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Reviewer: Brittany (Anonymous) · Date: June 28, 2010 12:43 PM · On: Chapter 35

BAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH! Ted just got served xP That last bit just made my night. Good work! (:

I'm concerned for Gus now though. HOW COULD TED TELL THEM ABOUT GUS? FUCK SAKES!

Oh, and Cynthia's story was just touching <3

Author's Response:

It's always lovely to see that a reader enjoys what is happening in a story, so thanks so much for your support and your enthusiasm.  Hope you will continue to enjoy and approve.


Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Date: June 19, 2010 02:14 AM · On: Chapter 35

I just want to let you know that I am totally in love with this story, but now that they have added all these large graphics to the home page and in the archive list, I have a hard time getting up here.  I have a dial up modem, and it takes forever to load all the images, then half the time it just freezes. 

Do you post this anywhere else where there are no graphics? I would love to continue reading it.  It's just very frustrating waiting for the pages to load. 

Thank you.


I limited the size of the banners so your loading time is shorter. I also made the 'Stories Updated in the Last 12 Days' the first page you log on to. Sorry for the problems Trisha. We don't want to lose any readers. Thank you for raising your problems as I'm sure more have the same situation.

I don't know we have a problem unless people tell me. I also greatly reduced the size of the Home Page from over 12MB down to less than 4MB today.




Author's Response:

Thank you so much for your support, Trisha.  I'm delighted that you're enjoying it, and I'm sorry that you're having problems.  But I do have to confess that I love the graphics Bob has provided, since I'm a complete imbecile about such things.

And a huge thank you to Bob for stepping in and finding a solution to the problem while preserving the lovely gift of the illustration.


Reviewer: Dominino (Anonymous) · Date: June 19, 2010 02:13 AM · On: Chapter 35

I get a real, gut-deep feeling of satisfaction whenever nasty characters get their just desserts.  Can't wait for more. Hope you're busy writing away.

Author's Response:

Yes, I know exactly what you mean.  And there are more just desserts to come.  Thanks for your encouragement.


Reviewer: firefly (Anonymous) · Date: June 19, 2010 02:08 AM · On: Chapter 35

Really excellent chapter.  So glad Brian is finally letting them know the score.  I love this story!!

Author's Response:

Thanks, Hon.  It's one of the nicest facets of writing B/J - letting Brian speak for himself, because - in the truest sense - nobody does it better, which reminds me of a scene I need to write, before I lose the inspirations.  So glad you're enjoying.


Reviewer: Jizabel (Anonymous) · Date: June 15, 2010 11:09 PM · On: Chapter 35

Wow!!!! I have heard from so many places how amazing this story is but I have decided to start reading it when it is finished. However, I was so curious that I could not wait. And now I cannot stop reading.The BEST STORY EVER!!!! You have such a talent and your Brian is simply amazing...........You are not only true to the character , you have made him even more likable(if that is even possible) . And Emmett and Cyntia........ wow, you have given them such depth. The new characters are also so very well written and you have made me sympathize with them immediately. I am totally addicted to this story and the reunion was fantastic!!!!!!!!!! I have definitely become fan of your writting and please, please don't make us wait long.

Author's Response:

Well, hello there, and welcome to the journey.  I know what you mean about preferring to wait until stories are done.  Only, with me, that could take a very long time, since everyone will tell you that I never know when to shut up.  I hope you continue to enjoy, and will do my best to continue to get chapters out as frequently as possible.  Thanks for joining in.


Reviewer: kcurtsinger (Anonymous) · Date: June 15, 2010 11:24 AM · On: Chapter 35

Oh I can't wait to see what Brian does with Ted!  My heart goes out to Chris, I can't help it-he's such a good guy.

Brian and Justin finally back where they should be. So sad Justin has to hear about his piece of shit father but better the truth be known. I could ramble on and on-this is one of my favorite fics to read. Update soon I hope!

Author's Response:

Yes, the rough times are not done yet, but I figure that they can stand almost anything as long as they're together.  Although please don;'t assume that all the problems are done, because they're not, but, on the other hand, would it really be Brian/Justin if everything ran smooth?  Still, I hope it continues to please and interest you.


Reviewer: DavidR (Anonymous) · Date: June 15, 2010 09:43 AM · On: Chapter 35

First, let me say that I am a Ranger fan.  As such, I certainly know who Mario is.  I like the idea of  using a RL character.  It just added  a little something extra to the story.


