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I was born in 1994, in case you want to ask how old I am.

I love QAF, Britin and I am especially interested in Gale and Randy.

I'm learning German and English is not my mothertongue. I also want to improve my English by writing fanfic. Hope that you will enjoy my fanfic, forgive my bad skills and help me correct my gramma and spelling.

And if anyone wants to help me with my fanfics, be my beta-reader, please contact me : blaues_universum@yahoo.com

Thanks so much !

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Brian is the eldest son of a powerful family. He met Justin, a poor boy in one of his missions. He wanted to kill Justin, but the boy's innocence and poverty stopped him. He pitied the small boy, or was there anything else that made him take the boy home ? 

QAF's characters are not mine. This fanfic is not for financial purpose, so I won't get any financial benefit.

Beta-reader : Ptitprof

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[Report This] Published: June 13, 2010 Updated: June 14, 2010