatic73 (Signed) · Date: April 13, 2011 09:03 PM · On: Fallen

Sheesh what a chapter!! I don't think I can handle waiting too long for you to repair Justin's heart AND MINE! You blow me away with your words and tear me apart with feelings. It sure is worth it though. I love this story's intesnsity.

Author's Response:

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. I apologize for this ridiculous delay in response. I am going back through my stories and making sure I thank each reader for taking their time for me. I value your thoughts. *Hugs*

Reviewer: luisa (Anonymous) · Date: April 12, 2011 03:12 AM · On: Fallen

Stunned, sad, angry, you pick.Just beautiful, amazing job

Author's Response:

I shall pick them all! :) Thank you so much for the sweet review, it makes me smile to know you like my work. *big hugs* ~mandi

Reviewer: Marny (Signed) · Date: April 10, 2011 11:06 PM · On: Fallen

Oh noooo, you're evil. Yoiu must update ASAP ... uuhhh no NOW !!! Grrr, you can't let us waiting ... please.


* hugs *

Author's Response:

*Evil grin*...*regular smile* I can't pull off the evilness lol. hence my writing a 'fairytale ending'. Which will be Coming up in the not to distant future I hope. Hope you'll like it. 

Reviewer: BluvsJ (Anonymous) · Date: April 10, 2011 07:10 PM · On: Fallen

I apologize for slightly over-reacting...LOL... I can't NOT read the last two chapters.... and I trust you to resolve this seemingly impossible situation.... I forgot about his mother's locket!!!!.... maybe it can help in some way..... just a thought....lol.... Thanks...

Author's Response:

No need for apologies :) I'm actually thrilled you're going to continue. I must be doing something right to get readers emotionally invested, it makes me happy to keep writing. I'm so grateful to you for always letting me what you think. Hopefully I will not take too long to mend everything I've broken in the story...lol not least of which Our boys! :p *hugs* Mandi

Reviewer: TrinTiff (Signed) · Date: April 10, 2011 01:55 PM · On: Fallen

ACK!! You stop there? NOOOOOOOO! Justin can't die now! (Well, okay he's already dead but that's beside the point!)  He was supposed to kill Brandon and then either save Brian's life or turn him!  

I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the next chapter!  :-D

Hugs, Cindy

Author's Response:

I'm so excited that you're excited. I'll try to get the next chapter up soon. It's taking a while as I want everything to come together seamlessly...hope you like it. Thanks for taking the time to review. :)

Reviewer: reiselust161 (Signed) · Date: April 10, 2011 01:35 PM · On: Fallen

As I am not able to read and review your story on fanfic at the moment, I just write my due lines here.

OMG, this is so poetical and heartbreaking this chapter, I so like your style to get words n an order one doesn´t even think of. Don´t let us hang too long in the dark what happens next to our favorite couple

Author's Response:

Thank you for hunting me down over here adn letting me know you're thoughts. It always means a great deal to me to hear from you. I'll try not to leave you (or Justin) hanging on too long. *hugs* Mandi

Reviewer: Bigdogz09 (Signed) · Date: April 10, 2011 11:17 AM · On: Fallen

Love this fic.  I was able to catch up to it, finally.  Your writing style is very poetic and romantic in style, just a delight to read.  Looking forward to seeing your next update.

All the best,


Author's Response:

Hello my friend, glad to hear you're catching up and enjoying it. hopefully I'll get the time to catch up on a light shining through the darkness soon. I'm certain I'll just love it. *hugs*

Reviewer: Hotesse (Signed) · Date: April 10, 2011 08:46 AM · On: Fallen

Well well well... the mighty pen beats the sword again. I really look forward to the next chapter of your fine painting with words. With love -ooo-

Author's Response:

Thank you soooo much for the lovely review. You make my heart happy with your kindness about my writing. I really try hard to construct an enjoyable read for you guys. Hopefully the next chapter will not be too far on the horizon. :)

Reviewer: debv3 (Signed) · Date: April 10, 2011 08:15 AM · On: Fallen

Well that was just an evil place to stop!!!! Great build up to the confrontation.  Maybe Ben and Hunter can help somehow? 