This was another wonderful chapter.  I will try to write something more this time besides “wow”! But I must do one “wow”.  “WOW”!


I did think that in the previous chapter, when they were explaining to Emmett what Ted was doing, that they were way too kind.  At this point, I would like Brian to “kick Ted’s ass to the curb”.  It willbe interesting to see how Ted tries to explain himself.  My advice to Ted is to simply apologize, apologize and then apologize some more.  It also will be interesting to see what happens to that $240,000.00.  What happens if Mel. loses her $40,000.00?  This is not my story, but I do hope that  Brian being Brian, does not cover any loss of their $240.000.  I want them to suffer the consequences of their actions.


Poor Chris.  Then again, he knew or should have known Justin’s place in Brian’s heart.  He is a wonderful character, and as he said, he was happy to have had, at least for a short time, a huge part of Brian affections.


That Cynthia / Brian / Katy story was terrific.  And yes, no way should anyone doubt her loyalty.


What the hell was Jennifer doing there?  That was so wrong.  Justin should call her and let her know.


Brian listening in and then they hear his voice at the end.  Sorry but that deserves another “Wow”!  Simply amazing.


I don’t know how Brian should let Justin know that  Craig is one of the group that did that to him.  My guess is to let him read, in privacy, an FBI report detailing Craig’s involvement. Brian will then have to go to Justin and pick up the emotional pieces.  Also what is confusing is, didn’t that group threaten Justin?  Right?  Was that ok with Craig?  Geeeez.


This is simply a great great great story. 


Thanks again,



I couldn't have said it better myself. WOW!




Author's Response:

OK, I confess.  I'm getting addicted to your "Wows!  And I'm truly delighted that you find it interesting and believable and compelling.  I truly hope I can continue to inspire and entertain, and I am so very grateful - to the both of you.


Reviewer: Suse (Anonymous) · Date: June 15, 2010 07:38 AM · On: Chapter 35

lol it's been a long day, just realized I didn't give my name on my review. It shows as Anonymous. I also forgot to give a rating so will do that now.

Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Date: June 15, 2010 07:08 AM · On: Chapter 35

"Shut - the - fuck -up!"  Oh boy how I wanted somebody to say that to Ted so many times.

 "Don't you ever - ever - question my loyalty to Brian Kinney. Are we clear on that?"
Loved the background information on Cynthia.

"Do you love me?" "More than my life."  My heart was melting!!


You are without question one of the best fanfic writers I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Thank You!





Author's Response:

I'm blushing here, but have to confess that I've seldom received a nicer comment.  And I always love when readers quote their favorite parts; it helps me figure out when I'm getting it right.  Thanks so much for your support and encouragement.


Reviewer: galenut (Anonymous) · Date: June 15, 2010 06:47 AM · On: Chapter 35

great chapter keep up the good work

Author's Response:

Doing my best, Hon, and good to see you here.  And I adore the pix you post on IHJ; Very, very inspiring - not to mention majorly hot. :-)


Reviewer: deb (Anonymous) · Date: June 15, 2010 02:39 AM · On: Chapter 35

i read a lot of fanfiction [ B&J ] and your story hasto be one of the best i have ever read. not only is it a great story but the characters are so real and well written. i applaud your talent and all those who may help you.  thanks for a wonderful read!!

Author's Response:

What a perfectly lovely compliment - the kind that every author longs to receive.  I'm so glad that the characters are vivid and real to you, and hope you continue to enjoy the journey.


Reviewer: Jasmine (Signed) · Date: June 15, 2010 12:04 AM · On: Chapter 35

That was some appetizer! What a great chapter... and the meeting to end all mettings! I love that you had idiot Ted slinking out like the snake that he is...Ted and Mel deserve whatever they get for their foolishness and greed! I can't wait for the update...such a well written story filled with intrigue and romance!!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for such lovely comments, and every author loves it when he or she succeeds in getting readers to share her feelings about certain characters.  As for Ted and Mel, their just desserts are on the way, and I hope you guys like how it works out.


Reviewer: bksbracelet (Signed) · Date: June 14, 2010 03:58 PM · On: Chapter 35

Thank you Cyn for giving us the reunion and for Brian to recognise his need of Justin. I had a momentary pang for McClaren but is was gone just as quick because Brian is stronger with Justin and McClaren will do a better job with his eye on all of Brian not just his cock!

Really interesting back story to the Brian/Cynthia dynamic and I can just see all of it. Yeah dam right Jen you should look sheepish what the hell are you doing with the family chorus. Justin is going to have a hard enough time with one betraying parent he needs you on his side otherwise Brian is going to have a strong word with you!!.

