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I'm a registered nurse who has dreamed of being a writer most of my life.  I wrote stories as young as 8 or 9 years old using my friends as characters and I'd make them sign a "release form" so they couldn't sue me.  LOL!

I'm was a HUGE LuRe fan and was saddened when As The World Turns went off the air.  I don't remember how I found fanfiction but have enjoyed hundreds of stories, reading some over and over and over again, by some fantastic writers.

I'm starting out slow but hope to someday grow my story count with, not only more LuRe fics but some Brian and Justin as well

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Summary (to the point): Luke is in an abusive relationship… Reid saves him.
Summary (elaborate): After two years of a 'nearly perfect' relationship with one of Oakdale's finest men in blue, Luke finds himself on the receiving end, much to his shock and dismay, of domestic violence. The first incident sends him to the ER where it is determined surgery is needed to address his injuries. Enter Dr. Reid Oliver who is brought in as a consult to rule out any significant head injury, thus making it safe for Luke to undergo anesthesia. It is their first meeting and there is an immediate attraction which they both silently acknowledge then file the information away for later. Reid has his own history of being involved with a man who thought they carried all the power in the relationship...a relationship that left Reid with permanent physical injuries. Now, he finds himself drawn to Luke and his situation. Luke stays with the boyfriend...out of fear...out of denial...out of a sense that he's protecting those he loves. He does everything he can to keep his man happy but, now that the devil has been released in this man, there is no going back. Things escalate resulting in the death of a long time Oakdale resident. It is this death that ultimately leads to a resolution in which two men embark on a journey in which they find family, they find love, they find healing and they find peace.

Categories: AS THE WORLD TURNS, Luke/Reid, Luke/Other, Domestic Violence, Language/Verbal Abuse, Minor Character Death, Drama, Rape, Violence Characters: Holden Snyder, Lily Walsh, Luke Snyder, Margo Hughes, Original Character(s), Reid Oliver
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[Report This] Published: April 19, 2017 Updated: April 20, 2017