Author's Response:

I know I'm sorry! :P I'm so glad you enjoyed the building plot. Now on I go to construct the next chapter. Hopefully I won't make you wait too long. :)

Reviewer: Predec2 (Signed) · Date: April 10, 2011 07:33 AM · On: Fallen

Again, my friend, the images you invoke with your poetry of words astounds me - such emotion-laden sentences that say so much with such little effort.  So glad you are sharing your talent with us!:)

Author's Response:

Sharing is always nice, at least that's what they told me in kindergarten and I had the gold stars to prove it. :) I'm so happy that you like reading my writing as I too very much enjoy yours! *hugs*

Reviewer: GuitarsAndPoetry (Anonymous) · Date: April 10, 2011 07:25 AM · On: Fallen

Hello Mandi! FanFic.net is having some sort of crisis LOL so I was very happy to find that your fic is over here. :)

Oh my goodness, be still my heart! I did not expect that to happen. So intense! Your writing as always is so poetic and emotional. Well, Brandon's dead...but, what about Brian and Justin? I must say this story definitely pulls at my heart strings, and has me filled with anticipation. I know that this will be a happy ending as promised. I'm just anxious to see how this plays out.

'Streaking canvas with his pulse.'-I don't know what it is about this line that I love so much, it's just stunning. :]

Author's Response:

Thank you for coming over here to let me know your thoughts. It's always so nice to hear from you. Does it make me evil that i'm slightly pleased to send you on an emotional rollercoaster? ;p. A happy ending IS coming up as promised. Hope you like it. 

Reviewer: Brittany (Anonymous) · Date: April 10, 2011 07:14 AM · On: Fallen

I usually only comment when a story is finished but...OMG! You're really testing us readers aren't you? LOL This chapter was gut wrenching yet poetic. I'm so glad Brian was able to see of a flicker of Justin's soul. I am trying my best to wrap my head around a solution to this, but I have confidence in you to turn this around positively. I'm hopeful that Justin really isn't dead. ;)

Author's Response:

hello Brittany, thank you so much for taking your time on my words, and sharing your thoughts. *Hugs*

Reviewer: BluvsJ (Anonymous) · Date: April 10, 2011 06:14 AM · On: Fallen

OMG....I don't believe it... Justin  and Brandon are both dead and Brian is the only one alive???  I hope this is not your idea of a happy ending.... I don't see where they could possibly go from here..... I can't read this anymore...  Thanks....

Author's Response:

Oh I do wish you would finish the last two chapters. THIS is in NO way my idea of a happy ending. I do swear to you that I have a very positive end in sight. This chapter was my gut wrenching downfall...a bit of a shock to build up the crescendo of a finale. Which I hope will seem even more happy in comparison to these drastic events. If you are finished reading now, then I thank you kindly for following me this far. Though I sincerely would LOVE you to read the conclusion as I feel you will change your opinion by the end of the next chapter...even more so by the end of the last. Thank you for always letting me know your thoughts and reviewing. *hugs* Mandi

Reviewer: Benny (Anonymous) · Date: April 10, 2011 04:48 AM · On: Fallen

Damn! I honestly did not see Justin getting staked. I thought Brian was going to be turned. Such raw emotions and poetic words in this. It takes a true author to envoke such intense feelings within the reader. If anyone can turn this into a happy ending it's you Dear girl. Please update soon. -Benny

Author's Response:

I was a bit evil with this chapter, I knew I risked giving readers a stroke LOL. I can't thank you enough for your continued faith in me as an author to end this happily. I can only pray that I hold up my end of the deal to your liking. :)

Reviewer: TrinTiff (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2011 03:54 AM · On: Reacquainted

I just started reading this a couple of days ago and I was immediately hooked! I can't wait until the next chapter!  

Hugs, Cindy

Author's Response:

I'm thrilled to learn you've given this story a go! thanks for spending your time on my words. Next chapter coming soon. there are only three left and though it may not seem so with the next update...it IS soing to be a happy ending. I hope you'll continue to enjoy it. *hugs* Mandi

Reviewer: BluvsJ (Anonymous) · Date: April 03, 2011 07:36 AM · On: Reacquainted

OMG....how can you end it there???  Brandon is not going to kill Brian..right???...Please update A.S.A.P..... I can't wait to find out if Justin can save Brian and himself..... Thanks.....

Author's Response:

You're very welcome for the continuation but for the ending...I'm sorry! I have a tendency for cliff hangers :/ I HAVE however already strated the next chapter and I PROMISE you everything IS going to turn out Happy. Please bear with me and i do hope you'll like my endgame. thank you for always taking your time to read and review, it means a lot. :)

Reviewer: luisa (Anonymous) · Date: April 03, 2011 01:17 AM · On: Reacquainted

You did it again, after all this time waiting, and you end this chapter like that, not nice, not nice at all.

