Midnight Whispers
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Bella has Dissociative identity disorder / Multiple personalities. She Moves to Forks Washington to live with her father, to get away from all the abuse she has endured over years living with her mother. On her journey of discovering herself and the others who live within her, she meets the loves of her life. An Empathic vampire and a volatile shapeshifting wolf. Bella/ Jasper/ Paul

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Embraced by Bob Rated: NC-18 [Reviews - 716]
Summary: Feature

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 A freezing cold night - A beautiful blond - His life forever changed

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A Doctors Heart by SlashyMcGee Rated: PARENTAL GUIDANCE -13 [Reviews - 2]

Dr. Carlisle Cullen (29) finds a sad, lonely boy in his waiting room, Edward (18) is a broken boy who has suffered abuse from his wicked step-father. Carlisle makes it a point to bring a smile back on Edwards face, but he happens to fall for the boy along the way, but really, would that be such a bad thing for Edward, to finally know that not all older men are abusive and mean.

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