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Started writing so many years ago with numerous shows, then moved on to QaF.  Stopped writing for many years and now I'm back trying my hand at the MCU.

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Stories by Acacia_Mac

"Even when I had nothing I had Bucky."

Takes place right after of Part One of this arch Cause You got Nothing to prove.  It is not necessary to read Nothing to Prove but a plus.  May help you understand this one a little more.

Once Steve was given the chance, he had finally made it then he heard the words “Your audience contained what was left of the 107th”  The world as Steve knew it was about to change, he just hadn't realized how much.


Part Two  of The Fates Decide

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Part one of a series called Fates Decide.  

Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe.   

Summary“You’ve known me all your life…”

James Buchanan Barnes only wanted to go and play catch with the kids down the street, he didn’t expect for his ma to bring him with her when she watched the kid next door.



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