I love the story great job.

Author's Response:

*Bows head in ashamed apology* I don't know what it is but my pen's always prone to writing cliff hangers. :P thak you for lettign me know that you're enjoying the story. :)

Reviewer: Marny (Signed) · Date: April 02, 2011 09:42 PM · On: Reacquainted

* waves * I'm still reading. It's so worth waiting for.

Aaggrrr you're evil. You can't stop writing at that point. I need an update ASAP ... pleasse * is begging *.


* hugs *

Author's Response:

Yay! It's so nice to hear from you. I'm happy you've found it worth the wait. Thank you as always for taking the time to tell me your thoughts. :)

Reviewer: Benny (Anonymous) · Date: April 02, 2011 08:09 PM · On: Reacquainted

Welcome back! I was over the moon to see this update!!! As always your writing is very poetic, and unlike any others. Brandon is almost likable if I didn't hate him so much. lol. I have a very strong feeling Brian is going to be turning into a Vampire, am I right? ;) -Benny

Author's Response:

I myself am over the moon to have finally found the time to write! I'm equally as excited that you are loving it so. 'Not so spoilery' spoiler alert...I think you might be right! lol I do hope you like the final outcome. thanks as always for your continued reading and reviews. They make me smile. *hugs* Mandi

Reviewer: 087bue (Anonymous) · Date: April 02, 2011 06:55 PM · On: Reacquainted

how will brian beat brandon

Author's Response:

I hope he does it to your liking. Thank you for reading and reviewing.

Reviewer: Telly27 (Anonymous) · Date: April 02, 2011 10:57 AM · On: Reacquainted

Sooooo worth the wait! Nobldy writes quite like you, it's so incredible. I can't wait for the boys to kill Brandon. That IS what's going to happen right? :wink;

Author's Response:

It makes me very happy that you've waited AND found it worth it. Thank you so much for readign and reviewing. One Brandon cuppupance coming right up. ;) *hugs~Mandi

Reviewer: Predec2 (Signed) · Date: April 02, 2011 08:22 AM · On: Reacquainted

Ah, my friend, I have missed your wonderful writing!  So happy to see the latest chapter up!  I'm not sure why, but every time I read Brandon's part I keep thinking of that hideous old Emperor in the Star Wars movies - they must have been related some how - LOL!  And don't worry about whether it takes you a while to update - I will be always be anxiously awaiting your stories.  They have a wonderful lyrical quality to them that I adore.:)  Can't wait to read the rest of this story or any others you write.:) 

Author's Response:

Its always nice to hear from you. Lol at the Emperor comparison. I wasn't sure about how I was going to rite Brandon at first, He kind of wrote himself. :p 

Reviewer: luisa (Anonymous) · Date: April 01, 2011 01:43 AM · On: Reflection

I really love this story,the way iy is written, you are very good.I want to know how Justin is going to fight his creato,is he going to kept Brian safe? are they going to be able to remain toggether? too many quiestions.Please don't let us hanging here,update soon.

Author's Response:

Thank you very much for supporting my story, Big hugs- Mandi

Reviewer: Highd (Signed) · Date: March 17, 2011 07:41 AM · On: Prologue

I haven't seen an update to this fic in a while and just wanted to say I love it. I can't wait for your next update. Your story is so moving and you write such a beautiful angst filled Brian and Justin.


Author's Response:

THank you for reading and reviewing. I appologize for taking so very long to respond. Back when I started posting on this site I did't realize how to respond. I've decided to go back now and respond to each reader, as you guys are very important. *Hugs*

Reviewer: debv3 (Signed) · Date: March 03, 2011 01:03 AM · On: Reflection

More!!!! Loving vampire Justin, look forward to not only the confrontation with Brandon but also the joining of Brian and Justin. Yay!!

Author's Response:

Thank you for reading and reviewing, I apologize for this ridiculous dealy, I've decided to revisit reviews I've missed, to assure that I have given proper thanks to each reader, as your opinions are very important to me. *Hugs*

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: March 01, 2011 06:24 PM · On: Reflection

The thought of Justin turning Brian was a shocker indeed. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: March 01, 2011 06:10 PM · On: Fragments

Finally I get to catch up on this outstanding vampire saga. Great chapter with more facts ending some miss-understandings.

