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Magic in North America - By J.K. Rowling

November 2016


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Site News
E.R. Bryant Books
by Bob on August 16, 2009 09:39 AM


E.R. Bryant (Moonshadow Woman) the founder of Midnight Whispers and one of our best authors wrote a wonderful book which is published. You can obtain an autographed copy via the easy link below.

Magical Moonlight is a fantastic book; the plot is spellbinding and the romance magically very entertaining. This is a must read for our casual readers and members to enjoy.

The book is only $28.09 U.S. dollars, and shipping is included. All major debit/credit cards are accepted.

Order your very own copy HERE

gay romance novel

A Gay Romance Novel by ER Bryant

You can also obtain Elsa Rose's book Shadowed Legacy


And there is also: Prince and the Privateer




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