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Reviews For Timeless
Reviewer: coleamber (Signed) · Date: August 14, 2018 08:05 PM · On: Chapter 19

I do not feel sorry for Justin, the selfish little Brick

Reviewer: vic32 (Signed) · Date: April 04, 2017 09:25 PM · On: Chapter 19

My heart is broken.

Reviewer: SR (Anonymous) · Date: October 10, 2011 12:12 PM · On: Chapter 19

This made me cry. Brian can't give up on Justin.

Reviewer: JTSecrets (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2010 05:17 AM · On: Chapter 19

Where is Justin's bodyguard?

Reviewer: anwamane13 (Signed) · Date: December 10, 2009 10:33 AM · On: Chapter 19

OMG, what an AWESOME update!

Everything Emmett said to Justin was SO RIGHT! I don't doubt Justin's love for Brian, but it's easy to understand why Brian always doubted. Justin kept leaving and for a man like Brian, who thinks he doesn't deserve to be loved, this is almost as saying "I don't love you that much."

I'm glad Justin realized what his actions caused.

On the other hand, I'm afraid of Emmett being right about Brian FOR REAL. We know that Chris will be Brian's "boyfriend"...but what if Brian really gave up on Justin? What if, BEFORE the torture he endured, Brian had ALREADY given up? Because all his actions in the beggining of the story were of someone who didn't have hope anymore (hope in his and Justin's relationship)...What if he's really "gone", like Emmett said?

Oh! And thank you for making Brian's "friends" realize what a bunch of *** they always were to Brian!

Once more, you managed to write an amazing chapter. Brian's reaction to his own face was perfect, just like I thought it would be. He's so in character that I can picture the scenes happening (altough I CAN'T imagine Brian's face not being perfect).

I'm completelly addicted to this fic! I hope tour inspiraton to write never leaves you, LOL!

Thanks for another chapter.   :)


Reviewer: sfscarlet (Signed) · Date: December 10, 2009 09:26 AM · On: Chapter 19

oh so painful to read that Justin is finally realizing that all that exploring may cost him the man he loves.  Brian's beard is a scary thought-  the electricity between them is frightening and I hope that Justin do something drastic when he sees Brian with him.

Reviewer: Donna (Anonymous) · Date: December 09, 2009 07:49 PM · On: Chapter 19

This story is so fabulous. I jump for joy each time I get an update in my inbox, even though I know that it's going to break my heart.

Justin just needs to be persistent. He needs to stay put finally and continue loving Brian.

Reviewer: meme (Anonymous) · Date: December 09, 2009 07:08 AM · On: Chapter 19

Damm and here I thought this story play hard ball. It’s just another of hundreds of b/j pussy story that are the same I'm glad there’s still one writer that is very create on this site.

Reviewer: FEROZA (Anonymous) · Date: December 08, 2009 05:08 PM · On: Chapter 19

I love the angst and the drama of this chapter and it is absolutely true that when the going gets tough, Justin bails...

really sad!


Reviewer: Pastrychef4 (Anonymous) · Date: December 08, 2009 09:46 AM · On: Chapter 19

This chapter was BRILLIANT!!!  Loved it, as usual, Cyn!  It's about time Justin was forced to realize that while he was living his life, things with Brian were bound to change.  He needed that dose of reality, and if he does indeed love Brian as much as he professes, then it is time to man up and prove it.

I adore your original characters - can't wait to see Rick Turnage in action.  I am looking forward to learning more about the bad blood between Rick and my favorite, Matt Keller.  Matt is wonderful - always fiercely protective and loyal.  I also love Cynthia and Emmett.  They see the real Brian, and although Em was late to the party, he is making up for it by trying to enlighten the gang.  Michael continues to be a wimp, again neglecting to defend Brian from the pettiness Ted and Mel can't wait to display at every opportunity.

Well done, Cyn!  Wish there could be another update tomorrow, but I won't be greedy - I will take what I can get, LOL! 


Reviewer: Jaime27 (Signed) · Date: December 08, 2009 06:22 AM · On: Chapter 19

I would just like to say that I love this story! I found it recced over at LJ, and I began reading it a few hours ago, under the impression that it was finished.... I was very sad to see that it wasn't. But now I have another WIP to follow, which is kind of cool (just in time for the holidays!) Anyway, awesome story, and I love how real you make the characters (I love your Emmett!) I can't wait until the next chapter!! ~Jaime

Reviewer: Gina Marie (Signed) · Date: December 07, 2009 10:14 PM · On: Chapter 19

Indeed.  What has Justin done.  Glad to see it's finally hitting him.  Well, this will be a test of his love. I believe he will accept this Chris character as Brian's new boyfriend, but, if he really loves Brian, he'll fight for his man.  Which I think will be a 'real' fight. Did I imagine that, or was that 'real' attraction between Brian and Chris?  Brian thought him the most beautiful man he ever saw....hmmm....I thought Justin was the 'most beautiful' man he ever saw.  Some real drama coming up I see. LOVE IT!