Reviewer: strawberryfields (Anonymous) · Date: March 01, 2011 12:03 AM · On: Reflection

OH MY WOW! I am blown away by this fic, it's so amazing! The emotions you write are so intense I feel like I'm expeirencing them myself lol. Your writing style is really like nothing I've ever read. Very poetic. I am so caught up in this story, I can hardly stand the wait for the next installment. Smiles!

Author's Response:

Wow, such nice words! I'm ecstatic that you are liking this so much. The compliments on my writing style make me smile, I do try very hard to place each and every word in the perfect place. It's nice to hear that my effort is appreciated. I'm tryign hard to get the next chapter done soon. *Smiles back* 

Reviewer: Marny (Signed) · Date: February 27, 2011 05:07 PM · On: Reflection

OMG I started reading this morning with chapter one and I couldn't stop anymore. I wanted to click for the next chapter, but there isn't one * sniffs * I need more ... please. Need a quick update.

Wonderful story, thanks for writing

* hugs *

Author's Response:

It is so wonderful to hear from you Marny! I'm very glad to have you join me on this journey with our boys. I'm working on the next chapter now. Sorry it takes me a while to update. I promise The second it's done, the next chapter is yours! :) I hope you continue to enjoying the story. *hugs you back* Mandi

Reviewer: Anon (Anonymous) · Date: February 26, 2011 11:09 PM · On: Reflection

OMG that was so sweet! I loved the part about it not being what he is but who. Aww. Anxious to see the Brandon showdown. Great work! :)

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me your thoughts. I'm super happy that you're enjoying this story. *hugs*

Reviewer: Julian (Anonymous) · Date: February 26, 2011 10:58 PM · On: Reflection

Oh I will continue with this story, it's fantastic and you are brilliant.

Author's Response:

It is so nice to hear from you Julian. :) Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review my words. Hoping to get the next chapter finished soon. *hugs* Mandi

Reviewer: Sara (Anonymous) · Date: February 26, 2011 10:48 PM · On: Reflection

Thanks for this lovely, tender moment between the boys. I'm worried now for Justin. Please update soon.

Author's Response:

You're very welcome for the moment. I'm working on the next chapter soon. Thank you my dear for continually reading and reviewing. It means a great big bunches to me. *Smiles & hugs* Mandi

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Author's Response:

Youre welcome for the kiss, the love, and the acceptance. I'm working on the next chapter soon. Sorry, I don't update too quickly it takes me forever to decide where I want to put every word. Thank you for your continued support and comments of this story. *hugs*

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Author's Response:

Thanks for continuing to read and for always letting me know your thoughts. I'm trying so hard to weave these emotions into the story intricatley. I will say your train of thought is riding along the right track. :P Brian kinney, young and beautiful...effortlessly go hand in hand. *hugs* Mandi

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Author's Response:

Thanks for reading and reviewing. There is a showdown on the horizon but justin still has a bit of the upper hand...hope you like it. :)

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Author's Response:

It pleases me to know you are still enjoying the plot. Yes, Brandon's timing is obnoxiously intrusive. :P Ultimately, Justin will still have the upper hand, though, he's not exactly aware of it yet...I do hope you'll like the rest of this story. I also hope I can finish the remianing chapters to leave you fufilled so you won't miss it too badly. Thank you so much for being a loyal reader and reviewer. It makes me smile. *hugs* Mandi

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Aw, thanks so much for the fabulous words. :P I love that you love this, update coming soon. :)

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Thank you from the depths of my pen & my heart for taking the time to let me know your thoughts on my work. I'm happy that you are reading and enjoying. Next update is right around the corner. *hugs & smiles* Mandi

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Thank you for the overly kind review. I'm thrilled you enjoy my work. I write to share it so It's always a good thing when you learn people like it. No worries, Mr. Kinney's about to show his softer side...on the other side of the door. *hugs* Mandi

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Aw thank you so much for such kind words. I'm glad you are so tangled! :)

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Author's Response:

I'm excited to hear that you can picture it like a movie, that means I must be doing something right. I always try so hard with writing imagery with my descriptions. Same with the emotions, each tiny action I have them take is thought out like you wouldn't believe...:P I hope I can continue to make you like it. I have 4-5 more chapters left. Next one coming right up.

