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Reality Bytes by Ashita Rated: R [Reviews - 12]


Justin didn't think that this day could get any worse; and then Pipp (Lindsay) walked in with her entourage and proved him wrong. But at least there was eye candy to ogle. Alternate Universe - Coffee Shop. 

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Liberty by BethAlex Rated: NC-18 [Reviews - 129]

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A new friend (thanks, Giotto!) pointed out that there are still people interested in Queer as Folk. I have 600 pages of this story typed up, the rest is still a manuscript - as in, handwritten. Actual pen, actual paper. The story itself is finished, it just needs typing and proof-reading. I think I'll have about 1,000 pages when I'm done.

I recently lost a lot of stuff due to a computer crash; so I decided to finally put this here, where it will hopefully be safe for a while. (I once did have the whole thing typed up. I'll do it one more time, but I really don't want to do that again after that!)

So. This story is my take on what happens when Justin returns from New York. Some places in Pittsburgh are my invention, others actually do exist, or rather, they existed at the time I wrote this. I used a lot of the characters we saw in the series, and I created a few more.

I'm not giving any warnings - if you watched QaF, you know what to expect. (I don't write explicit f/f, or f/m - the explicit m/m scenes all have Brian in them.) Hope you enjoy!

Banner by Janet - so beautiful, thank you!

Categories: QAF-U.S. FICTION, Brian/Justin, Brian/Other-Relationship, Other Gay/Lesbian Pairings Characters: Brian, Carl, Debbie, Emmett, Gus, Hunter, Jennifer Taylor, Jenny Rebecca, Justin, Lindsay, Melanie, Michael, Molly Taylor, Original Character(s), Ted, Tucker
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