Woohoo masterstroke having Brian's voice, not as Brian said the blonde bombshell Cynthia needed his back up but it it sure shut the fuck up the chorus.

Now missy back to keyboard and bang out the next chapter your fans await :)Chris 

Author's Response:

Banging away even as we speak, Hon.  And I agree about McClaren;l he IS a good guy, and he was definitely what Brian needed at that moment in time.  But ultimately, there is only the One True Pairing, right? Thanks so much for your lovely support and encouragement, and I hope you continue to enjoy.


Reviewer: Gina Marie (Signed) · Date: June 14, 2010 09:32 AM · On: Chapter 35

I so love this chapter!  It's all coming together now!  Ted will get his, (God I hate him) And I can't wait until Mel gets hers as well!  Justin is going to be hurt when he finds out his father is involved in the attack on Brian. 

Love their reunion, and I love the way you are handling Chris' reaction to it all. Another great update Cyn!

Author's Response:

Thanks, Friend, and I'm glad you're enjoying the journey.  And I hope you will be pleased with the comeuppance that awaits our sneaky little slimeballs.  Hope you continue to enjoy.


Reviewer: debv3 (Signed) · Date: June 14, 2010 09:00 AM · On: Chapter 35

All I can say is "Whoa" go Cynthia and "Boo" Teddy and Mel.  Although it will be painful for Brian and Justin I can't wait to see what the "file" holds.  Can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response:

So glad you're pleased, and I hope you will continue to be so.  And yes, the 'file' IS going to be a painful experience, for both of them, but we still have a little way to go before we get there.  Hope you stick around for the process.


Reviewer: TrinTiff (Signed) · Date: June 14, 2010 08:48 AM · On: Chapter 35

BRAVO!! Excellent! Wonderful! Splendid! What a satisfying chapter all the way around!! From Brian's declaration of undying love to Justin, to Justin feeling jealousy, to Chris trying to accept that it's over between him and Brian, to Justin allowing Chris to kiss Brian, to "The Meeting" and Cynthia's story, and finally to Brian's conference call ... it was absolutely amazing!!  At the end when Ted was skulking out, I wanted to stand up and cheer!!  :-D

Hugs, hugs, hugs!


Author's Response:

Thanks, Hon.  I hope you'll still feel like cheering with the next installment, because this little debacle is not over yet.


Reviewer: Anno53 (Anonymous) · Date: June 14, 2010 05:44 AM · On: Chapter 35

Wow! So much going on this chapter! My favorite parts were Chris trying to come to terms with Justin and Cynthia's recitation on how far back her loyalty goes with Brian.

Ted is in deep shit! Great chapter, Cyn!

Author's Response:

Thansk so much for your interest, and yes, Ted has only just begun to understand the mess he's in.


Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: June 14, 2010 05:24 AM · On: Chapter 35


Author's Response:

I'm just enough of a ham to adore this comment; it always makes me smile.  And BTW, Hon, being a complete dweeb in cyber=lore, I don't know if you're the one who's responsible for the drop-dead gorgous phtos that are now showup up atop by story, but, if you are, I canNOT tell you how thrilled I am, and how much I LOVE going there and just sitting and gazing at those beautiful faces.  Has there EVER been a more inspiring couple?  I don't think so, so you have my complete, utter, abject gratitude.  What a lovely reason to go on exploring their lives!


Guilty; only and admin can get into your story panel. If you get a better banner by all means change it. I did try to make your amazing story well shown. I love that photo too and I could not be more taken by Brian and Justin's story.


Reviewer: Jenn (Anonymous) · Date: June 14, 2010 04:17 AM · On: Chapter 35

I haven't commented in so long!  But I've been lurking and reading and whatnot.  I'm soooo glad that I've kept doing that after Brian got hurt.  Cause this fic is getting better and better!

Love that Justin is there.  Feel a lil sorry for Chris...I hope he finds his own 'Brian' 

But really why I wanted to comment was - while Ted was reading his list of crap and stuff...I kept thinking 'It would be totally awesome if Cynthia had Brian on speaker phone...'  And she did!  And that was awesome!  And..well I can't wait for the next chapter.

Again...so glad I didn't stop reading!

Author's Response:

Thanks so much for hanging in there, and ye, I do know that reading about what those bastards did to Brian was really difficult.  I do hope that I've made up for it in some ways.  Hope you continue to enjoy.


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