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You my dear are more than welcome for the words. Why write, if not to share with wonderful readers? I'm thrilled you are enjoying this.*hugs*

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It means so much that you are such a devoted reader. I'm happy to hear that this story is one of your favorites, I have the rest of it planned for 4-5 more chapters, I only hope that you continue to like it. next chpater coming soon. :)

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Hello Kelly, it's nice to hear from you.It's always a bit like recieving a little gift  to hear from new readers. So happy you like this story. *hugs & smiles* Mandi

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Author's Response:

Thanks again for always spending your time on my words. it means a great deal to me. Justin is definitley not a monster...A softer Brian is right around the corner in the next update. Hope you continue to like this story. *hugs*

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It makes me smile to hear this story is one of your faves. Im hoping to finish it soon.Next update  soon. :)

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Thank you for reading and reviewing. I'm cetainly thrilled you think I'm doing well with this. With so many intense emotions weaved in this plot, I'm really taking extra care in every action and word. Hope you continue to enjoy this. *hugs*

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You are more than very welcome my friend. It is my pleasure to share this story. I'm super happy that you are enjoying this. I'm almost done the next chapter, so hopefully it won't be too long before it's up. *big smiles from me* ~Mandi

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Awww thank you for such an amazing review. All of those adjectives really warm my heart, I'm glad you are reading and liking this. *hugs*

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 Though you may be going haywire, your emotional uproar actually makes me happy. It means i'm doing something right. don't worry, their reconcilliation is right around the corner. :)

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Always great to hear your thoughts, thank you so much for sharing them with me. You are welcome for the tears...I think. Lol :)

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Author's Response:

Thank you! I'm so happy that you're enjoying this story. Yes, my gratitude is truly sincere, I appreciate anyone who gives even a minute of their time to my words. :) *hugs* ~Mandi

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Author's Response:

Thank you sara for your continued reading and reviewing, It mean a lot. More coming soon I promise, working on it right now as I type this. :)

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Author's Response:

I'm sorry you cried... yet I am glad however that the emotions I'm trying to convey are actually coming through the words. I do hope you continue to enjoy this. I'm working on the next chapter now. :) *hugs back* ~Mandi

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Thank you again for your contniued reading and reviewing. It elates me to know that you are into this story. We'll hear a bit about Brandon and see Ben in the next chapter. I'm working on it now, so hopefully it will be up soon. *hugs*

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Thank you Kylie for taking your time on my story, it makes me smile. I'm very happy to hear that you are enjoying this. *hugs & smiles* Mandi

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Author's Response:

Yes, Brian is definitely at a crossroads. We will learn a little about what Brandon's been up too in the next chapter. The boys need to get back to the same side before Brandon shows up. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. *hugs* ~Mandi

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Author's Response:

I'm so happy that you've decided to give my story a go.I apppreciate each second you take to read my words. Yes, this plot is definately overflowing a little with 'brood', lol. I can't thank you enough for your kind words. I do hope you will contnue to go on this journey with me and our boys. *hugs & smiles* ~Mandi

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I thank you from the bottom of my author's heart for peeking out from behind the woodwork just this once. :) I appreciate your appreciation immensely. *hugs & smiles* Mandi

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Author's Response:

Thank you Benny, once again for your truly inspiring words. I usually try not to get discouraged, but after awhile I can't help but wonder (and become slightly paranoid) that readers are not liking where I've taken the story. It'sa just extremely relieving sometimes to actually hear from readers. Again I thank you for being one of them! *hugs*

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Author's Response:

Thank you for such kind praise of my writing. It's also always a delightful bonus when 'fucking' is included in the adjectives to describe my stories...it makes me happy. :P thank you so much for continuing to see this story through with me. 

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Author's Response:

Thank you Kylie sooo much for reading my work and your nice reviews. It gives my time spent on it a sense of purpose to know that you are enjoying it. Trust me, I am a hopless romantic and sucker for happy endings. I only hope that you like where I continue to take the boys. :) *hugs* Mandi 

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Author's Response:

I'm sorry for the cliffhanger! I will update shortly, I promise. Thank you so much for taking the time to review, I appreciate feedback as an author more than you could ever imagine. *Hugs* Mandi :)

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Author's Response:

I'm so happy to see that you've found the time to continue my story again. I do hope you continue the boys journey with me, and like where it leads. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review. *Wide smiles & silly hugs* Mandi :)

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Author's Response:

It pleases me to continually blow your mind :P Net chapter coming soon I promise. Thank you for loyality in following my stories and your sweet reviews, it means sooo much. *Sends you super tight hugs* :)

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Author's Response:

Hi! I'm so excited to see that you have picked back up into reading this story. It makes me smile. I thank you from the bottom of my writer heart for reviewing. There are still several emotional steps ahead for the boys. I'm glad that you are liking this story. I do hope you continue to do so. Update coming soon. :)

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Author's Response:

Wow, thank you. *Hugs*

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Author's Response:

I hope I can make it lighter by the end.;)

Reviewer: Susan (Anonymous) · Date: February 02, 2011 12:33 PM · On: Duet

Speechless! Just Beautiful! :)

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Author's Response:

I am very excited that I was able to get you so emotionally invested. ;) Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Author's Response:

Brilliant? Wow, I'll take it! :P Thank you so much for spending your time on  my words and for going the extra mile to leave me your thoughts. Nothing means more to me than to hear from readers. *hugs*Mandi

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Author's Response:

Thank you for supporting my story with your kind review. *hugs*

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Author's Response:

I always appreciate your kind words. Thank you.

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Author's Response:

Wow, thank you for such an amazingly kind review, it means a lot. *Hugs*

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Goodness me, this isn't going to go well....I hope Brian gives Justin time to talk before completely pushing him away. Your writing is so engaging I find myself hurriedly checking for your update! This fic is amazing.

Author's Response:

I am incredibly pleased to hear that you are liking this. I send my kindest thank you to you for taking the time to review.Yes, everything is about to get messy for the boys. I do hope you continue with me and like where I take them. *hugs* :)

Reviewer: ColorLet23 (Signed) · Date: January 30, 2011 06:05 AM · On: Discord

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Author's Response:

My sincerest thanks for taking the time to review. It makes my heart happy that this story is one of your favorites. <3 I will give you the warning hint that the angst has only just begun. It will get worse before it gets better, though rest assured the 'Better' WILL come. :) I'm a bleeding heart romantic and our boys belong together, always and forever and ever and ever and ever. *hugs & smiles* Mandi

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Author's Response:

Thank you so much Benny for your continued support of my writing. I truly appreciate you for always taking the time to review. Your kind words give my stories a sense of purpose to know that someone is enjoying them. I'm trying hard to give these characters real emotions. I hope you continue to follow them on their journey. :) *hugs & smiles* Mandi

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Very happy to see you back with this FREAKING INCREDIBLE fic. Seriously girl, it just made my day. Please keep the updates coming. 

Author's Response:

I myself am very happy that you are happy. :) I hope to keep the updates flowing quickly & that you continue to enjoy it. <3

Reviewer: Kane29 (Anonymous) · Date: January 28, 2011 06:59 AM · On: Absence

Yay you've returned,I was getting anxious. WOW the more this tale unfolds the more I bite my nails, my mind is a mess just thinking about all of the different emotions the boys are about to face.

Author's Response:

My sincerest apologies for the anxiety. :P I'm back into the flow of things and hope to get this story out soon. I thank you kindly for you taking the time to read and review. :)

Reviewer: elsieboo (Anonymous) · Date: January 28, 2011 04:12 AM · On: Prologue

OMG This story is back!! I'm moments away from doing a happy dance. You certainly know how to keep me guessing and always coming back for more. Such a wonderful story you are telling here, I can't wait for more.

Author's Response:

I myself may join you in your happy dance. I'm glad to finally be back into writing this story. Thank you for continuing to follow our boys through their emotional journey. *hugs* Mandi

Reviewer: Benny (Anonymous) · Date: January 27, 2011 06:50 PM · On: Absence

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Author's Response:

Your incredible compliments of my writing always make me blush. Though I thank you endlessly for them allllll! :)

Reviewer: Susan (Anonymous) · Date: December 20, 2010 02:47 PM · On: Phantoms

I hope this ends well!  Will have to continue reading tomorrow! :)

Author's Response:

I am always a sucker for a happy ending, no worries. ;)

Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Date: December 20, 2010 02:37 PM · On: His Song

Love this,  "The remaining time, Justin had spent listening to him. Not to his words, but to his song. The melody one's heart makes as their blood courses through it. The rushing symphony that plays through their veins. Everyone's song is different."

Very interesting! Really home Brandon/Brendon is GONE! :)

Author's Response:

Glad you're enjoying it, thank you for sharing your thougths.

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