Ted continues to disaapoint me.  As do the others, but none more than Ted.  Emmett is right.  Brian is not longer the same man.  He's different, and they are going to feel that 'difference' in the days to come.  I think even Brian doesn't realize how differernt he is now. He's 'rediscovering' himself. And I hope in the process, discovers he's a lot stronger the he believed.   Not that he wasn't strong before, he was, but he possessed a strenght he needed to cover up his many insecurities.  He never felt worthy of love, or had any sense of self value. He did see his looks as his 'one' redeeming quality in life.  His brashness, stubborness, and ruthlessness was born out of survival.  We tend to do that, built up defenses, strong ones, to hide our insecurities.  To survive past abuse, and Brian was subject to much past abuse.

However  Brian now is going to realize he has a deeper strenght.  One that's going to break through his insecurities and make him face the man he really is.   He wont' be able to hide from himself anymore.  I don't know if I'm making sence, but I do believe Brian not only hid who he was from his family, but also from himself.  Being 'strong' was a fascade he played well.  His 'mask'.  He can survive anything, and he did.  But now comes the 'true' measure of his strenght and I think he's going to surprise even himself.   He's not just a pretty face with a lot of money and drive.  Those things he strove for, worked for, because he believed they were tools to his strenght are going to pale in comparison to the true strenght he'll find within.   Brian Kinney....meet Brian Kinney...  Ok, I hope I made some semblence of sense in that whole mumble jumble.

Happy for Emmett and Drew!  I see a new direction being taken in B/J's relationship. It cannot be the same as it was.  Nor should it be. That relationshp, as we witnessed, was fraught with flaws. But a new relationship might emerge. One where the new Brian Kinney and the new Justin Taylor (I believe certain revelations wll change Justin as well) will be explored.   I do hope Justin gracefully accepts Chris as Brian's boyfriend.  That would throw Brian off balance.  Brian needs to see  Justin has changed too.   Like Emmett said, he is tired of just waiting around for Justin to leave.   If Justin accepts Chris, yet still pushes forward, I think Brian will start to see him in a new light.  But if Justin acts like Justin, queens out, gets hurt, leaves, whatever, it won't do much for his cause.

Great update. My only complaint is that you are not writing and posting every day!  lol.  What's this RL bullshit? lol   Seriously, I'm very grateful for  the weekly updates, and always eager to read this story. It never disappoints!


Reviewer: southernlil (Anonymous) · Date: December 07, 2009 09:29 PM · On: Chapter 19

Your story is my crack, lol.    I check constantly to see if there is an update.

Oh, man, so many facets of this story.  Once again love your original characters.  I would be worried about Brian's ability to cope but your Brian is going to be ok in the end- and stronger I think.  Love the steely core and resolve you've given him, also the glimpses of his vunerablility. 

The whole Justin leaving when something better came along only to scurry back to Brian always bothered me. This current situation- would Justin be there for Brian only to run away when some new shiny toy appeared?  Don't think Brian could handle that again.  J's definitely got some soul searching to do.   One could draw a parallel between them and Drew/Emmett...- going out to sample the menu, only to find the original fare you chose was the right one.  I wish it could be as simple as Drew/Emmett but I don't think it will be.

More please.  Oh, it will be good to be the fly on the wall that is privy to Brians meeting with  Dr McMasterpiece.  I'm also really digging the FBI dude. 

Reviewer: templeton_ma (Anonymous) · Date: December 07, 2009 08:25 PM · On: Chapter 19

You surprised me again and again in this chapter. Brian is even deeper than I thought with what he said to Drew.

And listening to Emmett talking to Justin... I couldn't be more shocked when I read "he's just... gone". It is so brutally true. And during the whole speech, I kept thinking about how you wrote Brian in every single earlier chapters, especially in his alone moments. It is so clearly now what you had been paving all along. Amazing. It feels like Emmett wasn't just talking to Justin. But he was talking to us, your readers. I felt like I was slapped on the face too, just like Justin.

Brian's change makes perfect sense. And it showed that when he finally saw the damage on his face. The only way he can rise again is to be reborn like a phoenix.  The only question to us all (characters in your story and us readers) is whether we will still be allowed into the world of the new Brian.

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